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I owe photographer Bob Cross a huge apology for not properly crediting his amazing Peas and Honey photo below. I'm ashamed that I did not realize what I was doing. I have contacted Bob with an apology and he has now given me permission to keep this image in my post. I will be much more careful in the future and encourage all other bloggers to do the same.

Please visit to see more of Bob's work. To learn more about the digital photography contest that Bob shot his peas and honey for, visit

Today is March 24th. Yesterday, the 23rd I was reminded that 23 is my lucky number and has been ever since I was in Mrs. Holstrom's 3rd grade classroom (#23) My lucky number has served me well and helped me win no less than two "guess a number between 1 and 100" contests.Yesterday was a CRAZY, BUSY, GOOD and LUCKY day — as are all days! I feel very lucky when I wake up and realize that I am still here and still breathing!

Today does not look anything like spring out my window. It is sleeting (is that a word?) In any case, I hope it is fleeting. I am ready for spring!

Today I am packing and preparing myself to leave for Toronto, Canada (very early in the morning) to spend time with and speak to a group of Canadian retailers. I always look forward to these kinds of events.

Today I have appointments for two parent/teacher conferences and will be making good on a promise to visit the book fair. Do you remember the absolute excitement of your grade school book fair day? I do. I once saved up and purchased a book of funny poems, titled A Big Fat Ugly Man Came Up and Tied his Horse to Me. I just searched for it and can't find it anywhere — but I will never forget this book. It made me laugh so hard and I read it over and over again. One of the poems inside went like this:

I eat my peas with honey, I've done this all my life. It does taste rather funny,
but it keeps them on my knife. 

{how cool is Google Images!}
image used with permission
 copyrighted by Bob Cross

Today I had the HUGE opportunity of being interviewed by Michelle Hainer, a freelance author for InStyle magazine. InStyle has a new column called "Got An Hour" and we chatted about how to deal with hoards of photographs in short chunks of time. Hello — this is my reality and the only way I can do what I do.
Michelle btw, is the author of what looks like two really great QUIZ books for teen girls.



Today, speaking of interviews, I am sharing the LINK to the article that Nicole Snow wrote about me. How FUN is that? And … Kudos to Nicole, because for some reason, I rambled on and on!

Today I'm going to attempt to catch up on posting 365 photos and updating my Creativity Project. I got my computer back Friday and got back online yesterday — thanks Erik!

TOMORROW (I promise) I'm giving away THREE copies of Photo Play, the NEW Special Issue from Simple Scrapbooks!


  1. Yay!!! Today I’m posting a reminder to check back here tomorrow:)

  2. Stacy! I Love you! I found your blog forever ago and have been faithfully following (can you use the term “faithfully” if the first time you comment is almost a year later?) ever since. I love your passion, for your family and for what you do. I ALWAYS loved Simple more than CK (I told you so, lots – remember?) You may or may not remember me (I worked in Retail then on Becky L’s team in Advertising for CK), but I remember how sweet you were when I sent out a company e-mail announcing our 3rd little boy had arrived – being so honored that you took the time to respond and loving your kind words. We now have four beautiful little boys and I think of you often as I try my best to raise them into Men. I just loved your 16th birthday ideas, and your dinosaur scavenger hunt, and the job clipboards (I totally made a version for my “bigs” – the two big kids of the four) and they love it! Addie is so adorable and I love that when you got new shoes you jumped on the trampoline with her. You are such a wonderful example to me, I’ve wanted to say thank you forever and just never took the time. Thank you for doing what you do and for being you. Melanie Cain

  3. Have fun in Toronto. Pack an umbrella, the forecast is calling for rain!

  4. Sorry for the double comment, I’m not sure if my blog appears in your info – if so, you’re welcome to stop by! :)

  5. Oh the book fair memories! I would save and save and SAVE. (I was the geeky kid who would check out 10 library books at a time too). I remember the poem about peas and honey!
    Is this the book you were looking for:

  6. Stacy, apparently the Big Man wasn’t so Fat. ;)
    My boys would love this book, but I think they’d have to go without food for a few days. Too bad you didn’t hold on to your copy!

  7. P.S. I just found softcover copies elsewhere in the $20 range. Much better. :)

  8. We have book fair the same time as parent/teacher interviews. And book orders come home occasionally. We have the peas and honey poem…cute.
    22 is my lucky number :)
    There is still tons of snow here (as in many feet of it) and it’s belowing the freezing mark. And then you read blogs of people, way south, of you and get depressed of all their spring talk….flowers, grass, blossoms. We’ll see all that in mid-late May even beginning of June for flowers…sigh.

  9. Karen Neder says:

    OMG! I got a book just like that from my school book fair in grade school! I can STILL remember a bunch of those silly poems, especially the PEA POEM!!! That and the…’how much wood would a woodchuck chuck…’ I can’t find my copy, either, tho I have looked for it over the years! What a great memory!

  10. grungedandy says:

    hi i too remember fun books from childhood my fav was one about iguanas in pajamas! LoL the author of your book is Wallace Tripp and can be found on for a price it’s about $47 which is a lot because it’s out of print found a few others sites too!
    here are a few links -
    anyhoo, i don’t usually comment i’m more a lurker but i hope that was useful seeya hugya *G*

  11. The book fair wasn’t as much of a big deal to me as the ‘Book Mobile’!! Basically, I big bus loaded with books. You entered at one end, picked your books and exited out the other. Just a little piece of heaven each week!

  12. kreativekate says:

    The poem about the peas was written by Ogden Nash. Any of his books provide hours of giggles and things to ponder, about food and other stuff, too. I am a big fan of his and yours!

  13. Yes. Sleeting is a word especially if you live in WI. You never fail to lift my spirits with your posts. You are always so positive and upbeat. Thanks. Have a great trip.

    Ogden Nash, be darned! Reading the “I eat my peas with honey” poem – well, it’s like my daddy reached right out and gave me a giant hug!!! He died in 1987, but I can’t tell you how many times my sisters and I heard him recite this poem when we sat down to eat dinner, and there were peas on the table!!
    Thanks for this LOVELY memory! I’m just going to HAVE to scrap it!!!

  15. Oh my goodness!!! All these years of reading your blog and I never knew we had the same lucky number!!! 23 is my lucky number because it’s my birthday. I just saw “Scrapbook Play with Photos” at my local grocery store this morning and totally splurged and bought it! How could I not, the last special issue from Simple? Sad… but I’m so glad you’re still around. :)

  16. Busy lady!! :) Make sure to get a good healthy snack in there to keep you going all day long!

  17. Stacy, I love the colored pencils shot on your homepage, it just makes me smile! Have a fabulous trip to Toronto!

  18. Was just going to send you the Amazon link and I see that someone beat me to it!

  19. I had that book, too. Illustrated by Wally Tripp. I loved his illustrations.

  20. Sleeting is a word – we have it here in Tennessee. I visited Seattle for the first time ever last week and we had slush falling from the sky. Enjoy Toronto!

  21. I remember the pea poem but not the book. I never did quite understand why the poet ate his peas with a knife. I was a very literal child. I think of that when my 9yo asks a funny question or doesn’t get a joke b/c she is being overly literal. Fun trip down memory lane–thanks.

  22. Denise Rotell says:

    I once used my milk money to buy a book at the book fair and had to go without milk the whole week. The teacher called my mom & I got into a little trouble. It was so worth it, though!
    Have a great trip, Stacy!
    Denise R, Ashburn VA

  23. Mad Hardworking Photographer says:

    take your own photos!!

  24. another photographer says:

    The Pea/knife photo actually has the FILENAME “Copyrighted_Image_Reuse_Prohibited_379457″…
    I wonder what part of that you don’t understand?
    I’m pretty sure if you’d ASKED the photographer for permission to use, he’d have granted it. And if he chose not to, well then find an image you can get permission to use…

  25. Lisa Catena says:

    Hi Stacy – Hope you enjoyed your lunch with your friend. You amaze me I don’t know how you do it all. I took one of your classes at CKU a LONG time ago… I think it was the favorite scrapbook class I ever took that was lecture style. You are such a motivational and inspiring person. Thank you for all you do.
    I hope I win one of your magazines – I feel bad since this is the first time I am commenting on your blog but if I don’t win a copy I will be sure to pick one up (somewhere).
    Continue doing what you do!
    Have a wonderful day!

  26. Bob Cross says:

    Stacy, thanks for using and crediting my photo of the Peas on the knife, I really appreciate your response in adding a credit line to the photo and encouraging others to do the same. As I shared with you in my email this photo is special to our family because it was a favorite poem my wife had dear as a child and I loved it as soon as I heard it. Take care and I hope many people get to enjoy it.

  27. I have been picking up every past issue of Simple Scrapbook magazine that I can find…picked up the current one yesterday. I’d love to have this special issue. Thank you for the uplifting posts. Love the photo and poem. I remember it from childhood, too.
    The excitement of book fair time is still very real. We just had roll out the red carpet movie star night with ours!
    safe travel to you…

  28. Class act Stacy, and also Bob Cross. Pity one or two other hot-heads embarrassed themselves with thoughtless comments that did not reflect the feelings of either party in this simple misunderstanding over the photo. Bravo, both of you.

  29. The tulips are coming! The tulips are coming! Happy Spring :D

  30. My Daddy used to recite the Peas and Honey poem, except he said, “It makes the peas taste funny… but it keeps them on my knife.” :) Thanks for the smile.

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