As Martha would say, so many “good things” … (edited)

I'm freezing my butt off. This is NOT a good thing, but Spokane is having record-breaking cold again and I'm looking out on a beautiful, sparkling, snow-covered world that is just a bit too December-esque for me. Just  thought I would get that out of the way so I can move onto good things


1. A Creativity Project BONUS.

You know that I've commited myself to daily and deliberate creativity in March, right?
Hopefully you also know that I believe that wearing Little Miss Matched socks makes one MORE creative. When you get dressed and intentionally put on bright, happy socks that don't match something magical happens. You send constant and conspicuous messages to your brain that your feet are breaking rules of conformity and this in turn raises your awareness that someone might notice YOU which of course forces you to definitively decide that it is OK to break with conformity and be noticed and trust me, IF and when someone does discover your ankles, you had better look like you possess the secret to living outloud and having more fun, because they will assume that you do and are. 


Even if you didn't follow that, you my loyal blog reader (yes, YOU) can use the promo code SOCKS15 to receive 15% of your order PLUS a FREE pack of socks at Little Miss Matched. Notice I did not say a FREE pair of socks. This is because as you may or may not know, Little Miss Matched socks come in packages of THREE.

That's THREE FREE socks PLUS 15 % off. 
The things I do for my blog readers. I'll be talking about this again, but the promo code is good through April.


2. I'm giving away a FREE Kit Class by Kelli Crowe

You could win a pass to Kelli's BRAND NEW Paper Piecing Made Easy class at Big Picture Scrapbooking. Kelli designed the March kit over at Cocoa Daisy and is sharing the step-by-step instructions (and patterns) to two adorable layouts in class. Just leave me a comment and I'll announce a winner first thing in the morning!

3. I'm coming to DENVER.

My family is headed to Colorado for spring break and I have made arrangements with Mary Kay, the owner of Your Scrapbook Destination to do a book signing and a Glimpses reception in her store on Wednesday, April 1st  If you live in the Denver area and want more information, please visit the Scrapbook Destination website or give the store a call at (303) 779-0024. 


4. Angie Lucas has a BLOG!

Angie was the vision and voice behind the ever-popular Simple Blog and while she is no longer at CKMedia, she has not abandoned us, her loyal readers. I btw, I adore Angie's voice and would love to write in short, witty sentences and use words like "surreptitiously" — in the meantime I'm left to dream and live vicariously (hey, that was pretty impressive) through her frequent, friendly and often downright funny posts. The name of her blog? Yeah, Write! (isn't that adorable)

And finally, speaking of blogs, check out my new Creative Women blogroll on the left!


  1. jennifer says:

    Oh my gosh, I would love to win a pass to Kelli’s class!!!!

  2. Oh Stacy how can you be cold wearing such cute socks? :-) Seriously those are adorable!!
    I’d love the win the class!

  3. Rhonda Hestir says:

    Kelli’s class, socks, IT’s ALL GOOD!
    Pick me!
    Rhonda in Arkansas

  4. My daughter loves Little Miss Matched socks! Maybe I should borrow hers once. :)

  5. Those socks are so adorable! I might have to take the plunge and take advantage of that special deal.

  6. Those socks are so cute!

  7. Karen C. says:

    oh my, i just love LMM socks, they are the best and they do brighten your day!

  8. Kelli’s class looks fantastic. Thanks much for the opportunity to win!

  9. Oooh I feel a shopping trip coming on for some fun socks. I actually ordered the Cocoa Daisy kit and already signed up for Kelli’s class but I’d love to win a free spot too! I also love your creative women blogroll, I emailed you!

  10. I’ve been meaning to order some socks from Little Miss Matched. I guess I should get myself over to the website and just do it!

  11. Julie, momto7 says:

    anything from Kelli Crowe and Cocoa Daisy would be utterly wonderful inspiration!

  12. Julie Coryell says:

    I love Kelli Crowe!!! And I love those socks!
    All Fun!

  13. I love BPS classes. (I’ve only taken 18!) And I’d love to take more!

  14. Christine says:

    Please please please pick me! ;-)

  15. My husband was doing dear daughter’s laundry the other day (he was her Secret Friend for the week) and he could not figure out her sock pile! He had to come ask me why none of them matched exactly…

  16. What a great giveaway!! I do think its time to buy myself some socks :)

  17. Love the socks! Can’t find them in B.C. yet, but I keep looking.

  18. This would be so fantastic to win! Thanks for the chance!

  19. LMM has the cutest socks!!
    I’d love to take the paper piecing class — it’s one of my favorite techniques for scrapbooking! I’d love some new tips and know she likes to keep hers simple and easy to make.
    Thanks for the chance!

  20. Stacy! Stacy! Pick me! I love the socks, I love YOU, and I love taking classes! I would LOVE to win Kelli’s class!!!!

  21. Kit–check! Now I just need the class. I took your class for the November kit…did I mention that I LOVED it. Your great ideas resonate with me! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  22. We are south of you in Oregon and it has been pretty cold here, too. After that nice weather for a bit, it’s hard to have it so cold again. I’m hoping spring is coming soon! Have a great day, Stacy!

  23. We are having a cold snap here in MN too. It is not fun. I love that kit and I love KC…..thanks for sharing all your sunshine and smiles. You are awesome.

  24. I love Kelli…she is so adorable! We’re down here with 70 degrees and loving it…I feel your pain with the cold though…

  25. Love BPS classes! I hope I win!

  26. I would LOVE to win a slot in this class. If I don’t win, I’m going to purchase it myself because it looks SO darn cute. And the socks…I might just have to purchase me some of those as well. :)

  27. The socks just make it feel warmer here to me. I don’t know about you , but I am so ready for summer. This has been a long and cold winter. Going down to minus 23 tonight for me!

  28. love living OUT LOUD! While on an Alaska cruise I wore my Monkey toe socks sitting on deck and caused quite a ruckis! Love to learn too! Thanks, Janet

  29. Kristi in Texas (but from Oregon) says:

    I love the look of paper piecing, but have never tried it-don’t really know how/where to start and would LOVE to learn. I’m getting some of those socks too, I love your post about living out loud and being afraid of who you really are-thanks! I needed that.

  30. Love the socks. Would love to win the free pass to Kelli’s class (good luck everyone). Wish I lived close to Denver. CAn’t wait to add Angie to my list of blogs I *must* read.

  31. So glad Angie has a blog. Thanks for the link. I put it right into my favs!

  32. Yep, I’m trying to stay warm her ein beautiful Spokane too! It was a really beautiful day today even with the cold!

  33. Love the socks, would love to take the class. :)

  34. I would love to take that class!!

  35. Crystal LaDoux says:

    Wow, I would love to win Kelli’s class! Love the socks too.

  36. I would love to take a class with Kelli! Thank you for the opportunity!

  37. OK – from now on I will just keep quiet and smile when I see my kids and DH intentionally wearing mismatched socks. :-) Thanks for the opportunity to attend Kelli’s class for free.

  38. oh such a fun post – i snuck home for lunch from my teaching job and my day was brightened by odd socks, free classes, new blogs to try and the sad fact i dont live anywhere near Denver – enjoy your snow stacy – it’s decided to turn as cold as ice here too ( wellington NZ!)

  39. I would love to win the class. I am totally ordering some socks too! Thanks for the code.

  40. heather j. says:

    would love to win a spot in Kelli’s class. Thanks for the opportunity.

  41. I ALWAYS wear un matched socks, because all of ours get mismatched and lost, and the truth is i like it wayy better!!:)

  42. Free socks and a free class! This is a good post!

  43. Stacy, you are such a fun and happy inspiration! Thank you! I would love the chance to take Kelli’s class!

  44. Fun stuff! Kelli Crowe’s stuff always rocks, so I know her class will be good. And socks…how cool that they come 3 to a pack – LOL! Thanks for the links. Will go check out Angie Lucas’s blog out now.

  45. Kelli’s class looks like fun – and my 4 you needs some tights so thanks for the code.

  46. Would love to take the paper piecing class. I love Kelli Crowe. She homeschools!

  47. I would love to take Kelli’s class, thanks for the chance.

  48. Michelle N says:

    A 3 pack of socks? I love it!! At least for 2 loads of wash I’ll end up with one full pair!…that darn sock eatin’ dryer!! And, I’ll be honest, I’ve never tried a BPS class but would love to give it a whirl. Thanks for sharing both opportunties!

  49. I’d love to win the giveaway!

  50. i love warm crazy socks!!!!!!!

  51. oh i’d love to win the giveaway. kelli is so awesome. i’m headed to little missmatched to place an order. i found a little missmatched store in new york city in the soho area and only bought 2 packs. been wishing i’d bought the big huge package. gotta love the world wide web. :)

  52. so i literally JUST came here from littlemissmatched after placing an order – wish i checked here first! but i’m eagerly anticipating the three sets of socks i ordered just now! ;)

  53. That class looks awesome! And I love your socks!

  54. I think I might just try the mis-matched socks with this coupon and deal. Off to check out their website.

  55. Wow! Fun! Pick me! I have a bunch of little miss matched socks and {heart} them!

  56. I love your socks! I may just have to try some of those to brighten my day and spark some creativity!

  57. Love the socks – I’m off to get my own :) Kelli’s class looks fun too! Thanks!

  58. could definitely use some more creativity this month!

  59. Wow!! What fun!! Would love to win!! Thanks for the chance!!

  60. Just love Kelli, and orange socks on a wintery March day!! Count me in!

  61. I’d love to try out a Projects Now class at BPS, I’ve loved (and am loving) the classes I’ve taken so far. Thanks for the giveaway!

  62. Love the “Funness” of Little Miss. Kellie’s class also looks Fun, love her style.

  63. Pat Steele says:

    I got a glimpes of Kelli Crowe’s scrap space when I took Wendy’s GOBI class last year. When Jan. rolled around this year I took another look at Kelli’s scrap space again and “Updated” my scrap space. I like her ideas and hope to see more of them. BPS has had such an impact on my “creative thinking”. I have enjoyed the ability to try new things and really see just how creative I can get while being guided by innovative teachers like you, Wendy and Kelli. I hope to join her newest project–now.

  64. Alicia Day says:

    Seriously? kelli crowe and BPS I just fainted a little. I was saving for Jenni and now I gotta save for Kelli

  65. Thanks so much for the giveaway – I say everyday we are all a little mismatched – why not show it?

  66. Would love to take a class with Kelli!
    What a fun site Little Mismatched is and love her items!

  67. Those socks are the cutest idea ever!!! I think I need to order some of the tights for my little girl, TFS!

  68. I just bought the journaling class & would love to win this one:)

  69. ordering my socks now – and would love to win…pick mememememe!!

  70. Michelle Roycroft says:

    I happen to love the socks. I have a huge collection of crazy socks! I’d love to win the class, too. I’ve been thinking of taking a class at BPS and this would be a great way to get started!

  71. I would love to take that class! Love the socks!

  72. I’m back from our first official college visit/open house tonight- exhausted and overwhelmed and excited, too – and definitely in need of a giveaway! :-D
    I think I’ll also be ordering some socks, just for the fun of it.
    Thanks for your enjoyable blog, Stacy!

  73. TracyBzz says:

    I’ve admired these socks but never ordered them.
    “surreptitiously” don’t even know that this means. I need to start reading the dictionary.

  74. Alicia Johnson says:

    Hi Stacy,
    This is great! So glad I stopped by to see what you were up to today!
    Alicia J
    Charlotte, NC

  75. I would love a free class. Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! :D

  76. Thanks for a chance to win Stacey!!! I read your blog all the time, but hardly ever comment. I need to start doing more of this.

  77. Marina013 says:

    Well now, Stacy, you know I’m a BPS junkie!

  78. I love my LMM socks! Santa brought me a bucket full for Christmas! Would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to win a spot in Kelli’s class! :)

  79. Cute socks–and they’re in your color! Off to check out Angie’s blog.

  80. Even thought the LOM class is taking up some of my free time, a “piece” of me would like to try Kelli Crowe’s class :)

  81. Stacy, thanks a ton for the shout out! Very good use of the word “vicariously” too. :-)

  82. Thanks for the chance to win the class, I just got an email that my kit is on its way and it would be fun to have a creative jumpstart when it arrives!

  83. Wahoo! A Little Miss Matched Discount. I was just about to place an order for my daughter’s birthday…she is addicted to their socks and wants them all…so the timing is perfect!
    Thanks so much!

  84. Kelly’s class sounds amazing. I am liking these pairings with Cocoa Daisy!!

  85. I love the laces!

  86. Oh, I am so trying not to spend money, but those socks are cute! And, I would love another BPS project. :-)

  87. We love LMM!!
    Thank you for all you do.

  88. I would love to win the class. I promise that I’ll participate while wearing my Little MisMatched socks – I have 2 pair already and I love them!

  89. sherry d says:

    So love reading your blog. I’m taking your LOM class and enjoying it very much. I’d love to win a class of Kelli’s so here’s hoping. I need to get brave and order me some of those adorable socks.

  90. I absolutely love crazy socks like that! And I also love your blog! You are so inspiring.

  91. I love mismatched socks and so does my daughter! I recently bought her several pairs to mix-n-match…now I think it is my turn :)
    I would love to be in Kelli’s class! Do you know how much paper I have that could become something fabulous?

  92. Is paper piercing easy? I’d love to know . . . and take the class. Thanks for sharing!

  93. Leslie McLaughlin says:

    What a great idea – the socks! I may have to seriously think about trying that. I am such a conformist – it is cramping my creativity!!!! Brainstorm!!!!! Hope I win the class – I would love that. Have a great day!

  94. Susanne N. says:

    Would love to win Kelli’s class. Those socks are darling! Got to add Angie’s blog to my favorites~~

  95. What a fun blog posting

  96. Thanks for the cute socks shot and the great giveaway!

  97. scrappysue says:

    Oh my gosh SNOW, sending some of our 30 degrees C heat your way! Would love to take another BPS class, of course! Thanks so much Stacy. Sue

  98. Angela M. says:

    I would love to win the class by Kelli Crowe. How cool would that be! Hope things warm up where you are! Think spring!

  99. love the socks! I think they would keep me warm –it’s about 13 degrees in Illinois today — where’s spring?

  100. Mellie D says:

    Those socks look so funky! Don’t think they ship to Australia – what a shame! Could see myself wearing those groovy socks and enjoying a Kelli Crowe class all at the same time!

  101. Oh, thank you thank you for the sock code! I found these at FAO Schwartz the other day, and bought some for my 9yo and for me, thinking my 13yo wouldn’t wear them. Well, I was WRONG! So of course I gave up mine.
    Oh, I thought they were kind of expensive, but after buying these, my 9yo is totally into mismatching her socks, so I went into the spare socks basket and made her several pairs. So it’s really saving me money, right? Of course! (It is tax time so I have to think of ways to save money.)
    Now I have to go read the rest of your post but I was too excited about the socks to continue.

  102. Tess Davis says:

    I’m madly in love with your orange socks and funky laces and I’d love to take Kelli’s class! :)

  103. I’d love to take that class!
    And I love the socks!

  104. I am so sick of the cold weather! I am so ready for warmer temps! Great socks! Thanks for the chance to win a spot in an awesome class!

  105. Hey what was that??? Kelli Crowe and Cocoa Daisy??? what a fantastic pairing of wonderfulness!
    btw – love the mismatched sox, think I need to source some of those downunder.

  106. So funny that you should post this today. I am wearing my missmatched socks too.
    My best missmatched story. I went to the doctor. Slipped off my shoes. He looked at my socks, raised his eyebrows and then proceeded with my exam without even a word! I wanted to laugh out loud.

  107. rebecca k says:

    Lots of goof stuff, thanks for sharing and for the chance to win a seat in Kelli’s class!

  108. I am tired of the cold weather too. I live on the westcoast up here in BC. Unseasonably cold here too. Thanks for the chance to win!!! Sandra

  109. Daurene Turpin says:

    I love snow but am tired of the cold. I love paper peicing and would love to win that BPS class. I love bright socks!

  110. Malia in Seattle says:

    but not in a scary way!

  111. Love Angies blog, already signed up for Kelli’s class (& about 3 others on the go at BPS too) and this morning here in SK, Canada it was -34C AND -46C with the windchill – can you imagine??!!!
    But your bright & sunny blog keeps me happy while I try to stay warm!

  112. Karen Grosz says:

    It is cold here too. Have not been above zero for the past two days but it will start warming up by this weekend. I live in ND. I have to admit, I haven’t been able to get myself to order those socks yet. I love the idea and I think they are adorable, but just haven’t done it yet.
    Karen G

  113. How cool can this be!!!! I love paper piecing (LOVE KELLI too!)and I also live near Denver!!!!!!
    Will check out the web site as soon as I post.
    I love your blog and if there is nothing new the 1st time I check I always check again before bed. You never fail to inspire and get my creative juices flowwing. LOVE THE SOCKS!!!!

  114. Thanks so much for posting the discount for Little Mismatched. I love those socks :)

  115. I am so ready for the warm weather, too. I would love to take Kelli’s class.

  116. Hurray for a wonderful idea! I still make Easter baskets for my grown son, daughter and daughter in law and I will definitely add amazing socks to the girls baskets! They look adorable on you, too (tho I gotta admit I am not a real big fan of the shoes…) Love you, Stacy!!

  117. vickie jones says:

    Guess you don’t want to know I changed into shorts when I got home from work! Would love to learn more paper peicings, to same I’m PP challenged would be an understament

  118. I would love to try a new (free)
    class; hope I’m the winner.

  119. abaltayan says:

    I’d love to win a free class. Thanks for the opportunity

  120. Did you know that LMM has a line of home decor through JC Penney? Totally cute and reversible, too!

  121. Just found your blog!! I will be gett’in some of those socks!!

  122. Lynette C says:

    Love the socks. Heading over there after I post my comment. Thanks for the giveaway.

  123. Amy Miller says:

    loving the socks- wore mismatched to the doctor today as their exam rooms are always so cold. he thought it was funny, so good to get a laugh at the doctor’s office.

  124. Oh goodness! Who doesn’t love a pair of vintage Chuka boots. I wish I kept mine. Although, we didn’t have such wonderful socks back in the day! LOL. I check your blog out everyday – so much fun. Thanks for the chance to win!

  125. Kota Venter says:

    Hi Stacy, my name is Kota, from Pretoria in South Africa. I have a LOM question. I am trying to organize my photos and loved your book. Just wanted to know, if your ‘older’ photos are in the category boxes, how will family members or friends look at them if it is not in some kind of a album, because I will not scrap every photo, but still love looking at them. I would appreciated any advice on this, perhaps someone else has had the same problem.

  126. My favorite illustrations in children’s books are paper piecing! I would love to learn more about it! I definitely need some new socks … colorful socks! Thank you for sharing pieces of yourself and your ideas with others!

  127. Phyllis R. says:

    The kit class sounds like fun! And I’m also a big fan of Little Miss Matched socks! Love the new styles!

  128. I love those socks, but sadly she doesn’t ship internationally! I’ll have to figure out a way to get my hands on them! :)

  129. I know what you mean about the record-breaking cold weather… we are freezing down here in Pullman, too! Have a great Thursday :-)

  130. Kimberly S. says:

    I would love love love to win a spot in this class! It looks like so much fun!

  131. marianne says:

    Hmmm….spring break in CO? you should come to CA! I’d love to take a class live and in person!

  132. I love Angie’s blog and Mismatched socks… Thanks for the discount…

  133. Those socks are too cute! Pity they don’t seem to ship to the UK…
    Hoping I’ll be lucky in the class draw… :)

  134. Charlotte says:

    Oh my, I think Kelli Crowe’s work is just gorgeous!

  135. Ngaire in the UK says:

    I love little miss matched socks too. But I have a confession the evil twin with OCD inside me has to buy 2 packets so if I am desperate to be ordered I still has a pair that match (is that sooo wrong?).
    PS My kids love to pick which ones I wear each day.
    PPS would love to win a spot in the class (I promise not to match my socks for a week!)

  136. Well Stacey I think we’ll have to agree to differ on the socks. Maybe I’m a tad conservative and a Miss everything-matches.
    Love the paper-piecing and love what Kelli Crowe does – very inspiring.

  137. This class looks like a lot of fun!

  138. Love the socks! I even found the UK site but it seems like you can’t use the promo code on there – nowhere to enter it in :o( Ill just have to keep buying socks from ASDA to miss match!

  139. DanelleB says:

    I am up early to get ready for work, and noticed your give away…. great prize!! Thanks for all your fun and inspiration. Lovin’ it!!! Off to work I go.

  140. Love Little Miss Matched…still working on my collection! :) AND, love Kelli Crowe, so this was a super fun post.

  141. Those socks are just too cute!

  142. I LOVE Kelli Crowe — her style is just so fun. WOuld love to win her class. Also, thanks for the heads up on Angie’s blog — I will have to check it out.

  143. Love the socks Stacy! I read about Angie’s blog on the last ss blog post this week. I will definately check her out as she did a great job with the SS blog.

  144. Those socks just make me smile. And thank you for sharing Angie’s new blog!

  145. i was just looking at kelli’s class yesterday!! it looks like just what i need to get some mojo going again.
    and my 4 yr. old daughter and i love LMM, santa brought us some for Christmas…off to look for more!! TFS!

  146. Tammy Perkins says:

    Thanks for the giveaway – the socks are pretty awesome!

  147. michelle huydic says:

    I love the HAPPINESS your blog projects!! Love the socks too, how fun!!

  148. Love the Big Picture classes! I can relate to the cold and really hoping spring would hurry up – its snowing here today.

  149. Christy B says:

    Hi Stacy. I enjoy your creativity in the morning. The Kelli Crowe class looks like fun. Thanks!

  150. I think I may take the plunge and get some LMM socks! And Kelli’s class looks great.

  151. I’ll chime in with a thanks for the sock code! We gave them as teacher presents and everyone went nuts for them, but now the local store that carried them has closed :-( and I need a new sock fix! Kelli’s class looks awesome too! XX’s

  152. Kelli’s class looks wonderful — I check in to your blog each morning at work as I sip coffee and get ready to start my day. So thank you for that, Stacy, and Good Morning!

  153. Hi Stacy, I love Mismatched socks and have been buyng and wearing them for a while now. My co-workers have now dubbed me SOCKS at work. They make everyone happy, including me. Would love to win the free pass for Kelli’s class. Times are tough. This would be such a nice treat.
    Happy Day.

  154. Love the socks and what a great giveaway!

  155. Fun socks! They feel like spring!

  156. Thanks for the freebie!!!!!!!!1
    and the socks are soooooooo cute!

  157. I wish I lived in Denver. Enjoy your time there. I would love to win.

  158. Mismatched socks – what a fab idea !! Your blog is such a great way to either start my day or is the final touch before my day ends (have a timezone issue going on).

  159. Wow! What a generous day!
    I was going to say “ooh it’s cold here too”, but some of the commenters are REALLY cold! Keep those bright socks on – spring will be here soon!

  160. Thanks for the freebee…the socks are adorable.

  161. Those orange socks just scream SPRING to me! I’m hoping it’s just around the corner. ;)
    Have fun in Denver!
    And I’m already loving Angie’s blog. It’s super cute and she’s super funny.
    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway! Kelli’s kit is AWESOME!

  162. Stephanie S. says:

    Love your socks. My daughter is five and she likes to wear two different colored crocs or two different flip flops – and she likes to mis-match her pajamas. She was born a creative spirit – now I just hope I can nurture that spirit properly!

  163. Cold…yep…I’m in Seattle…and yesterday I took my walk with three layers on…

  164. I have been admiring Kelli’s paper-pieced tree and car on the BPS page for her class. I would love to learn with her class kit. Thanks Stacy!

  165. Hopefully it is not too late for the drawing:) We are a bit under the weather here in Ohio

  166. looks like a fun class!

  167. Julie Pfeiffer says:

    Would love to attend Kelli’s class. Hope you get some warmer weather soon.

  168. Tracy Wallace says:

    Have a great Spring Break with your family, Stacy!

  169. Ruth in OZ says:

    HI Stacey – sending some of our beautiful autumn weather to you – it was a glorious 88 degrees today here in Western Australia. Ruth

  170. Michelle Evans says:

    I checked your blog a couple times yesterday and didn’t find anything… low and behold here was something this am!
    Oh well….
    Have a great mismatched day!

  171. I hear you stacy on freezing your butt off!! It was -10 here this morning (Northern MN) but the sun is shining and for some reason that makes it seem not quite so bad.
    If you live in the Northern Midwest States you are required by law to say that sort of stuff, I think…. LOL
    Thanks for the discount code on those fun mismatched socks – I WILL be checking them out.
    Pick me Pick Me for Kelli’s class!!

  172. Shanon Gibson says:

    I love your blog and socks! Thanks for sharing.

  173. I too signed on for the Creativity Project and I’m sorry to say, I’m failing miserably, but I’m not giving up.
    I’m going to go right now and put on two random socks and let my spirits sore. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  174. I hope I am not too late. This is just what I need right now something to pull out of the winter and into the light spring……….
    So pick me please….

  175. It’s cold again here in Ohio too. We had spring weather over the weekend and then a blast of cold air to say “nope, not yet!”. It’s teasing us!

  176. Oohhh! Would love to learn more about paper piecing. Thanks for give away!

  177. It is really cold in the Midwest too!!! We need more color on these dreary days!!! I would LOVE to win the class!!!

  178. Michelle says:

    Love, love your blog! I think it is a great giveaway… cute socks too!! Hope you “warm” up soon!

  179. I would love to learn paper piecing! Pick me!!

  180. I love Kelli’s style – thanks for the chance to win! (I’m also wearing LMM socks today – green & pink argyle!)

  181. I would love to win a spot in the class. Love the socks too.

  182. Marcey Mior says:

    Ohh, pick me! I would LOVE that class!

  183. Enjoying all the creativity in your blog and now will have to go through your blogroll! Thank you for sharing and inspiring!

  184. Love to start my creative day by reading your blog! Thanks for all the things you’ve inspired me to do!

  185. Kerry G. says:

    Have a great trip to Denver!

  186. Kelli’s one of my favorites. I hope I win.

  187. Nancy Lee says:

    Love the socks, even have my own pair. Enjoy paper piecing periodically. The class would be just the thing to get me back into it!

  188. Heather Miles says:

    I don’t know if I’m too late to leave a comment to win or not. I just had disc replacement surgery in my neck and came home from the hospital last night. I can’t go anywhere (can’t even get in a car!) for 4 weeks! I would love to be able to have something to do…like this paper-piecing class!

  189. love those socks!

  190. I love cocoa daisy kits and the bug picture classes are pretty cool too! Can’t afford much of both myself so it’s cool to have a chance to win both! Thanks for all those give aways you do on your blog!

  191. LOL, big, not bug, you’re not bugging me ;-)

  192. Tracy Johnson says:

    HEYYY! Okay last week Kelli Crowe ended up in one of my crazzzzyyyy dreams with her husband who was releasing a song!!???? Yeah never met either one of them in person. strange, huh? Hope i win though.
    Tracy J.

  193. my creativity needs a boost and kelli is just the person to do start boostin’

  194. Mandi Kehoe (aka greatdaneaddict in your LOM class!) says:

    STACY! The code worked for me!!

  195. Tell ya what…if you add me to your Creative Women list, I won’t rub it in that it’s 73 degrees here today. ;)

  196. I’m jealous you’re going to CO and I won’t be there! Would love the class SOOOOO MUCH!!!!

  197. Loving BPS and I am so excited about paper piecing class and would love to win the kit!

  198. Kirsten N says:

    I have always been a paper piecing fan – a great way to use up scraps and make your own embellishments cheaply and thank you for mentioning the awful bushfires that we had recently here in Australia!!

  199. Oh would love to learn more about paper piecing. Must get me some of those socks too!

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