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So, I'm still sick.

Saturday I kept thinking to myself, "I'm sure I'm on the mend …"  and tried to do the mind over matter thing, but no such luck. Yesterday I barely got out of bed. I was seriously in bed pretty much the whole day. I even skipped church and I HATE missing church. It felt like I had Mono (and I know what that feels like because I had it in college.) Anyway, there was zero strength in my body and even eating took too much energy. Today, I'm trying again and telling myself that I am on the mend … crazy sickness!!

So, I'm taking it slow and will attempt to get a few important things done.


In an effort to find and feed my creative spirit, I am wearing my NEW GREEN sneakers today.  When my mom was in town, we went to Nordstrom to find some dressy shoes to wear with skirts and slacks. I have very narrow feet and a few other issues that make my feet hard to fit, so it takes a good long while and some patient help to find shoes. In the midst of all the shoe-trying, these green tennis shoes kept catching my eye. They were all the way across the room. When I had finally made my other shoe decisions I said "Wait … I'm not done. See those cute green shoes over there? Can I try on those?"

Long story short — I splurged. (click to see more)

I will just be honest and admit that they cost $88.00 — I have NEVER spent that much money on sneakers, but I just couldn't walk away.  The good news is, they are really comfortable!


I am excited to ANNOUNCE our next Projects Plus class in Partnership with Cocoa Daisy. It OPENS today and Two Peas Garden Girl, Kelli Crowe is the teacher. Kelli has designed the March Kit at Cocoa Daisy and she is also teaching some rad paper-piecing skills in conjunction with the kit at Big Picture Scrapbooking. Take a few minutes to explore these links and see if you can resist!!

OK, I'm a bit behind the 8 ball on posting this, but I'm sure you heard about the CRAZY brush fires in Australia, and I'm sure there is still plenty of NEED. I love that scrapbooking truly has a global footprint — one that is generally centered around caring. We definitely take care of our own. If you want to get involved with a great "creative" outreach on behalf of thousands of families  …


go read Sara Gladman's blog. How cool would it be to get some friends together for an evening of scrapbooking and have everyone make a blank ready-to-go layout to send to a fellow scrapper in Victoria. It would be cool.

And, finally … in a long overdue way, here's a bit more on my weekend in Brainerd, MN.

 This is Lorna.


Lorna is the owner/creator of Delta Phi Scrappa and is one cool chick.


Essentially, Delta Phi exists to celebrate scrapbooking and sisterhood and from my perspective, it is doing a marvelous job. When I arrived on Friday evening, I was greeted by a hall full of PINK + BLACK. There long tables filling the place and lots and lots of sisters already scrapping away.

Lorna's sister Becky (a professional photographer) attends their big annual crop event and sets up lights and a backdrop so that individuals and groups can get good pictures taken. I'm not sure why I have to be such a dork ALL the time … but we did have fun.


These delightful ladies were hosting their own family scrapbook weekend, but drove 40 miles to attend our Glimpses reception on Saturday night. Each time I travel and meet scrapbookers I am overwhelmed by the connection we share. I feel so very blessed to do what I do.

I found out last week that I am NOT attending the CKC in Portland this weekend — sorry for the confusion there. I am however headed to Denver with my family for Spring Break and would really like to schedule a Glimpses reception. If you own a store or know someone who does own a scrapbook store in the Denver area, please email me and let's set something up!

For more information on starting your own chapter of Delta Phi Scrappa visit

Glimpses is a Projects Now class that I teach at Big Picture Scrapbooking. A Glimpses album is designed to help you recognize, celebrate and scrapbook YOU! I have been a part of over a dozen Glimpses' receptions, from London to Sydney to Brainerd, Minnesota and each one is awesome! Ordinary women come together to share personal "glimpses" into their lives and to realize that there is nothing "ordinary" about them — that in fact they are completely unique and EXTRAordinary, full of passion and in love with life. Oh … and we eat brownies too.

I'm already feeling better … Happy Monday.


  1. CUTE CUTE CUTE tennies Stacy! I am such a Coach SNOB. I carry nothing but Coach handbags :) Get better soon! :)

  2. Cute tennies Stacy! I hope you get to feeling better soon and I’m so in for that projects now class, I even bit the bullet and ordered the kit plus some extra plain cardstock (I can never seem to have enough of that.) Thanks for bringing us new fresh classes so often, it’s especially nice for me since I can’t always get to the scrapbook store for classes and I enjoy making new things. BPS has been a wonderful place for me to expand my hobby from the comfort of my living room!

  3. Oh Stacy I’m so excited that you’re coming to Denver! I feel like Denver is passed up with all of the CK events because we’re so close to Utah. But when you are a single mother, a 12 hour drive isn’t as close as it sounds!
    Unfortunately there aren’t a ton of scrapbook stores left anymore. Archiver’s is the biggie of course, and there’s a store in Fort Collins called the Treasure Box. It’s a very cool store, about 1.5 hours North of Denver, they might be interested, the owner is very sweet. Their number is (970) 207-9939.
    Another option is a hangout here in Denver – it used to be a scrapbook store but as of yesterday they’re calling it more of a “hangout” because it’s a place to gather. They have crops, they do afternoon things for kiddos and homework, etc. They don’t sell product anymore except for what’s left, but she might do a class too. That number is 720-859-0758.
    If you do set something up here PLEASE let me know, I would love to go! I have your book and would love to get it signed. :)
    If you have any questions I can answer or if you need more information you can email me.
    Happy Monday!

  4. Sorry more info…
    Here are the websites for the two stores I mentioned:
    There is another one I forgot about that’s a little bit south of Denver, about 20 minutes from downtown. It’s called Scrapbook Destination, the website is and the phone is 303-779-0024.
    If you’re coming to ski, I believe there are some stores in Breckenridge too, which is in the mountains and would be closer to the ski resorts.

  5. Cute shoes, and I’m glad you’re feeling a bit better. :)
    I really like your new banner, especially the spell-check twist on the word Scrapbooking. (Hey, there is goes again! ;) Very funny!

  6. You must check at They have all sorts of hoes sizes, no shipping (not even on returns), a great return poicy (you have a year) and the most awesome customer service you can imagine. Such a delight. Check it out.

  7. Stacy, sorry to hear you’re still sick!! It’s OK to rest once in a while you know. :)
    I am so beyond excited that you’re coming out to Denver, its been FOREVER!!
    Hope you and the fam will get some good adventures in while you’re out here.
    Brook pretty much said how the state of scrapping is here in CO–and its a sorry state for sure. I’ll wait to hear on what’s set up. Need to have my book autographed. :)

  8. hope you are feeling back to your old self soon. thank you so much for mentioning the bushfire appeal. It’s crazy scary still over there (we live 15 minutes from the border) I just received a message from a friend(in Vic) that all schools are closed today because of the hign fire risk, the wind is blowing a gale at the moment, add that to the heat and it only needs a spark to set things off again. We are all a litle gittery at the moment. Hard to believe the top half of our country is in flood. A short while ago the state of Queensland had an area underwater the size of South Australia. We just keep hoping and praying that things will settle soon. The worldwide support has been so touching, people like yourself with giving hearts helping where they can.
    Thank you.

  9. i (heart) those shoes!

  10. Stacy – hope you are feeling better soon. I’ve been following a blog that I think you’d be VERY interested in if you aren’t already a follower – Brene’s post today is all about authenticity and living life with your whole heart. Check it out!

  11. Hi there Stacey,
    I just wanted to drop by and send a BIG thankyou to you for posting a link to my Memory Gifts project on your Blog. It has been a project that has literally brought scrappers together from all over the world and I am so proud of everyone for getting involved.
    Today we are expecting more Firestorms and loss of homes in Victoria and so we are all crossing our fingers and hoping the wind changes direction. In the meantime, all the LO’s that have been donated so far have been placed into albums and will soon be on their way to the bushfire victims in Vic.
    So many thanks again for your support – I appreciate it, chook!
    Sarah Gladman (Sares)

  12. Kary in Colorado says:

    I live in Fort Collins, Colorado, home of the Treasure Box–a great scrapbook store! We’re about hour north of Denver–about the distance of Provo to SLC. I spent an afternoon last summer explaining the basics of LOM to the owner, Cheryl. She may even be in your 2009 class. Check out their website,–we’d love to see you in northern Colorado!!

  13. Dixie Lee says:

    Glad you are feeling better, but don’t over-do it!
    Nordstroms is THE place to buy shoes…Love the selection, love the service, love the experience!

  14. Thanks for all the updates. I loved the ‘fun’ photos from MN. Feel better soon!

  15. Amy McGrew says:

    So sorry ot hear you are sick, Stacy. I hope you continue to rest and take care of yourself. It is always hard to do that when you are a mother and have a job, as well. Hang in there!
    Thanks for the info on the green sneakers. I,too, love color and these shoes are so funky and fun! I love them!
    I am looking forward to hearing about the new class a BPS and you have motivated me to actually do the “Glimpses” project. I bought the project-I just have not made the time to sit down and do it.
    Hope today is a good one for you!
    Charleston, SC

  16. I hope you feel better soon, at least you have some super cute shoes to put you in a happy mood!

  17. Stacy . . . so sorry to hear that you’re not feeling well. Hope you can get rested up and feeling back to your normal self soon. Being sick just isn’t any fun . . .
    And thanks so much for all the wonderful resources in this post! Lots of information to browse through.
    Take care of yourself and REST!

  18. Wendy A says:

    Hi Stacy – LOVE the shoes (Green is my happy color). Hope you are feeling better soon!!!

  19. Hope you feel better soon Stacy! Super cute shoes!!

  20. abaltayan says:

    Hope you’re feeling better soon. It’s no fun being sick. Love the shoes too.

  21. Susan C./Colorado says:

    Yes we are somewhat limited here in Colorado when it comes to scapbook stores. Here is what I know of in the metro and surounding areas: Archivers (highland ranch & Westminster), the treasure box (ft. collins), Crosscountry Crafts (Breckenridge), Your Crop Shop (Arvada)and Memory Magic & More (Lowry town center). Please let all of us Colorado crafters know if you plan a visit!

  22. Hi, Stacy!
    I tried to e-mail, but got a permanent error.
    I’m the owner of Scrapbook Destination, just south of Denver, in Centennial, that some of your blog readers mentioned. I’d love to talk about your visit! We have 3100 square feet, and we’re the only independent left in the Denver area between Colorado Springs (and hour south) and Arvada (45 minutes north, about 25 minutes north of the city center).
    I’m at the store today (303-779-0024), or if you call when I’m not here, the girls can give you my cell phone number.
    We’d LOVE to have you at the store!

  23. There is also another great store in Fort Collins, Colorado called Capture. Susan, the owner is a wonderfully smart owner and I am sure would love to talk to you:

  24. Good afternoon Stacy. I feel your pain. Today is the first day since last Wednesday evening that I’ve even remotely felt like a human being! This Flu has knocked me FLAT OUT and I hate it!! Glad to hear you are feeling better. Hope the fam is doing better as well. peace and blessings…

  25. Stacy, love the green shoes – I just replaced my orange shoes with light green ones.
    There is a great store just south of Denver called Scrapbook Destination. The owner strives to carry unique products that customers can’t find elsewhere.

  26. Love those shoes! In Denver the last LSS is Scrapbook Destination and I know they would love it if you came to visit! I would love to see you there! Check it out at!

  27. Hey Stacy, I hope you are feeling better soon!
    I am so excited to see the pictures from Delta Phi Scappa! I have the pic of you and I with your rose in our mouths! I will try to email it to you soon! I hope you come back again, it is definately a great time! I hope next time you come I will be able to stay the whole time! It was fun to finally meet you and chat!!
    I really like your new shoes! Super Cute! Enjoy your day, Sista! LaCoe:)

  28. Scrapbook Destination is the place to be in Denver. We would love to see you in the South Denver area.

  29. I forgot to say Scrapbook Destination really knows how to throw a party. Check out what Alisa from Paper Crafts had to say after World Card Making day

  30. Tara Whalen says:

    I have to say Scrapbook Destination is the store to check out! Great selection, great staff, great classes!

  31. Stacy! We would absolutely LOVE to see you at Scrapbook Destination while you are in Denver! I can promise a warm reception and an amazing turn out. {Crossing my fingers}
    ps. LOVE the shoes – so worth the splurge!

  32. jennifer says:

    Hope you feel better soon! The best scrapbook place in Denver is absolutely Scrapbook Destination in South Denver!!!!

  33. I highly recommend either The Treasure Box (in Ft. Collins) or Scrapbook Destination (in Centennial). They are both fabulous and the owners are uber sweet!!!! I hope you come to one of them! I’ll drive down from Wyoming if you do!

  34. Marie Chavez says:

    Hi Stacy, you should absolutely come to Scrapbook Destination!! Not only is it my fave store in the area, it would be a great central area from the surrounding areas as well!! PLEASE PICK SCRAPBOOK DESTINATION!!! I’m not yelling, I’m talking passionately!! ;0)

  35. Hi Stacy — I would LOVE it if you came to our LSS — Scrapbook Destination. The gals there are fabulous! Sure hope to meet you there!

  36. Kimberly says:

    Stacy, would love to have you come to Scrapbook Destination in in Denver. It’s a great store and all the girls there are great!

  37. Roxane Apple says:

    I would love it if you would pick Scrapbook Desination in Centennial, CO!!!!! Would LOVE to take your class there!!! Thanks!

  38. Scrapbook Destination in Denver! I live almost three hours from Denver, but this store is on my list everytime I get to go to Denver. It would be fantastic if you could teach there. I may not get the chance to attend, but my heart would be there!

  39. I hear great things about the Treasure Box in Fort Collins, but since I live about a mile from Scrapbook Destination, I’ll definitely vote for that! They have an awesome store with knowledgeable, enthusiastic employees. I’ll be checking back every day to see what you decide!
    Also wanted to second the recommendation for They have a great selection, overnight shipping and very good prices.

  40. (Sing the comment aloud-it’s better that way;-) ) Scrapbook Destinations is the place to be, it’s way down south off of Holll-ly. I’d love to see you and your crew of friends, I know the store is great, they have the la-test trends. I love them all and I know you will too, come join us Stacey ’cause we love you!

  41. What a novel concept….Glimpses!! We would love to see you teach a class at Scrapbook Destination in south Denver. You may have to teach several as I am sure there would be tons of people who would want to take the class and only so much space!

  42. Carolyn Lontin says:

    Oh what cute shoes!!
    Come to Scrapbook Destination just south of Denver – you will LOVE IT!!

  43. feel better soon! It would be so exciting to see you come to Scrapbook Destination in south Denver.
    Love the shoes!

  44. Monica from Carlsbad,CA says:

    We just started a Delta Phi Scrappa Chapter in Carlsbad, California and would love to have you come be a guest at an event someday! Of course, we’d want the founders of DPS to join us too!

  45. Please come to Scrapbook Destinations!!!

  46. Scrapbook Destination is the place to be, Stacy!!!

  47. scrapbook destination is THE place to be. LOVE those shoes stacy, hopefully we will get to ‘see’ them in denver! cheers, rachel

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