Inspiring People

I love learning about and following people who are making a difference. By the way, I’ve noticed that most people making difference are simply being themselves.


Blake Mycoskie

Blake is the founder and Chief Shoe Giver at TOMS shoes. You can learn more about this cool company and the vision behind it on their website ( Become a friend of TOMS here.

Brené Brown

I’ve just recently discovered Brené and I believe she is a kindred spirit! Because I feel we approach our
lives in a similar fashion, I am eager to learn from her.I particularly love this description of her, from her bio page: I am seriously focused and I am whimsically creative. My safe place is
with my husband and children and the space I most often crave is alone
time. I am full of fear and I am full of courage. I trust my head, I’m
learning to trust my heart, and I try to live in the soulful place that
connects the two.
Wow. I could have written that … perhaps I will have the good fortune of someday meeting Dr. Brown!

Brian Andreas

I’m not even sure when I first read one of Brian’s poems (which are actually really short stories.) Doesn’t matter. What matters is I really like them. When I read one, I feel like I’m overhearing a conversation and I’m usually inclined to imagine what kind of person would say something like that and then I think, I know someone like that and then …  Anyway,  I’ve been subscribed to ” Story Of the Day “ at ever since. You can read the Story People Blog here.

Heather Bailey

I don’t know Heather personally, but someday I will. She is colorful and real and uber-talented. I think it would be a blast to work with her. For now, I’m content to follow her work and photography and happiness and imagine the possibilities. I hope you’ll read her blog.

Hillary Weeks

Hillary is hands down my favorite inspirational (gospel) singer/songwriter. I own every single one of her albums and generally listen to a song or two as I walk up the hill after a good long jog. And you know what makes her extra cool? She scrapbooks! Someday I get up the guts to ask her to write a song about  power and beauty of happy memories.

Seth Godin

Godin writes the most popular marketing blog in the world. As a
business owner with a sincere desire to connect to my customers and add
value to their lives, I need Seth’s wisdom, insight and humor.

Todd Henry

is the founder of The website and online community at Accidental
. I have been listening to his pod casts for almost three years
and have learned a great deal from him about my personal creativity and
my stewardship over it. I think Todd’s Seven Word Bio says it all,
“Unleashing myself and others to be brilliant.” Amen!

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