why does it seem …

that many of my recent posts start with the assurance that I am still here.

I've been without my main computer and a decent and dependable Internet connection for days.
Amazing how helpless one feels when one has become so technology dependent. Things are still a bit patchy, but Erik, my personal Mac genius is coming on Monday –and you should know that my issues have nothing to do with my Mac (naturally.)

I'm so happy to NOT have a big empty spot in my desk anymore. And I'm so happy to know that the solution is in sight!

I'm off to lunch with a friend (I almost NEVER do this) and I'm busy keeping just barely ahead of my LOM students. Just sorted and purged two wire baskets full of memorabilia (dating back to my adventures down under in November 2007.) Feels so good! My memorabilia notebooks are full and happy and I've got new ideas swimming around in my head.

I did a little interview with Nicole, the Salt Lake City Scrapbooking Examiner this morning and remembered that while I have the propensity to ramble, I love talking about this industry, our past + our future and I LOVE putting a positive spin on things. I even think I might sound smart from time to time. Nicole did an interview this month with Cathy. If you get a chance, read it.

I'll be back later to give away some copies of what is sadly the last special issue from Simple Scrapbooks, so stay tuned!


  1. You are so right, it is so sad that it will be the last special issue of Simple Scrapbooks!

  2. Rhonda Hestir says:

    Stacy, can’t wait to read your Examiner article. I got some great ideas off Nicole’s website…

  3. Thank you for letting me know it wasn’t your Mac! As I told you in my post the other day. It would drive me crazy until I knew! I just had a feeling it wasn’t. Let’s be real here, I knew that your Mac wouldn’t let you down that way! LOL!

  4. Marina013 says:

    I am so desperate to get my hands on a copy of that special issue. It hasn’t arrived downunder yet & no one seems to know whether it will or not.

  5. I am lucky. My son is an actual Apple Genius. There are numerous times I shout out to him for “help”.

  6. Hi Stacy! I am sorry that you have been suffering with internet woes. I can’t believe that you are managing to limp along so gracefully. I am sending cybervibes to you and your computer…Leora

  7. Jennifer R. says:

    I am so sad about Simple Scrapbooks! BTW- I know how you feel with the computer down- it makes life difficult- and then you remember how it was BEFORE computers- that you could function just fine then and feel even worse! I’m with ya!

  8. I too am looking forward to getting my hands on that special issue! So sad…because Simple was my absolute favorite of all the scrapbooking mags.

  9. Karen C. says:

    stacey, you are coming to my neck of the woods in May. I am so excited to see you and to hear you speak. I have heard you on a podcast or something like that before and you are so amazingly inspirational. for me to be able to hear you in person, is a dream come true for me. i can’t wait!

  10. Kris Van Allen says:

    I am so sad that this will be the last issue! MUST get my hands on it….SS is truly my very favorite. I really do hope that the future issues of CK allow the SS philosophy ample space.

  11. Michelle N says:

    I will miss my Simple Scrapbook subscription. I believe I have what is the final regular monthly publication and am hopeful (although it’s in a sad sort of way) I will win the last special issue. Sigh…

  12. I agree with Jennifer R. What DID we do before computers. : )

  13. I have heard that the new special issue is wonderful. I plan to look for it next time I go shopping.

  14. very sad about the last issue.. I asked for a subscription for this past Christmas, and it was truly my very favorite gift, now coming to a soon end… :( sigh…..

  15. Glad to hear your computer woes will soon be over. I just can’t believe that this will be the last special issue of SS … and the mag is no more. It is very sad, and wrongheaded, if I must say so. Thank goodness for you & BPS!!

  16. Hey Stacy,
    This special issue looks great! The only problem is that I can’t get the downloads promised in the issue on the Simple Scrapbooks website. Just wondering who would be able to address this problem.
    Please let us know…if you can.

  17. Memorabilia notebooks? Stacy have you shared about this and I wasn’t here yet? Can you point me to some more info about memorabilia notebooks? I have toddlers and that sounds like something I need fast! Everything they make is a treasure!

  18. I am going to miss Simple Scrapbooks but am looking forward to seeing your Simple Scrapbooks ideas in Creating Keepsakes. I am interested in your memorabilia notebooks. Hope you will provided us with some info.
    Have a blessed day!

  19. Kim B in PA says:

    We always wonder what did we do before computers. I feel so lost when I’m without mine. It’s like going out without your cell phone. I wouldn’t even consider it. Though there was a time we didn’t have them. How did we survive?

  20. I’m so sad – my absolute favorite mag! ;)

  21. I hope you computer problems are all fixed now. I am a wreck without my pc and the internet.
    Also, i just got my Little MissMatched sock order and I LOVE THEM!

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