And the WINNER is …

Kristie Lippert (who posted on 4/19)

Yes, she is a scrapbooker
She is 39 years young
Yes, she is married
No, she does not have children
No, she has not taken a class at BPS but, she adds "I want to!"

Kristie's comment about what she wants in reading my blog is:
I love your blog because you have a variety – scrapbooking, life, travels, everything…and there's always a great "message" in your blogs.

Green AppleGun

I've emailed Kristie to inform her that Sue at Albums and Answers will be sending her a brand new, shiny, Apple Green ATG dispenser fully loaded (with archival quality 1/4" adhesive) perfect for adhering ribbon and a variety other important elements to her scrapbook pages. CONGRATS Kristie!!

If you were one of the more than 1,000 wonderful blog readers who did NOT win, this cool tool, I've enabled you in following through with the link above (wink. wink.) 

but wait, there's more …

Paula (who posted on 4/18) and
Kimberly Violet (who posted on 4/20)

Will be receiving one of the Scrapbook Album Kits from Albums and Answers.

I am so grateful for your responses and eager to deliver MORE of what you like to read. 

On the homefront, Clark sprained his neck last evening on our trampoline, so I'm headed to get him some X-rays. All in a days work!!!


  1. personally i like hearing about the brownies!!

  2. Oh no!

  3. Please let us know how Clark is doing! Blessings to all of you! Gina

  4. Vickie Jones says:

    Congrats to the winners,

  5. Helen Carter says:

    sending good thoughts for Clark, congrats to winners, did someone say brownies?

  6. Sorry to hear about Clark. Hope he heals quickly.
    Congrats ladies on your awesome wins.

  7. Please keep us in the know about Clark. Hope he is doing well.
    Congrats to the winners!

  8. Hope Clark is back to 100% soon and CONGRATULATIONS to the winners :)

  9. Oh Stacy!! How scary..I hope he is all right. As with the above comments, I’m sure that some brownies might make him feel better.

  10. Is this heavy? I’ve used one and it wasn’t convenient to hold it much because of the weight.

  11. Oh dear, I hope Clark is OK, please let us know how he’s doing.

  12. Eeeeks – I hope he’s ok! Best wishes – I’ll think good thoughts and say a prayer!

  13. Hope Clark is okay.

  14. Oh gosh…so stressful. Hope Clark is okay. My 12 year old broke his foot Friday night. (Fridays not good lately…last Friday a tornado…this Friday was the broken foot…can I stay in bed two days from now?) He’s missing the entire rest of baseball season, and he was the starting pitcher who had already hit one out of the park at his first game! I’m just SICK about it!
    Good luck, Clark.

  15. EEk… the neck! Oww.. too bad we are not in the same city, I have to take my daughter in for routine pelvic exrays today! Yup all in a day’s work… Chin up!

  16. Poor Clark! Hope he’s feeling better and the x-ray was good news!

  17. Oh my Lord! He sprained his NECK. I hope he is doing okay.

  18. Yippee! Thanks so much. Glad to hear Clark is doing better (tried to post yesterday but my satellite wouldn’t let me do it!)

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