Save MONEY Today!

Two ways to SAVE you money today … Right now even!

1. Register for Jen Mohler's Scrappin on a Shoestring workshop which opened today.
A Peek at the adorable little project you're going to make (from a cardboard box!)

Jen Mohler is one of those extrememly creative and resourceful people. She is FULL of ideas for stretching product and repurposing household items and beautifying the world around her. You can learn more about Jen on her blog and I think you'll come to see that she has much to offer. Her four week workshop (a $25 value) is now $20 and her goal is to help you STAY productive and SAVE money in in these tough economic times.

2. Buy Creative Socks and SAVE.

Quick update on the Little Missmatched Sock PROMO. It works! I just used it to purchased, among a few other things, these socks!  The Promo is SOCKS15 and you enter it on the very last page of the checkout process as a Coupon Code, not an e-Gift Certificate. This will credit you 15% off your total and the LMM warehouse will be tossing in a FREE pack of socks too!

Doin' my best to watch out for you wallet — in a roundabout way. And just in case you're wondering what to do with ALL the money you save? Tricia at Cocoa Daisy is working on re-ordering Kelli Crowe's March kit. If you didn't get one and would like one, stop by the Cocoa Daisy blog for more information!!


  1. I just ordered my first few sets of Missmatched socks for myself and my little toddler + some tights for her too! I can’t wait to get them so she and I can be mismatched together

  2. I’m in Jen’s class and since I’m also in the tail end of GOBI I think that the two fit together quite nicely! And I just broke down and ordered some LMM socks for me and my daughter.

  3. i love knitting socks but can only work so fast. LMM socks are fun and crazy. i love them and thanks for the discount code!

  4. Thank you Stacy! After a very long cold winter, i needed new socks-i wore through 4 pairs this winter! i just “put it out there” that i needed new socks, hoping to find some fun ones. Then i read your blog, immediately clicked the link, and should be getting my 4 new sets of socks in very fun spring colors (and a set for my son-he loves mismatching his socks) by the first official day of spring. Yippeee! Thank you so much for the coupon code!

  5. Got some socks! Thanks

  6. A thought on apraxia… My son is beginning speech therapy due to small vocabulary for his age plus lack of immitation of any vocalizations. He vocalizes in his own way, but won’t repeat sounds or words, or even try. Some of the literature the therapist suggested to me goes into apraxia, but she cautioned me that it can take a year to diagnose. I encourage you to contact your pediatrician. My county (in NYS) offers free early intervention services without a referal. Whether or not Addie does have apraxia she will no doubt learn to communicate in her own way with your loving and supportive family.

  7. Thanks for the LMM code. I have seen those socks before and finally decided to get me some. I also got a few things to put in my girls easter baskets. One of their favorite things when I’m doing laundry is to match socks…so it will be fun to see what they do when the socks aren’t supposed to match.

  8. Nancy C. from Wilmington, NC says:

    Thanks so much for the socks code. I just found out I have to have the third major surgery in a year. Just looking at these silly socks will cheer me up every day! Keep on with the shopping enabling!

  9. I just ordered a pair…just like yours. Just love that black and white! Also, I am in Jen’s class. Thanks for the coupon code.

  10. Thanks for the link. I just purchased my first pair of mismatched socks. Though it goes against my nature, so I am trying the pair that seems the least mismatched to me. All black with the colorful stars, stripes and dots. Sometimes it is hard to change life long habits.

  11. inside scoop, don’t buy any voice apps. This summer it will be integrated into the phone AND so will cut and paste!!!! Evernote will always be cool though!

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