Whoppers the Moose.

We have a moose that has been seen two or three times wandering around our neighborhood. He was last seen on Sunday, as I lay sick on the couch. My kids were going crazy … "Mom, get up! Look at the moose, he's right there" I told you I was zapped, but seriously … I could not get off the couch for even a moose!

Yesterday however, on my midday walk I found evidence …
of the moose, very near our house (see next picture)Moose

It kinda freaked me out. Geoff, a former unbeliever was headed to the gym early one morning last week and saw him. Came home with "It's as big as a HORSE!" Anyway, I sent Trey outside this morning to "check it out" and he came back, "It's like a big pile of Whoppers Mom!" from there the conversation turned to possible names and Whopper just made sense!

Trey thought a bit longer and said, "His last name could be Dropper! Get it … "   

Taft's second grade concert is at the Mall tonight, so we are going there for dinner. I'd like to do figure out a "creativity exercise" that everyone can participate with. Got any ideas?


  1. As you sit eating dinner, take turns looking for something for each letter of the alphabet. It is quite amazing how you now see things you may never have seen before.

  2. Maybe each person has to invent a game that you play at dinner. Or a rhyming game in honor of Dr. Seuss’ birthday this past Monday.

  3. Thanks for the laugh! I love the way your moose got its name!
    Creativity at dinner… what about making up new names for all the food items? You’ll have a secret code as a family.

  4. A moose is such a large animal…I would expect that “stuff” would be MUCH larger than whoppers lol! But, it’s a great name for the moose either way!

  5. As for creativity at dinner… what about a “found art” collage of stuff from the food court (like a scavenger hunt) – wrappers, plastic utensils, napkins from different places, straw wrapper “worms”, ketchup cups, receipt for dinner, maybe a quick photo of your family at the table. Something goofy, quick and fun. You could have everyone write what they ate and give it a 1-5 star rating. Ooooh, I feel a trip to the mall and a scrapbook page coming on! :o)

  6. A Creative plate contest! I keep paper plates around for this one. During dinner everyone gets a paper plate and they have to decorate the paper plate with various items I’ve set out on the table. The kids usually draw on their plates or glue different objects on while they are eating (this is a favorite on pizza night too where they can decorate their plates while we’re waiting on the pizza and then eat off of them afterward) and then we have a contest to see who had the most creative plate with Mom being the judge and the prize being dessert. “Mom” aka me, always says everyone’s plates were so creative that everyone gets dessert. And I usually get a picture or two of the plates too.

  7. Deb Jones says:

    What a hoot. Whopper Dropper. I like it. Hope you get to actually see him.

  8. I’m new to your blog and BPS and loved hearing about your whopper dropper. We have a turd herd in our neighborhood. As for a creativity exercise for the whole family you could play Two Truths and a Lie. Everyone says 2 actual things that happened during the day/week and 1 false thing. Other family members vote. This isn’t very ‘mall’ related but fun nevertheless.

  9. Fun story. How about bringing a camera and taking pictures of each letter of the alphabet or just for the letters of your last name. Print the letters and use them in a layout or put in a frame.
    You could also create a new family game. We have been known to use the paper copies of the menu to play a game where you have to circle all the instances one letter of your choice is used. The person who missed the least wins. We have used this game a lot with the Sunday programs at Church to keep the kids from getting rowdy.

  10. We went around the table a couple weekends ago and drew names. Everyone had to “toast” their person with something they appreciated about that person. We had such a good time!
    We also did version where we drew names and made a sundae for the person we drew. (we also went around the table and got to say what we DIDN’T want on a sundae).
    Good luck!

  11. TracyBzz says:

    What about everyone has to eat something at supper that starts with their inital. Clark & Chase; Tray & Taft can’t copy the same C or T food.
    T= tomatoes
    C= carrots
    You get the idea. Oh and maybe the whole Julian family could have Jello for dessert (not sure if you’d find that at the mall, but save it for another night).

  12. TracyBzz says:

    Moose are huge, wayyy bigger than deer. Which is why vechiles are always writeen off when hit by a moose.
    There was one in our town a few winters ago and they would tell the kids after school to ‘hurry up’ and get home before the moose came back around again.

  13. Hee hee! I’ll bet that WAS a sight! A MOOSE! WOW!
    As for creative thinking . . . how about everyone order what they want for supper, and then trade with someone else? Might make for an interesting conversation . . .

  14. I used to live in Maine & there are lots of moose up there. Be super careful driving at night – if you hit one you could total your car.

  15. Not to mention it would probably been not so great for the moose either.

  16. Who would ever have thought I would be greeted by a picture of moose droppings when logging on to Stacey Julian’s blog?

  17. I don’t have any creative ideas, but I just had to say that I seriously can’t believe you posted a picture of moose poo on your blog!!! You’re hysterical. lol

  18. Since you’ll be at the mall, how about squishing your entire family into the photo booth! (if you’re at the Valley Mall it’s upstairs near Deb) Not necessarily creative, but tons of fun!

  19. Not only are Moose larger than deer they travel mostly at night (deer travel more at the golden hour just before sunset and at sunrise – they bed down for the night and only move if disturbed). Also being larger Moose will tend to have legs hit by the bumpers/grills of vehicles and the bulk of them hit the passenger compartments which is the reason for more write offs.
    Moose can be extremely unpredictable so use caution if you think one is out and about.
    Yeah I’m married to a Biologist/avid outdoorsman how could you tell?

  20. I thought your moose dropping photo was a hoot! Maybe an idea for a creative moment would be for everyone to post about the ‘funniest/weirdest’ thing they’ve ever scrapbooked about.

  21. That is funny!! Looks like fun cleaning that up :P

  22. LOL that Stacy Jullian posted a pic of Moose poop on her blog! You are a hoot!

  23. WOW. I can’t believe you took a picture.

  24. I think I would look for things on the drive that look like something else…kind of like finding pictures in the clouds…look for signs that have the silouhette of something else, architecture that looks like different things, or trying to find something colorful like graffiti that looks like something new…just a thought! Enjoy-and be cautious of that moose-they’re not the friendliest of animals.

  25. lol now everytime I think about Whoppers , I’m going to think Whopper Dropper! Gross lol
    I have also been crazy sick with a weird flu. I had 3 days of pain and then finally it came out. lol I know, way to much info, but I didn’t know how to word it better.
    I hope you feel better soon.

  26. Oh, Stacy, thanks SO much for the laugh (I needed it) – Whopper Dropper!!!!! Can’t think of anything creative ’cause I’m still laughing at the moose! sorry.

  27. LOL! The Whopper Dropper – Funny!! You will have a really green patch of grass there because it is SERIOUSLY fertilized! hee hee..

  28. LOL!!! Who else would post scat pictures on their blog! You crack me up. The Whopper Dropper–tell Trey he’s funny too like his mom.
    I know I’m late posting. Your visit to the candy store with having to spell your name is a great idea.

  29. Brenda in Sunny So Cal says:

    I just showed this to my son who has moose as one of the spelling wods of the week…. boys always thing poop is fun….

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