woke up at 7:00 am (this is sleeping in. especially because I've been on east coast time)


fixed my boys pancakes with real CANADIAN maple syrup (thanks Paula and OPW)

jogged 4.83 miles. almost quick at 4, but in a moment of pure synchronicity the next song that shuffled up on my ipod was Push It to the Limit, by Corbin Bleu (my new favorite power song) so I pulled out another .83 miles. It's been a long winter and I'm working on getting back in my jog groove (more on getting fit Monday)

so, the rest of the day I'm taking S-L-O-W. we're going to go to the library to check out some books for our trip. the movie on my flight from Cincinnati to SLC yesterday was Twilight. I wouldn't let myself watch it, because I'm the last person on the planet who hasn't read it. I think I may take the plunge over spring break (did you read that Darci?) Should I do it????

PLEASE, if you get a chance. No, nevermind. Set your timer for just 5 minutes and scroll through and read just some of the 700+ happy thoughts that were left on the "last chance …" post. It will do your psyche some serious good. 


and now … without any further delay, here are the 3 WINNERS of a copy of Photo Play.

This was the very first happy thought posted:

got a job, the kids are healthy, it's sunny outside, I can't wait to go
pick hubby up and tell him about my day, I've got some photos in my
memory card to print out and scrap … all these make me H-A-P-P-Y!

This was the last happy thought posted when I closed the comments:

wow, this is like having a friend move away. Cherish the memories and all the help this magazine has given us! Thanks.

… and how could I not reward this very creative happy thought:

A creative lady named Stacy wants happy

And even though this might sound sappy

I wrote her this ditty
But I'm not all that witty

It's no honey and peas but it's snappy:)

Have a great day and trip and hope you enjoy the poem.


Esther, Monica and Rose … EMAIL ME ( and I'll work with Jennafer Martin at CKMedia to see that you get your FREE copies!!


  1. Welcome home, Stacy!! I hope you have a relaxing, happy day with your family.
    P.S. I haven’t read Twilight either.

  2. Melony Wells says:

    The Twilight series are an easy read, like popcorn…can’t just have one and it’s fluffy :) Can’t stop with just book one it’s the 4 books that make the story complete (your favorite store Target has them on SUPER sale $12.99 a piece). I wanted to do the library thing but everyone else wants them too. Oh ya, welcome back :)

  3. Sherri Dyess says:

    Ok…I’ve waited as long as I could to ask this, but where did you get the “oh so cute” colorful pillow that sits on your red bench? It is the one featured on the cover of your book Photo Freedom. I really need a couple of those for my sunroom…it is simply adorable. Thanks…
    Sherri D.

  4. Stacy–Twilight is great!! Read the book first though-it’s much better than the movie…which is on in my living room NOW for the 4th time since last Saturday!! My girls (11 and 12 then) read the books; then I did to see what the fuss was all about. I was very pleasanty surprised… Enjoy!!

  5. I haven’t read Twilight either, and don’t feel any need to.
    I am enjoying LOM. I’m getting caught up and feeling a sense of accomplishment. I’ve been a “closet” non-chronological scapper and am loving having a system that now helps me make sense of this. Pretty neat!

  6. Reading all those happy thoughts makes me happy too, and Twilight – entertaining but hardly the lifechanging experience that the tweens and teens make it out to be :-) An enjoyable few days when you’re reading them though!

  7. Definitely read the books. Get all of them at once, because once you start you won’t want to stop. I think I read them all in about a 2 week span. Don’t expect them to be classic literature, but do expect to enjoy them. I just finished the movie this weekend and I have to say I was slightly disappointed. The characters in my head were so much better than those that they were able to adapt to the screen. Definitely, enjoy the books!

  8. Hey Stacy…hope your Canadian trip was great! Love that maple syrup! I LOVE seeing photos of your boys in your home. I think I can see a peek of the bench, pillows and shelf that was featured on the cover of Photo Freedom? Thanks for being real and letting us all have a peek into your everyday life. Off to continue my LOM work…15 minutes per day, but sometimes I get into it and that time flies! Have a great day!

  9. Read Twilight. It’s great brain candy.

  10. I think you should read Twilight. I read it years ago, before it was huge and truthfully, I probably wouldn’t read it now because of all the hype but then I’d be missing out. It may not be your style or in the end but I think you should read it and you’ll either love it or at least you’ll know what everyone is talking about!

  11. Dora Poage says:

    My friend wanted to read twilight for a long time and finally I did. I loved the fluffy feel good lvoe story. I did not enjoy the movie though. It did not do the books justice.

  12. Congrats on your run! I was thinking when I was out running on Friday how sometimes the Gods of Random Playlists are completely in sync with what I need to keep myself going the distance, and I love it when that happens! Are you running any races this year?
    As for Twilight…Gah. My feelings are mixed. Like Melony says, they’re definitely a fluffy read. The first two were better than the last two, I thought, and the last one was a complete and utter disappointment to me—sunk right down into the land of cliches. Sigh. however, I know tons of people who loved them all. So…there’s my opinion, for what it’s worth!

  13. “Stacey who?”
    That is the quote that my Diva Stephanie will never EVER let me live down for the rest of my unborn life. Sigh =)
    Thank you for coming all the way up to Canada, and thank you for sharing your thoughts and words with us and inspiring us like crazy (I’m still inspired=) and thank you for putting up with a few ignorant northerners =).
    Anytime you need more Maple Syrup…I know a guy who knows a guy…hope your slow down day was a good one. I sure enjoyed mine!
    Jenn Langlois

  14. Stacy,
    I think you should definetely read Twilight. I just read it myself as a friend had suggested it. I read the five hundred page book in three days! I couldn’t put it down! It’s worth your time!

  15. Hi Stacy… the book, skip the movie! Glad you are back home safe and sound.

  16. TracyBzz says:

    I haven’t read Twilight. It doesn’t appeal to me at all. But as with any book turned into a movie…read the book first. Then watch the movie and be disappointed that it wasn’t even close to being as good as the book.

  17. I just read the first book and have to say I was disappointed. No intention of reading the others. You deserve better! (I hope I don’t get flamed for this)

  18. I wasn’t convinced that I would like Twilight eventhough many friends insisted I would. So I broke down and did it. I am now OBSSESSED. I can’t put the book down. I am on the 3rd book. Haven’t seen the movie, don’t want to until I read all 4 books. You should really give them a try. Never in a million years did I think I would be reading 500-600 page books about vampires :)

  19. Yeah for Downtime!! You deserve it.

  20. Scrappy Angel says:

    Welcome back Stacy! Hope you had a great trip.
    As for Twilight, I just finished the 3rd book and can’t wait to get my hands on the 4th. I actually saw the movie first and had not heard great things about it. I’m usually one of the ones that want to read the book first as the movies are usually disappointing. In this case, I’m glad I saw the movie first. I had no expectations for it and I actually liked it. I think if I had read the book first, I would have been disappointed. But I have since re-watched the movie after reading the book and several things make more sense and I notice more things. I am definitely a sap when it comes to romance! And having seen the movie first, I can now picture Bella and Edward as the actors. I think it helps with the subsequent books. For me, they are a great read!!!

  21. I just got sucked into the Twilight series also – 2 weeks ago. I’m on the fourth and final book right now and can’t wait to rush home and read. I just hope my kids and hubby cooperate! ;) Seriously, so worth the read. I’m holding off to watch the movie after I’m finished all four books. Go for it, but make sure you have all of them ready when you start the first one … you won’t want to wait to get the next book after you finish each.

  22. I’m a big Twilight fan so I say start reading. The movie..not such a big fan. I think it was over directed and some of the acting is really cheesy.

  23. YES! read the twilight series. i resisted and resisited but finally gave in kicking and screaming my way to the bookstore because a good friend told me that i had to read them.
    fantasy/sci-fi is NOT my genre but, i took a leap and it paid off.

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