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My friend Jenna (our former nanny) texted me right after my jog, with this:

"What are your happy colors right now?"

What a great question. I LOVE this question. I love it so much that I literally sat right down and created this.


I personally don't believe that your happy colors change — at least not drastically. Otherwise, they would not technically be your happy colors, yes? However, within each color family I have noticed shifts in color preference from time to time. I have also noticed that I gravitate towards using certain colors (for example ORANGE) more than others depending on the season of the year, my mood, trends in the industry or in our culture in general. I also enjoy my happy colors in varying combination and proportions. So, RIGHT now … while I will always love my standby yellow "frog" green I am enjoying a more true-ish hue with even a touch of blue in it — a sort of "bright" aspen green. I am especially liking this green in combination with my always happy turquoise, which has shifted ever so slightly to the sky blue side of things (perhaps this is the influence of spring?)

Oddly enough I woke up this morning, checked my Alltop Scrapbooking NEWS widget (see left) and read, on Craft Gossip,  about Beth Opel's "What Color Are You" posted at CreatingKeepsakes.com
While this isn't the easiest quiz to take (wish it had been in survey form) it is a FUN diversion and just might lead to some personal insight, not only regarding what colors say about you, but also about how and why you are motivated in this life-changing hobby of ours.

I took the quiz and found that I did NOT have a predominate color — this likely underscores what we already know.

A. I'm a chromophile

B. I'm border schizophrenic in my approach to color (??)

Seriously, my quiz responses had an almost even split among ALL colors, except PURPLE. This is interesting to me because purple is in fact my least favorite color. Notice, I did not say I don't like it. I just like it least of all.

This then (according to Beth and her research) is the description that least describes me. I have to agree.

Purple Scrapbooker

You are the fashionista of scrapbooking. You are aware of current
trends, and your pages are stylish and elegant. You probably enjoy
learning new techniques. You may actually create layouts about
yourself. Journaling is important to you, and your albums express who
you are.

I'm definitely NOT a fashionista and I'm often completely unaware or oblivious to current trends. I would say rather than stylish and elegant, my pages are playful and authentic. I don't mind learning new techniques, but I'm certainly not motivated by them. I do create layouts about myself and journaling is important to me, but I prefer short, snippets of conversation and insight over long essay-style journaling.

veddy interesting, for sure!

I challenge you to take the quiz, read ALL of the scrapbooker definitions and then perhaps create something this weekend that will help you answer Jenna's query:

What are YOUR Happy Colors Right NOW?


  1. Interesting quiz. I am a WHITE scrapbooker. After reading the description, it makes sense. My style of scrapbooking has transitioned into simpler, crisper designs. It must have been that BPS course with CZ that I took! Loved it!

  2. Cool link! Mine surprised me and said that I’m (overwhelmingly 7 to 3) a yellow scrapbooker. I think that actually fits me pretty well. The happy colors idea is great. I have some time to lay right now, so I think that’s what I’ll do. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. lol. I could have told you before I took the quiz – greens from tropical to forest, but I am especially drawn to the yellowish kiwis and limes. And then alittle earthy olive from time to time. And I love a punch of red or orange.
    6 of the 10 were green. 2 whites, 1 yellow, 1 red, 1 orange.
    Reading the descriptions, I clearly saw myself and my style – right down to the proportions.

  4. Jennifer Larson says:

    I loved this post!
    I took the quiz and I too am more schizophrenic than anything, leading towards white and avoiding purple. But I LOVE orange and yellow. Happy happy me.

  5. I LOVE colors, they totally speak to me. I think it’s because of you and taking/teaching your color class.
    My happy colors right now are Aqua and Red, I just painted my studio in these colors and it makes my heart SO happy! I also agree with your comment a long time ago about Chocolate brown + another color (wasn’t that you?), I love chocolate brown with everything! Oh, and purple is ALSO my least favorite color, but like you – I don’t DISlike it. So fun!!

  6. Kathleen S. says:

    I’m a white, with blue a close second (blue works but I’m no longer a chrono scrapper -yeah!). A little dash to my personality with a touch of yellow and, close companion, one orange. As a white, I credit CZ’s influence too, but the blue in me kicks in and I don’t strictly align photos/elements. . . credit to SJ’s slap ‘em on technique there.

  7. I am a White/Yellow/Red with Green/Purple/Blue in there too. I guess that fits. Whenever asked what my favorite color is..I say I don’t have a favorite I just like them all.
    Have a great weekend.

  8. That was way fun! I am a white/red scrapbooker.

  9. I am so totally a blue, what a curious quiz that is right! I think I am going to use my colors in order of predominance in a page tonight!

  10. Orange is alwalys on the top of my list. I also like blue and yellow. and green. sometimes red. but never pink–I dislike pink.

  11. Evelyn Carson says:

    Hi Stacy, without doing the quiz I can tell you I’m a little blue today. As a Canadian subscriber to Simple Scrapbooks (&CK) I’m often the last to know…and I’m so sorry to hear that I won’t be able to get my fix from you. I’ll have to keep up at Big Picture and hopefully at CKU’s. Take care & keep smiling, ev

  12. I am over the top excited that I got to meet you tonight!!! You are just as delightful as I thought you would be. Thank you so much for being so wonderful!!!
    Hugs to you!!!!!! By the way, yellow and pink are my happy colors always!!!!! But I’ll take the quiz just to make sure… LOL!

  13. I’m a Red, Purple, Green scrapbooker and everything it said was true. (It was difficult to take. I must have stared at the computer for 10 minutes before I figured out how to score.)

  14. Hi – Very cool! I am “rainbow bright” as my answers didn’t specify any one color!

  15. I am a rainbow of colors!!!!!!!!!

  16. Dixie Lee says:

    I took the test, and while I don’t agree with the descriptions attached to the color, it is interesting to me that I am working on a gift book n the three colors that I scored highest!

  17. I am building a new photography business, and I decided to go with my happy colors since I will be seeing all of my branding more than anyone else. So, I am making it work for me – cherry red, apple green, and a moss green. Keeps me happy at work!

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