LOM Success + Evernote

It is a very exciting thing to teach my Library of Memories class and get to the point where students start making *my* system, their system. They catch the vision for themselves and confidently begin making adaptations that will work for them.

When this happens, I experience a wave of motherly pride — and I get an uncontrollable urge to brag (just a little.) Please forgive me.


This is Joan's personal LOM flow chart. It is her version of the sketch that is included in the front of my book Photo Freedom. It illustrates (for her) the flow of pictures from camera all the way through her Library of Memories and onto pages and into other ongoing albums that she will be maintaining.

I have to say that this 2009 session ROCKS. There are so many great things happening. I wanted you to see this one.

I cleaned off my computer desktop this morning, which led me to follow up on downloading a FREE program called Evernote. I'm going to try really hard to implement it this weekend (or at least get the hang of it) as I drastically need a tool to help my brain keep it ALL together.

Here's what the website says:
Remember Everything
Evernote allows you to easily capture information in any environment using whatever device or platform you find most convenient, and makes this information accessible and searchable at any time, from anywhere. Did we mention that it's free?


Naturally, there's also a FREE application for my iphone too.
I'm pretty excited. Both Todd Henry and Stever Robbins sing the praises of Evernote.
On that "note" if you haven't yet discovered The Quick and Dirty Tips podcasts, I invite you to check them out. Wendy shared them with me and now I'm a big fan!

We have a busy and exciting evening planned. It's the annual school auction at Summit School where Chase is a Voyager (8th grade) and the also the first-annual Mean and Green basketball game to benefit the 4th grade camping trip at Greenacres Elementary. Trey is in the half-time show. I'll be attempting to do that "be in two places at the same time" gig.

We me luck and have a GREAT weekend!

it's Saturday. I lost my internet connection just as I hit "save" on this post yesterday afternoon.


Here's Taft and Addie in their green and Taft with visiting CVHS cheerleaders (Clark's friends Brittany and Katie.)


Trey, was truly the "STAR" of the show. He tried to tell me, but I wasn't prepared to see him on a chair, rockin' out in the middle of his class. He is such a natural performer — so dang funny.

At one point I got very nervous (insert cranky) because Trey's class wasn't scheduled until the 3rd quarter break and I had to get to the other school. Geoff wisely advised me to "take a chill" — have I mentioned that he is my "steady" in more ways than one? Anyway, I did make it to Summit in time to bid and win a FUN Lunch in a Limo for Chase, 7 other friends and his beloved principal, Mr. Krislok — so all in all the evening was a success!


  1. I love, love, love Evernote. Instead of bookmarking a ton of pages, I just copy and paste the info I want to remember, put the link (or blog addy or whatever) at the bottom of the note and then categorize it so that I can find it easily later.

  2. Stacy, thank you for sharing Joan’s LOM flowchart. I just bought your book a while ago and I am slowly trying to think about a system that will work for me. I am primarily a digital scrapbooker, so the process will be slightly different. I just want to know if anybody who is a digital scrapbooker has a system down. I’m so excited to get a system down.

  3. Wow, Stacy, now I feel famous! :-) Thanks for posting my chart, I completely love your wonderful LOM class.

  4. I bought your book Photo Freedom as a little gift for myself at Christmas time and love it. I have just completed the huge project of organizing nearly 13,000 digital photos. Sadly, I’ve only printed a few handfuls of said pictures. I am wrapping my brain around MY photo system that will enable us to enjoy our pictures more, and help me feel inpsired to scrapbook our special memories. Thanks so much for helping me see the light!
    I will have to check out Evernote. Currently I have devoted one of my blogs to “Remember Today’s” where I record the little snippets of life that will soon be forgotten–helps a great deal with journaling on SB pages, too.

  5. Yes, Evernote is the BEST….I use it for “earmarking” important emails, websites, snippets of websites, quotes I read somewhere…The best thing it “reads” handwritten stuff…..THE BEST!

  6. Stacy,
    Congrats on managing to be in two important places at the same time. Sometimes I think that mothers need to be able to clone ourselves, at least temporarily, for moments like this. I always say that these moments make me feel like a Volvo commercial. Remember the one?

  7. Thanks for sharing Joan’s flow chart and about Evernote.
    So glad you made it to both events and were the winning bidders for Chase.

  8. What a crazy weekend and no wonder you need “evernote”! Love joans LOM flowchart! Trey truly knows how to work the crowd. How fun!!! BTW CVHS is my hubby’s alma mater!

  9. Julie Johnson says:

    Love the flowchart…helped me get my brain around this. I wish I had taken the LOM system….maybe next year? I have the book, the binders, and some of the sorting done. The digital is still a major mess…and I hate that it’s on the computer!
    Love Evernote…so fun..thanks for sharing~

  10. Is there any chance you could tell us about the category drawers that Joan uses? They look different to the ones you use

  11. I love Evernote. I keep lists of scrapbook supplies (stamps, pattern paper, dauber colors, glitz colors,etc) in it. I do the data entry at home in my scrapbook room, and have my list right there on my IPhone when I’m shopping!

  12. I love EverNote too! I thought of you when I found it. I’m sorry I never got around to posting a note about it. I also love Voxie for recording audio.

  13. I bought photo freedom a while ago and am in the process of setting up category drawers. The ones I finally decided on aren’t going to be avialable for a while. The ones on Joans flow chart look right up my alley. any idea what they are?

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