Simple Memories, Day 2 (late)


I missed my deadline posting this. I'm a day late. Anyone who has ever worked with me at Simple knows that this is quite apropos!


This was me 8 years ago this month. I was expecting my fourth son Taft. The book Simple Scrapbooks had been published the previous December. I was learning, much to my chagrin that book authors needed to work to promote their books. In other words, I had been to CHA and had begun traveling and teaching. In fact, I traveled to Chicago for a consumer show at 37 weeks pregnant. On top of being pregnant, I had a head cold and couldn't take anything for it! After returning home completely exhausted, I told my husband, "I'm not cut out to do this author, teacher, traveler thing. I just want to stay home!"

The very next day, the phone rang and I heard Tracy White's voice on the other end,

"What are your professional goals?"

This is where I thought to myself, is she kidding? I don't have professional goals. I am due with my fourth child in three weeks and alI I ever wanted to be was a mom, who scrapbooks. Does it have to be more complicated than that.

Tracy went on to explain that the book, Simple Scrapbooks was resonating with readers and that Primedia, the new owners of Creating Keepsakes magazine was interested in starting a new magazine. After some initial discussion, the powers that be had decided to name this new magazine, Simple Scrapbooks.

I then wondered, Can they do that? Isn't that the name of my book?

She went on to add, that "they" wanted me to be involved. I of course had NO CLUE what "involved" really meant.

I flew to Utah with a three-week old Taft for some meetings and came home, editor in chief of a brand new magazine. A week later, I had a  phone call with John Youngberg, the art director. He asked me if I had thought at all about which columns and departments I would like. I tried desparately to come up with something that sounded smart. It was no use. I was forced to ask, "What are columns and departments?"

The rest, is history — with a serious learning curve thrown in.
The good news is I am still a mom who scrapbooks and I am still learning.

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  1. Wow, Stacy. What a crazy twist your life threw at you! And aren’t we all so happy it did! My goals have always been the same as yours – to stay home and be a mom. While I get to do that – other aspects of my life have taken more attention than I anticipated, like my photography. It’s a great question to ask myself, and I’m going to! (then maybe I’ll scrapbook about it!)

  2. I’ve discovered that the best life is to keep asking those questions! You never know what’s going to be around the proverbial corner.

  3. Tambur McDonald says:

    Girl, all I can say is – You Rock!!! Thanks for taking the plunge.

  4. TracyBzz says:

    Thanks for sharing your story with us.

  5. Lea (Birmingham, UK) says:

    Beautiful story, even read it out loud to my other half. :-)
    Thanks for being so brave Stacy.

  6. I read this story through several times. That is what I wanted to be just a mom that scrapbooks. But I can’t keep my love for memories to myself so I work and teach and fly all over the country to share with other people who want to preserve theirs….I love that SS became what it is because of PASSION….and LOTS of hard work. Two things that inspire me to continue…thanks for sharing Stacy

  7. What a great story…and so glad you took that leap! Even with the high learning curve, you managed to change many a mommy out there. Because of you I am a better person.

  8. Thank God, literally, that you did. You have and continue to enrich so many lives. Thanks for being a constant reminder that life can be simple and to follow your dreams.

  9. Kathleen Samuelson says:

    And eight years ago I met a very pregnant you in Chicago… and in time, I got your call asking me to join the Simple team. Thanks again for an amazing ride! Love you, friend.

  10. Thank you for sharing this… What an incredible journey you took and thanks for letting us all tag along :)

  11. Karen Neder says:

    I took your class at that Chicago scrappin’ convention 8 years ago, immediately went out and bought your book and have been Simple Scrapper ever since! Thanks for that!!

  12. I didn’t realize you had 4 sons-so did I. I loved it-boys are so much fun and have such cool toys. Now I have 2 grandsons and the world’s largest collection of pink paper and embellishments!

  13. LOVE this!! Thanks so much for sharing your journey. By the way, you were all belly! You looked fantastic for 37weeks!

  14. Just wanted to say, thanks. You, and this whole adventure you started, kept scrapbooking interesting for me when my 2 (only 2 – don’t know how you managed with 4, and then your little girl!) boys had me exhausted and life had me overwhelmed. I really love scrapbooking – it is such a rich hobby, and so tied to all that is good about people and family and relationships, and so full of treats for the senses. I even used to teach it and hold regular crops at my house. But eventually I just couldn’t do it, at all. I never have worried about product, or chronology, but I was definitely overwhelmed by the volume that came with our first son and our first digital camera. It was lovely to see so many people who embraced all the good about scrapbooking and made it still seem doable. Even when it was beyond me, you and your staff helped keep it in my mind. Mostly you, though. Your layouts really are simple, and artful, and colorful and you are great at teaching the essentials of editing down to the bestof the best. I am very sorry that the magazine is gone, but I am thrilled to see all of you blogging – I just got a great idea for a mini-book from Ali Edwards’ site today! – and I am doubley excited to be taking classes through Big Picture. Thank you for finding a way to spread the word and stay visible and for helping all of us who need a little reality check along with our inspiration.

  15. Leora Henkin says:

    Thanks for sharing your story and yourself with all of us. Leora

  16. It’s hard for me to explain how sad I am to see SS go. It is the only magazine where I saw LOs that looked like what I do at home. The whole feel of the magazine was just so perfect for me. I will miss it more than I can say.
    Thank you Stacy for your vision and willingness to share it.

  17. It is obvious to us now, and must have been to them back then too, but there was no one better for the job! Learning curve or not.

  18. Thank you for sharing your story with us. I have your SS book (and still use is occasionally) and all the issues of SS magazine. I totally agree with the concepts and have enjoyed every issue. Thank you Stacy.

  19. Thanks for sharing your story. We’re all so glad you went for your dream!

  20. That is such a fun, amazing and wonderful story! So glad you answered the call b/c we are ALL benefiting from it now!

  21. Love the prego photo! I too was looking just about the same as you were 8 years ago this month. Don’t you just have those melancholy moments when you see those photos of yourself? I sure do!

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