Meet Whoppers the moose.

I shot this off my back deck at 7:00 pm. So … Whoppers is apparently not just a moose, but meese! Who knew? I don't think they look too healthy, but then that is probably why they are hanging around my neighborhood looking for food!


  1. Holly A. Moss says:

    Aww, they’re cute! But, you are right, they don’t look very healthy :(.
    Too bad you can’t feed them. Ah well, hopefully they will find what they need to sustain themselves.
    So lucky you get to see such amazing creatures from your ‘back porch’.

  2. Would love to see one up close…well, maybe not too close! The back deck seems to be about right.
    They look young to me (but I’m no expert). Do you think mom might be nearby, too?

  3. I think they’re just shedding their winter coats so they look more sickly than they are. :) Still wouldn’t want them foraging in my yard. LOL

  4. Maybe the recession is hitting the forest, too!

  5. So cute! They are such enormous animals. I found a cute video somewhere that had a baby moose playing in a sprinkler it was the cutest thing!

  6. It’s early in the season so food is perhaps kind of scarce right now, too. Just going off nature shows I’ve watched, though.

  7. I think they are young and are shedding their winter coats. They do look a bit hungry. I’d be careful and not start your garden too early or it might turn into droppers from Whoppers. Didn’t think that you were that close to the forest…hopefully they will find their way back. Enjoy them from your deck for sure!

  8. Alis in Wnderlnd says:

    I think they are shedding their winter coats, too. Kinda fun to see, but I’d be a little scared since they are so strong.

  9. Karen C. says:

    Awe, So neat to share your yard with such lovely creatures. Very cool!

  10. I agree they don’t look too healthy, pretty young too. Maybe they lost their mothers during the winter. It also looks like they are losing their winter coats. Usually they come down looking for food in the late winter/early spring and then head back up sometime in May.

  11. Where I lived in Columbia, Missouri, we had approximately 6-8 deer that would visit on a daily basis, including twin fawns. It was a favorite time of day when they would arrive!
    I agree with many other folks that these guys are young “meese”, and are likely in the midst of shedding. If you left some dried corn out, I’m sure they would not begrudge you that. : )

  12. Shedding is dictated by the amount of sunlight during the day so it has begun for all the wild animals. Our wild bunnies are mottled white/brown presently and look horrid.
    I agree they look young and perhaps were driven off by mothers no longer needing to care for them in anticipation of this years babes or larger bulls who took the prime foraging areas. This time of year is hard due to the melting/freezing that occurs so less easily available food.

  13. Deb Jones says:

    Neat picture. Too bad they don’t look healthy and you can’t feed them. Hope they get some help soon.

  14. Yeah, I think I would be pretty surprised to be able to see those two big animals out of my window!! Yikes. Hope they get some food to eat as the thaw progresses.

  15. They look awful. Feeding them would be awesome but probably not a good idea if you ever want them to leave. Is there a city wildlife number that you could call to relocate them?

  16. Hi Stacy. This comment has absolutely nothing to do with the “meese,” although they are amazing. I just wanted to thank you for the coupon code for Little MisMatched. I got my 2 packs of socks yesterday, and I LOVE them!!! Thanks so much.

  17. This is the time of year they shed their winter coats so they look pretty scruffy. As for feeding them, be very careful about that. They can be pesky. You might want to call your local animal control for some guidance in this situation.

  18. ann marie says:

    I would be stunned to see them in my backyard! We have deer, bunnies and squirrels all over the place by me, but no “meeses”…lol. Hopefully the shedding is the reason they look a little rough. Beautiful animals nonetheless. :)

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