last chance …

To win a Simple Scrapbooks special issue on my blog. Let's make the best of it and give away THREE.


Simply leave me a comment with a happy thought and I'll pick THREE winners on Saturday, when I get home!

If you don't win. Support your local retailer and pick up this marvelous (and I do mean marvelous) issue FULL of photo "plays" and a TON of great resources for more FUN with photos online!

If you don't have a local retailer. BUY here.


Don't forget I'll be at Scrapbook Destination in Denver

On Wednesday Night, April 1st from 5:00 to 7:00 for a meet and greet (book signing) with a Glimpses Reception following. Anyone can come to the meet and greet, but you'll need a ticket for the reception (ticket is inside the Glimpses classroom)


  1. I’ve got a job, the kids are healthy, it’s sunny outside, I can’t wait to go pick hubby up and tell him about my day, I’ve got some photos in my memory card to print out and scrap … all these make me H-A-P-P-Y!

  2. What a great give away, I would love to win one as we don’t get SS readily in the UK. Fun happening today – a bit of retail therapy with my daughter and mother ;)

  3. Holly A. Moss says:

    My happy thought: my daughter has learned how to give kisses ~ she’s almost 2 yrs. old.
    Isn’t it wonderful at this age, Stacey?

  4. my happy thought is my little boy is learning to read and loves books : )have a great day!

  5. I’ve never read a single issue of Simple Scrapbooks – I am from a liitle country in Europe. And would be SO, SO HAPPY if I have a chance to read and have this last special issue.

  6. Sue Bone says:

    It’s a beautiful day here and I’ve been to the gym and now I’m going to spend the day quilting with friends.

  7. I have been reorganizing my scrapbook/office the past few days and I am going to dig back into some scrapbook projects now that it’s organized in here! I am feeling CREATIVE after months of not finding my mojo!

  8. My best friend of 32 yrs ( she is only 42 yrs old ) got diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer on Feb 8. She will be starting chemo soon and will lose her hair. Our son, 11 yrs old, decided that he wanted to shave all of his hair off….if Ruth is going to lose her hair, I will not have hair either.
    Isn’t that sweet?
    Linda Matthews

  9. Today I learned that my 2 older girls ages 7 and 5 are both First Honors during their Recognition Day on Friday. Such a happy thought! :D


  11. Stacy, my happy thought is that in a matter of days I’ll get to go to TARGET and COSTCO again! We’ll be moving back to Duvall, Washington…from Germany…and I’ve sure missed my favorite stores!:)

  12. My happy thought… taking my golden retriever to the dog park and watching his ears flap up and down as he runs around. I swear, he gets a smile on his face.

  13. enggirl lorraine says:

    Hot fudge on top of ice cold vanilla ice cream. Loads of whipped cream and a cherry on top.
    Baby powder fresh toddler out of the bath and snuggling his face into the crook of your neck.
    Fresh stack of chipboard alphabet stickers.

  14. Happy thoughts: A great, supportive husband, an adorable, healthy son. What more is there to say?

  15. i work overnights, and i have big meetings today for the first series of meetings for our communities in bloom bid! that to me is spring and summer and sooo good ..i do the happy dance when we start planning for our big bid! we are part of a national campagine nd the the people on the committee are sooo fun! love this time of year.

  16. the thought that makes me happy today – is that my Mum is having an operation tomorrow that, if all goes well, will increase her sight by 50% – this is pretty awesome in my books !!!

  17. today is my last day of college classes!! i start student teaching tomorrow! i’m very happy about that.

  18. I’m happy because I have just ordered some Martha Stewart border punches from the US and I can’t wait for them to arrive in a week or so :)))

  19. I would love to win. How about this happy thought…my beautiful trees are blooming … the pear tree out front has the most delicate white blossoms on it. Spring is here.

  20. Fun today? Playing with my kid. Her imagination is endless!
    Have a Happy Day!!

  21. Happy thought # 425: I’m happy my son made it through his first wrestling season without injury! :-) Also happy that he found a sport he enjoys, and that there are other wrestling moms who will sit with me and cringe/flinch/pray/cheer on the sidelines.
    Also happy that you continue to brighten my day with your blog posts, Stacy! Thanks!

  22. Kristi Wildung says:

    Happy thought…. I finally found a scrapbook store on a road trip to Holland, the first in the 3 months we’ve been in Germany. Woo hoo!!

  23. Happy, happy, happy to be doing LOM with you Stacy. So scary (but I think I’m getting it!!).

  24. The rain last night washed away lots of pollen!

  25. My thoughts are super happy lately. I had lunch with my best friends for my birthday yesterday. I am so lucky! These girls took the day off just to hang out with me. Plus I am expecting baby #2! My husband got me a gift card for scrappy stuff and I almost have enough $ saved for a new camera. Life is good!

  26. My girlfriend Debra is coming over to scrap this morning!

  27. my happy thought…. SPRING BREAK is next week!!!! we will be heading to a really quiet beach house and having NO schedule for a few days! oh, and taking lots of photos and scrapbooking some photos too!

  28. My 7 week old son rolled over by himself for the first time last night!

  29. My happy thought is that this morning is Bible study at church and I’m excited to go with my girls!

  30. I’m happy because I have the rest of the twilight-series to look forward to after reading part one last week. Nice to get hooked by a book/series, it had been a while for me.

  31. a happy thought: my kids are doing great and growing up to be wonderful citizens!

  32. jennifer says:

    Happy Thought, my son crawled in bed with me and we cuddled for about 10 minutes before the alarm went off.

  33. My happy thought is that today I go to the dr. for my first appt with my new pregnancy!

  34. Today is a happy day.. making chocolate covered pretzels and other assorted chocolate goodies to sell at the boutique for our youth ballet ensemble’s upcoming peformances of “The Secret Garden.”

  35. My sisters are coming from Michigan to Indiana this weekend to scrapbook and to make baskets! I’m so excited…the three sisters will be together!

  36. Happy Thought: I’m able to live my dream & stay home with my son.

  37. My happy thoughts: I have my faith, my health, and my family! And, it’s spring!
    Oh, and Lisa B. is on QVC today! Wooohooo!

  38. my sister just found out she is having a girl!

  39. Happy thought #39: baby toes! :)

  40. The birds are chirping, the days are longer and warmer…Spring has arrived! Which reminds me of a silly verse a Scottish co-worker used to say:
    Spring has sprung
    The grass is rise (pronounced riz)
    I wonder where the birdie is?
    Hark, the bird is on the wing
    But that’s absurd,
    I always thought the wing was on the bird!

  41. Jennifer says:

    Happy Wednesday! Enjoy each moment as it comes, whatever they may bring.

  42. Its baseball season. Yea, I love to watch my son who is 11 play baseball. It makes me Oh, so happy!

  43. I will finally finish a scrapbook I’ve been working on for way too long today and it will be nice and sunny so after school the kids and I can play outside until dinner. Simple stuff, but it puts a smile on my face!

  44. The days are getting longer/sunnier, warmer and less snowier!

  45. SPRING IS COMING!!! which means summer is just around the corner…which means swimsuits & picnics & BBQ & fresh nectarines with juices dripping from fingers to elbows :)
    i LOVE the next two seasons!

  46. Happy Thought? That my Lord is the same yesterday – today – and forever – and that He loves me enough to share the good and the hold me up in the bad – J

  47. My happy thought – reconnecting with an old friend after almost 20 years! I found her on Facebook!

  48. I’m very happy the baby didn’t wake up at 4 am again!

  49. I’m so happy to have my loving family and especially my two wonderful grandchildren.

  50. I’m drinking a cup of coffee:)
    Thanks for letting us play.

  51. I would love a copy. Enter me!

  52. my happy thought – spring is here and the birds are out and chirping at 7 am! :-)

  53. Marina013 says:

    Happy thought? That I might actually win a “Scrapbook Play” special edition; as that seems to be the only way I’ll get one. It seems no-one knows when, or whether it will actually make it downunder – that’s a really sad thought. I really really need one, Stacy :)

  54. Leisa H. says:

    My happy thoughts for today…I get to go on a field trip with my high school freshman! And, he actually is excited that I am coming! He makes me happy along with his 7 brothers and sisters! I am also happy that it is Spring because this is my favorite season to take pictures!

  55. Stacy, I absolutely love you and would love to get a copy of the magazine! It’s my birthday and what a wonderful present to receive from one of my blog friends!!!!
    Have a wonderful day!

  56. I have work and a roof over my head and plenty of food for my healthy children. (considering my husband and I both lost our businesses last year, this is a REALLY happy thought!)

  57. Today is a beautiful day full of opportunity and potential. Can’t wait to get going, but I always stop here first! Glad I did, would love a copy of that special issue!

  58. My happy thought is that soon our basement that had flooded will be usuable again!!

  59. Happy thought — spring is coming!!!

  60. Susan Cordeau says:

    It is a beautiful sunny day in VT. Our Science Fair is tomorrow night and I get to boil 18 eggs for the occasion today. My happy thought is that I now have custody of my wonderful 11 year old great nephew and I get to help him with his science project (and all the other fun 11 yr old stuff) and then I get to scrapbook it;)

  61. Today is my grandson’s 5th birthday and I’m here with hime instead of 800 miles away!!! :) SOOOOOO Happy!

  62. Ann Marie says:

    Here’s my happy thought… I just bought this issue yesterday. So if I win I will bless a friend with it.

  63. Leisa H. says:

    My happy thoughts for today…I get to go on a field trip with my high school freshman! And, he actually is excited that I am coming! He makes me happy along with his 7 brothers and sisters! I am also happy that it is Spring because this is my favorite season to take pictures!

  64. Diane Anthony says:

    Just signed up with Facebook and have located long lost HS friends! Makes me so happy I can reconnect with them!

  65. We have a cute little mallard duck couple that comes to the fountain in front of our office every spring. This morning, they were back! Happy happy!

  66. Christina says:

    The robins are back! Spring is near. My kids are healthy. And we have jobs and a home. I feel so very lucky.

  67. After I write this I am off for a much needed haircut with my stylist who is also a good friend. It will be some happy “me” time! Hope you’re haing some HMT too! And I loved Scrapbook Play so I can’t wait for this one!

  68. Our favorite basketball team, Syracuse, is in the sweet 16. Most likely won’t make you happy but it does my family. !!

  69. It’s Spring! It’s light longer during the day. My husband and I still have our jobs, a roof over our heads and food to eat. You can’t ask for more than that, can you?

  70. Tammy Perkins says:

    Cleaning out my garage very soon – can already envision how it ‘s going to look!

  71. I’m just happy to be so very blessed with everything that I have.

  72. A field of tulips.

  73. My happy thought: I love that I found this amazing hobby that makes me realize just how precious (and fleeting) each moment is of our lives. I’ve learned to cherish the big and small things, the laughter and the tears as it all combines to make of the wonderful fabric of our lives!! Happy Day everyone. Oh … and I would love to win a copy of the final issue!!! :-)

  74. My happy thought today is that I’m meeting a friend for shopping and lunch while my son gets to stay and watch a movie at school. Oh the joy! :-)

  75. Barb Martin says:

    I am blessed with a day off during the week to stay home with my daughters! Doesn’t get happier than that!

  76. HeatherC says:

    Last week we participated in a roller skating party/fundrasier in honor of my 8 year old neighbor who is 5 years off chemo and cancer free! Yeah! Fun was had by all and almost $2000 was raised for the Leukemia Society — Yeah!!

  77. 2- 8yr old twins with clean rooms and big hearts – 12 big bags of stuff to take to the local Battered Women & Children shelter. So proud of them for doing this on their own and making their own decision about who to share their previously loved toys and clothes.

  78. Aimee Confer says:

    Happy thought! My 2.5 year old saying “I love you Emma” to my one week old girl!

  79. Dawn Hobbs says:

    My happy thought….everyday I am one step closer to loving the life I live. Dawn H

  80. I’m happy it’s Wednesday and one of my best friends is flying out from Wisconsin to visit me in Utah this weekend. I’m sad to see Simple Scrapbooks go, though.

  81. Tiffany N says:

    Happy thought: in a couple of weeks my family will be blessed with a new baby. And we can’t wait!

  82. It’s another beautiful sunshiny day in Florida. Every day is happy.

  83. Missy Tucker says:

    This is my first time posting on your blog. But, I read your page daily! It’s so happy and colorful and mostly inspirational! This book looks FANTASTIC and I can’t wait to get my very own copy! Always looking for ways to preserve my fave memories of our family! Thanks Stacy!

  84. Seeing DIA in your post made me HAPPY!

  85. Christine says:

    Happy thought – It’s not raining anymore in the midwest !

  86. Kris Van Allen says:

    Happy thought for today: the bluebonnets are blooming in central Texas! It’s so beautiful!

  87. My happy thought today is my 5 y/o daughter promising me she is going to get up soooo early tomorrow that when I come to her door she will be standing there, all dressed for school. yeah..right!

  88. My Happy thought :Tonight I get to go be with the girls in my AWANA club at my church!

  89. Corryn Morris-Fisco says:

    happy thought… my son is 5 months old and is laughing out loud. It is the cutest sound I have ever heard!!!!

  90. michelle says:

    I’m enjoying my quiet morning.

  91. Happy thought for today…my dad had a procedure done yesterday and is doing very well today. Life is good.

  92. Happy thought – the hubby and I are sneaking away for a 2 night getaway this weekend! Kids are with the grandparents! :)

  93. Karen Grosz says:

    The spring/winter storm is passing and the sun will shine today. Life is good.

  94. Happy thought is looking forward to my childhood friend’s baby shower – she looks beautiful and can’t wait to celebrate with friends this weekend!!

  95. I’m happy for the lucky people skiing in Park City, Utah this week because it’s snowing there!

  96. Happy thoughts – I just returned from a ladies scrapbooking retreat. Great food, great company, great pages!

  97. Having a sad day today with different things going on so it’s nice to have a happy thought about maybe winning a copy of a longed-for book.

  98. My happy thought… the birds outside were chirping!!!!

  99. Happy thought – I discovered my daffodils poking up in my garden this morning!

  100. Andrea Tuttle says:

    My happy thought . . . I’m on Spring Break and today is my bff’s maternity photo shoot . . . I hope her pics turn out okay!! I’m off to find inspiration!!

  101. To pick only one happy thought is difficult, but one of today’s many is getting to snuggle with my toddler this morning while she drank her milk.

  102. I will finaly graduate in May after going back to college. I am starting to store up on all the necessary scrappin essentials since now I will have time to work on them again! YaH!!!

  103. carriegel says:

    The sun is shining and that is in short supply around here.

  104. Happy thought today – I have not been late to work once since daylight savings time began last week, in fact, I have been early several mornings and I’m not even tired. Yeah!

  105. Isabel Roberts says:

    My happy thought: I’m looking forward to playing in the sunshine with my kids today :)

  106. Today is my great neice’s first birthday. Won’t get to be with her in Louisiana (I’m in TN) but thanks to the miracle of the internet and cell phones, I’ll get to see and hear her!!

  107. C Trimble says:

    Happy thought….only 2 more days til the weekend!

  108. Sherry Coleman says:

    Spring is springing…

  109. i’m at work-and i CANT PUT DOWN MY IPOD! it is amazing what music can do to your mood :)

  110. My happy thoughts……spring is here (as much as it can be spring in March in Utah), my daughter is getting baptized this weekend, and my parents are coming to visit from out of state!

  111. debbi g. says:

    Happy thought – 3 more days until spring break here and we are going to Florida to spend it with family…it’ll be great to just be together without the regular daily schedules…where our biggest decisions are what to eat and what to do for fun!

  112. My happy thought is I just ordered a bunch of my pictures from shutterfly, so I will have new inspiration to scrapbook in a few days.

  113. Jen Gough says:

    I am happy for Spring and warmer weather!

  114. My happy thought of the day – it is a clear, sunny day and perfect conditions to hang out my laundry – mmmm, the smell of fresh clean sheets straight off the line!

  115. Happy thinking about spending the day on the couch cuddling with half of my kids as we all have colds…it’s the only good thing I can think of about getting sick!!!

  116. Tara-Lynn R says:

    Today the flowers are starting to grow in my garden which means no more wet and dirty dog throught my house.

  117. Ann Johnson says:

    Bought it and love it – great ideas, wish I would have kept my rubix cube – people are so creative. Happy I am healthy and employed. Thanks for everyting. Ann

  118. My happy thought is that my children are healthy and I’m blessed and thankful for that!

  119. My happy thought for this moment is that all my boys are snuggled up safe and sound in their beds. I am a much happier mother when my family is all together under one roof which seems to happen less as they get older..

  120. After 14 years of having children and having them finally reach the age to all be in school – I went back to teaching, just substiting, so I can still be home with them, but I just had my first sub job and loved it! ~TanyaS

  121. Rose Huffman says:

    A creative lady named Stacy wants happy
    And even though this might sound sappy
    I wrote her this ditty
    But I’m not all that witty
    It’s no honey and peas but it’s snappy:)
    Have a great day and trip and hope you enjoy the poem.

  122. Happy Thought…I’ve completed about 20 layouts since Jan 1…just keeping it simple and telling our stories!

  123. My happy thought for today was hearing my children giggle while I was getting dressed for the day. Makes me very happy!

  124. Chris Cross says:

    My happy thought for today is that my Mom survived a near fatal fall in January and is recuperating in the nursing home. My daughter got into grad school last week and has an interview for a job on Monday. My son is graduating from high school in May and has been accepted to a great university. It’s all good!

  125. I am happy my son is home from college on spring break! I am happy and thrilled he is my son!!

  126. Stephanie B says:

    My happy thought today is that I am halfway through the week…just a couple days until the weekend.

  127. Happy thoughts! Spring is here, my children are fabulous, my marriage is great, and life is good!

  128. Happy is being able to be at home with my sick son yesterday. He needed his mommy and since I am unemployed I was overjoyed to be able to take care of him.
    I may not have any money right now, but I have lots of hugs and kisses available :)

  129. my happy thought is there is another publication from SS! All SS publications are my go-to resources for inspiration.

  130. My happy thought – no rain today! I can see a nice walk with the stroller in my future :)

  131. Laura from Calgary says:

    It doesn’t matter what kind of a day I have at work because when I come home to a fifteen year old that WANTS to give me lots of hugs and says “I love you Mummy”, it makes me very HAPPY.

  132. happy thought: It’s supposed to be close to 60 in a few days. pretty darn happy considering it was in the 20′s 2 days ago!!!!

  133. pretty flowers on a drizzly day-

  134. becky in va says:

    My husband might be getting a job offer today! ahhhh!!

  135. My happy thought is that it’s Wednesday … 1/2 way through the week! :)

  136. My daughter is participating in a math competition this week…it makes me happy that she can participate in something that focuses on a truly valuable skill!

  137. Happy Thoughts….new babies, first words, hugs from little arms. :)

  138. I’m going to Disney World!

  139. A happy thought….March (or April) showers (its raining today) brings May flowers. Thanks for the contest!

  140. pati-Sue Ashcraft says:

    Happy Thought:
    MAKE it a GREAT DAY!

  141. Stephanie S. says:

    My happy thought is that God is big. Bigger than all the stress – that gives me peace.

  142. Elizabeth says:

    My happy thought is that it’s good to be healthy and living a life that I love.

  143. Jane Thorpe says:

    It’s date night with my lovely husband tonight :)

  144. I love my daffodils!

  145. Having a job that you love…

  146. It makes me so happy to know that next weekend I’ll be traveling to a scrapbook retreat with my 3 dearest “scrappin’ sisters”. This is something we do every year and it is truly one of the greatest weekends of my year!!!

  147. Anna Vollmer says:

    My husband is headed up to the mountains for a day on the slopes which means…I have the entire morning before work to Scrap!!

  148. Don’t let fear stop you from trying something new – if it’s not against your moral or legal code (nothing illegal, please!) give it a whirl! Say “YES” instead of “No.” What’s the worst that could happen??

  149. My happy thought is today is my sons last physical therapy session. He has come such a long way these past two years. From not lifting his head up off the floor so he could crawl to now running (it might be a slow run but he thinks he is the fastest kid on the block and that is all that matters to me!)

  150. It’s Snowing in SLC, so a “Happy Thought”. Summer is coming. Picnics, parks, pools,and no homework!!!

  151. My happy thought – spring break is just around the corner, and I can’t wait to head to Myrtle Beach to see my in-laws…yes, I said in-laws…love them!

  152. My happy thought for today is new life…spring, new babies, flowers, new Christians, etc. :) I love new life!

  153. Carol Clayton says:

    I’m ecstatically happy that there is still a special Simple Scrapbooks issue to enjoy! Thanks for this awesome giveaway, Stacy! If I don’t win, I’ll be picking up a copy of my own anyway, so it’s a win-win situation!

  154. “You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”
    Plato quotes
    Wow! It’s spring. Maybe I’ll skip today before I scrap.

  155. Happy Thought: It’s Wednesday, hump day! All down hill until the weekend! Yay!

  156. Catherine says:

    My happy thought is that I got my first grandbaby drawing in the mail. I put it right on my fridge. :)

  157. Kirsten L says:

    My happy thought is that Spring is here–a time of renewal and rebirth. It recharges me.

  158. My happy thought for the day is that it’s spring-like outside, flowers are blooming everywhere, and my allergies are killing me yet!

  159. Happy thought?? How about saving time for Lisa & QVC this p.m. Is that legal to say here? :)

  160. Your post yesterday reminded me of my ‘pappy’ (great-grandpa). He used to recite that poem to us when we were little. Thanks for reminding me of him – that’s a happy thought.

  161. Jeanette says:

    My happy thought is: that I made it thou surgery and God was with me, I am sore but doing great. So I am Happy and grateful.

  162. For me,happiness is spelled f a m i l y!

  163. I’m so happy that today my bff is coming from Boston (to WISCONSIN) to visit me!

  164. ~~”I’ve always thought that a big laugh is a really loud noise from the soul saying, “Ain’t that the truth.” ~Quincy Jones
    Here’s to hoping I win won…if not, I am headed out to the store to get one – looks great!

  165. it’s ‘young author’s conference day’ and i, a non-teacher, am teaching 50 5th & 6th graders how to make a ‘friendship ball’ today and i’m really looking forward to it!

  166. K. Young says:

    My happy thought is that I’m looking forward to my lunchbreak and driving on this gorgeous day with the sunroof wide open and the sun warming me. :-)

  167. Marcie L says:

    My happy thought for the day is that I took the rest of the week off to spend it with my 2 boys who are on Spring Break this week!
    Love this time together!

  168. Happy that I have a week off to get caught up, to scrap, to enjoy all the things I can’t do when I am working, to just take some time to enjoy!

  169. Happy thought for today – I’m going to be a grandma for the first time – oh the joy I’m feeling right now!! :-)

  170. Jeannie Boudet says:

    Stacy, well we share the #23 as our lucky number!! Mine is lucky because I got married on july 23rd and both my husband and I were 23 yrs old. His bday is in Aug so we are the same age for only 2 weeks. We’ve been happily married for 32 yrs this July. So we have both considered 23 our lucky number. Thank you for your happy thoughts!

  171. Happy thought – I finally figured out my photo printer!

  172. I have a hot cup of coffee and the day off of work – happiness is time to create!

  173. “Spring is around the corner!” I keep thinking this happy thought while the snow keeps falling on the ground!!!

  174. Heidi H. says:

    My new SLR camera (that I have been saving up for forever) was shipped today. Goodbye to bad pictures-hello great pictures!

  175. I’m so delighted b/c my little miss socks arrived today and since it is soooo cold out I’ll get to wear them all day!!

  176. My Happy-Happy-Day….seeing a Grandbaby!

  177. My happy today is that my mom and I were able to spend some time together last night sewing a project for work. We laughed and worked together AND it was FUN. I can’t wait to continue working on it.

  178. Leslie Kuhn says:

    Happy Spring! The daffodils are showing their beautiful yellow flowers in Delaware! Yea!

  179. yaaaay its Thursday here (New Zealand) and Thursday is my happy day as I always have coffee and cake with girlfriends. Today I am looking forward to a grande choc chip frappacino with half a shot of espresso at Starbucks!!! Yummo delishimo =)

  180. Oh I can’t wait to get that issue in my hot lil hands! But winning it would be way more fun than buying it! :) I just loved reading through all the happy thoughts that have been posted before me :)
    My happy thought is that my husband has a night off from his master’s class this week! YAY More than one family dinner in a week makes me VERY happy!

  181. Happy thought: i got a new camera to replace the one that i lost/was stolen? while on a trip to Chicago. i’m very excited to use it soon to take pics of my new GOBI scrapbook space & post them. Very excited to meet you in Denver!

  182. I’m happy that I had a good morning with my oldest son today and that I see spring flowers popping up everywhere.

  183. Tina Collura-George says:

    My happy thought is that Spring is here and everything is renewing itself. Time for me to get serious about maintaing my family memories – even my 11 yr odl loves scrapping.

  184. We’re awake, we’re alive . . . it’s a brand new day here full of possibility . . . that makes me as happy as can be! :)

  185. Happy thought of the day: I think we’re finally past the chance of snow!

  186. “You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” Plato
    WOW! Today I’m going to skip a little before I scrap

  187. Rachel Smith says:

    My happy thought is that spring is finally here. I love Easter-time, when there is still a little crispness in the air, but the days are sunny and there is an abundance of chocolate!

  188. Jakesmom says:

    My happy thought is that I will be crafting all weekend about family and reliving old stories that always make me smile. I have been taking the Telling Stories More Deeply class and its really boosted my confidence in my writing and journaling, so I am going with that and gettings some long awaited pages completed. Always feels good to check off those on the list.

  189. Happy thought of the day…it is Wednesday and I get to spend time with my awesome church group tonight. They are my mid-week lifeline.

  190. Judy Sanza says:

    Here on Amelia Island all the azaleas are in bloom. Every yard has bunches of bushes of azaleas! Pink, Fuschia, White….what a pretty sight! And if that were not enough, He gave me a spectacular view of the ocean…. gleaming, sparkling and silvery… Blessings!

  191. Kary in Colorado says:

    I got to spend all day creating yesterday!! And next Wednesday night I’ll get to meet you in Denver–now that’s a happy thought!

  192. Michelle Roycroft says:

    It’s stopped raining, so I can take my 1 yr. old outside to play today. No more cabin fever!

  193. I’m looking forward to eating lunch in the sunshine with my husband. Happy indeed!

  194. I already bought this the other day and think it’s fantastic. I would love another copy to share with a friend though! :) Here’s a happy thought! Our nice neighbors won 4 free tickets to the circus from a radio station. Since they don’t have kids, they gave them to us! So tomorrow night, we’re headed to the “Greatest Show on Earth!” “)

  195. My nephew is my happy thought for today! He just turned 8–bowling party last Sat. Fun pictures to scrap–I have a happy thought for great mini book!

  196. Despite the fact that today we are in the middle of a wet/sloppy MN blizzard and the Red River is rising due to spring runoff, I am happy that everyone I love is safe, warm and “relatively” dry! : )

  197. Happy thought:
    my 9 year old son plays rec ball and he also started private lessons last night.

  198. My happy thought today is that it’s not raining today since we are down to one car and I had to walk 4 kids home from school in the pouring rain yesterday!

  199. Robin Titus says:

    There’s no place like home:)
    No matter what I’m doing or where I’ve been, I’m always excited to get home to my favourite things.

  200. Amanda Powell says:

    Take the time out of your day to do something you love. It will make all the difference in the world.

  201. It’s spring break and I don’t have anything on the agenda. I’m free as a bird!

  202. I’m taking my happy thought from my calendar (Once Upon a Universe by Ministry Arts, copyright 2008):
    “Keep watch for angels”
    Sounds like a good idea to me!

  203. Because of the gray skies (or for some people- despite them), it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood. (I love gray days!)

  204. Carla Swalf says:

    Our lives are made of CHOICES.
    I choose to be happy even when the sky isn’t blue.
    I choose to dedicate my time for my family.
    I choose to forget bad thoughts that come to my mind.
    I choose to keep the faith.Always.
    I choose to scrap everytime I have 10 minutes free! Even if it takes me a week to do just one page.
    And I hope,with all my faith, that you CHOOSE me!!!

  205. My happy thought is that I woke up to find my hubby had picked up some of my favorite soda (my coffee) and had it in the fridge for me. What a sweet little surprise. Can’t wait to see the special issue. So sad it’s the last.

  206. Happy Thought: Spring showed its face for a few days here already. Too bad we’re expected to get 12 inches of snow. I guess that means lots of time inside to Scrapbook!

  207. Spring=warmth and life. I love this time of year, really nothing bad ever happens in spring, its warm its the season of new life, both physically and spiritually. Can’t beat it!!

  208. My happy thought is that out of all the billions of men on the earth I met and married a man who is more perfect for me than I knew anyone could be.

  209. Happy thoughts at this time of year are always about the tulips and trees blooming out my windows :)

  210. andrea f. says:

    My happy thought-just thinkig about how blessed I am with a beautiful little girl, adorable little boy and awesome husband!

  211. My first happy thought is that my first grandchild will arrive in only 6 more weeks. My second is that spring is really happening after many seemingly false starts.

  212. My happy thought: spring break is coming in two days! YEAH!!!!

  213. Amy McGrew says:

    Hi Stacy!
    My positive comment for the day is…
    “Don’t be sad it is over, rather be happy it happened.”
    My dear friend, Tonya Tannehill said this to me when I was moving away. Of course it made me cry even harder, however, it has become our motto for whenever our girlfriend visits come to a close. The words are soothing and hold me over until we meet again. I have shared this phrase with many individuals since Tonya shared it with me. In fact, I even used it as a scrapbook layout title!

  214. I am happy that I am expecting my first little one and get to find out the gender super soon! Yahoo! ;)

  215. is that i’ve come super far in my craft clean up. just another day or two and i can start creating again — woohoo!

  216. Happy quote from Dr. Suess for when stuff (Like Simple) ends: “Don’t cry because its over; Smile because it happened!”

  217. My happy thought? Me and my family are blessed with good health. Thanks for the chance at winning!

  218. I’m happy to be alive and healthy (I just found out a dear friend-who is only 40, has been given less than 2 months to live). That type of news makes you grateful for every day and every breath…appreciate life.

  219. Tamikko Gordin says:

    My happy thought is always my children. I can’t imagine anything without them.

  220. My happy thoughts are my two boys. They make me laugh every day.

  221. It is a wonderful sound of birds chirping outside my window after a long cold winter!

  222. My Happy thought is from inpsiration from my daily calendar that read today: “I had the most satisfactory of childhoods because my mother….turned out to be exactly my age–Kay Boyle” and I thought how true I want to take some time out today and have FUN with my kids!!!

  223. Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…it’s about learning to dance in the rain.
    I Hope You Dance

  224. happy thoughts – blessed with the comforts we have in this country and opportunities to share w/those less fortunate. Blessing for today – time to scrapbook!!!
    thanks for your encouraging outlook on life!

  225. Heather P says:

    My Happy thought is that my children are healthy again. After being sick for a week, it is sooo wonderful to have everyone healthy and back to normal routine.

  226. Melony Wells says:

    Because it happens almost everyday this is my Happy Thought – My kids will make me laugh so hard today that I’ll have to wipe away a tear :)

  227. Happy thought of the day – I’ve been married to the most wonderful man I’ve ever met for 9 years TODAY, and we have the most adorable, fat, & happy baby ever. How can life get much better???

  228. my youngest will be ONE in less then a month. yeah! mariana

  229. today is my volunteer and errand day. the weather is sunny and spring like so it’s time to GO

  230. Happy Moments ~ Praise God
    Difficult Moments ~ Seek God
    Quiet Moments ~ Worship God
    Painful Moments ~ Trust God
    Every Moment ~ Thank God
    That’s my happy thought for today!

  231. My happy thought is seeing my roses bloom!!!

  232. Happiness is….warm puppy kisses on a quiet morning.

  233. I took my 10 year-old son and nephew to the Fablehaven Book 4 launch party last night, thus winning the titles of favorite mom and aunt simultaneously! Can’t wait to finish the book now!

  234. Tonight is “girl’s night out”. Or in other words, Primary Presidency meeting. I Love It!!!

  235. My happy thought…it’s not even April yet and my tulips are poking out of the ground. Can you tell I live in the North, where we can get snow on Easter?

  236. Happy Thought – I have the house to myself tonight. Everyone has something to do but me & the dog. Maybe I will scrapbook!

  237. Patricia says:

    Issue looks great.
    Great morning–even though it is SNOWING here in minnesota, had a great yoga class to start off the day.

  238. Kathryn Wafer says:

    What a beautiful day. The sun is out my daffodils and roses are in full bloom. LIFE is GREAT!

  239. Spring makes me so very happy. My cherry tree is blossoming, the birds are chirping and last night we had the most beautiful double rainbow in the sky after a brief thunderstorm.

  240. Spring is coming! And I *HEART* spring break!!

  241. karen davidson says:

    We are on our way to Utah for spring break… They say snow bird got 28″ of new snow last night and are pushing the 500″ mark for total snowfall. YIPEE!!! I can hardly wait!

  242. Hot Coco on a cold rainy day!

  243. Woke up this morning to find all four of our furry babies cuddled and sleeping around me. It is hard not to be happy with that much cuteness around :)
    The issue looks fantastic!!

  244. My almost 3 year old (who isn’t very verbal yet) saying “HI MOMMA!”

  245. Opening that new bag of B&T paper freshly printed by Close To My Heart – I LOVE that smell! Cause what comes next is CREATING which makes me happy!

  246. Wanita K says:

    My happy thought is that I have 3 more work days until I will be participating in a 3-day online crop with an amazing group of ladies! I can’t wait to start :)

  247. Anne Serkaian says:

    How happy is it that we have cameras and the wonderful hobby of scrapbooking to record those happy smiles and memories forever!

  248. Julie Coryell says:

    I am enjoying spring break with my husband and kiddos. I have really enjoyed not having a schedule to keep!
    Can’t wait to read the new issue!

  249. We still have rain in my area, but the flowers are loving it! Thanks for the chance! Happy Wednesday!! :)

  250. Michelle Salazar says:

    Have a safe trip.
    Happy thought my roses are in bloom spring is here with all the pretty colors to brighten our lives.

  251. Hello! My happy comment today is that when I went to my weight watcher’s class this morning I lost 5 lbs this week!!! Yahoooooo!

  252. I love waking up my son in the morning. His first words are always “It’s going to be a good day.” Amazingly, it is.

  253. My happy thought is that now that I am able to stay at home with my kids this is the first Spring Break all of us have had (I haven’t had one for over 20 years) and we are having fun despite all the rain.

  254. Today I have nothing planned–so I can play as I please today!

  255. It’s Wednesday, happy “hump” day!

  256. abaltayan says:

    Mornings when my kids wake up and get ready for school without any drama make me very happy. Thanks for your generosity.

  257. Finding little hand-written notes from my daughters in my bag when I get to work. :)

  258. My happy thought is that my dd has set up Dora Candyland for us to play even though I have dishes to do and laundry to fold I’m ready to play!

  259. Carolynn F says:

    Puppies and rainbows…or how about winning the lottary? Yep, happy thoughts galore!

  260. My first happy thought this morning occurred when my 5 year old commented on the flower on my iPhone screen, “Mom, I like how the yellow & green on the flower look good at the same time.” I told a friend that my daughter is going to be great at scrapbook design.

  261. Wendy Baker says:

    1 1/2 weeks until SPRING BREAK!! That is a happy thought for me!

  262. Stefani Meyer says:

    The sun is shining brightly! It’s SPRING! And my lungs are full of refreshing oxygen after my morning workout! Ahhh, now I can tackle the day.

  263. ScrappeeDiane says:

    Happy thought for today = The sun is shining, the bulbs are bursting through the ground and I’m spending the day with a friend outdoors on a photo shoot of nature.

  264. My daughter’s daffodils look amazing! We moved some for her grandmother and got to bring some home in pots! YEAH!!

  265. Donna Farr says:

    My happy thought—happiness is a choice! The choice to be content, fully blessed, joyful, happy.

  266. andiette says:

    My floor is clean!

  267. My happy thought is that the flu has finally left our home after 3 weeks! And I only have 6 more weeks of pregnancy and being as big as a horse!

  268. I have LOVED every single simple scrapbooks special issue. I can’t wait to take a look at this one.

  269. It is Spring! Pretty flowers in my garden and nice warm sunny weather are right around the corner.

  270. Crystal F says:

    My happy thought is DS#2 giving me a big kiss this morning and telling me that it was a “big big big kiss”. It was so precious (he’s almost 4).

  271. I’m so sad I jumped on the Simple Scrapbooks bandwagon too late. However, I’d love to get my hands on one of the final printed publications. Thanks for offering it!

  272. My happy thought is spring is finally here! Love the blue skies and cool breezes. :-)

  273. How fortunate am I to have such wonderful people and things and events and places to scrapbook?

  274. Sheila Kuhn says:

    I am happy that I have such a wonderful family.

  275. Minnie in PDX says:

    Happy thought is when the moody tween is traumatized by the thought of getting rid of her beloved “army of barbies”.

  276. Ali in FL says:

    I am happy today to take my youngest child to her very first soccer practice.

  277. Life’s challenges either make you a bitter person, or a better person. The choice it up to you! I’m choosing every day to be a better person and I’m feeling so light and happy because of it! YES!

  278. My happy thought is playing in the yard with my boys and not having to wear jackets! Yeah Spring!!

  279. My happy thought for you Stacy is, “Spring is a time of awakening and life.” I saw some crocus poking their little heads up recently and it was the first time in years that I had seen that. It was simply marvelous to see them amidst the little bit of snow that was still on the ground.

  280. Fiona Thompson says:

    Two weeks ago I was asked to preach in our church about a barren woman, known only as Manoah’s wife. I talked about the pain of childlessness and how that can affect our relationship with God, having struggled in that area myself. Today I find out that I am now pregnant. That makes me VERY HAPPY!

  281. Susanne N. says:

    My happy thought is that my husband and daughter and I are all getting new bikes and will spend the spring and summer improving our health and spending great family time together!

  282. “When life gets too hard to stand, kneel.”

  283. My happy thought for the day: Life does not have to be perfect to be beautiful. It came from a very courageous lady.

  284. Enjoy the moment- it will be gone all too soon!
    Thanks for blogging!

  285. My happy thought is that my baby girl is turning 6 and I am planning the snow leopard party that she really, really wanted!

  286. My happy thought – it is sunny and beautiful outside, my kids are happy, I am happy. All is well. :)

  287. My baby has a dimple on his chin. It makes me happy every time I look at it.

  288. Happiness is a perspective…make it yours today! Smiles!

  289. carol in seattle :) says:

    My happy thought? Filling out my paperwork so that I can go back to college in the fall! It’s been 18 years since I quit and I’m so stinking excited to finish.

  290. Happy thought! Spring is here – the flowers are blooming and the birds are singing! : )

  291. Happy thought: chocolate chip cookies in my kitchen! :)
    Thanks, Stacy – the issue looks great!

  292. Have a safe and wonderful trip.
    I’m happy today enjoying the beautiful spring weather and the fact that my family is healthy and happy!

  293. Happy thought…watching my daughter at a school play singing “You Got a Friend in Me”! Pure momma bliss!

  294. I’m so happy that spring is here, even if it’s snowing at my house!

  295. my happy thought is that i am feeling fit again after a bit of a bad cold and spring is officially here! everywhere you can feel nature waking up again after the winter – love this time of year

  296. My happy thought – I’m going on a trip to visit some girlfriends in a few weeks and it’s so fun to email with them and figure out plans for the weekend!

  297. Happy thought….special note from my DH left in my car! Made me smile!

  298. happy thoughts…spring and new animals for our little farm…two alpacas arrived yesterday and we are loving getting to know them.

  299. My happy thought is that I only have 4 more months until I’m married to my wonderful fiancee (to the day)!

  300. Next week is Spring Break and that makes me happy – happy that I will spend extra time with my little guy who is now 10!

  301. I already bought my copy of this issue & it is great there are so many good ideas. It gave me lots of inspiration. Obviously I don’t need to win a copy but to whoever does…you won’t be disappointed

  302. Elizabeth says:

    My happy thought is being able to sit here with my 2 girls.

  303. My happy thought will be when the Dr. prescribes some anti-biotics for my son and we can get this hurting ear better!!

  304. My happy thought: Friday is my birthday!

  305. Liz Brown says:

    My happy thought for today is this: The sun is shining here in the Northeast today and it is so delightful to be outside playing with my preschooler! Hurray for spring like weather!!

  306. MY happy thought is that
    “Spring has Sprung” and the snow IS melting away slowly and my basement hasn’t flooded yet. April is just around the corner. So glad I have discovered your blog today. Hooray! Thanks for sharing and I would love to win a copy of this book full of inspiration. :) Smile

  307. My happy thought is-Spring is here in texas and the flowers are coming up. We have a few bluebonnets in the yard. More flowers-bring more!!!

  308. Hmm, how about it has finally stopped snowing?!

  309. my happy thought is that tomorrow i finnaly get to go to school after staying home for a couple weeks because i’m sick!
    i can’t wait to get up off this couch and do something!
    and summer’s almost here! i dream of those hot days all winter long! :)
    Megan P

  310. Looking forward to seeing the new magazine.
    Have a great time in Toronto. That sounds like such fun……we are having lots of rain here in Northern Alabama. Patty

  311. Happy thought…the quilt I’m helping a friend make…good to flex those crafty muscles!

  312. Vicki J. Wade says:

    My happy thought… my eldest of two sons is working on his last two months of high school! He’s almost done! Time goes by too quickly…

  313. Debbie C. says:

    I have the best teacher in the whole wide world for my LOM class! ;-)

  314. Pat Steele says:

    Happy Thought–I am surrounded by 100′s of Gummi Bear lined up waiting to be dipped in CHOCOLATE! Yummy!

  315. Karen Neder says:

    I’m headed to Chicago with my family this afternoon – plan to ride lots of public transportation since that’s what my son likes to do! Oh – and IKEA!

  316. My happy thought? Huew-coop-ooh. That’s how my 21 month old son says helicopter. It’s so cute it kills me every time he says it. So, happy huew-coop-ooh to you!

  317. Happy thought… I love your new header. Colored pencils are endlessly exciting!

  318. lisa hamilton says:

    well, this isn’t a happy thought for YOU, but the idea of a special PLAY edition of scrapping photos(for PLAY)has me all giddy! A lightbulb moment hit me as I realized I never PLAY when I scrap – must get my story down, must look good (not too messy or fussy). I need to find my little play Princess I think!

  319. Michelle Evans says:

    My happy thought…I was cheered up (briefly) by my little miss matched socks that you “turned” me on to… (it was brief because I lost one of my Sunday School students tragically last Thurs….but she loved to smile and brighten up our world, so I put on my socks and put a smile on my face like she would have wanted me to!)

  320. Allison H says:

    Happy thought – I love to watch my daughter dance in her ballet class.

  321. My happy thought … It is not too hot here today and the wind is not too bad – so all the windows can be open for fresh air to flow through the house!!!

  322. My happy thought is that I’ve been leaving fun notes for my just turned 7-yr-old daughter in her lunch. Some are love notes, some inspirational and some jokes. She loved the first joke I left–what month has 28 days? They all do! She said she shared this joke w/some friends and they all said February. She loved it! I’m always amazed at how something so simple can be so uplifting to someone else.

  323. Happy thought…my daughter is bringing her friends home from school with her to decorate my car for our trip to State Volleyball. Go Team!!!

  324. Happy today is Wednesday(that much closer to Friday) and it’s warm and sunny!

  325. My happy thought…a chocolate truffelette with coffee ice cream…mmmmmmm! It especially makes me happy that I can enjoy it sitting on my front porch swing enjoying the beautiful spring weather!

  326. Love my new coffee mugs from our recent visit to Portland outdoor market. they make coffee drinking much more an experience!

  327. Just bought my happy ribbon – apple green and periwinkle to put bows on our easter baskets!

  328. Michele Rosner says:

    Happy to be getting ready for my daughter’s bowling birthday party this weekend.

  329. My happy thought – My husband and I finally made up after a big disagreement. Life is good and I like him again.

  330. I’m happy today that I actually started a blog this year so I can finally have somewhere to put down all the funny stories of my kids that I don’t want to lose. I’ve been wanting to try this for a while now.

  331. Here is my happy thought/quote… Friends are the chocolate chips of life. Love that quote!! I cut it out on vinyl with my Cricut and put it up on my wall last night!!!

  332. After six months of winter, I’m happy the snow is melting and spring is around the corner!

  333. tammy Thomas says:

    my happy thought is that although there is no more “Simple” I can still get my “Stacy” fix in other ways, I’d be even more sad to lose simple if that weren’t true.
    OH BTW did you see that little miss matched now sells bedding!!!!

  334. Kimberly W. says:

    My happy thought is…my house is clean, yummy Oreo balls have been made and I still have all afternoon to scrap before the little one is home. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  335. my happy thoughts are for you while you are in Denver that the sun shines there and you don’t get snow like those poor folks in Fargo.

  336. Lauren Nguyen says:

    I’m happy that we’re finally getting our taxes done, PLUS we’re going for our big ultrasound next week! Wippeee!!

  337. Happy that Simple was there to provide such fantastic inspiration.

  338. Sharon Worley says:

    I’m happy today because my oldest son is coming home for spring break in two short weeks – can’t wait for that big ol’ bear hug!

  339. it was 80 degrees on sunday woohoo!

  340. My happy thought for today is that I have a roof over my head, food in my cupboard, a husband who adores me and tells me every day how much he loves me, 4 kids who are out-of-this-world (and 3 are even teenagers! gasp!) and a Saviour who died for me. What else could a woman want? Oh yeah – an issue of Scrapbook Play with Photos and some dark chocolate peanut m&ms to eat while reading it! :) But if I don’t win, I still consider myself very blessed, and I’ll go buy myself a copy! :)

  341. I am so happy that I will be taking my family to see Wicked tonight!

  342. Crystal LaDoux says:

    My happy thought would have to be that Spring is here!

  343. Don’t put things off for tomorrow when you have TODAY…!!! My happy thought for day :0)

  344. Happiness for me today is driving my children to school on a beautiful spring day and returning home to mop the kitchen floor that so desperately needs cleaning.

  345. Brytt Jones says:

    My happy thought is one my Aunt Lainey always used to recite: “It ain’t no use to grumble and complain when God sorts out the weather and sends rain. Why, rain’s my choice!”

  346. The happy thought for today.. I’m ALIVE! Thank you Lord!!

  347. you made me think of Peter Pan with this entry :-) the first happy thought that comes to my mind whenever I need to *refocus* is always my boys – we are so blessed to have 2 happy and healthy kiddos! with this thought I KNOW I can fly!!! have a happy day!!!!!!!!!!

  348. My happy thought for today is that I’ve gotten so much accomplished this week- cleaning the house, organizing photos (thanks to LOM!), getting ready for an upcoming weekend crop, etc. I feel great!

  349. My happy thought for today is learning anew how fun Play-Doh is . . . for both the kids AND the adults! (*I don’t know how I managed to get wrapped up in the play, but I’d completely forgotten how cool Play-Doh is! I’ll be sneaking in more “play-doh” time with the kids after school!) ;)

  350. When one door shuts, another one opens. Felt that was appropriate. :)

  351. In the past week, each of my two sisters had their babies! It has been several years since my kids were babies, and it was such a happy feeling to hold a newborn again!

  352. Happy thought? It’s SPRING TIME!!!

  353. Lynnette Harder says:

    Life is good! Have a great day!

  354. Happy thought – I think I’m having a boy! hehehe don’t tell anyone!

  355. My happy thought comes from a qoute I found recently that I plan to make into art for my studio. “Don’t put off your happy life!”

  356. Come to mama Simple Scrapbook’s special issue!

  357. A happy thought: I saw flowers today! Really. Purple ones! It was amazing! I can’t wait for spring to finally be here!

  358. Susan Murphy says:

    Happy thought–I have a wonderful family and it’s finally SPRING! Amen and hallelujah!

  359. Margaret C says:

    My happy thought? The idea that my magazines (CK and SS) may arrive soon ! xx

  360. My happy thought is that I am so blessed to be a Mom, have a great family and great friends. Life is good.

  361. Sharon Wegenast says:

    Although it snowed here in the Puget Sound this morning, Spring is officially here and I see flowers coming up in my yard!

  362. I can’t wait to get my hands on this!! If I don’t win I am going right out to buy it!

  363. Michelle Talley says:

    We tend to seek happiness. . . when happiness is actually a choice.

  364. In just over two weeks I’ll be the mom to a daughter!!! :)

  365. Julie Johnson says:

    My happy thought- I am so blessed to be living this dream of a life!

  366. Happy thought: There is no end to creativity. Road blocks, yes, but no end to the road.

  367. My Mom is visiting my Siter, she hasn’t seen her in 3 years!! We are so Happy! Thanks!

  368. Kelly Rell says:

    Spring is coming Stacy!
    Kelly R.

  369. Today I saw our crocus’s blooming! Spring is here!

  370. Besides my family being my happy thought, I love my boys….I will have the house to myself tonight. Peace and quiet.

  371. When I am stressed at work…my happy thought would be my children. Every now and then my son who is 3 yrs old, would tell me “i love you mommy” and then go back to whatever he was doing. He makes me cry when he does it…I just lose it. My daughter who is 2 now would always smile at me…she makes faces. I think I will scrapbook the faces she makes. Every now and then, I would just stop whatever I am doing and tell them that I love them and give them a hug. Little things worth so much in the long run. Thank you.

  372. My happy thought for today is I can’t wait to go finish the page with my first grade photo and journal all those happy memories I have of that year!

  373. My happy thought for this moment is enjoying a cup of hot chai (it’s cold here!) while relaxing for a few minutes. Ahhh…

  374. LynetteC says:

    Happy that I am taking a mini vacation in 2 weeks time. Yipeeee!

  375. Happy thought, My 4 week old son is getting himself into a nice little routine and is starting to sleep a little bit longer at night time :-) AND he smiled at me today!!

  376. My happy thought is that I’m finally feeling in control of my photos and my scrapbooking, thanks to your LOM class.

  377. Brandi Z. says:

    Right now my husband has a rental while his car is in the shop. He requested a standard size car. As a courtesy upgrade for a mistake they made, they gave him a Hummer. Every time I think of him driving that gigantic truck I bust out laughing. It’s the small things :)

  378. My happy thought is I love when my kids play nicely together.

  379. Monica B. says:

    My happy thought for today, I love watching my children reach their milestones. My 10 month old son is now walking!! So cute to watch his arms stick up for balance. Such a monkey boy!

  380. Happy thought – Stacy is back
    on line:]]]

  381. Shirra V says:

    My Happy thought is while a cold breeze is blowing in Buffalo, NY – brave tulips and daffodils and crocuses are peeking their beatiful heads up in my backyard. Praise God for Spring!

  382. Happy thought–FRIDAY

  383. When I am stressed I remember what my grandmother said to her laundry. “You will be here tomorrow, I may not. I will have fun today and hopefully see you tomorrow.” I try to apply this philosophy when I can.

  384. Jennifer says:

    My happy thought is my 6yr old DS giving me extra hugs when I walked him into school this morning. Makes me all warm inside!

  385. Happy thoughts…Hmm. Well the sun was actually shining for a little while today that is much better the the sleet you were getting.

  386. Angel S. says:

    My happy thought is spending the day with my 7 year old watching movies and playing!

  387. My happy thought: enjoy the sunshine :)

  388. I’m happy because I am really close to finishing 25 report cards. I could definatley use some PLAY!!!

  389. Happy Thought- lots of inspired ladies laughing and crying in the Glimpses reception (and eating yummy brownies!)

  390. abra Riley says:

    Happy is a choice in my opinion. Life throws all kinds of stuff at you, good and bad. How you choose to be is a statement about what kind of person you are.

  391. I’m so happy that 7 week old slept 8 hours last night!

  392. Spring is here and soon the tulips and daffodils will start to raise out of the soil and bloom!!!

  393. Happy Thought…..Don’t let Today pass you by…..

  394. Tonya NC says:

    If you want to be happy, be.
    Leo Tolstoy
    How true!
    Attitude is everything!

  395. My Happy thoughts are about making a choice to be happy, act happy & surround myself with happy people. This is not a natural state for me, but one I am happily trying to cultivate.

  396. kandi - Puyallup, WA says:

    Happy Thoughts for me – Thank goodness I still have a job.
    Kandi – Puyallup

  397. Kimberly Sackett says:

    Spring is on the way…more sunshine more happiness…

  398. Happy thought…Loving the sound of rain against my fireplace today, and the kids don’t even seem too bored by the rain :)

  399. Happy thoughts are always my children, I so truly thankful for them and that they are healthy and happy.
    The other things that make me happy are IDEA BOOKS! Love them! Thanks Stacey

  400. I’m happy to have made my husband’s birthday card today!

  401. Happy thought: My tomato plant has a tomato on it!

  402. My happy thought is just how blessed I am. I sold my house after it was listed for only FOUR days and we will be closer to my husbands work so I can see him more often.

  403. My happy thought is that I am going to be buying my first home soon!

  404. Happy thought – having all four of my kids home at one time, all together, and actually eating a meal together! Life is good!

  405. Suzanne Persaud says:

    My happy thought is . . . serendipity. Since reading your books, I have been trying to organize my photographs and memorabilia. So while going through birthday and Christmas cards–trying to decide what to toss–I found over $100 in different cards that have been sitting there for years. When the experts say that clutter costs you money, it was literally costing me money to be disorganized. Thanks Stacy.

  406. Gutsy Mom says:

    Happy thought: my husband returns from his business trip in only two more days.

  407. Happy thought? It’s spring! My favorite season…and my baby girl will be 1 in 2 weeks!
    Keeping my fingers crossed!
    Amy in CA

  408. Deb Jones says:

    Happy thought–they put in our new carpet today and the wood flooring yesterday. Yippee!

  409. My happy thought is Stacy will be in Denver so I can meet her.

  410. Barbara from NC says:

    Happy, happy, happy is how my day started out. I heard a scratching noise at my door this morning and when I opened the door I found my cat sitting there. The same cat who has been missing for over a year! He rubbed up against my legs, then went right into the family room and curled up in his favorite spot just like he’d never been gone!!

  411. My happy thought is that I saw some trees *blooming* today! Yeah!!!

  412. My happy thought is in just over one week I am going to a weekend scrap booking retreat with a bunch of wonderful, talented women. And I have a DH that supports my passion for everything scrapbooking.

  413. Cindy Baker says:

    My happy thought…I’m going to be a grandma (“Grammy”) for the 2nd time! Aug. is the due date! I’m thrilled and can’t wait!
    And…I’m really hoping I get a Scrapbook Play with Photos book…so I can scrapbook all those photos of the precious “Little Peanut” when he/or she gets here! (we don’t know what it is yet, so we’re calling it “LP”!
    Cindy Baker

  414. Melissa C. says:

    My happy thought…it may be icky outside but my grass is turning GREEN once again! Yeah for spring!

  415. My happy thought is that this Saturday will be pajama day for me. I have been so busy with grandkids, work, and volunteer work lately that I have had no time to myself. So I am scrapping all day at home in pj’s. Now that makes me really happy.

  416. My happy thought is that it is now Autumn (Fall) here in New Zealand and the nights are cooler and I am getting good nights sleep again – yah! I must also confess that I am a winter girl – can’t stand the heat and humidity of summer. Bring on Winter! BTW – it doesn’t snow where I live so I don’t have to contend with that :-)

  417. My husband was laid off from work in January. The market is slow for him and just over a week ago he had a horrible, depressing interview that resulted in a thank you but no thank you response. He was feeling very, very down about it. What’s happy about that? Well, he JUST got off the phone with another interview for a different company that went REALLY well, and while we recognize that it may not result in a job offer, it boosted his morale tremendously. To have that positive feedback from a potential employer is certainly encouraging. And when he’s happy, I’m happy.

  418. Theresa Elliott says:

    My happy thought is that it is finally Spring!!! After a very long and snowy winter here in Michigan, we can finally see the beginnings of flowers (mostly tulips) coming up. My 4 year old daughter loves it and that also makes me happy!

  419. My happy thought…Only 5 more weeks of this semester of grad school! That’s a VERY happy thought, actually.
    Lori, SLC, UT

  420. I saw some daffodils peeking through the snow today. :-)

  421. Happy Thought: The tulips are about four inches tall in my flowerbeds! You know what that means…

  422. stampinwithbeth says:

    My sister and brother-in-law own a greenhouse and floral shop in Wisconsin. It makes me happy when my 6 year old nephew says, “Auntie Beth, I am going to go and make an arrangement for you.” He always comes back with a vase of flowers that he picked out, just for me! :)

  423. My happy thought is one of our sheep just gave birth to a new baby lamb on Monday so I am happily looking out my window at the lamb bouncing around. So cute!

  424. Despite the current times we have a loving healthy family…we have each other!

  425. Happy thought: 36 days until my husband comes home from Iraq!

  426. My happy thought is my son bringing me pipe cleaner creations all day long. I’ve gotten nests, birds, snakes, bugs….
    I’m surrounded by pipe cleaner crafts.

  427. Happy thought: It’s time to go home and see my kids!

  428. Happy Thought: Just downloaded pixs from a scrapbooking weekend (5 classes in 3 days) in Wichita Falls, TX with Debby Schuh. Best friend from Idaho Falls, ID and I met at DFW and drove up. Wonderful weekend.

  429. Let’s see…what is making me happy right now? Our 2 peach trees and nectarine tree got a really good pruning on Saturday, check. The washing machine repairman is scheduled for Friday…and it’s an easy fix, check. Last weeks food poisoning episode is over, check (watch out for raw cookie dough, everyone). I passed the 50 lb. mark on my weight loss efforts at Weight Watchers, double check. Lots to be happy about, it seems.

  430. My happy thought is that we almost have our ivf financing worked out and I’m super excited!

  431. My happy thought is that I just began my 3rd trimester and cannot wait to meet my new baby!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  432. My happy thought: its almost spring!

  433. Great giveaway – my happy thought today is that we are almost done with phase 1 (of 3) of our over-a-year-long home improvement projects!!!

  434. A happy thought for me: I’m leaving on vacation tomorrow!

  435. bettyann says:

    My Happy Thought is that my son just called and told us he is engaged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  436. Rebecca Foxworth says:

    Happy thought: as much as I LOVE homeschooling my kiddos and the fun we have together every day…TODAY my mother in law took them from 9 to 5. Happy, productive me!

  437. Michele Stevenson says:

    My happy thought is this quote I recently found
    “Maybe it’s time to stop telling God about your mountains and start telling your mountains about your God!”

  438. I did it. I did something spontaneous with my son and it was great. I wish I could have videotaped his expressions. It was priceless. Happy day to you.

  439. My happy thought….Stacy’s in Canada!!! lol
    Welcome to the north :)

  440. Happy Thought – Winter is over! Spring is here :)

  441. My happy thought is that in just a few months my oldest child will be a licensed driver. I can’t wait for her to start driving her where ever she needs to go.

  442. My happy thought for the day is that the kids are all in the bed and actually quiet and my husband is heading out to work so I have a few uninterrupted minutes of Me time. What to do? What to do? lol

  443. My happy thought is a quote I read on the wall in the girls locker room when I was in 7th grade!
    Smile: Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.

  444. Crisp air, full blooms, birds singing, soft wind! SPRING, love it!

  445. My Happy Thought – only 2 days until the weekend!

  446. My happy thought it that LOM has helped me to organize my ENTIRE life in pictures. 1971- present day, that’s a happy thought! :)

  447. Kelly koesters says:

    Oh Happy Day another FUN give-a-way!!!
    Happy Wednesday!!
    Kelly Koesters
    Pickerington, Ohio

  448. Happy Thought: Kids, Hubby, and I spend alot more time doing family stuff in the evenings since hubby (military hubby and daddy) started coming home everyday early.Ever since he came home from deployment.Sigh!!! It feels nice to have some relief.Anyways that is my happy thought.

  449. Terrie F. says:

    The sun is shining….the snow is melting

  450. My happy thought is that it is eventually going to stop snowing in Montana! It’s time to bring on the tulips :)

  451. My happy thouught is that my sister is done with her chemo for breast cancer, and her six year old is happy again !!

  452. Happy Thought: My kids on their skateboards outside and I’m happy someone invented helmets!!!

  453. megan h. says:

    Only 1 week and 26 minutes until I get married and this weekend is the perfect bachlorette party…a 4 day crop I get to attend for free. I couldn’t ask for anything more, except the final special issue.

  454. Andrea C. in IL says:

    Happy thought…the baby chicks that are going to hatch next Monday in my preschool classroom. It makes me and many others very happy!

  455. My happy thought:
    My family is finally over the flu!! We all had it and are now healthy!!
    Cristy Monroe,OH

  456. meredith says:

    Happy thought: gently falling rain outside and hubby picking up pizza for dinner.

  457. My happy thought is… the utter delight that my children and I find in discovering something green emerging in our yard this spring! Yay for spring!

  458. My happy thought for the day….that its coming to an end and bedtime for the kids is VERY soon!!! (and then there’s packing for a 3 day weekend crop!)
    Lucky you…getting to go to Denver. I’m from there and miss it SO much.

  459. And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God . . . VERY happy thought: Romans 8:28 :)
    But I just bought the book last weekend. IT IS AWESOME! Have a great day! Thanks anyway!!

  460. Little crocuses poking their heads up through dry winter ground – that makes me happy!

  461. Margot/NZ says:

    Would SO love to win one of these – they take ages to reach NZ! My happy thought: picked up 300 printed photos today and know already which ones are destined for some great ‘links’ pages thanks to LOM!

  462. Springtime in the Rockies! My flowers are popping up…not blooming yet, but the promise of spring always cheers me up. It’s my fave season!

  463. Alis in Wnderlnd says:

    My happy thoughts for today are of friendship and thankfulness: one of my friends won a spa party and invited me to join her and 3 of our other friends to go. Wasn’t that nice of her?

  464. Warm sunshine on your face!

  465. I’m So happy that it is now officially spring. The flowers are peeping up out of the cold soil and I know a spectacular show is soon going to delight my senses. Hope you had fun at the show.

  466. This would be so awesome to win. My happy thought, simple. So simple. I love my life. I love my 4 munchkins and I love my hubby. Last night he took them outside after dinner and surprised them with the parachute. You know the one that you probably played at some play group when you kiddies were little. Now stood my 13, 11, 8 and 6 year old with my hubby tossing a ball in the air with the parachute. They had a blast. It was awesome. Love that.

  467. Shannon H says:

    Even though it snowed here today in MN, spring is just around the corner.

  468. Stephanie Cunningham says:

    Brendan and Whitlee………my children — they NEVER cease to make me smile:)

  469. Sunshine makes me happy.

  470. vickiellen says:

    noticing how my husband’s voice calms my daughter’s fears. . . just lovely

  471. my happy thought…its starting to feel like spring here in New england.
    thanks for the chance to win
    kelly n

  472. Tina Nicholson says:

    My sweet family is what keeps me happy every day! When there’s chaos all around me, I can’t wait to just get home.

  473. My happy thought: I am pregnant and due June 11th with a baby boy!
    Amy in Wisconsin

  474. On my way home tonight I noticed the first few crocii braving the Connecticut tundra (ok.. the Connecticut dead-grass) to poke their little heads out.

  475. Happy thoughts – hubby got me a new laptop and I can’t wait to load it up with all my pictures in LOM fashion!!

  476. Warmer weather is on the horizon. My happy thought includes flowers, and green grass, and weather that’s not too hot but doesn’t require a jacket. :)

  477. Here’s my happy thought- I’ve been lucky enough to be given the opportunity for the past 2 months to help a student teacher find her way by allowing her to teach my students. It’s been a wonderful experience seeing someone grow into a great new teacher.

  478. Danielle says:

    Today I have to say a funny post by Cathy Z. You must have laughed so hard working with her.

  479. no work tomorrow!

  480. My happy thought – I got up this am and it was sunny!!!! I met a friend for an energizing walk and a coffee. What a great start to my day! Sandra

  481. My happy thought: After an intense weekend of training, I’m 1/3 of the way toward being fully certified as a BodyFlow fitness instructor! (And I NEVER thought I’d be doing something like this!)

  482. I would love to win this. My happy thought is I am glad to be an American. We taught our 4th & 5th grade boys tonight a lesson on patriotism and had a Vietnam Vet come and speak to them. I think we take our freedom for granted way too much.

  483. Happy thought – as I left home today for a 5 day business trip I noticed that the daffadils were just beginning to look like they will become flowers – I will arrive home to a bounty of beautiful daffadils!
    thanks for the give-away!

  484. Luscious Lisa says:

    Happy Thought: My 4 1/2 year old making up the “Crooked I Love You Song” during family time tonight.

  485. Michelle Martinez says:

    My happy thought is enjoying the simple things in life- my mom’s voice on the other end of the line during our daily chats, laughing with my husband, and the 20 adorable 3 and 4 year old smiles that greet me each morning! ( I’m a pre-k teacher)

  486. My happy thought: I’m only 6 days away from my last ‘formal’ parent-teacher conference of the year (I’m a teacher)–woohoo! Looking forward to all the connecting with parents, but it’s slightly intense to squeeze it all into 2 evenings! :) YAY, spring!

  487. My happy thought is that I get to take my 3 girls bike shopping tomorrow. Snow is almost gone and spring is around the corner.

  488. Happy Thought…..a day with my boy on the beach listening to the beauty of the ocean.

  489. Lisa Catena says:

    My happy thought – Is that every day I am amazed at how everything happens for a reason and it is so great to see God’s plan unfold.
    I took a part time job (in addition to my full time job and being a mom of two kids I barely have any free time) but this part time job at my church is doing so many things. I am the nursery supervisor I get to play with all the children 0 – 3 at my church – what a great thing to know that these parents trust me with their most precious gifts. My children are able to come to work with me and it gets me to spend more time with my kids without worrying about the housework at home – has helped me to learn about the “business” side of my church – has brought me to join my first study group – and has made me so thankful for the opportunities that God has given to me – I am a lucky person and feel so happy and fulilled everyday even when I should be more tired then ever… SO funny how that works.
    Have a blessed day!

  490. Happy Sight: the apple seed my kids and I planted in a pot in September is 10 centimeters tall! Looking forward to Spring!!

  491. I came home from a conference and my toddler wanted to lay down and read a “boop” not book. So cute!

  492. Happy thought – watching my son listen to music that I love and try to sing along to it. :)

  493. doreenkay says:

    Happy thought- I have a roof over my head and a job and healthy kids, that makes me happy.

  494. I will so miss your magazine. Please include Simple in the Creating Keepsakes Mag. That is my happy thought!

  495. Happy Thought #493: Earth Hour happens this Saturday at 8:30 and I think it’s really cool.

  496. Brenda Meilak says:

    My happy thought is the sun is shining, my 3 kids are all healthy (a miracle this winter!!) and I’ve had time to scrapbook this week. Spring is here!!!

  497. Happy Thought: Finally got some good news today after too many bad news phone calls of late. Life it is a funny thing…. : )

  498. Happy thought: 3 healthy kids and a healthy loving husband – love seeing all five vehicles parked out my kitchen window.

  499. My happiest thought right now is remembering last summer watching the kids swim in the pool as I scrapbooked outside under a huge umbrella over our patio set. I did this so many times last summer, and I have to say that the outdoors gave me more inspiration than I ever got indoors. It fills me with joy that spring is upon us. It just makes me feel cheerful all over. It tells me that summer is right around the corner, when I will again be scrapping outside. Everyone should definitely try it!

  500. It is spring, the sun is shining, the grass is turning green and the flowers are blooming. YEA!!

  501. Happy Thought: When your daughter stops everything to give you a big ol fat hug and squeeze and looks up and says ” I Love You, Mom.”

  502. Jennifer W says:

    Happy Thought! My daughter is so excited to test for a stripe on her yellow belt in karate this Friday. It’s amazing how much my 5 year old has picked up in the last 6 months: reading, karate, a lot of new things for her! So proud!

  503. My happy thought: I’ve lost 23.8 lbs. since the 3rd week of Jan.!! It feels so good!!
    Thanks for the chance to win this special issue. :) Love idea books.
    Enjoy your trip!!
    Hugs!! :D

  504. Staci Miserlian says:

    Happy Thought: Your blog banner made me happy – such a lovely array of colorful pencils. Aren’t you glad we can see in color?

  505. Tammy Vasser says:

    All the children are sound asleep and oh how quiet the house is tonight!

  506. Today it was rainy all day so my 3 yr old son & I played in the rain. We had a total blast!

  507. Reach out to others and give them your best. Create joy out of nothing and know that joy is always yours the moment you choose to live it.
    (and you could reach out one of those FAB issues and create JOY for me!!)

  508. In a few weeks my parents are flying across the Atlantic ocean to visit me, my husband and our two small kids here in Canada. I’m so happy my parents get to hug and kiss their grand kids – and I get to hug and kiss my parents again!

  509. Oh my, thanks for the memories SS!

  510. The sound of my children laughing together.

  511. Renee' Hicks says:

    Okay Stacy, I’m going to give this a try. I live in Spokane WA and the postage wouldn’t be too far. My happy thought is that it is finally starting to warm up and today I drove on the freeway with my window partially cracked. It was a beautiful thing and I smiled all the way downtown.

  512. My grandfather’s 1896 christening gown, which has been used by 4 of his grandkids (including me), all of his great-grandkids (including my girls), and all of his great-greats so far, was located at a post office in time for his fourth namesake to wear it. Elton II, III, IV, and V will all be together for it, and we can embroider V’s name and baptism date in the hem when it is returned to us again.
    This makes me VERY VERY happy. :)

  513. Wow already 510 comments, but I MIGHT GET LUCKY, and would love a copy. Have a great time away

  514. I found out yesterday that I am pregnant! We hadn’t really decided if we were going to have a second baby. I prayed that God would help us make the right choice for our family. Circumstances such that I *could* get pregnant? Yes. Likely? Absolutely not! And yet I am. God looks out for us!

  515. rebecca k says:

    My happy thought is that the days are getting longer again. Tonight we had light until after 6:30pm!

  516. My happy thought is that Renee Pearson is going to be doing online courses – it’s a great addition to the already wonderful online classes from BPS! Yay!

  517. Phyllis R. says:

    Happy is the thought of first grandbaby arriving this June! Can’t wait! And my yellow lab is ever so happy that I will have a new subject for my photography experiments! :)

  518. Kids ran through the deep driveway puddles today. Such fun to watch them with the simple joy.

  519. So happy you are in CANADA Stacy! Even though I am not a retailer and unable to actually SEE you, but have a great time in Toronto -hope you get a chance to go up the CN tower while here!

  520. I got a package from a friend today with my crumpler bag and 50mm lens for my brother! weeee!!!
    These are super nice giveaways Stacy! I want to have that book! Please pick me!

  521. Today is my little girl’s birthday. My baby is 4-years-old…and I recently got back into scrapbooking after about a year of not doing much. Scrapbooking is fun again…and so are my kids.

  522. American Idol on the DVR and storage albums to stuff!

  523. My happy thought is my daughter turns 11 tomorrow and she isn’t embarrased of her dad and I yet! (You know teenage years coming up):)

  524. Today I am happy to have a job, my poor company had a downsize, and its amazing that I wasn’t affected. (happy & grateful)

  525. I’m happy to see another special issue from Simple. I didn’t realize there was another one coming. Yay! It was a Simple special issue that got me started in all this, you know. :-)

  526. Happy thought – having our daughter from New York City home. She’s 7 months pregnant and we won’t get to see her for a long time. And our other daughter and her 2 kids are home this week too. Life is good :))

  527. Debbie Wearn says:

    I’m happy to have a job that supports my family of four. I’m so lucky that I get to work from home, get paid well, and get to be with my kids when they get home from school! I’m happy about this every day.
    Debbie W. in SoCal

  528. I am happy to be healthy. I had a little scare last week and tests came back ok! I have heard of too many people lately that are having health issues. I am also happy to have my wonderful job. In these hard economic times I feel very thankful to have what I need for me and my family.

  529. Ann Mabee says:

    My happy thought—I got to spend some time this evening with four of my granddaughters taking pictures of them helping their dad. Gives me warm fuzzies!

  530. shannon Knight says:

    NO more snow in spokane is my happy thought!

  531. My happy thought? Remembering the weekend my hubby and I just spent in Disneyland!

  532. kris arnold says:

    My happy thought is that my oldest daughter has found a man that will love her dearly. He’s a fabulous guy.

  533. Daisies!

  534. My happy thought: Setting up my category drawers…one step closer to getting my photos organized so I can connect with my photos and write my families stories down :)

  535. My happy thought is seeing the first tulip come up from the first bulbs I ever planted myself! (I’m in the Northwest, too) :)

  536. Suzie Perrie says:

    My happy thought is that my husband will be home from hie deployment in 6 days. :)

  537. My happy thought today is that my kitchen has new paint! And, practically better, is that I know it’s clean in the nooks and crannies. What a lovely feeling! =) (And thanks to my husband for all the help and hard work!)

  538. Since I am a LOM alumnus and am auditing it now, I am so happy to have pictures at my finger tips to use for the ideas in this new book! Thanks Stacy!

  539. Amy Miller says:

    My happy moment today is that my 15 month old daughter just said MOMMY and looked at me! yeah, plus God is so good with my husband still having a job and good friends that really care about us!

  540. I’m HAPPY there’s a new Simple Scrapbook Special Edition Magazine coming out……WHEN???

  541. tammygraves says:

    I have eyed this issue but haven’t had the spare cash…would LOVE to win a copy! Thanks for giving a few away!

  542. It makes me happy to eat homemade muffins, read happy blogs, and see happy, though tired children’s faces first thing in the morning. Have a happy day!

  543. Leslie E says:

    Happy thought of the possibility of winning copy of this new SS issue!

  544. my happy thought for the day…..I’m down 12 lbs and exercising, making good choices & making myself important on my “to do” list :-0

  545. My happy thought is that today it’s above freezing where I live. Gotta love spring.

  546. Fran Heupel says:

    My happy thought is spring break is almost here and we can sleep in a bit and scrapbook more.

  547. Catharine says:

    I had one hour to tidy and purge in my office/scrapbook space yesterday. Now I feel energized and creative! Would love some new ideas to “play” with!

  548. Karen Grosz says:

    My oldest turns 13 in a couple of days. It has been such a terrific ride and looking forward to the next 5 years with him. So going to enjoy it.

  549. It’s taken 15 mths but we found a new rental home!! Next 2 wks will be madness of packing, moving, tossing junk. But we have a gorgeous large, roomy, spacious, massive, big, big (did I mention roomy) house to move into! THAT is Happiness!!!

  550. Tracie McCoy says:

    My happiest thought is the fact I was able to get out of my abusive marriage. My girls (2&3) are now safe and are able to grow up in a better enviroment. I thank God for the strength he gave me, and continues to give me everyday.

  551. jaxcheryl says:

    Here’s a fav I look at every day that helps me try to make all thoughts happy:
    “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass . . . it’s about learning to dance in the rain.” -unknown

  552. A happy thought is that we get to go to another state for a basketball tournament this weekend. So excited!

  553. Oooh three copies…. now wouldn’t I love to get my grubby paws on one… so yes please… pick me!

  554. Kittens :) Fuzzy, furry, purry, playful kittens. Ahh, bliss.

  555. Michelle says:

    I love, love your blog. I try to visit every day just to see what knew post you have posted! lol!
    My happy thought: My parents flew in yesterday for a visit! We are very happy to have them here for a couple weeks!
    Hope you have a great trip!

  556. My happy thought for today is simply “Be Grateful”, we really do have sooooo many things to be grateful for if you just take a minute to consider them and then be mindful of them daily. Thanks for the chance to win. Take care, Kim

  557. My happy thought…I just felt my Little Bean kick and got to see his / her amazing face, feet and hands on our ultrasound this week! Just makes me smile… :)

  558. Jackie Hughes says:

    Happy thought that the next two weeks are Spring break for my kids so we can sleep in and play!

  559. SS has given me so much inspiration over the years. Thank you!!

  560. Look at all the happy people.
    It’s my favorite season -I love Spring!

  561. Sherri Rodgers says:

    Happy Thursday!! My happy thoughts are :1) it is juicy TV night with “Gray’s Anatomy” on and 2) I am working on beach pages right now (the beach ALWAYS makes me happy)!

  562. Stacey B says:

    My happy thought, spring is creeping up here in the Northeast.

  563. Sharon F. Oakland, CA says:

    My happy thought is that I will be visting with my sister in law this weekend and catching up and making memories. Girl time is always happy time!

  564. Leslie McLaughlin says:

    Spring is coming!!! Rain brings flowers! – we have rain today and we really need it. Happy spring to everyone

  565. Jo-Ellen C. says:

    I got this happy thought from a random old gentleman on the bus when he discovered I was engaged almost ten years ago (a happy thought in itself). Ever since it helps me stay positive in tough times: “May there be just enough clouds in your life to make a beautiful sunset.” I try to remember it often.

  566. DD Piotter says:

    My 6 yr-old son asked me, “When I get to heaven, will I get to see God?” I said, “Of course! You’ll see him face to face!” So he asked, “Can I talk to him?” I replied, “You can even sit on his lap!”
    The giggle/help of glee that he let out was a I sound I hope I’ll always remember. Then, in a reverent voice, he said, “Oooh Mommy… that’s sooo exciting.”

  567. Ruth Burrier says:

    My happy thought is being at home with my two sets of twins, cooking or scrapbooking, just spending quality time together.

  568. Veronica says:

    Hi Stacey….I am just so happy that hockey season is over and I have all three of my boys living back home again. Thank goodness for the return of noise!!! :)

  569. Happy Thought… right now it’s snowing REALLY hard here in Denver (sorry Stacy!) and I’m loving the beautiful scene, although happy that it will probably be the last snowstorm before swimsuits and BBQ’s! Happy to have it though :)

  570. Happy thought: Rain washing away all the pollen and making the new green of budding trees even greener! (and also washing the pollen off my car so I don’t have to)

  571. My parents are visiting! That makes me very happy!(although I can’t imagine ever saying that in my teen years!)

  572. Laura Glover says:

    This magazine sounds awesome…I’d love to win a copy!!

  573. My happy thought is spring is coming, my in-laws are here for a visit which makes my kids very happy and my sister-in-law is having a baby in the next couple of weeks!
    I am sad about the magazine but realize things sometimes have to change. :(

  574. Kim Johnson says:

    I am because my daughter that graduated from college in November has gotten a job in her field and is happy! So grateful.

  575. D Krumhauer says:

    Here in So Calif. my garden is in bloom. Yeah!


  577. Sweet puppy breath…

  578. Happy is so many big and small things . . . .Happy is Lilac time and the beautiful Pansy Bed, fresh Maple syrup from our very own trees, all 5 of us at the dinner table.

  579. My Happy Thought – Just 6 weeks to go until we welcome our first baby into the family!
    The time has flown by…making the switch from ‘how many weeks I am AT’ to ‘how many weeks until the baby COMES’ is exciting :)

  580. Melissa J Royster says:

    I am happy to live a blessed life. I have a wonderful husband. I get to hear him preach on Sunday! I teach 7 funny 1-2 year olds.

  581. Happy thought: We are going to the island house for the weekend with my Mum and Dad, it’s going to be great.

  582. I’ve almost finished figuring our taxes and it looks like our refund will be bigger than I expected. Happy day indeed!

  583. Answers to prayers in our family for lots of things!!! :)
    Good luck to me ;)

  584. I have been getting a lot done these past 2 weeks. It feels so good. :)

  585. Putting my Easter decorations around the house is making me oh-so-happy today…can’t wait for spring!

  586. Daisy Niemeyer says:

    I wish youd pick me and send me two so I can spread the word here in Korea about scrapbooking!!!! There is zilch in scrapbooking here!!! I am so bummed :0)Here’s hoping you’ll send some mojo my way!!!! :0)

  587. My Daffodils are about to bloom…first time I ever planted bulbs. My tulips have broke thru the mulch as well. I’m so excited.
    Happy Spring

  588. Karen Hobbs says:

    I am happy that I am going to Florida! (from rainy WA) for spring break!!! I am sooo lucky! My parents and sisters are meeting us there too! Extra lucky!!
    I am happy I can read you blog Stacy, you make me smile!

  589. Karen Foster says:

    My happy thought came after reading the NIENIE blog. So happy for her. She is sooooooo strong.I don’t think another person on earth could have been through an ordeal like hers with such GRACE.

  590. Trena Garrett says:

    Happy thought: the sun is shining and my adorable 5 year old daughter is happily folding towels. Doesn’t get any better than this!

  591. Debbie Peysen says:

    My happy moment today is I get to tell a special lady Thank you for a wonderful magazine. You have helped me find my style in scrapbooking. Good luck.
    Thanks for the chance to win.
    debbie peysen

  592. Charmayne Bowling says:

    Can’t wait to get my hands on this special issue. So bummed simple is on the outs-I will truly miss it.

  593. My happy thought is that I’m reconnecting with an old friend – we met for coffee this morning and it was so nice.

  594. Veronica Berkey says:

    From today’s gratitude journal/notebook:
    *Books on tape
    *Smiling kid faces
    *Lime Green
    *Spring – or at least the promise of it…
    *a job.

  595. My happy thought is thank you mom!! I have just spent 3 days with my mom and niece and nephew along with two of my kiddos. We did absolutely nothing. That is my perfect idea of downtime.

  596. my happy thought was spending the day with my family yesterday at disneyland, really the happiest place on earth!

  597. csuzanne says:

    quiet time alone to read, scrap, whatever!(dh and boys gone fishing!)
    dinner done (without my help!)
    chores done (without my fussing!)

  598. My happy thoughts are thinking about my grandkids and seeing my flowers starting to come to life in my garden. Don’t worry about entering me in the drawing. I have the book and just wanted to say how fantastic it is!!

  599. It is raining and it usually makes me depressed and tired. But today a teacher at school said, “Don’t let the rain depress you, the flowers and trees are all thanking the rain for their drinks of water.” Looking at the bright side of life. Jenny M

  600. I am so happy and thankful that my husband has a wonderful job with a steady company. Also happy that we have great health insurance and great health to go along with it. Everyday is another opportunity for me to find happiness. Thanks so much for this question.

  601. Nancy May says:

    LOL!!! Right now many of my happy thoughts are about LOM!!!! I am so happy to be free to tell my stories!!!

  602. Allison Barnes says:

    My happy thought is that it must feel good that 600 people left you happy messages… you have a lot of friends!! My happy thought is that youth conference will be over in 3 days!!

  603. H Home
    A Awareness
    P Prevents
    P Polarizing
    Y Yearnings

  604. My son’s class raised over $200 for Special Olympics today by putting on a Rock and ROll cafe and selling desserts! They did a great job and that makes me happy!!

  605. Laurie Takens says:

    My happy thought is that I have a job that I love that I go to everyday. I’m the secretary at an elementary school – I love working with kids – they make me happy!!

  606. my happy thought is it is spring (and not summer in Arizona!!)

  607. My happy thought(s) are my two kids – though they may drive me nuts and exhaust me at times, they are my little miracles and bring me so much joy!

  608. jennifer says:

    Happy my husband came home early today just to spend some extra time with his familly!!

  609. My happy thought is the Lord loves us and I’m so grateful to be the mommy to a beautiful little girl.

  610. My happy thought is that after almost an entire week of being “in-bed-except-for-the-minimal-bare-necessities-of-taking-care-of-the-kids” sick, I am FINALLY up and around again and getting ready to get caught up on LOM and life in general! Oh HAPPY Day!!!

  611. I would LOVE this special copy – i have just about every special edition SS has/had published.
    Happy – I’m happy b/c I just ordered me a brand new pair of nike’s. Grey and Hot pink!!! They are even ‘smart’ and you can put a device in the shoe that talks to your ipod…now only if i had an ipod. Maybe you should give one of those away too. :)

  612. no worry… chicken curry :) that’s my happy thought today… have a wonderful day!

  613. Michelle N says:

    I’m happy that I’m taking my son to Florida for Spring Break next week – happy that he wants to go with me (he’s a teen boy afterall!) and happy that I can swing the trip.

  614. It’s Friday here in New Zealand, so I’m having happy thoughts of the weekend coming up and planning time to get a bit creative. Yay for weekends!

  615. Anna Beth says:

    I’d love to win a copy!! Thanks for the giveaway! This is a special issue!

  616. A happy thought for me is the excitement in getting to read this issue. I have been anxiously awaiting it’s arrival in the stores. Photography is what memories are made of and that is always my happy thought!
    Thank you for your inspirational blog!!!

  617. jennifer says:

    love that spring is here…birds singing in the morning are so cheery and fun!

  618. I’m happy that spring is on the way. It doesn’t seem like it where I live – more snow the past three days – but I know that April is coming so spring must be too. Thanks for the blog.

  619. LeAnne S says:

    I’m happy that my new son(4 days old) is healthy and lets me sleep some. This issue would be great.

  620. How fun! THanks for this chance!

  621. Almost Friday!

  622. Nancy C. from Wilmington, NC says:

    My happy thought is that I’ve got the two cutest orange tabby cats in the world in my house. They don’t know they are cats, of course. I’ve always referred to them as babies since that’s what they were when I adopted them. I just call out, “Where are the babies?” and they come running!

  623. I’m spending the weekend with women, yay! I’m looking forward to it! :)

  624. my son just won his first baseball game of the season and of his high school career!!

  625. Sherri Rodgers says:

    Hi Stacy,
    I just received the BEST NEWS today… I am going to be a grandma for the first time!! My son & daughter in law called this morning to tell me that she is PREGNANT! Woo Hooooooo! I have been smiling all day long…

  626. Nicky from Canada says:

    Thanks for the give away – have fun!!

  627. Michelle Smith says:

    My 19 month old just after her bath – laughing while I put on her Johnson’s Bedtime lotion. My own personal happiness moment.

  628. Kim Heggins says:

    My happy thought is that my 17 year old daughter who NEVER wears dresses is going to the Junior Prom in a beautiful red dress.

  629. My happy thought is that my handsom husband is finished with chemo and the outlook is good! My kitties are purring and the flood walls are strong here.

  630. Wanda Lee says:

    Wow … happy thoughts … there are many … I am so blessed with a wonderful home & place to live. I have people who make my life worth living for.

  631. Happy thoughts…Babies waving for the first time- brings a smile to anyones face.

  632. My happy momentss are that I get to go to my first ckc event in mesa in 3 weeks aannndd My husband and I won tickets for Country Thunder next weekend!!!!!

  633. Ginamarie says:

    Cherish and enjoy every moment you spend with your family and friends. Always feel loved by the people around you and don’ t forget to smile everyday.

  634. Michele Holzhauser says:

    Happy it’s Spring Break – even though it’s raining and snow is in the forecast for Sat!

  635. What makes me happy is seeing the simplest things like a rainbow.

  636. We are getting snow today. But it will be gone when you come. Can’t wait to meet you…

  637. Tomorrow’s winter blast just HAS to be the end of it, and then spring will really be here! :)
    Did I mention I got my Little MissMatch Socks? My husband said, “I love those socks; you are so cute!” I’m over 40 but he still thinks I’m cute. THAT makes me happy.

  638. Sunshine in Spokane! A little bit of heaven…
    My happy comment for the day!

  639. It’s the weekend!!! =)

  640. Kate McKenzie says:

    I cannot thank you enough for what you do. I heard you speak in Calgary last year. Since then I have learned so much through your blog, it’s links, BPS and your books. I already knew that I wanted to share with people how fun and easy scrapbooking can be… YOU have helped to fuel my ambition and I am grateful beyond words to you for that.

  641. happy to have a hobby i love.. i’ve been working on 365 and could get back to playing more with actual layouts!

  642. Hi Stacy. I’m currently taking your LOM class and I’ve recently had my AHA! moment. Now that is pure happiness.

  643. I have just received an exquisite handmade card and handwritten letter from an old friend. It has made my whole week. The quote on it was “wear your sunshine on the outside” how lovely is that? Words to live by maybe!
    Have a great weekend everyone.We get to ours sooner than you given that I’m in Australia

  644. the weekend is nearly here & today I have the opportunity to bless others with my knowledge to help them achieve their goals

  645. I never have luck with this….. I am happy that my autistic Son is living with us again!

  646. Suzannah says:

    Happy thoughts… having choices…to work, in paid employment or continue my work at home helping my family reach it’s potential… the choice is entirely up to me and that makes me unbelieveably happy ( and grateful for so many things)

  647. I am happy to be cleaning my widow screens, which means I will be opening them to let the spring air in.
    Pam C

  648. Kim Auster, Charleston, South Carolina says:

    I woke up this morning hearing my boys, age 2& 5, giggling,playing, & being inventive together…..this was my morning blessing!

  649. Jessica F says:

    I’m happy that spring is here and that means warm weather!

  650. Carol Fleming says:

    I have happy thoughts about Spring Break next week! Kids to Grandma’s and me and dh to Vegas!!!

  651. Throwing my hat in for the new magazine. Just from looking at the cover, I would LOVE to dive right in.
    I love this time of year. Spring. New birth. A few mornings this week, I have heard the birds signing and it has made me SO happy. Think of all the new possibilities for spring. :) After most of the winters we had this year, I think it’s going to be extra special this year! :)
    Have a great weekend.

  652. Stacy,
    I am so looking forward to this special issue. I can’t believe it’s the last one under the Simple Scrapbooks name.
    My happy thought today is that Spring is on its way! The daffodil bulbs are just coming up, the crocuses and snow drops are blooming. My grey New England world is coming back to life :)

  653. Jakesmom says:

    My happy thought is that I joined the AVON 2 day walk to honor my high school best friend, Debbie who lost her battle with breast cancer last November. What makes me happy – well I found something that is making feel like I am making a difference that can help others. I started my training this morning and went for a 45 minute hike/brisk walk in the hills of our town with a neighbor who walks at a very brisk pace. I am tired this morning but energized just the same. I know that Debbie’s spirit is rooting for me too – as I have never walked a marathon before.

  654. It’s Friday, it’s spring,and it’s another day I am alive and kicking…what more could I ask for!

  655. My happy thought right now is how wonderful it is to hear my kids laughing and playing in the other room! Thanks for the giveaway!

  656. My happy thought is that I have finally completed and submitted my portfolio for National Board Certification. My baby boy’s nursery is ready for him and he is expected any day now. :-) I am so thankful and happy!!!!

  657. Leora Henkin says:

    Happy that next week is Spring Break (though a little disbelieving as well-where does time go?). I guess it is your’s as well. Have a great Sping Break!
    Haven’t seen the mag in our local stores yet. I’ll keep looking!

  658. Linda Townes says:

    happpy thought my LOM is working so well I love this hobby

  659. Leisa H. says:

    Happiness is teaching early morning seminary–and taking a break from it during Spring Break to spend time with my own 8 kids and husband!!!!!!

  660. Happiness is teaching early morning seminary….and taking a break during Spring Break to spend time with my own 8 kids and wonderfully supportive husband!

  661. A happy thought… my laundry is done. My house is getting clean, I am just taking a break for a couple minutes! I would love to WIN a copy of this very special issue. Thanks for the fun giveaways! LaCoe:)

  662. A clean house!

  663. Tracy Cannon says:

    Happy is a snow day in Denver, with all power on, so I could have a fire, good food and time in my scrap room

  664. The warm sun is shining in my window this morning. Not sure why, but it always makes me smile! Funny how the simple things in life bring the most joy! Thanks for all your inspiration and happy posts! Your blog is a pleasure to read! :)

  665. I’ve been thinking what a difference something like sunshine can make. I live in sunny Spain and am very greatful for it – it makes me happy.
    Would love to win. Thanks for sharing.

  666. Stacy Bassett says:

    Happy is that my boys are loving life and outdoor sports which gives us a reason to enjoy spring weather.
    Stacy Bassett

  667. Happy thought for today: husband gets to visit daughter next month in Austin!

  668. Lisa Torres says:

    Friday happy thought: that it is Friday and I get to enjoy the coming weekend working in the garden and rejuvenating it for the coming year.

  669. COLLEEN HEYMAN says:

    Happy is the thought of being one of the chosen few to receive this special offer. Not a winner of many contests in my life, the Simplest one would be the best way to start! Thank you!

  670. Nature always makes me smile. Spring is here and with it the renewal of all living things. Right now I’m watching a litle bird build a nest outside my window.

  671. Dana Klinkner says:

    Today my daughter only has a 1/2 day of school and then next week is Spring Break! Fun – Fun- Fun! :)

  672. When everything is quiet, the sound a happy cat purring at the right level. :)

  673. my happy thought is that 9 years ago today I held my first child in my arms, and at that moment learned that my capacity to love and show empathy, compassion and patience, not only for my children, but for all would grow daily.

  674. Stacy,
    You always make me smile when I read your blog!!

  675. Donita Behrends says:

    It is my daughter’s 25th birthday today – so I have been blessed with her in my life for 25 wonderful years! Ah – that makes me happy!

  676. My Happy Thought:
    It’s my MIL’s 65th birthday today – I am blessed to have a great relationship with my in-laws!

  677. The sun is shining here today. No rain, so it’s a happy day.

  678. Stacy,
    We just got home from vacation yesterday and…as I unpacked the suitcases I found sand in my running shoes…from running on the beach…that’s always a happy surprise!!!!

  679. Think sweet!!!!!!!!Oatmeal Carob Chip Walnut Cookies with milk. Thanks!!

  680. Brenda Schultheis says:

    My mom is 86 and in the hospital with pneumonia. The 4th graders I teach wanted to know why I was leaving early two different days this week and I believe in being as honest with children as possible so I told them I was visiting her 100 miles away. One young man told me that his math work was all caught up so could he please make a card for my mom? The whole class cued in, finished their work and made cards.I was SO touched. My mom had the biggest smile on her face as she looked at those cheery cards made with love. THAT will be my happy thought for many days.

  681. Happy thought:
    I love to hear my DS’s laughter, especially when it’s his big sister making him laugh and then she joins in.

  682. Michelle S says:

    My happy thoughts are of spending the weekend with my 4 year old nephew and his mom.

  683. My happy thought is its a beautiful day and i am so ready for spring!!!!!! thank you

  684. A warm cup of tea early in the morning before anyone else is up in the house. :)

  685. We are expecting blizzard like conditions tonight and tomorrow and I am happy that I have everything I need right here with me…my family, plenty of food and drinks as well as blankets to keep us snuggled and warm!

  686. My first baby turns SIX this Monday! We can’t wait to celebrate!
    Have fun in Denver! That’s my daughter’s middle name. :)

  687. I get altogether to happy when I look at my 3 girls. They are 14, 14, and 10. Each one is an individual. I’m responsible for them. I guide them and they are leading me! I know their entire history. That is happy!

  688. Spring actually appears to have sprung!

  689. Happy to be free of the chronological stranglehold on my scrapbooking! Go LOM!!

  690. Happy thought – LOM has freed me and allowed me to tell my stories, my way!!! THANK YOU LOM!!

  691. shellbell78 says:

    My happy thought~ My hubby has a good job after seaching for one for over a year. That makes us both happy. :)

  692. Michelle N says:

    Happy Thought…my son is in the midst of a surprise birthday party for one of his friends. I’m upstairs while 20 or so teens (LOUD teens!) are downstairs having fun. My happy thought is that my son was thoughtful enough to host the surprise party, that we’re fortunate enough to be able to host it, that these are generally “good” kids, and that I can hide out up here and blog surf and enjoy the eye candy on talented people’s blogs!

  693. Spring break started at 1:00 for this tired teacher…a week with my kids and time to work on LOM!!!

  694. Happiness is looking forward to our family vacation-I love spending time together!

  695. Sue Carter says:

    Next week my family will all be together for a few days. Two in college (one in NYC) and I ‘m so excited to have the house complete again!

  696. I heard that your presentation in Toronto was fabulous and that your comments about the need to tell the story would have touched my heart. I am happy that spring is coming and that my toes will soon be free of socks and shoes

  697. meredith says:

    happy is a long weekend with my AWESOME college girlfriends in just a few days!

  698. My daughter sang a solo in her 3rd grade program last night. We are so happy for her & so proud of her.

  699. Happiness is watching my 2 year old little girl dance in her tutu!

  700. My happy thought is the weekend with 70 + degree weather and my 3 kidos playing outside. There seems to be tons of butterflies in the air too. Yeah Spring!!

  701. Lynn Hamm says:

    My happy thought is having skype to stay connected to family and friends. We just moved to Japan last fall.

  702. IrishSooner says:

    Find a penny, pick it up & all day you’ll have good luck!

  703. happiness is a sunny day where we can play outside and i don’t have to cook!

  704. Happiness is getting to meet YOU on Wednesday!! (and finishing my Glimpses book before then)
    All the snow will melt by Wednesday and we will have good weather for you!
    See you at Scrapbook Destinations!
    Shari from Denver

  705. Amy Miller says:

    happiness is having “family movie night” on fridays and watching “woody and buzz” again, but all together on the couch as my little family!

  706. Christine D says:

    I’m happy and grateful that I have a job, especially in this economy.

  707. Alison Currie says:

    Happiness is finding joy in the everyday life – and thank you for your encouragement and reminders to celebrate them. They truly are the best things in life!
    Blessings and regardless of whether I win or not I will be buying one of these for a friend!
    Thank you

  708. Ashley Alexander says:

    happy thought– getting to spend time with my sis this next week. I’ve missed not living close to her.

  709. Relle & Mick Jurss says:

    Happiness is feeling my little girl relax in my arms as she drifts off to sleep………

  710. Relle & Mick Jurss says:

    Happiness is feeling my little girl relax in my arms as she drifts off to sleep………

  711. Relle & Mick Jurss says:

    Happiness is feeling my little girl relax in my arms as she drifts off to sleep………

  712. Relle & Mick Jurss says:

    Happiness is feeling my little girl relax in my arms as she drifts off to sleep………

  713. My happy thought of the day is i get to go out this weekend and scrapbook and take lots of photos!!

  714. Happy is watching my 3 year old take such delight in her very first ever ballet class this morning.

  715. My son has been sick with pneumonia for the past week. Yesterday…he went back to school, he is eating like crazy and annoying his sister. That is the happiest!

  716. Jennifer says:

    Happy thought? My first vacation in 2 years begins in less than 2 weeks!

  717. Happiness is returning from a week at Disney World (where we took our 5 year old twins) only to have my son tell me that “our home is the happiest place on earth Mom”!

  718. I checked out this magazine at the grocery store & it looked awesome! Am hoping I win so I can save the cash! LOL! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  719. dmatthews says:

    Happiness is 20 days until my vacation!

  720. happy thought….. puppies!

  721. happy thought was my huby mad mecofee before i got up this morning and he didn’t even drink any – he just made it for me:-)

  722. Nancy Lee says:

    Happy thought – memories of my granddaughter”s smile

  723. Cathy P. says:

    Happy and thankful thought: Being well. After two weeks of strep pnemonia, it feels so good to be well!

  724. Jessica Decker says:

    Happy thought……..seeing the azleas in bloom!

  725. Happy thought…being back in TX to visit my girlfriends and seeing all the parents taking pictures of their kids in huge fields of bluebonnets! So cute

  726. my happy thought is that you make me happy! I started to know you many years ago when you wrote Core Composition – and even called you up once and spoke to clarify something! So, your presence in my life and in scrapbooking world – that makes me happy!

  727. Happy thought… the weather is unseasonable warm so we took a walk on the trail behind our house. I climbed a tree for a photo op with my husband and son. This is big for me – I don’t particularlly like outdoors or bugs. I did it anyways and if was lots of fun!

  728. Monica Woodward says:

    wow, this is like having a friend move away. Cherish the memories and all the help this magazine has given us! Thanks.

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