Happiness is …

A Monday morning full of potential and anticipation. The actual demands of the week haven't fully set in and so I feel energetic and optimistic!  I allowed myself to sleep in a little this morning (self care) and to take the mess of the weekend and look at is as evidence of a full and busy life. I found myself walking around saying "Happiness is …." and filling in the blanks.

Happiness is a NEW Dust Buster that is not only cuter than my old one, but far better at picking up the dirt and grass on my laundry room left by dirty clothes.

Happiness is a laundry room humming away and an adorable little girl that MUST help Mamma with every little thing.

Happiness is the planters and pots that we pulled out over the weekend. I didn't get to them like I had hoped, but they are calling to me and the sun in shining so I'm looking forward to transforming the Winter porch into the Spring one!

Happiness is the evidence that my children are learning (not necessarily to pick up after themselves) to follow through on things that will develop confidence and talents. Note all the sticky flags down the side of the piano (What's up with that?) Someday I will miss this mess — at least that is what I'm telling myself on this Monday morning!!

I challenge you to try this exercise. Pick one morning this week, or next Monday morning and choose to "see" things in a positive light. Snap a few photos and share them on your blog if you have one. You could even create a "Happiness is …." scrapbook page.

Thank YOU btw,  for ALL of your responses to my blog poll. I'm scrolling through and reading and feeling very grateful for a global community of friendship and support.

Life is good.


  1. Leora Henkin says:

    Happy Monday Stacy. I loved your post. By the way, I have a lot of pots that look like yours, waiting to be transformed into Spring form. Mine will probably have to wait another week or so.
    Happy Monday, Leora

  2. What a SUPER post! I LOVE this idea! I may even add this idea to my Motivate Me Monday posts each week! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!
    Happy Monday!

  3. Looks like your Monday is a lot like mine! On Monday’s I always try to get organized after the weekend chaos and set up for the week. I made a list last night of must-dos and I am half way through it by 11:00 am! I agree that having happy, positive, loving thoughts helps you get through everything!
    Happy Monday…Happy Week!

  4. Thanks for your happiness sharing… hope your visit to Portland went well- you should have a blog lunch when ever you travel and we can all say hello.
    I loved the tiles in your laundry rom- are they your kid’s artwork? Fun idea!!

  5. So very true Stacy! Happy Monday to you too! Several years ago when I was in the middle of a million kids in and out [they're away at college now] someone told me – instead of complaining about the dishes, the dirt, etc – be thankful you’re able to feed your kids and their friends without a thought – be thankful they choose your house to gather, etc. etc. Good times – they all STILL gather here when they’re home and we wouldn’t have any other way!

  6. Therese Bradley says:

    I remember taking a photo of my sink filled with sippy cups for Ali Edwards “A Week In the Life” class and wondering if I would miss it later. Well, it is later, but not much. I don’t miss it yet! But I think I will in a few more years.
    I just took some photos of my messy kitchen, plates all over and evidence of our homemade pizza night last night. I think I even have a stamp that says “happiness is …” Thanks for the layout idea. Maybe I’ll make two layouts, one for people and one for places.

  7. Happy Monday. Love your idea, going to try tomorrow & hope to take lots of photos!

  8. Denamariern@verizon.net says:

    Thank you for sharing and reminding me to be happy for all the blessings in my life. My glass is usually half full, but I needed this reminder!
    Make it a happy week!

  9. Susanne N. says:

    My winter pots have long since died–can’t wait to fill them with beautiful spring flowers–hopefully tomorrow! Thanks for the little glimpse into your life and home (you must have read my last post!)

  10. Thought of one more idea for your blog.
    Q&A (every now and then)

  11. TracyBzz says:

    Great idea…happiness is. Our piano looks like that (ours is digital,so not as much room on top).
    I can’t wait until end of May beginning of June to start buying bedding plants. And getting those pots filled up….sigh…still so long to wiat here in northern Alberta.

  12. Going thru a rough patch but… reading your blog always make me feel happy..!!! Just thought I would say THANKS :0)

  13. I am still in the “where do I even begin to clean” stage, and this really got me thinking. I think I will do your little photo exercise to lighten up my mood! LOL!

  14. Interestingly, I wrote about “things” that EMPOWER me today. I was feeling a tad bit guilty that most of those things were outside of myself…and is that really “politically correct” LOL. BUT, in reading your blog today, I see it being similar. It isn’t material things that make YOU happy, nor material things that make me feel EMPOWERED…it is the feelings behind things, comments, ides, people etc. Does that make sense? I hope I am not rambling without, LOL. It’s just your blog post helped to put mine into perspective. Thanks!!!
    Dancingly, Denise
    watch me as I decluteer, knit/felt and scrapbook my wy through 2009 at:

  15. Thanks, Stacy!
    I love this post and I’m going to apply it to work tomorrow–things are rough there, and I need to look at it with optimistic eyes!

  16. Kathleen says:

    “Note all the sticky flags down the side of the piano (What’s up with that?) Someday I will miss this mess — at least that is what I’m telling myself on this Monday morning!!”
    You will absolutely miss this! Trust me….my son moved out of our home 3 years ago and I STILL miss him and his “messes” every day! The empty nest thing? I think it lasts forever! I can’t stand it.

  17. Love it – thank you for giving me a new perspective on things that could put one in a bad mood!

  18. I pulled out my pots too, excited about planting.
    Give some details on your dustbuster. I’m in the market for one.

  19. Gutsy Mom says:

    I LOVE the sight of all the sticky flags down the side of the piano. Too funny! Thanks for sharing…

  20. I needed this today Stacy. I’m in the middle of trying to declutter my house and get ready for spring and summer and it’s just started raining so I’ve kind of got the “blahs.” I need to do a “Happiness is” excersize!

  21. I love this!!! I’m so going to try this exercise this week – hey maybe even today!! It’s still morning right?

  22. Lindsay Bateman says:

    LOVE this post…and thank you for the reminder and power that daily reflection can have on our life. Reading this made me smile, and made me look forward to the rest of my day today. You are right…life IS good!

  23. this is a great idea! Thanks for all your inspiration!

  24. This was such a timely post…as I was feeling so overwhelmed by all the weekend clean-up. These years pass so quickly, and I need to enjoy these oh so full days. Thank you!

  25. My comment – Your daughter ia adorable!:)

  26. Happiness is having my husband wish ME “Good Luck”, on a Monday morning as He heads out the door to teach at an inner city high school! :)
    thanks for the happy thoughts post.

  27. I love this idea! I’m in for a busy week this week, but maybe next Monday … and I just love your laundry room. It’s so cheerful!

  28. I love your cheery laundry room!

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