You are the BEST!

Seriously … I LOVE my blog readers!! Some of you said "re-stage" — which is a nice idea, but not likely to happen. The majority of you said photo #1 (and after reading your comments, I agree.) A few of you left me additional links to photos, like this one ….


and several told me to just photoshop sixteen pancakes into stack #1. Nancy, did the photoshop thing for me (she must know that I have not yet read The Idiot's Guide to PSE) Check this out …


From this, to this …

16 Pancakes 

LOVE it!

Joogie left this comment:

My son,
Ryan, turned 16 today also! I had him at 2:22 am so who's older? So
funny that you and I had our firsts on the very same day. I just came
back from his high school where I surprise delivered Little Caesar's
pizza to him and his friends and now I'm going to make a new fave of
his Blue Angel Cake. My baby is growing up! Happy Birthday, Clark!

For the record, Ryan is older than Clark. Clark's birth set a precedent for the other three boys in that my body does not go into labor by itself. I was four days overdue, starting to measure smaller due to a reduction in amniotic fluid and still took 32 hours of very slow labor (on pitocin) I pushed for almost two hours with Clark and he showed up at 9:30 pm. Someday I'll have to tell you the other stories — each is follows the same basic theme, but is as unique as the child it's produced.  Happy Belated Birthday Ryan!

Today has been a total SICK Day, with four of my five at home, and now I'm sick too (but not the throw up kind yet, knock on wood)  was able to make all three of my scheduled meetings in a bit of a fog and then took an hour nap and am feeling quite a bit better. Even poor Clark got the flu last night before getting his 16 balloons. I told him, "At least you'll always remember your 16th birthday"

IMG_6321He still had a great time receiving candy bars and air fresheners from friends and teachers and as he put it "totally random people"


And I sat him down just now and snapped this pic of the car he got. Hmmm?


  1. Holly A. Moss says:

    I am SO GLAD that everything worked out for you after all! That just makes MY day! I felt really bad for you.
    Take care,

  2. I love what you did for him with the pancakes and his friends! Poor guy getting sick though! And the car is hilarious!!!

  3. Great Car!!
    Isn’t it funny that no matter how long its been we remember the exact circumstances around their births?

  4. Love the pancake stacks! Feel better!!

  5. Was the t-shirt planned in that picture? That is hilarious! Hope you and your family feel better soon!

  6. He looks like he’s not impressed with his car, mom. :)
    Sorry to hear you’re nearly all sick; sending get-well thoughts and prayers your way!

  7. I noticed the t-shirt right away. Sorry everyone is sick. Get well wishes coming your way.

  8. I was also going to ask if the shirt was planned! That is too funny! Sorry everyone is sick!

  9. Hope you’re feeling better soon.
    Gosh, 16yo boys eat a LOT. That is an experience I won’t have, feeding teenage boys. Well, we can’t have everything, can we?

  10. Yeah Nancy! Great photoshopping skills. I too saw the suggestion and barely know how to upload my pohtos into PSE never mind make extra pancakes.
    Nice new car Clark! Feel better Julian family.

  11. Soooo hungry for pancakes now!
    Happy belated bday to Clark. Hope everyone is feeling better soon.

  12. Love the shirt! And you did some great things for Clark to remember about his 16th b-day. Hope everyone is feeling better soon.

  13. Happy Belated Birthday Clark and Ryan! My grandson Ryan will be 16 in August so he’s in fine company! Great idea with the candy bars and air fresheners

  14. Poor kid–it’s awful to be sick on your bday! A couple of years ago my son was incredibly sick on his–poor thing spent his entire 18th bday in the bathroom. Hope yours feel better soon!

  15. Oh, NOW I get the air freshener thing! Too too funny! I’ll have to remember this 9 years from now when my boys turn 16. Happy birthday Clark! XX’s

  16. Definately has that 16 year old boy annoyed look. From a mother of 16, 15 and 14 year old boys.

  17. My nephew turned 16 at the beginning of Feb….I wish I’d thought of the car & air freshener idea!! Gonna save it for the next one!!! Maryann

  18. Jeannette P says:

    Sure do home that the sickness is kicked out of your house quickly. If it turns to the throwup kind I hope you have lots of buckets available. Now its time to check out the LOM lesson.

  19. Love that he is holding an air freshener and his shirt says “Fresher” too cute! What a great idea with the candy bars etc.!

  20. how cute is he!

  21. HAHA Loved the “car”! I almost did the same thing for my little sister, who asked for a car- well she ususally gets whatever she wants from her big sister! She got a gas card instead. SHe turned 16 on the 20th. My little brother will be 18 in a few weeks. I can’t believe how time flies, and I’m a little sad that they are getting older and will be going off to college. I’m 32, so it almost feels like these are my kids (is that weird?) Very involved with them. Now, I need to get my own soon! lol Happy Bday Clark! :) Hope everyone gets better soon!!

  22. The look on his face is hilarious. I wanted a car, too, at 16. But I am 22, and just got a car- my mom’s 1993 camry. Which I crashed, but beside the point, it’s mine. I didn’t enjoy not having one, but I appreciate what I do have!

  23. Pam Goodman says:

    Don’t even asked me why I looked at this, however there are actually 17 pancakes in the new photoshopped picture….not 16!
    Just thought for accuracy purposes you may want to have Nancy send you another copy.

  24. Hope everyone get’s better. The bug is in the air and we are all waiting for SPRING!!!

  25. Love that his T-shirt goes with the theme. That made me laugh!
    Hope your house is healthy again very soon.

  26. So sorry they were all sick (I saw on facebook that they’re all better now) and that look on his face with the “car” is priceless. Hmmm do I smell a “priceless” layout…”Air Freshener $1, Toy car $1.50, look on 16 year old’s face when he realized that he DIDN’T get a real car…PRICELESS!” I watch too many commercials I think. I will have to remember this one when my kids turn 16, especially the twins.

  27. OK, Nancy teaches the next class! Sorry you all are sick :(

  28. Hi Stacy! Sorry to hear you’re all sick…we’ve had a rough winter as well. I feel as though my kiddos have had one of everything (but my 6yo had the vomiting flu 2x…ugh!) Anyway, it’s funny you should share that your body doesn’t go into labor….mine never did either. I was induced with both kids…the first was much rougher than the second (obviously) but I always say they’d still be in there if not for pitosin! I send you good health soon…gotta go get crackin on Week 3 assignment for LOM…love the class by the way! Thanks!

  29. Stacy,
    Not sure what camera you used, but I did that once. I was so sad, and then we discovered that my camera let me take pictures without a stick because the camera itself has a small memory built in, just enough for a couple of photos, and when my husband pushed enough buttons (or read the manual) it turned out that the photos were on the camera. It never hurts to check!

  30. Can Nancy teach us how to do that?
    Sorry you are all sick. Hope it doesn’t last long. Love those 16 pancakes in one stack.

  31. My son just turned 13 on the 26th of Feb and it is absolutely amazing how much they grow up. I can’t believe that my baby is 13. I can still remember him giving me open mouthed kisses with drool and no hair on his head. I am sorry to hear that you are all so sick hope that you are feeling better soon.

  32. LOVE IT! I was one of those who suggested that photoshopped stack-o-pancakes but Nancy did it better than I could have! So fun… it just shows to go ya that if you miss a photo op, there’s always a recovery method! =)

  33. Amy McGrew says:

    Stacy, Where did you get those adorable green sneakers that you posted on your project 365? I LOVE them!
    Happy belated b-day to Clark! I love all your “16″ ideas!

  34. First LOVE the shot of Clark and his new car Happy Belated Birthday Clark! 16 is awesome…I can still kind of remember back that far.
    Second sending cyber steamy hot chicken soup and hot tea to all who are under the weather…

  35. The pancake pic turned out great! I had suggested using photo-shop but wouldn’t have had a clue about how to do it! :) It sounds like he enjoyed getting the candy bars and car freshners throughout the day…so fun!

  36. Laura from Calgary says:

    My daughter is turning 16 this year (may 26) so thank you for some great ideas. I have always said I would never embarrass her in public or in front of friends intentionally, but we may have to bend this rule just a bit! Hope you are feeling better. Best wishes coming your way.
    Laura from Calgary

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