Brownie BONUS + Livestrong!

Sounds like an oxymoron I know. I also know that it is NOT my Sunday Free Day yet and this Sunday, I'm feasting on a meal of yummy ham, red potatoes with peas and orange rolls. Oh … and Ginger Bunnies of course. But … Katie shared this cool BROWNIE pan with me and I just had to pass it along. Click through, watch the little infomercial and see if you can resist …


Once I regain a greater degree of wellness, I'll be rewarding myself.
Trust me on this.

By the way … if you haven't been to Katie the Scrapbook Lady's blog in a while, she's got a whole NEW look and I'm really impressed!!

When we were in Denver, Clark and I bought new running shoes and ran together a couple of mornings. He is obviously much faster than his mom, but even starting out together was FUN. Anyway, look what I found and purchased in the Finishline store …


100% of the profits of the NEW LIVESTRONG line go to support cancer research. I like that. I'll be running in mine tomorrow morning.


  1. saw a recipe for s’more brownies the other day–and now we’re addicted:
    2 brownie mixes
    mini marshmallows
    chocolate chips
    graham crackers
    1. make 1 mix as fudge-style, 1 as cake-style, mix together and bake in a 9×13 pan as normal.
    2. when you take pan out immediately spread chocolate chips and brownies over the top and then cover with graham crackers.
    3. put back in to still hot (but turned off) oven for 3 minutes or so (enough to melt the stuff on)
    4. remove from oven and try to control yourself a tad bit and not eat the entire pan in one sitting.
    *these taste really good with ice cream, whip cream and sprinkles!!

  2. I LOVE that shirt!! Have a wonderful Easter, Stacey!!

  3. Patti Mac says:

    I was at Finish Line last night and didn’t see the shirt… My daughter works there. I’ll have to show it to her and as if our store has it.

  4. LOVE that Livestrong – you know Lance is on Twitter – he’s very interesting and such a great inspiration.

  5. Now I want brownies! Can you share the recipe? I didn’t see it on katie’s blog either. Oh- I have a tip for you. It is easier and less crummy to cut warm browines with a plastic knife.

  6. Hey Stacy! It was me – Katie Scott! who told you about the pan! I saw it on a commercial & emailed you at BPS / my blog is kissandtellscrapbooking but I don’t have any pictures of it yet because I haven’t gotten it :) The other Katie’s blog is cute though :)

  7. I couldn’t find the brownie pan. Did I miss the link to it?

  8. Hiya Ladies! =)
    I work for Nike, and you can find livestrong product at NikeTowns and at!
    luv the stuff too!
    Mahalo! Trisha =oP

  9. Can’t find the Brownie pan :o(

  10. Stacy, I’m currently working on adopting your organization from your photo freedom book. I’ve got my metal drawers and my photo binders, but I am having a very hard time finding the index card dividers. Can you tell me where you got them? And are the post-it notes that have the color/theme on the end available somewhere as well?? thanks so much!

  11. I think the link to the brownie pan is
    Hope this helps :)

  12. The link did not work for me either, I went straight to the website at and had a peek. Very clever! Thanks for sharing Stacy!
    The design reminded me of the ice cube trays we used when I was a little girl. Copy and paste this link to see what I mean.

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