Three emails in a row …

one from a twitter friend
one from Seth Godin (I subscribe to his blog posts)
one from another twitter friend

with this …

Do you deserve it?

you deserve the luck you've been handed? The place you were born, the
education you were given, the job you've got? Do you deserve your
tribe, your customer base, your brand?

Not at all. “Deserve” is such a loaded word. Most of us
don’t deserve the great opportunities we have, or the lucky breaks that got us here.

question shouldn’t be, “do you deserve it.” I think it should be, “what
are you going to do with it now that you've got it?"

I figure with this kind of synchronicity, I'd better share it with you.
I believe it's true — at least in my case. I don't "deserve" all the good that comes into my life, but I am trying my darndest to do something great with it!

Have a wonderful weekend and when you RECEIVE something good, pay it forward.


  1. I don’t believe that I deserve much. Would I like to make more money? Sure, who doesn’t? But, in the end, it is not my money anyway. So I use it to pay for someone’s lunch in line at my company’s cafeteria for the person ahead or behind me. Heather does that at the drive-thru soda station. We typically do that 2 -3 times a week; even now in this economy. From this I have seen others do the same. And every time it is a scream to watch people react to have something like lunch paid for done for them. They react in disbelief and it puts a smile on their face. And that is a good thing. I do not say this to be a braggard, but I do believe in the paying your way forward. I do not deserve much, but there is much I can give.

  2. Rhonda Hestir says:

    I don’t DESERVE to win that FABULOUS “Cherry Hill ” paper, but you bet if I do, I’ll try to do something great with it. LOL!

  3. and to that I say “AMEN”! Good words to take to the heart!

  4. WOW…how true!

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