I can’t sleep.

We're arrived safe and sound in Denver, except I can't sleep. Trust me, this is NOT because I'm not tired. I still haven't started Twilight (not sure why?) but I have answered questions in my Library of Memories class and got caught up on some blogs.

We're staying with a childhood friend of Geoff's and his router is down, so there is no wireless. I say this simply because this is the first time I've been on PC for a very long time and I'm feeling a little like someone returning to a homeland to realize that it doesn't come back that quickly! I'm also telling you this because I had some blog posts written on my laptop (assuming I'd have a connection) that will now have to wait.

In the meantime …


I had a question about where I got the pillows pictured on the cover of Photo Freedom. I looked for a very long time for bright, fun, pillows and one day caught a glimpse of a book on color that I adore and thought out loud, "Aha, Susan Sargent — I bet she makes pillows!"

Sure enough. Her website is susansargent.com

Chicken pillow 

I just visited and realized that the purple chicken pillow I bought is no longer available, but there is another great rooster design: this one

Multi pillow  

and I'm thinking I may have to get this one!

OK, I think I'm ready to try for some shut eye.


  1. I love Susan Sargents stuff and her colour book. Some seriously gorgeous fabrics there.
    Have a great time on spring break!

  2. I just looked at this website – wow! And, the rooster pillow is available.

  3. hope you’re enjoying the visit to Denver.
    i am really hoping and praying that weather is good tomorrow as we’re due to have more snow and if that’s the case i KNOW that i won’t be able to make it down to the S-side of Denver. which is sad b/c i’d love to come and say hi–its been a while.

  4. I love all the color! Trying to incorporate more color into my home.
    Thanks for the link…just might have to order one of her books and a few fun, colorful things!
    Love your blog and all the happy energy that comes through. You are a definite inspiration to many. Thanks!

  5. Monica B. says:

    I was wondering the same thing! A good friend of mine was admiring you rooster pillow, she LOVES roosters. Thank you for sharing where you got it, I have a great idea for a birthday gift!

  6. Allison Barnes says:

    Have a fun trip and start Twilight!! You will enjoy being taken away into a nice love story….

  7. give twilight a try…you may be holding back because of the vampires (really a vehicle for the story and not the purpose of the story) or that it tends to be all encompassing…many a night i stayed up way, way too late because i just couldn’t put it down. But it is an easy read and an awesome lead in to dicussing “love and relationships” with your teens.
    Go for it.

  8. I must admit that I never noticed the pillow on the front BUT the information inside has been INVALUABLE to me. Thank-you SO MUCH!!! I almost through reading it and after Camp Croppin’ this weekend in Calgary, AB my photos better look out because there is going to be some serious organization going on. Thanks again for a fabulous read and even better practical application!

  9. Glad you made it to Denver safely! i hope to meet you again tomorrow, but if it snows i probably won’t make it up there. We need the moisture so badly, so i can’t say it would be the worst thing if i didn’t make a 2 hour drive because of a snowstorm! i sure would like to be a part of the Glimpses energy, though. Off to finish up my book!

  10. I had to read Twilight as part of a book club last November–definitely not my first choice of books but I found myself drawn into the story. A friend gave me the next 3 books and after finally catching up with LOM homework, I started the 2nd book on Sunday–already half way through. Looking forward to 3 and 4. Have not seen the movie but I’m usually 2 years behind anyway! I’m told that book two is slow (not so far) but that the last two more than make up for it.

  11. Tammy Wathen says:

    Stacy, I have searched old posts and I can’t seem to find the info on your food pyramid that you you have in you kitchen for your boys. Please post the link again.
    Thanks for all your inspiration!

  12. Enjoy your vacation!

  13. If you are going to start Twillight you need to have time because it will pull you right in. I know that’s a joke mom of 5, scrapbooker and business woman but I’m serious. I bought the movie, but I am afraid to watch it, because I enjoyed the book sooo much!

  14. I forgot it was YOU to told me about Susan. I love her books. I think I’ll pick up a couple tomorrow at the library for some inspiration and color therapy!

  15. Whenever I go to Colorado I have trouble sleeping. I have been told its due to the altitude and it takes a few days to acclamate!
    Good luck!

  16. stacy, it was great to see you at SBD today, thank you tons for visiting our LSS in denver. SO happy that the snow did not keep you away, whew. wish i could have stayed till the end but alas, i was tired and no longer needed for the night. i’ll send photos soon. and get busy with the series, the books were great! HUGE hugs, rachel

  17. Aloha Stacy!
    Just dropped by on your blog and wanted to let you know that you are not the last human being that has not read Twilight!! =) I haven’t, I’ve pondered…we’ll see if I give in! Take care!
    Your Hershey Kiss Mac Nut Friend in Honolulu, Trisha =oP

  18. Noemi Pedroza says:

    yes, 36, yes, one, “running” your family life and other inspirational books

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