What a Day!

I'm feeling the breadth of my motherhood today. Let me explain …

This boy is 16 today!
Sixteen?? I can hardly believe I have been a mother for sixteen years — unbelievable.

My sweet Addie has the stomach flu. She and I were up most of the night and she is finally starting to feel better and is now sleeping in her playpen in my studio. I was sooo tired and yet I wanted so badly to get up and fix Clark breakfast — I managed to do it and so far feel OK. I'm sure by tonight at the boy scout Blue and Gold banquet, I'll be pretty beat. I'm so lucky I have help — Lauren will be able to go get the stuff we need to finish Trey's cake after school and I'll still be able to make my meetings today.

So, for Clark … the theme today is (naturally) 16. I made him a stack of 16 pancakes for breakfast and I have his friends poised to help out too — sixteen girls will be giving him one of 16 candy bars, while his guy friends have 16 of those tree-shaped air fresheners to give him throughout the day. Tonight, as part of a church activity he'll be visiting a senior center and there will be 16 balloons waiting!

Chase had to be at his school at 7:45 am with everything for a fieldtrip to Mt. Spokane to go skiing. I dropped him off and he was so excited. I took a pic of Clark + pancakes and Chase with his snowboarding equipment in front of the school sign and just came downstairs to discover that my camera card was NOT in my camera — sooo totally sad.

See, it's only 9:30 am and I'm saying "What a Day!"

Thank goodness for Google Images … leave me comment and tell me which pancake photo will work best to substitute among the other pictures I snap today. I'll print the winner and move on!

ONE.  Not quite 16

TWO. More than 16!


THREE. Just about 16!


Thanks for your help.


p.s. If you're in LOM and are looking for great options for labeling your library albums, check out this resource from my friend Martha (thanks!)


  1. I like the first one myself. Simple. Enjoy your busy day, and thanks for the tip on the labels.

  2. I think the first picture is the best because there isn’t some other random stranger in the picture also! Congrats on being a super mom for 16 years (+9 months!)

  3. Print number 1, the others are nice but not your child!

  4. i like the second one. too cute! happy bday Clark!

  5. Oh Stacy! My baby will be 16 this year, too, so I completely understand!! I would go with Photo One and get another shot of Clark with the 16 balloons tonight. It’s all good!!! Also thanks for the link to the binder clip-on labels. I’m in your LOM class (2008 alum). Now I can get some of the things I didn’t get last year after purchasing my category drawers, albums, etc. I’m really excited to be able to review everything again and make tweaks to your system I’m adapting to be my own. Thank you so much for sharing your system and ideas!!

  6. I have to agree that picture one is my favorite. It really focuses in on the pancakes. Hopefully you can get a little nap in and enjoy the rest of your busy day.

  7. I like the first picture the best! Happy Birthday Clark!
    My nephew turned 16 last month. They grow up so fast!!!

  8. WOW….16…they sure grow up fast!!! I like the first one, even though there aren’t 16 pancakes…there isn’t a child you don’t know in the picture!

  9. re-enact it!!!
    breakfast this weekend and can you get a picture at pick up of the snowboard trip??
    I did that at a bday dinner at Red Robin this past summer! I hear ya!!

  10. no card! how totaly sad!
    pic #1 – unless you make pancakes again tomorrow for a redo. :)

  11. Allison Barnes says:

    I can’t believe Clark is 16!! Crazy. I hope you get some rest today!
    Picture number one for sure…
    Clark, Happy Birthday from the Barnes!

  12. That’s hard. #2 is my favourite – because it’s a bit funky. I would probably go for #1 though because there are no faces in it.
    But, in the true style of “breathe, let go, move on” do just that and not worry about it.
    OR in the style of LOM – how about those category drawers are there not pic’s of Clark with pancakes spanning the years?
    turning this mornings unhappy accident into a page in itself!
    Good luck working through this one. You know the world will still turn with or without that picture.

  13. I like the first one…maybe you could play around with it in photoshop and make 16 pancakes in the stack. Then get other pics of the 16 candybars, car fresheners, balloons with your son. Thanks for the ideas…my youngest will be 18 this summer. I like the way you involved his friends!

  14. Happy birthday to Clark! 16? Oh my goodness.

  15. Well, I love photo number 1. Even though it’s not 16 pancakes, your journaling can reflect that, and if you pair that photo with any other photo of your grown up boy from today, it will make for a great layout.
    Hope the rest of the day is better ;)

  16. Patricia A. says:

    They’re all good photos, first one would probably be best!

  17. Jeannette P says:

    That’s a rough one when you find out some great images will not be in your library but I like your positive attitude & you looking for other options to substitute. I think that you have that “freedom” since you are looking for the story rather than ‘just’ the photo. I am looking forward to getting to this same point as you are at someday with my LOM. I’m on my way thanks to class.
    I vote for photo 1. I like the close up of the stack of pancakes.
    I also think it is fabulous that you are having his friends help him celebrate with candy bars & air freshners & then balloons.
    Glad to hear Addie is feeling much better. Our whole family (the 5 of us) took turns with the stomach flu last week. My 2 yr old Morgan was the last to get it & hers started at 10pm after I had spent the day feeling pretty bad then I had to stay up most of the night with her. I’ll pray for it to skip the rest of the family & that you have the energy to make it through the banquet & all the other stuff you have to do today.

  18. I would totally use picture number one and photoshop to make it into 16 pancakes. You could also easily photoshop that on a picture of Clark at the table.

  19. I’d go with number one myself, just because there isn’t a person in that one. Happy Birthday Clark!

  20. Our Blue and Gold Banquet is tonight, too. I’m Primary President so I’ll be setting up, etc. Should be fun!!!
    (Lisa’s crazy friend from Mo.!!)

  21. I’d say pic #1, because no “other” boy will do!

  22. Kathryn Wafer says:

    Ouch! I can totally relate to taking pictures without a card. I also vote for #1 since it is all about the pancakes. Hope the rest of your day is smooth sailing and that Addie is better and sleeps tonight.

  23. That happened to me once – I didn’t have my card in my camera and I wz so bummed but my husband ended up getting the photos off anyway. Your camera might have a bit of memory like mine did. I know he had to do something different to download them. Anyways, it’s worth a try. Good Luck! Oh! and congratulations on 16 years!

  24. I am sorry your memory card wasn’t in your camera. I like the first photo of the pancakes…the one with only 8…it is clear, looks yummy and can be printed in a smaller size while you add other bday activity photos. Hope you have strength to get thru the day!!

  25. I say number one. Because the other have pictures of other boys who will not do.
    I have done that, I must say the internet is a great thing.

  26. Debbie Lucero says:

    My son, Ryan, turned 16 today also! I had him at 2:22 am so who’s older? So funny that you and I had our firsts on the very same day. I just came back from his high school where I surprise delivered Little Caesar’s pizza to him and his friends and now I’m going to make a new fave of his Blue Angel Cake. My baby is growing up! Happy Birthday, Clark!

  27. I’d go with number 1 as well. Happy Birthday to Clark!!!!

  28. #1…just the pancakes :)

  29. stacy,
    I remember one time when that happened and instead of my usual freaking out, we just re-created the event and I took the pictures I had missed. I do not do this all the time, it only happened once. Plus, I don’t want to get into the habit of “staging” my memories. I’m sure he’ll love getting another morning of pancakes too!

  30. I would go with photo #1. Maybe you could Photoshop more pancakes and Clark in. Hope little Addie is well. and take care of yourself, girl.

  31. Holly A. Moss says:

    Oh Stacy! So sorry – Happy Birthday to Clark.
    I say either #1 or #2. #1 is simple (and looks pretty tasty) – however, being a creative person, if you feel up to a challenge – choose #2 & try to Photoshop a picture of Clark into the picture instead of the other boy or add some humor by simply inserting a phrase “Put Clark’s Picture Here”. I know it isn’t what you wanted & I am sorry for it.
    Also, you could try for a for a reshoot – I know it isn’t the same, but your family knows you’re a scrapbooker – I think they’ll understand & love you just the same.
    Good luck.

  32. I like #1. All that delicious syrup dripping and the focus on just the pancakes. Who has to know you DIDNT take that picture ;)

  33. Happy Birthday, Clark!
    I’d definitely go with #1 – they look SO yummy. So what if it’s not exact? Flexibility has its perks :)

  34. Happy Birthday to Clark!!! 16 is BIG!
    I have to say that I have done the exact same thing and forgotten my card – oops.. sorry you missed the shots.
    For the photo – I would have to say #1 simple but the boy in #3 is very good…

  35. #1 is great! Loving the ideas. I think I’m now inspired to do special birthday breakfasts. What a great tradition.

  36. My oldest is almost 16 and I’m a little freaked out. I chaperoned a church dance last week and wondered why I was too old to be out dancing. I certainly didn’t feel that old!
    Number 1 is a great photo.

  37. I like pic #1 best.
    BTW, I’ve done the same thing with my photo card/camera; so frustrating, but you still have the memories to write about!!

  38. I like the picture with just the pancakes by themselves.
    Clark looks so good in his picture. They do grow up fast. Hang on, Addie will be there before you know it.

  39. theresa 2 be says:

    I would so pick the first photo. Over time you may even convince yourself that you added those raspberries to the plate (lol).
    Take a deep breath and rest in the knowlegde that you are a great mother. Happy birthday to Clark! Enjoy Blue and Gold tonight….

  40. I love the first one but like several people I’d just recreate… I’m sure more pancakes would be welcome.
    Happy Birthday! (did you know he’d be an adult in a lot of ways here in the UK? Scary stuff!)

  41. I’d pick the first photo myself. I think it’d bug me to see some other kid – I’d think I forgot one for the last 10 years or so – in the photo other than my own! LOL Anyhow, LOVE how pretty that stack looks!
    Happy birthday to Clark!! Congrats on being such a fun mom for 16 years!!

  42. Stacy – Check your camera’s memory. My camera is just a little point and shoot but it will store up to about 16 photos without a card – just hook the camera up to the computer to download.
    If that doesn’t work, I’d go with photo #1

  43. I like the first one as well. They just look so yummy and inviting and making me want pancakes for dinner! ;-)

  44. I vote for #1.
    I also wanted to mention I found a source where those binder clips are under $9. Since the other company is in Canada, the prices listed are in Canadian Funds, and shipping could be steep. I’ll share both here and on the LOM message board. :)

  45. Definitely #1. Just the pancakes.

  46. I pick #1 just the pancakes and happy birthday to clark!!!!

  47. Denise Rotell says:

    I say Clark gets 16 pancakes for dinner!!
    This is a big moment for both of you!

  48. What a day to celebrate!!
    I like the first the best.
    I can program my camera NOT to take pictures if there is no card in, maybe you could check your menu for the same option.
    Have a great day, it only gets better.

  49. Hi Stacy, I have found a couple other pics for you to check out if you haven’t seen them yet. The first one is found at
    and I guess you can Photoshop out the writing above the stack. The second one is found at http://umlatte.files.wordpress.com/2008/06/pancakes.jpg. Hope this helps.

  50. #2 and crop the dude out….. My question is did he manage to eat all 16 pancakes! My oldest turned 16 this past October…. We are SO not old enough to have kids who are 16!

  51. Well, personally I would “re-stage” the event..next time you make pancakes, stack 16 of them up in front of Clark and pretend it’s his birthday! You can even journal about the mix-up. And as for Chase – can you catch him when he comes back and he’s got all his gear then? Happy Birthday to Clark! I have a daughter about to turn 17, and oh my, how time does fly!

  52. I have twice not had my card in my camera and I still get sad about those shots I missed. I changed the settings on my camera so that it WILL NOT take photos if I don’t have a media card in it now. Of the three photos, I like the first, but I would probably restage the photo myself.

  53. He looks like such a man – wow 16! Happy Birthday Clark. A birthday and a stack of pancakes on Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day to many). Perfect!

  54. Stefani Meyer says:

    those dang camera cards… why aren’t they ever where you need them?
    If I have to choose a google picture, I’m gonna go with #1, because clearly, neither of the boys in the picture are “your boy”. I agree with the above… recreate the picture. I say do it tonight!! The kids will think you’ve flipped if they get pancakes twice in one day:D
    Thanks for the good ideas for 16th birthday-my daughter will be 16 beginning of april. I’m telling her now that she’s gotta prepare herself for a photo shoot.

  55. Use number one and use Photoshop to add more pancakes to be 16.

  56. Monica Woodward says:

    #1 looks like its ready to eat….I love pancakes.. so i would choose that one.. maybe put some next to it on the plate….
    love all your ideas for his birthday. My leap year birthday girl doesnt get a “real” birthday this year but she does turn 25 so every gift she gets is going to be a quarter.. as in a quarter century… a gift card for a quart of ice cream.. a quarter pounder and on and on.. you get the idea.
    happy birthday to your son!

  57. Picture one is the best. Unless you photoshop the other pictures just having the pancakes makes sense. Of course re-doing it tomorrow morning would work too.

  58. Definately #1 – don’t want pics of unknown kids on HIS day in there.

  59. #1 gets my vote.
    Happy Birthday Clark!!!

  60. Along with everyone else, I vote for #1 or a re-do. Not very original but I’m glad you aren’t beating yourself up over the misstep either! Have a wonderful rest of your 16th anniversary of being a Mom!

  61. Michelle Contarino says:

    Happy Birthday to Clark!!
    I would use picture number one.
    And I love the idea of the 16 things!!

  62. I vote for #1. The butter and the oozing syrup are making me salivate:)
    I am so impressed that you were able to arrange all the 16 events throughout the day. I don’t know how you do it all!!!

  63. Denise Che says:

    I’d go with #1. Happy Birthing Day to you!

  64. What a fun day!!! Does he get his license today??

  65. I LOVE the # 1 photo…awesome photo and tells a story and makes me want pancakes for supper tonight! Sounds like you had a FAB day for your boy!

  66. I would make more pancakes tomorrow, and use that picture instead! A birthday celebration can last all week, don’t you think?
    Happy Birthday to Clark, and I hope Addie is better soon.
    Lori, SLC, UT

  67. #3

  68. I say #1. That way you don’t have another person’s child in your sweet memory. :-)

  69. OOOPS! I voted for the best photo but I missed reading about poor little Addie having the flu and poor little Stacy being up half the night – I hate that for you! Hang in there!

  70. Definitelty #1- don’t want some other person in that pancake photo. But the idea of doing a retake is a great one. I so hate finding out that photos were not taken when I thought they were!

  71. Wow! And today is National Pancake Day to boot! Gotta go with #1. Hard to resist butter AND raspberries. (Plus no kid in the photog.)

  72. Totally use Pic ONE—
    AND EVEN BETTER is that you can Photoshop that by copying and pasting more on there, blending the syrup with a little cloning and wa-la, you’ve got your 16 pancakes!!!!! (Without sounding like a total dork, I’d even love to try that for you…) ;-)

  73. Oh…I’m so sorry about your card! It’s so hard to believe you’re Mom to a 16 year old! Boy do they grow fast! I hope you catch a nap at some point and can enjoy your day a bit more. You’re an awesome Mom! I love the “16″ theme you have planned.
    Hope Addie is better and you can both get some sleep!

  74. The first one is PERFECT! I’d be bothered by having a kid I don’t know in my layout of my son’s birthday, but that’s just me….

  75. i saw number 2- you can always photoshop the birthday boys face :O)

  76. happy birthday to your son today. it’s a good day for a birthday. it’s my birthday also, but i’m a long way from 16 now. my sweet son gave me the most precious gift. i blogged about it just a bit ago. :)

  77. Number 1 looks awesome, but if you can photoshop Clark into the photo, #3 would be awesome.
    He would have to pose though. Happy Birthday Clark – 16 is incredible. I remember it like it was 43 years ago…and really I am not that old.
    Love all the 16 things…that is delightful. I hope Clark will write down 16 things that made his day…

  78. I’m so glad you posted this today! My dd turns 16 in less than a month and I love your ideas for getting Clark’s friends involved, hope you don’t mind if I “borrow” that idea. :) Hope he had a wonderful day, Happy birthday Clark!

  79. I say #1 … then you can say something witty about a food photographer having prettier pancakes than you anyway.
    Sorry about the camera card and that your baby is sick!

  80. Melissa K, thanks for the other clip-on option. I didn’t see that the source I found was in Canada–great if you live there, but not if you don’t!

  81. LIsa Dramin says:

    It is funny, my daughter, Ariella’s birthday is today, too. She is 11 yrs old. oh my , they are growing up so fast.
    I would said photo 1st is good.
    I took your LOM 2008 class last year. Smile.

  82. I like #1. You can use it with other pics to tell the story of today! My youngest is 16 – doesn’t the time fly? That’s why I love scrapbooking, those visual memories and stories I never want to forget:)

  83. I like #1 looks yummy! You had such cool ideas to celebrate your sons birthday!

  84. Kristine in WA says:

    Love #1… it sums it all up!

  85. #1 FOR SURE!!!!

  86. I vote for photo number 1

  87. rachel in Cali. says:

    3rd picture for sure!! Love the look on his face!
    My oldest just turned 16 too (3 weeks ago)! He is going to take his driving test in two days! Aargh!
    So funny that both of our sons shaved their heads at the same time last year too! :0)

  88. Becky Thompson says:

    I like #1 the best. Barring a re-stage, of course. :)
    I didn’t realize that your Clark and my Adam share a birthday – Adam turned 16 today, too! Happy birthday to Clark, and I hope sweet little Addie gets feeling better soon!
    Hope all is well!

  89. Picture # 1 – because…
    It’s the best “photographically” speaking – and if you have to substitute for lack of one of your own go for the best!
    You don’t want some unknown kid to take away from the focus on your own handsome boy
    I know this – Clark will look at the page you scrapbook and remember the pancakes and all the fun things you organized for him that day – he won’t have a clue that the “correct” picture isn’t there (unless you remind him).
    How do I know this? – because I read your blog and take LOM and I believe what you tell me…

  90. Photo number one for sure. Try for a 20 minute power snooze today!

  91. I choose Photo #1 too!
    And oh my, Clark is 16?!I have your “The Big Picture” and he was just a big baby in your layouts in that book. How time flies!
    Happy birthday, Clark!!

  92. Dawn Hobbs says:

    go with photo number #3! Love the angle of the photo. Mine is going to be 13 this spring…when did that happen???? Dawn H

  93. Congratulations to you and your son on turning 16! Where does the time fly?
    I like photo #1…what great ideas for his special day!

  94. Darn technical difficulties! I would pick #1 cuz it is just the pancakes no strange kids!

  95. Happy 16th to Clark – Emily’s 16th is in 7 days… how is it possible we have 16 year olds?

  96. How about recreating the moment at a later date? It doesn’t matter that the picture wasn’t taken ON his birthday, no one will know later on!! :)

  97. I’d say #2 – especially if you could photoshop your son’s face into the picture!!!

  98. I would just go with photo #1

  99. Kay Flannery says:

    What a great way to celebrate 16 years! I’ll have to remember to do something like that for my grandson in 1 1/2 years! And girls, the time goes so fast – enjoy them while you can. They’ll be out of the house before you know it. This grandma of six has seen it happen to my own boys and in the process with the grandkids.
    BTW – I like the first pancake picture.

  100. I like # 1 – but they all make me hungry :)

  101. What a handsome fellow!!! Love the “16″ theme. I vote for #1 (even though it’s not quite 16 it doesn’t have another person’s pic in it) carolynd

  102. I vote for a re-stage, or #1, it’s still a better picture even after you’ve photoshopped the others. I’m in your LOM class, and I’m working on my assignment!!

  103. Donna Bettencourt says:

    I agree that picture # 1 is the best since there is no person in it. I don’t think anyone will count the pancakes!! LOL
    Happy Birthday Clark!

  104. Crystal LaDoux says:

    Picture one would be the best because no one is in the photo! Happy birthday to Clark, hope he had a wonderful day!

  105. Number ONE, definitely. Yummy!
    ‘scuse me now while I go in search of a stack of pancakes for lunch.

  106. so darn cute…I love all your 16 birthday ideas…I will have to remember those for my son when he turns 16.

  107. lynne moore says:

    I vote for a recreate some time after you are rested. Who would say no to more pancakes? Your birthday antics remind me of when a friend turned 30 and I got him 30 gift cards from an electronix store – 29 had only $0.01 on them and the other one had the rest to make it $30 total. I didn’t tell him which was which.

  108. PhotohappyCdn - Kelly says:

    Definitely number 1 ! They look the tastiest!!! You can also journal about why there aren’t 4 more pancakes in the picture! Now I’m hungry for pancakes! :) :) :)

  109. None of the above! I vote for a re-do! He will still be 16 for another 364 days! So, you will have lots of opportunity to do that again! You probably make 16 pancakes for breakfast when you make them anyways, so why not stack them up and get another photo.

  110. Picture one. I agree with all that say because no one is in the pic. Happy Birthday Clark ; )

  111. Photo #1 and photo 3 are my favs. Bless you for doing all that stuff this a.m. with very little sleep! I like it when “amazing mama power” kicks in :)
    Happy Birthday, Clark!!!! My son turned 16 in January and I still can’t believe it; seems like just yesterday…
    Hope Addie is healed soon (and no one else gets sick)

  112. Hello! While #2 totally looks like a teen boy is about too indulge in the pancakes your son is much cuter than him.. hee hee…so, go with #1!! Happy Bday Clark!
    ps. Love the 16 tree fresheners!! FUNNY!!

  113. I like #2 best!! I think that would be the expression on my face if given a stack of pancakes that big!! ;-)

  114. I think #1 because it’s just the pancakes; plus is a luscious picture and made me hungry. Love the “16″ ideas. Might have to try that for the next “big” birthday. What a great way to remember your birthday.

  115. That first picture looks very inviting!

  116. Michele in La says:

    I would say that if one of the expressions matched your son’s pick that one and say “this is how you looked and this is why i don’t have your picture” – otherwise, just go w/ #1

  117. photo #1

  118. #3 – hope all is on the uphill swing to a better day and rest of the week!

  119. Christa Adamski aka: Glittergirl says:

    I like the one with just the “panpanks” as we call them in our house :) Then I’d put a chipboard “16″ on them and journal the rest…I personally couldn’t have photo of another boy on my son’s 16th birthday layout – in front of “his” pancakes :) I think he’d always be asking, “Who’s he again?” hth!

  120. First I am so sorry the image card was not in the camera what a huge bummer but love the positive spin you took to work around it! I like picture # 3 if you photoshop your son in with the stack.

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