today … (edited)

1. I am feeling much better (thanks for your well wishes) I slept in until 7:30 am. Geof took the day off and headed up to Look Out Pass for a ski day with our visiting friends, the Cordons — and yes, they had to stay in a hotel Wednesday day to avoid the germ infested Julians!

2. Addie and I played puzzles.


3. I am loving this little Target dollar store find that is perched atop my studio bookshelf.

Hello kitty

Would LOVE to know how much money I spent on Hello Kitty trinkets between the ages of 10 and 14. Note to self: Scrapbook Hello Kitty story.

4. I am working on refreshing my Library of Memories class and just pulled the following photos from my Together Forever tab in my ALL About US drawer.

I do not believe you can set up Category Drawers soon enough. I LOVE MY CATEGORY DRAWERS!!

5. I am so proud of my brother Cougar, who just finished his PhD from the University of Utah. He has already been hired as a professor in the College of Health and Human Performance at Brigham Young University.

CougarCoug is third from the left (eyes closed) Sorry bro … seriously, so totally PROUD and HAPPY for you (and Hillary and Payton, Julian, Parley and Delaynie) 

6. I received a Remarkable Tribute from Jennifer Davis, who I decided to follow on Twitter. Check it out. You can set up a FREE account and start creating tributes for people you LOVE. Hey … I should send Cougar a Remarkable Tribute!

7. I just ate one of my very own Cherry Cashew nutrition bars from my first order @  I've decided I need some practice, but what a totally cool concept!

Today, I am particularly thankful for sunshine outside my window and Lauren, who just finished sending my Christmas cards (finally) and for life. I love life.

Happy Friday!

Today (just now) … I read Cathy's post and you probably already have, but just in case you haven't. Wow.


  1. Love that picture of Addie working on her puzzles! As the mother of three teenage daughters, I’m totally missing the toddler days when they were so damn cute ~ and sweet ~ and actually wanted me around! Enjoy it!

  2. purpledaisy says:

    I have a huge collection of hello kitty from pencils to pillows.
    note to self: i need to scrapbook the story too! i gotta take a trip to target this wkend…to get some ‘bread’… :>

  3. congrats Cougar! The Hello Kitty store was the closest thing to Heaven my 10 year old self had ever seen!

  4. Cathy’s article made me shiver… seriously, how do two people meet and are able to instantly create not only a relationship but a product that helps people all over the world? You gotta love the mysteries of life ya know!!
    ahhhh, Hello Kitty and the days of Sanrio stores in the mall….where did those days go?

  5. Congratulations Cougar!
    Yep Cathy’s blog entry made me get goosebumps when I read it yesterday.

  6. kerrylynne says:

    ok…seriously…..that rug with the circles……coolest rug i’ve seen in 3 days…(link a girl up)…:o)

  7. Stacy, I would love to know what topic pulled that group of photos together for you (from your category drawers).
    I’m also curious–how often do you think you scrap from the drawers? Do you tend to think of the subject first and then go find the photos? Or do you look through the drawers first and then get inspiration for a subject from the pictures?
    I find that I don’t look through my drawers much (perhaps it’s b/c I tend to let my pictures pile up on top of the drawers instead of filing them away like a good girl?) and I don’t scrap from them all that often. I want to, though. I still use my CM power sort box instead of drawers. Maybe that lid is a barrier for me.
    Anyway, I’d love to hear your answers to my questions at the top of this (long) comment. =)

  8. So glad you liked the mini-tribute, Stacy! Your readers can create their own for free at Our goal is to make a million people smile and I am glad to count you among them!
    You can see all the other things we are up to at
    I enjoy your magazine, your blog, and your tweets!

  9. Congrats to him!!! Cougar is such an unusual name — a nickname? That must be an interesting story!
    Wouldn’t it be cool to be called “Dr. Cougar”!

  10. I’ve been sick too and I’m just now catching up on blogs and I see that you love Hello Kitty too? The difference is you spent the money when you were young… I buy all things Hello Kitty now because I couldn’t buy it when I was young. haha!
    I’m telling you…we are kindred spirits and would be great buddies if we lived near each other.

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