today …

I ate Kiwi for lunch. I scooped out the pulp with a spoon and it was really fun.

have you thought about beautiful this fruit is? Really, if you think about it, most fruit is pretty … what would we do with fruit and flowers. I almost always feel like taking a photo when I'm preparing fruit — it's totally inspiring to me! 
So,  my creative exercise was to take a walk outside in the middle of the day. I NEVER do this, And I did and I LOVED it. I ran upstairs at 12:25 and grabbed Addie and Lauren and said let's go!
It lasted all of 20 minutes and it was fresh air and a chance to observe my little lass running and stopping and following every little curiosity, as two year-olds do.

so darn cute!

Right now … I'm off with the Webelos to the pool. We've got a swimming (I should say aquanautics)  belt loop to earn!

OK. I'm back and took a break from cleaning up dinner to edit my post and add the pic of Addie!

Tonight I decided I need to live very close to Costco (I don't) but if I did it would be really easy to prepare deliciously healthy meals more often. We had roasted chicken ($4.99) and fresh steamed beans and green salad with grape tomatoes and some really good nutty bread and raspberry jam and it was ready to go in 15 minutes and everybody ate it and that is the kind of meal I'd like to fix every night of the week! 

and now the kitchen and homework are calling …


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that color green (the kiwi). :) I would go for a walk but it’s like 10 degrees here in Alaska. :( I’m dreaming of summer.

  2. The other night we were having breakfast for dinner & I asked DH to cut up some fruit. He mixed up the red and green apples and arranged it all very pretty with the oranges and the “just right” grape clusters” on a pretty plate from the top of the cabinet. I would have not spent the extra time to do that, but it was really nice.

  3. Karen Hobbs says:

    It’s so lovely when things go smoothly and you get to see the sun and enjoy your children and everyone is happy and things are beautiful! If only every day could be that way….sigh…
    I will miss seeing you in Portland but I am still so excited to be going and just thinking about me and scrapping for 3 days!!!

  4. Shanon Gibson says:

    I miss Costco! I told my sweet husband we could not live without one again.
    I have been eating alot of salads lately. I love the fresh, crispy taste of all the veggies that go into it.

  5. Sherri N says:

    I’m so glad you’re feeling better.

  6. Stacy – I so agree! My sons [now in college] often say that I don’t cook dinner – I “prepare” it – whatever… – I work full-time and need all the help I can get to have a delicious and balanced meal on the table! There’s a million things you can do with those already roasted chickens!

  7. Hey Stacy – since you don’t live close you should try this recipe. Cara, one of the girls I work with came up with it and it is amazing – tastes like the real thing and you let your slow cooker do the work!

  8. Julie H. says:

    That is too funny, I had to take my 15 yr old DS to the doctor and we stopped at Walmart for a few things and we too picked up an Applewood smoked cooked chicken for dinner.. YUMMMY only 5.67 not too bad and fed my family of 5. Pretty good. I also love Kiwi. So beautiful and delicious!

  9. Delilas says:

    You have Spring!! It is arounf the corner for us out here in No VA too. Love your post!

  10. i DO live close to a Costco, and I spend way too much money there :) i love your creative prompt – need to put that on the list for today. and i just wanted to say thanks for popping my blog and commenting – you made a really icky day a bit better for me, so thanks :D

  11. akbuilt says:

    Check out the last issue of Real Simple magazine for a great article (with recipes) all about shopping bulk from Costco…the food is great and can be made into an entire meal in about 20 minutes. that includes prepping all the extra food to toss in the freezer and pull out later for quicky meals.

  12. I have never been to a Costco but keep hearing good things about them. Must check them out some time. Lovely photo and I am so looking forward to getting outside with my 2 year olds (have twins). They bring such a different perspective to every day life for me that I am so thankful for. And love, love, love kiwi fruit. I never really thought of how pretty fruits were until you posted this but I must agree. Hmm…the little things in life…
    And good, easy recipe for you. Take a 3 lb turkey roast, a package of dry onion soup mix and a can of whole cranberries and throw it all in the crock pot in the morning. Cook on low for about 6-7 hours and you have a yummy meal that was so easy to prepare.

  13. Kiwi is a beautiful fruit. On the inside. Your dinner is a regular meal at our house. You can’t beat a $4.99 chicken. And they are so big. Your walk sounds like a great time. Addie is so cute.

  14. 1. I just started reading that New Earth book again & the first Chapter is all about flowers. 2. My best friend Nancy at age 36 almost died because she ate a kiwi fruit – she was allergic & didn’t know it. 3. I think getting outside at unusual times is really energizing.

  15. Marianne says:

    Don’t be jealous but Costco is right around the corner and many a nights we have had that 4.99 chicken. Makes life simpler!

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