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The interview I did with Vicky and Jen on What Really Matters has been posted on their website. I think I did O.K. — we struggled a bit with the phone connection, because I wasn't at home, but overall I'm pleased. Vicky and Jen are so conversational. It was very easy and enjoyable to chat with them. If you have a minute, download the mp3 file or subscribe to the Vicky and Jenn podcast in iTunes and listen to us as you drive or work in the yard. The interview is about 50 minutes long, so you'll want to be doing doing something else while you listen. You could even scrapbook!

On the home front, Addie and I got our TOMS in the mail! How CUTE are the little TOMS?


It's NOT to late to order some for you. Just be sure to use the coupon code: odwsfsA67GSK0MW so Lauren will get credit. I'm surprised and delighted at how comfortable my pair is. I wore them all day (I have old-lady, jogger feet!) and as a bonus, they come with a very cool, scrappable sticker as well as a handy cotton shoe bag.


Addie's speech is really improving. We've added two sessions of private speech therapy to her two days of early intervention preschool and she is now adding single words to her signing and attempting to mimic us far more often. I just order this CD, called Time To Sing  from the Apraxia website.

Here's what the description says:

A young child’s world is filled with song, from the first lullaby, to “Happy Birthday”. But for our children, struggling to speak, singing
along with their friends can seem hopeless – they can’t keep up. If
only the words were slower, they could sing along, too. Time To Sing!
is the answer!

The songs on this recording have all been newly arranged. The words are much slower
the originals, but the music is fun, exciting, playful, and beautiful.
This music recording is perfect for children with apraxia and other
speech or language disorders, children learning English as a second
language, and children with other delays.


Clark, trampoline-loving son (reference his recent birthday cake featuring "toothpick man," a Taft creation) landed wrong attempting to complete one of his "backwards triple one and half" flips. He is thankfully doing much better. We've ruled out (via X-rays) any serious injuries and with some consistent Ibuprofen and a neck brace he will be back playing soccer in no time. Thanks for your well wishes!

I'm headed out to St. Louis on Friday, where I'll be attending and speaking at the For Keeps Sake  event. I'm excited to meet Mary Engelbreit and hopefully a few of YOU (please be sure to say "Hello" if you read my blog)

Good times.


  1. OMG Stacey, for some reason I missed your original blog post about Addie…My son who was 3 in February has started Speech Therapy and they too think that he might have Verbal Dyspraxia..I have been doing lots of research and we are working so hard with him and he is trying so hard. His SLT said to me the other day that he has sooo much that he wants to say…I would love to discuss this with you further if you would like to. Great to talk to other mums in the same situation.

  2. scrappysue says:

    The interview was great Stacey. If I wasn’t already a huge fan of BPS (and you of course, LOL!), I would be hurtling over to BPS to find out more. I laughed and cried (sentimental old me, but it was the whole “don’t let your kids grow up as .jpegs” wow, what a reminder to get those pictures PRINTED). I plan on listening to this many times! Thanks for the link. Shoes are adorable too. Sue

  3. Love your TO Patty

  4. I’m so glad Clark is okay!
    I haven’t had a chance to download your interview this morning, but I did run while listening to “Simple Self Care” and have shared it with several friends. thanks for all your great links and idea sharing with us!

  5. Hi Stacy, I am excited to listen to your interview! After reading about Addie, I have to tell you about our little neighbor. When we met him he was 2 and had just been diagnosed with Apraxia. His parents were diligent about speech therapy and worked very hard with him at home. His mom, especially, was his advocate, navigating the very difficult waters in dealing with his diagnosis and treatment, always insisting on the best treatment for him. I’m happy to say, that now he is a third-grader and you would never know that he had these struggles. His speech is clear and he is successful in school. Keep plugging away… I know it’s difficult. Your hard work will make a difference!

  6. Has Addie been diagnosed with Apraxia? If so, my 7-year-old son was officially diagnosed at age 3 and is now known as Mr. Chatter Box. He also received private speech 2x/week and made incredible progress. He still receives services for his articulation, but he also has hearing impairment to deal with. Hang in there, with hard work and patience she will be a little chatter box some day too!

  7. Glad Addie is improving. My son is almost 7 and has received speech therapy since he was around 17 months. He was premature and had other developmental delays. He has ADD and Sensory Processing Disorder. Yesterday, his private speech therapist(he also gets it through school) said she will reevaluate after his 7th birthday, and she thinks he will be released. SO HAPPY! Hang in there! My son gets OT and speech, and some weeks it gets cumbersome….but it’s so worth it. Matthew has made the A/B honor roll every quarter this 1st grade school year! Glad Clark is okay.

  8. Not sure why but all the posts are showing up with lines through them. ?

  9. My daughter was also diagnosed with apraxia. That was when she was about 2 1/2. By the time she went into Kindergarten, she no longer needed any speech therapy! I do think that when she hits the next benchmark age that she will need it again, but limited amounts. Our journey with this has been so wonderful (in the end)! My daughter just opened up into her self and has made such amazing progress! Good luck on your own journey with this.

  10. Hi Stacy! I’m glad to hear that Addie’s speech is making progress! (Those shoes are too cute on her too!) My older daughter Maddie too has a speech delay (she has Down syndrome) and the best thing we ever did was invest in Signing Time videos. You can order them through signingtime.com. They are really cute videos with lots of fun songs on them that teach ASL signs in a really fun and motivating way. Both of my girls (3 1/2 and 2) LOVE them. I truly believe that signing has helped incredibly with both of their language skills. Maddie can even recognize some words now and I know it is from watching ST. She signs (and speaks) a lot now and it would have never been possible without those videos. (I know I sound like an infomercial and I swear that I don’t sell them or anyting, I am just a real believer in using sign with all kids to help them develop their language.) Good luck!! :)

  11. glad to hear trey is okay. trampolines scare me!
    okay, who ever shows up at this event friday is so blessed! I can’t believe YOU and Mary E. will be there together.
    I am seriously slightly jealous – and I’m not really the jealous type. I heart you both and you are both such inspirations to me! Not to mention I had to deal with both Simple and Mary E’s Home Companion leaving my home in the same week! eeks.
    Have a lovely time and say hi to Mary for me!

  12. Robin C says:

    OK – I ordered my TOMS today, although they were out of the pink and blue polka dot shoes. The shoes are too cute and I love being part of the TOMS ‘Movement.’ I’m hoping I can get my company to participate somehow. I used the code you provided, so hope she’s getting lots of credits through your blog! Thanks for the recommendation

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