Simple Memories, Day 3


Sheez. All this reminiscing is killing me. I know I'm over the news that Simple Scrapbooks has been shut down, but I'm definitely not over the people I love or all the experiences I've had. In fact, as I've spent time recollecting I have a palpable feeling of sadness in my heart. And these are happy memories!

Wednesday's post should be titled Wonderful Wendy. (note: I'm still a day behind!)
This is because Wendy is wonderful. I knew the minute I met Wendy there was something special about her.

[1997] Wendy and I had both been hired as teachers at Pebbles in My Pocket, owned by Brenda Birrell. We met at the training meeting. During introductions, I found out she had four boys. I had two, and couldn't imagine doubling that. I later learned that her last two were twins. I have always thought that having twins would be a wonderful thing and I told her so.

The next time I remember seeing Wendy is when I taught a Core Composition class at her LSS, Heartland Paper (Bountiful, UT) She was so interested. She asked such great questions. I remember thinking, I'd like to be her friend. She was teaching a Summer Camp (scrapbooking for kids) so I signed up my Clark.

[1999] Trey was almost one. Geoff was finally finishing his medical residency and we were preparing to leave Salt Lake City, UT for a job in Lewiston, ID. I got a call from someone at Creating Keepsakes, that The Idiot's Guide was looking for someone to write their first scrapbooking guide. There was no way I could do it. Their turn around was so short and there was so much information to gather and organize. I didn't want to just anyone to write this book. I wanted someone I trusted. Someone that I knew would have a friendly approach to scrapbooking; someone who would do a really good job. I thought of my friend Wendy. I really didn't know her that well yet, but … I called her and …

She got the book contract!

[2001] I travel to the ACCI trade show in Chicago with Primeda/Creating Keepsakes and walk the show with advertising reps to drum up awareness and support for a new magazine. Guess who I run into in the My Mind's Eye booth? Wonderful Wendy. She is there with a new baby (another boy!) and we "catch up" I remember thinking as I walk away, I'd really like to work with her

As it turns out, Wendy called Tracy White after the trade show and Tracy invited her to our very first editorial meeting. What you really need to know is that from that moment on, there is no Simple Scrapbooks without Wonderful Wendy. She has nurtured relationships in our industry like nobody I know and she is so interested in the editorial process, and in connecting to our readers. She most definitely asks great questions. 

Without a doubt, the hardest thing I've ever done professionally was "leave" Wendy to start Big Picture Scrapbooking. It happened so fast. I intended (and wrongfully assumed) I would be able to do BPS with the team at Primedia. It wasn't to be and Simple Scrapbooks needed Wendy.

I think the "cry" I had with Wendy over that was in my top three, evah (and I'm a crier!)



[2004] As I was looking for pictures to share that capture my love and admiration for this remarkable and wonderful woman, these jumped out at me. The biggest adventure (I think) of our time at Simple Scrapbooks, was the making of four or five DVDs. Wendy and I WORKED so hard, learned SO MUCH and had an AMAZINGLY FUN time. We travelled to Dallas, TX and worked with the talented team at Primedia Productions. We even did a segment from a scrapbook store in Dallas (the bottom photo shows us watching what we had just shot and to me "says it all")

I honestly can't imagine my life without my friend Wendy. She is that cool.

And for the record, I will never "leave" her again. If there is to be any more scrapbooking adventures in the future, we will be side-by-side again.


  1. I took Wendy’s BPS class and got to go to lunch with her–she really IS that fabulous. You two make a great team and I can’t wait to see what other scrapbook adventures are to come!

  2. Ooo, I agree, Wendy is wonderful! I love visiting her blog for inspiration and just to see what she’s found lately!

  3. I’ve long thought that Wendy was fabulous too. Her contributions to SS were always some of my favorites and I’m a regular visitor to her blog as well as to yours. I’ve been looking forward to my trip to South Dakota next week to hear both of you speak and take your combo class, and now after reading this I’m even more excited.

  4. Helen Carter says:

    Thanks for the memory of Scrapbook Supercenter (sadly now closed) in Dallas. I worked there when I lived in the area, unfortunately not at work the day you came to make the DVD, do have a copy though! Must add Wendy to my blog list. Just finished her GOBI class–great! Look forward to the further adventures of Stacy and Wendy!!!

  5. The first time I met Wendy was 3 summers ago when my friend Lisa took me to CK and Simple offices. We met in the bathroom!! LOL! It was so funny…I’m like…you’re Wendy Smedley from Simple Scrapbooks!! Then I met her again the next year along with you and Cathy Z at the magazine with Lisa…then I ran into her on the elevator at CHA!! She IS such a nice person and I love her book the Organized and Inspired Scrapper. Thanks for sharing how you guys met!!

  6. I will miss Simple! Can’t wait to see what the future holds!

  7. Jennifer Larson says:

    Thank you for sharing your stories about Wendy. She always struck me as a tremendously nice woman, and your words gave testimony to that.

  8. Yes Wendy certainly is Wonderful (capitalization intended). I am glad to hear that you will be working together again :) Love the photos!
    Eagerly anticipating that momentous occassion :)

  9. Those are fantastic pictures, Stacy! They really do say so much. And you’ve gotten Wendy EXACTLY right. She’s one of a kind. :-)

  10. wow- blown away by this, we had the best time together doing those dvd’s
    Can’t wait to work together in the future, much love!
    and thanks everyone for all the sincere and kind comments, wow
    didn’t know it was going to be a memorable day when I woke up.

  11. I have to totally agree about Wonderful Wendy!! After taking her GOBI class and meeting her at CKC in person she is a very sweet and wonderful person. Thanks for sharing her with us!

  12. Thank you both for your input and ideas at SS.

  13. I would love to see those DVDs!!

  14. Gotta say, I love Wendy too. Her kindness and sincerity touched me so unexpectedly. Thanks for sharing your stories about her… I’m smiling BIG time right now.

  15. I’ve never met Wendy, but I do know she is wonderful at guiding a group of students in organizing their scrap areas. I took GOBI this year and I love how my room turned out. LOM and GOBI are hands down the best two classes I’ve ever taken. Together, they take all the frustration out of scrapbooking and make it FUN again. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in the future.

  16. I worked at Heartland Paper in taylorsville and wendy came in with her sister shoping. I was a blubbering idot who couldnt speak all I said was “do i read your blog?” She was so very nice and pleasent, even though I was star struck. I so wish for another oppertunity to meet her and pick her brain. Such a very nice lady.

  17. The first time I met you (SIAS Convention in SLC), Wendy was with you! I didn’t know who she was back then, but sure would have paid more attention if I did! Is that last sentence some hint about the “dream” you’ve been working on????

  18. Therese says:

    Wendy was a great teacher for GOBI but that’s the closest I have come to meeting her. She sounds fab!

  19. Melony Wells says:

    OK, you just made me tear up and I don’t even know you gals. Friends are the family we get to pick and you two struck gold :)

  20. anita f says:

    Stacy, I have a copy of Core Composition in addition to your other books. Thanks for all the education and inspiration through the years, -wishing you many more scrapbooking adventures!

  21. tbscrapper says:

    Thanks for sharing your memories. I took Wendy’s BPS class and I think she is wonderful wendy as well.

  22. oh fantastic!!! I’m SO looking forward to the upcoming adventures with you all!!! (of course I have NO clue what those might be, but I KNOW they’ll be great and I can’t WAIT!!!) :-)

  23. Michelle says:

    What a sweet post and tribute to Wendy!! Simple will be missed… I enjoy your blog so much! Thanks!

  24. Thanks for sharing you & Wendy’s story! Very touching!

  25. Oh- I’ve always loved Wendy too! Maybe because I have 5 boys- you two have always been my favorites. I got to meet Wendy in person at CKC POrtland a few years ago where she taught a mini class/make in take about visual triangles. Glad you two are working togetehr!

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