Scrapbook a tradition and the story behind it!

One of my most beloved family traditions happens this weekend on Easter. I make giant GINGER BUNNY cookies and personalize them and then when the Easter Bunny comes, he places the cookies in each person's basket. In the morning as children search for their basket, these bunny cookies help them find the right one.

The Story:
When my mother was a young mother and preparing for Easter, she wanted to go to See's Candies and buy a really nice chocolate egg for each child (personalized) my father told her "absolutely not" and so after feeling sorry for herself for a few hours, she devised a homemade alternative that has become a favorite memory for me and me sisters and is now being continued in our homes.

Ginger Bunnies 

Here's my little cookie pattern, made from a brown paper grocery sack (just like mom's) I fold it up and tuck it into my recipe box every year. It's now got that great kitchen patina that is a combination of flour and shortning residue. I scanned the pattern and the recipe and printed them to include on a scrapbook page

Here's the Recipe for Ginger Bunnies:

1/2 C shortning

1/2 C sugar

1/2 C molassas

Cream together and add …

1/4 C water

2 1/2 C flour

3/4 t salt

1/2 t soda

3/4 t ginger

1/4 t nutmeg

Chill dough for 2-3 hours or overnight and roll out to 1/4" thick. Lay pattern on top of dough and cut around it with a small, sharp knife. Bake cookies at 375 degrees for 10-12 minutes. Do NOT overbake. Let cookies cool and ice the tail and front ear and personalize with icing in a tube.

I grabbed some photos from my Spring highlight folders (FYI for my LOM students)


Here's Clark a couple of years ago, and …


and cute little Tafty too.

Bunny cookie 

And Trey. Sometimes I put coconut on the tail and sometimes sprinkles. Each year they are a little bit different. Sometimes I remember to make my dough (and the cookies) a couple of days ahead of time and at least twice I've completely forgotten until like 10:00pm on Saturday night — this makes for a tired mommy on Easter morning.

Anyway, the whole reason I posted this …


imagine my surprise at seeing these colorful sugar cookies in the Williams Sonoma catalog. I can't help but wonder if somehow, somewhere … someone associated with WS product development saw a photo of my mom's Ginger Bunny creations. Wouldn't that be cool to find out? Obviously, my mom is not the only person with clever ideas, but these are so similar. The shape of the bunnies and the name and … I've never heard of anyone else making GIANT bunny cookies with names. What if … my mom's long ago solution inspired a product in a fancy, schmancy catalog like this? 

I'm going to post the first layout I did about our ginger bunny tradition in a day or two. I'm also going to make a new page this year. I challenge you to do the same. Think about a tradition (doesn't have to be related to Easter) and take a few minutes to write down the story behind it. Be intentional about finding or taking some illustrative photos and make this story a part of your scrapbook history!

OK, and  if you click on the pattern/recipe image above, it will enlarge and you can save it and use it to create your own pattern … if you want to make GINGER BUNNIES!!


  1. Thank-you for a great idea & recipe! (And bonus points because it is egg-free for my little guy with allergies!)
    Thanks Stacy!

  2. What a great idea! My mom always made a bunny shaped cake with white coconut for the fur and green cococut for the grass. What a great memory!

  3. I LOVE THIS! In my family we are all about traditions. I even put together a book of family traditions. Each page had a picture and a story to go along with it. Then, I made copies and gave them as my gifts to my family for Christmas that year. I still love looking through that book. We make chocolate covered marshmallows with each person’s name on it, instead of your gingerbread cookies! Cute idea and I love those weathered recipes the best! Thanks for a great idea and inspirations.

  4. Fran Carnes says:

    AWESOME! Been looking for an egg free nut free recipe for good gingerbread for a while. Thanks so much for sharing – I getting the cookie cutters out tonight!

  5. Hi Stacy, this is a great idea. Thanks for sharing it with us. I do have one question though, and it is “how do the bunnies help your kids find their Easter baskets?” I always like to do something new each year, and was wondering if you could share that too. Thanks!

  6. Thank you for the recipe and the pattern. My MIL used to make Easter Bunny Bread for the kids to limit how much sugar they got. I love the idea of the bunny cookies and I am going to save this idea and do it whenever I have grandkids.

  7. HOW FUN!! I LOVE your traditions!! I can’t wait to try these. I agree, those WS bunnies DO seem awfully similar. How neat would that be if they were inspired by your cute mom!

  8. I wouldn’t be surprised if they got it from your previous posts. Your influence is far reaching! Best wishes to you and your family for a blessed Easter weekend! -tj09

  9. this is so wonderful!!! what a neat story to pass on to the kids, but also an interesting correlation there with WS … hmm? (I’d have to scrap that too!)

  10. Great Recipe and story as always Stacy!! I can use this recipe for my milk allergy kiddo whoo hoo.
    I have a story similar to this as well. My mom used to make giant EGG cookies with her mother’s “Sour Cream Cookies” recipe and decorated them with our names. Her pattern was actually a large oval shaped can (I want to say a canned ham can or a sardine can) that was open on both ends and used as a cookie cutter. I now own a giant egg shaped cookie cutter that I use.

  11. Tana Parke says:

    This is actually a comment on the clipboards from an earlier post, is there somewhere on your blog that you have posted about all the clipboards that you use throughout your house, I read an article (somewhere) about how you keep your kids organized i.e chores etc. I would love to see what else you use them for. Thanks!
    PS. I do love the Easter bunnies!

  12. Great idea and tradition. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  13. Susanne H says:

    Thanks Stacy!
    I was wondering how many bunnies you get out of one batch of dough? Thanks for sharing your family traditions with us!

  14. Isabel Roberts says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I am going to do the same thing. I love this tradition and am so grateful that you shared it.

  15. This is such a wonderful tradition. I am so reluctant to buy chocolate and candy for my 2 year old, and she is allergic to eggs, that I was at a loss of what else to do. Now we can decorate cookies together and give them to the neighbors in goodie sacks! Thank you!

  16. Love this idea! We have the tradition of confetti eggs in our family. It is a messy adventure, especially for the family that hosts on Easter day. I am happy to pass along the tradition to my kids.Oh, and it has been some great scrapbook pages too!

  17. Can’t wait to make the bunnies and start our own tradition.
    Thanks for sharing

  18. Thank you for sharing this! How special those memories are of your mom and the tradition that she started.

  19. What are the odds??? You may be onto something!

  20. What a special tradition and the fact that you have passed it along to your own children makes it extra special. Maybe all the grandchildren should make grandma a huge bunny with all of their names on it?

  21. Stacy,
    What cute bunny cookies…
    I found your small clip boards at the local staples on north division.
    Just though you would like to know in case you ever need one or a dozen right away.
    Have a blessed Easter..

  22. Susan C./Colorado says:

    Thanks for the receipe…a new cookie to make for Easter!!!
    I could not make it to the Scrapbook Destination store here in Colorado when you were there… did you have fun and do you have any photos to share??

  23. Love your bunny cookie tradition – ours is a multi-colored Easter cake. A mini version is up on my blog today if you want to take a look- [ ]
    the real one is saved away for relatives tomorrow!

  24. Stacy, the homemade ginger bunnies are so much nicer than anything your precious Mother could have bought at the store. Look at the legacy her improvisation created. Thanks so much for sharing this with us. You are so kind to make all of we readers feel like ‘real’ friends!! Blessing on this Easter Holiday!

  25. HeatherC says:

    GREAT idea — thank your mother for me and thank you for sharing. I changed it up a bit — we like sugar cookies, so I made some big bunny cookies to be the place cards at our brunch — posted the photos on Flickr if you want
    Our tradition is flying kites on Easter — weather premitting — and it did this year — so fun!

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