I’m here …

and dealing with a very slow and fickle connection today. I wish I understood all of the factors that affect my ability to connect to the World Wide WEB!!! 

Oh well. I had a wonderful weekend full of cleaning, organizing, family and church — I had a hard time getting out of bed at 5:30 (which due to daylight savings time felt like 4:30) I did get up and I sat at my table attempting to do my morning ritual for about 25 minutes before crawling back into bed and sleeping until 7:30 am.  We still managed to get out the door on time thankfully. I did Monday morning yoga and had a very specific thought, "I need to do Monday morning yoga every Monday!" I struggle making the time for yoga and yet when I go, I LOVE it. It is so good for me. I didn't come downstairs to work until 1:00 pm but then I don't expect myself to be here until 1:00 on Mondays, so I guess that is OK, right?


I've got to go answer questions in my LOM classroom, but I'm hoping to get back and blog about this little piece of inspiration that I purchased on Saturday. I want to show you something.

wish me luck and thank YOU so much for all your comments on my last two posts. So appreciated!


  1. THAT is officially the most adorable keychain ever! I love the blue “be happy” one, too. Where do you come up with all these fabulous things????

  2. jennifer says:

    Good Luck!!!

  3. Victoria S. says:

    aawww very cute keychain. I love it! New to your blog.

  4. I’m with Rebecca–how do you find all of these wonderful websites?? I’m a shopper, but I never find anything as cute as you do. Thanks for always sharing with us!!

  5. You mean you didn’t get the green one?! Now Stacy, that is going out of your comfort zone. Good Luck.

  6. What a cute coin purse! You are quite a shopper.

  7. Those are great! I’ll take the basket on the bottom!

  8. I love that you can buy the whole basket of them – I might just do that for gifts for my working mom’s lunch club come Christmas time. These remind me of the change purses that my Grandma Grace always seemed to have back in the 70s when I was a little girl. Very cute.

  9. It is always fun to read your blog. You add color to my day!

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