On the food front (Wellness Journey Part 2)

I'm very anxious to refresh and learn some new food preparation and healthy ideas from Lisa. I refuse to diet, because the minute I do (hasn't happened in a many years) I immediately want to eat everything that is NOT on the diet. That's just silly. But … I am going to set some grounds rules and administer the raw cauliflower litmus test. This is a totally safe test that I made up at least ten years ago.

Here's how it works: Buy some cauliflower and cut it up into little pieces. Now, eat one little piece, plain. If it doesn't taste good and you really wish you had some ranch dressing, then you need some wellness in the food area. If however, you can eat it and honestly say that it tastes sweet and even yummy, then … well, that's where I want to be by the end of May!


My ground rules.
1. Choose fresh fruits and vegetables as often as possible.
2. Drink lots of water.
3. Eat most of my calories in the first half of the day.
4. Don't eat after 7:00 pm (hard for me!)

Oh, and one more thing. Sunday is FREE day. I can eat whatever I want on Sunday. I'm not banning sugar or other sweets during the week, but I am allowing myself to eat them on Sunday, guilt free, if I need to.

and that's pretty much it.

Thanks for your support and enthusiasm. I'm ready for the my Wellness Journey to begin!!

and, for inquiring minds ….
my watch (in yesterday's post) is a SWATCH (one of my lovemarks) and thanks to the virtual nudge you gave me, you enabling blog readers, you. I just purchased these two watches …

Cute watch3

Hello? How cute and bright and FUN for spring and summer.

I have already made a scrapbook page about my love for Swatch, but I'm thinking I should do a little mini book celebrating my watch and bracelet collection!  Btw, I did show some restraint, by NOT purchasing this one, but Oh …


Orange and Yellow and …


Mini Clipboards! These little guys (measure 6"x9") are only $1.49 at Staples.com
and they look great with a couple of coats of spray paint and some pattern paper! I generally order them a dozen at a time — they make great gifts for teachers and friends.


Wait a second …. my friend Lori (at supernoots.com) just emailed me this. Her friend, Victoria Zurcher has designed and will soon be creating, personalized clipboards in FUN, bright colors!!


  1. good ideas on the food front – that’s exactly what we should do anyways, right? eat mostly plants and everything else in moderation. Go for it! And those watches…soooo cute! I am going to snafoo your clipboard idea – do you mind?

  2. Cutest watches ever! And Swatch – wow, what a blast from the past! I think I still have mine from the 80s somewhere.

  3. Cauliflower and broccoli are on my “no no” list for other medical reasons, but could I try the same litmus test with say carrots or peas or green beans? Honestly, I would rather have chocolate – dark chocolate – than vegetables any day of the week!

  4. I LOVED my Swatch. I must get one!! Stacy, you always give my day a lift. I want to be like you!!:)

  5. Julie H. says:

    You are too cute Stacy! I love that you love Swatch watches so much! They are fun and cute and oh so colorful just like you. Good luck with your journey to healthy eating.

  6. i sat down to take a break from glazing my kitchen cabinets. started reading your entry and realized i was sitting here mindlessly eating puffed cheese balls. WAKE UP CALL! ha ha!

  7. You said you use clipboards all around the house and to track projects. I’m just curious where you have the clipboards and what do you use them for? what projects? This sounds like a great tracking organizational tool, and I’m trying to imagine it and think I might like to try this (I need tracking help – lists and papers everywhere…)

  8. Sara Mangan says:

    Question for you, you are or are NOT banning sweets during the week? Your post says you aren’t but then when you mentioned you could have them on Sundays I started to wonder.
    Thanks Stacy, I need to eat better too so this is a great motivator. Also, I swear by strength training. Muscles burn more calories, which is a good thing!!

  9. Karen Grosz says:

    Stacy, I think you would really like the book “Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think.” By Brian Wansink. It is a book by a food researcher that gives study after study about how we eat more than what we think because of triggers we have set up to eat. It is entertaining and yet filled with tips to become aware of our eating. I refuse to “diet” as well. I won’t give up foods because then I eat a ton of them. This says that if you can mindlessly eat 100 calories a day your body and mind won’t miss it yet you will lose 10 pounds or so a year. Love that.
    Karen G

  10. Ali in FL says:

    We are on a wellness journey at our home too! We began getting local produce delivered to our door once a week. It was the best decision we have made in a very long time. Every Tuesday evening seems like Christmas when I open my front door at 6:15pm and there is a lovely bushel basket with a ton of fresh veggies and fruits. Yummy!

  11. You have such a good point…you have to get a “taste” for the better foods! After you do going back to sweets and fried foods strangely don’t taste as good as you remember…crazy I know!
    BTW…I have to say I love watching “Scrapbook Memories” and I love it when you are (were) a guest!! You’re so fun!!
    Thanks for the great teacher gift ideas..I am looking to make some handmade gifts for my children’s teachers this year!!!

  12. Netleigh says:

    I love Swatch watches too, I’ll have to check out the shop and have a look at this seasons models!

  13. Hey!
    I just wanted to stop by here and say THANK YOU so much for the happy mail from BPS! I love it! It really was such a nice suprise! (which as Mom’s we don’t always get)
    I gave a shout out to you on my blog:
    Thanks! I’m signed up for the wellness class… right now and can’t wait to get going.

  14. I love Swatch as well. I bought one last spring while in Washington, D.C. (I left my plain, boring watch at home, accidentally, of course.) I owned a plastic Swatch in the 80s and I upgraded to a metal Swatch with colored plastic balls in the band last spring. People ask me about my watch a lot and I have fun telling them it’s a Swatch. There are too many really cute designs.

  15. Stacy,
    Aaaahhh! I’m scared! :) But I’m joining you on the Wellness Journey because, frankly, I’m stinking at doing this alone. :)
    It’s Aubrey from the Denver meeting last week and from LOM this year, and I have to say that seeing my picture with *you*, my favorite Stacy, was a wake-up call and motivation. Who is that chunky lady with Stacy Julian? lol
    Here we go! We can do it! Thanks *so* much for giving us this info and pushing us to take the journey with you.

  16. are all of those watches made by Swatch??? Very cool! It’s been since the 80s since I wore a swatch…ok, I wore at least 2 at a time back then :) I’ll have to check out the website.

  17. Crystal Delight makes these wonderful one serving thingies (technical term) that you can put in a bottle (or glass) of water. They make it easier to drink lots of water.
    Oh, and btw, THANK YOU, for Little Miss Mismatched – got my socks and my free pair(?) and am loving them!

  18. I just signed up for Lisa’s class. Just like you, I’ve been wanting to make some changes in my life. Many thanks to you and Lisa for giving me the push I needed. I can’t wait to start!

  19. Sharon F. says:

    I too am signed up for Lisa’s class have been since it was announced. i made my journal and ready to go. In fact, while waiting, I decided to start to eat “clean” when at all possible. This has changed how I view most foods and only want fresh veggies and fruits. I am trying to eat one fruit and one veggie at each meal so I am getting what I need and drink lots of water.
    I am not an exerciser, well I should say I wasn’t. Never into running or anything like that. Well, I lost a dear friend from high school recently to breast cancer and I felt so helpless. I decided to walk in the 2-day avon walk this summer as a tribute to her (her motto was Live Big) and to help do somehthing like raise money for research and a cure. I will turn 50 this year in December. So this is a milestone. All of these planets have aligned and are falling into place. As one of my cross training activities I joined a community college line dancing class. Yes, think 80′s. Who knew it could be so fun. And good exercise. I feel so ready. This is our year Stacy! I am so excited for Lisa’s class to start on Thursday! Let’s go girls!

  20. Go Stacy! And go 80′s!!!! Adorable watches that are sure to make you and others smile each time you wear them. Two things I have found over the last year (when I promised myself I was going to get healthier and in shape.. and I have!). Protein first…. your body needs it, feels full longer and it helps promote all kinds of internal good things. And, if you load your iPod with fast, upbeat songs you move faster during your workout. I kid you not! I’m also a product of the 80′s (high school, college grad, grad school, marriage, 1st baby, etc) so I loaded “our” workout songs and I tend to ride longer and faster, and when on the elliptical I go more miles at a faster rate. It works!!!
    My very best wishes for fulfillment and success to you :)

  21. {vicki} says:

    I have some kind of fetish with watches too. Not swatch in particular just any watch and bunches of them.

  22. I love love love SWATCH watches! I remember way back they had the pop watches and I wore them on all my clothes!
    I too can’t “diet” these days because then I get into food ruts, I eat the same things over and over and then I binge eat much more!

  23. Love the watches! Where did you see yellow & orange flower watch? I MUST have itand my birthday is coming up next month! Please post more details. Also, heading to Staples tomorrow for clipboards (along with my yard sale price stickers!)
    Happy Easter! Love the bunny cookies!
    LOM Alumni ’08 – scraps4abc

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