I’ve had this page on my brain for 10 days.

and it feels so good to get it out.
Blink There's not a lot of good light in Spokane at 4:20pm, but WOW do I feel good.
I love scrapbooking
I love my square-punch picture drawers
I love sheets of multi-colored sticker letters
I love this boy more than I can even express and my heart is so happy that I was able to spend 30 minutes immersed in memories of him today. WOW.

great hobby.

p.s. Scenic Route is on sale!


  1. I love it! Talking about “scheduling for high school” with our 8th grader this week and I was thinking that she was just a baby… wasn’t she?? :) I blinked. Wonderful page I will definitely be scraplifting. ;) Thanks for inspiration and smiles. :)

  2. I love this page!!!!

  3. WOW That’s scary! Having 2 kids of my own, I’m not ready for that!! :)

  4. My oldest is just nine months younger – amazing how fast everything happens, isn’t it? This page is beautiful. Definitely have to lift this one.

  5. As mom to a 5-year-old boy, I love this page! How sweet…and bittersweet…it must be for you. Beautiful!

  6. Brenda Meilak says:

    I love this page – I’m definitely going to have to scraplift this one!! As the mom to 2 teenage boys(17 & 14) and an 8year old girl this really touched my heart!! It’s definitely true that if you blink they’re grown up – some days I just wonder where my little boys went…..

  7. Lindsay Bateman says:

    STUNNING page! It is beautiful.

  8. Oh man…this page kills me, because I know I’ll be making one before I know it.

  9. TracyBzz says:

    I can’t wait until my LOM is as rich and old as yours. I would love to do this kind of page, but I only have 2.5 years of unscrapped photos of my kids. (I was too caught up).

  10. The Don’t Blink title makes my heart happy :)

  11. That was awesome. I did a page similar to that last year…but used photos of our friends children from christmas pictures. lots of fun!

  12. Suzzi Boyles says:

    That’s a perfect layout. Especially since my Addie turned 5 yesterday. I can make a birthday tradition out of this. One for each kid on a couple of canvas’ that are in the hall. On their birthday they can add a picture to it. Then it can be displayed at their open houses.
    TFS! Awesome.

  13. Lea (Birmingham, UK) says:

    What a beautiful and meaningful page. I aren’t a mother yet but as a scrapbooker I know I will be creating these kind of keepsakes in the future and I can’t wait!
    I LOVE scenic route, but the shipping to the UK is $40!! :-(

  14. Stacy, what a wonderful page. It braought tears to my eyes. Pages like this are why I scrapbook. Thanks for sharing your ideas and process. I’m loving LOM

  15. Love this Stacy! Love the simplicity, love the mix of photos and years, love that this is part of what I’m learning in LOM!

  16. LOVE this layout – there’s just something to be said for a few years perspective, isn’t there? And, my oh my, how fast our little sweeties grow up! [Mine are 18 and 22 now!] – J

  17. Awesome page Stacy! I’m really loving my square punch drawers too. I love that you added this to your “system”. With so many tools, there are so many connections to be made. Any new “tools” you’ve added to your system since Photo Freedom??? :-)

  18. Karen Grosz says:

    Love this page. I am going to copy it and do it for my son who turns 13 this month. Thanks for the inspiration and with those square punch drawers I should be able to crank that out quickly.
    Karen G

  19. cute! I’ve done this kind of page with two photos & the word “Blink” but I love this take on it with lots of photos & “DON’T blink!” I am definately going to scraplift this one :)

  20. plus I just noticed you got 16 pictures in there & he’s 16 – very clever indeed :)

  21. Stephanie says:

    Stacy, Thank you so much for posting that page. My oldest son turns 21 next week and I have had that page on my mind for a month and finally started to look for pictures last night. I have had little time the past year for scrapbooking and wanted to do LOM this year but missed the sign up so I am starting on my own with Photo Freedom in hand! Thanks!

  22. I love this Stacy.. may have to scraplift this one! LOVE IT.. my daughter just turned 16 last week too… I’m gonna try and do a layout like this too! thks for the inpsiration..
    hugs bonnierose

  23. {vicki} says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love it!!!!!!!!!
    my son turns 10 this year–may have to a page like this for him.

  24. Danelle A says:

    LOVE the layout!!! Great idea. My kids aren’t near the 16-year mark, but I’m sure if I “blink”, that day will be here before I know it.

  25. I love this page. How weird that even though I don’t know you, it brought a tear to my eye. It’s the universal-ness of scrapbooking. My girls are little, so thanks for the reminder.

  26. Oh, how I love what you just said…I loved being immersed with thoughts of him today. Now THAT is the way to look at this hobby, Stacy. BIG light bulb moment here!!! Have a happy Day!

  27. Love the Page!!! What size square punch are you using?

  28. Love this layout, Stacy!
    They grow WAAAAYYYYY too fast, don’t they? Don’t blink is right.

  29. Stefani Meyer says:

    oh man, thanks for sharing. This is fabulous!

  30. LOVE the page. He is quite the stud muffin. ;-)

  31. Awesome page — message is so true!

  32. I love this page! The title is just so perfect!!!

  33. Jeannette P says:

    What a fantastic page! LOVE it!!!

  34. You’ve inspired me to do this for my son who’s a senior this year. Thanks for the awesome idea!

  35. Leora Henkin says:

    Wow Stacy! I love it! I can’t wait to have square punched pictures to do this with. Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration.

  36. rachel in Cali. says:

    Holy $%*&!
    I actually said it outloud, but I won’t here. ;0) That honestly gave me the chills! I just happened to be thinking about my 16 year old son too! I LOVE IT!!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  37. Thanks for the reminder of why we love this hobby! (Quick question…what 2×2 square punch do you use?)

  38. this mom of an soon-to-be-18-year-old-college-freshman will definitely be lifting your layout!
    thanks for sharing

  39. phyllis says:

    I love it! Did the song Don’t Blink inspire the title? Love the song and the message in it. Isn’t it wonderful watching the little kiddos grow up?

  40. Absolutely Adorable and Amazing. Only the mother of a boy could understand the true emotions one goes thru while looking at this layout. We went to visit a university today and as he was walking on the sidewalk, I saw him walking to kindergarten!! Why oh why, do blinks happen so fast!?? Beautiful job Stacy!! Definitely making one of my own!! Psstt… I am so jealous of my friend Mary Kay out in Scrapbook Destination…lucky duck having you to her store!! You rock my dear!

  41. scrapalittle says:

    Love this!
    My little guy turned 10 on the 23rd and I’ve been lamenting the fact that my baby hit double digits! Love the song, too-definitely seeing this layout in the near future in a scrapbook at our house! Thanks for making these “little things” in all of our lives so much easier to get down on paper!

  42. Veronica says:

    such a wonderful page…as I sit here looking at my 16 year old and how he has grown….I think I might have to do a page like that today at my school’s fundraiser crop….thanks for the ideas… and your sunny disposition to everything that comes your way!

  43. Great page – simple but VERy effective!

  44. Laura from Calgary says:

    It is so funny because I was just thinking of doing a page exactly like this for my teenage daughter – same title and everything! Thanks for making it “simpler”.

  45. Stacy — this page is great! In fact, so great, that I copied it — and I think everyone should. Nothing makes you appreciate the present time with you kids more then looking at how fast they grow and change. And I am freaking out and my “baby” is only 5!! I will be a mess when she is 16!
    You can see my copy-cat page here:
    Thank you fro reminding us to stop and look — and not to blink! :)

  46. I absolutely LOVE this layout. I’m going to have to lift it. ;-)

  47. Donna Curran says:

    Great layout…and I love the song “Don’t Blink”…it’s one of my all time favorites and was an absolute perfect title choice for this layout!!!

  48. I loved the layout when I saw it last week. I did a very similar one for my son when he was 18… almost TWELVE years ago! But these comments are really touching my heart. Yeah, my baby boy will be 30 in June — thank goodness I have ONLY BLINKED and never actually napped through a “stage.”

  49. yvonne busdeker says:

    I love this page! So simple and so direct! Great song by Kenney Chesney also! A sad reminder of how quick they grow up:(
    thanks for sharing!

  50. Love Love LOVE the LO and can’t wait for my square punch drawers to hold enough photos to do this…hey my son is only 6 so I’m ‘so far ahead’

  51. Love to Love all the freeness….is that a word? Happy savings to u!

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