St. Louis Update

So, United lost my suitcase. "No big deal," I say.

"We'll bring it to the hotel by 8:00pm," they say.

At 8:00pm, no suitcase. We call United. "We've got it!" they say. "We'll bring it to the hotel by 5:00am"

At 6:10 when I wake up and call the front desk, no suitcase.

IMG_7441 "Let's go to TARGET" I say …

and here I sit, on the floor of my hotel room, blogging …

I've got a new super-cute skirt, trouser jeans, shirts, sandals + make up and a few other necessities which should not be mentioned on a public blog. I'm set.

As a BONUS I found my favorite Archer Farms nut mix (My Target in Spokane does not Cashew Cranberry Almond mix)

This along with the fact that I found two full aisles of Scrapbooking and some SUPER CUTE photo albums has given me some serious Target envy.

I bought the BROWN (not black) leafy two-up, an adorable clip purse-style album with 12 sleeves inside and a green wallet photo album all begging to be played with …
Here's the inside shot. If you have a hankering for a Photo Album Scrapbook project, you should absolutely visit your local Target. HINT: LOOK for two-up albums like the one I purchased. Three rings (removed pages) no "memo" space and two horiztonal sleeves with a 1 1/4" inch strip down the middle (ideal for strips of pattern paper that help you designate your sections)

I don't expect this to make sense to everyone, but I do expect myself to go home and get creative and report back.

But now, we're off to see the ARCH and then back to participate with these FUN ladies at this AWESOME event.


  1. way to make some lemonade stacy – have fun.

  2. Target is always there to save the day!! I must go revisit the photo album aisle. Have a wonderful trip!

  3. this sounds very suspicious. . .you didn’t misplace your suitcase on purpose by any chance????? :)

  4. Ah yes, the old suitcase disappearance thing. Just why I try to carry on everything. But hey, next time I will remember your idea. A Target trip saves th day and helps the scrapbooking along. Go Stacy! Way to save the day!

  5. Enjoy your new stuff. And have fun in St Louis!

  6. I bought the exact same brown leafy album at my Target for the LOM assignment, but I haven’t put anything in it yet. I can’t wait to see how you use it!
    Lisa :)

  7. You have Target envy…. me too! I bought a little lemon yellow album like your green one about a year ago in Asda (Walmart’s UK cousin) & I made a little brag book for my mum’s birthday (you can see it here if you want to:, I’m jealous because Asda don’t sell them any more so I can’t make any more of these little albums & it was such fun to make too! ;o)
    Hope you get your suitcase back soon. Look forward to seeing what you do with your album. :o)

  8. ooops! My link to my mini album didn’t work right in the comment above. This should be it now: :D

  9. young c-m says:

    A similar thing just happened to me, and yes, Target is a lifesaver! Make sure to ask the airline about reimbursement – Northwest reimbursed me for 50% of my clothing items!

  10. Hi Stacy. Here in Australia Target is no-where as good as it is over there and has very little in terms of albums and scrapbooking :( Can you tell me the brand of the little album so I can search online for one…have been looking for something like this for ages. Thanks
    Diane H

  11. Margot/NZ says:

    Oh how I wish we had Target here in NZ!

  12. Karen Greenfield says:

    …um, did you ever get your suitcase back?? Karen

  13. Stacy, while your Spokane Target may not be as “spiffy” as the St. Louis version, pity my poor Navy-wife daughter. Serious Target envy going on in Japan. (Except when she sends mom to Target to pick up essentials and mail ‘em to Japan!!!)
    Cute books for the photo album project; I’ll have to check out my Target here in AZ.

  14. think I must have the leafy brown album…

  15. This post is a perfect example of what I love about you. It’s all about attitude! A lost suitcase would be enough to send some people completely over the edge. Instead you see it as a fun adventure to Target. Great Attitude!!

  16. You are so positive and fun!
    I just used your photo album scrapbooking to make 2 priceless and fast albums- one for my inlaws on a trip to China (pics of their 4 grandkids…so they won’t be too homesick, and notes and pics the kids wrote throughout). The 2nd was for my inlaws to give to the nannies when they visit my daughter’s orphanage…we brought her home 4 1/2 years ago. Without your ideas I never would have done it so fast..or had something so special! Thank you!

  17. I admire your attitude. Instead of complaining and whining (like I might do), you “made the best out of a bad situation” as my husband often says. Hope you get your suitcase back. Have fun.

  18. Did you REALLY need an excuse to visit Target? ;)

  19. Giorgina says:

    Stacy, I am sooooo jealous, US Target sounds sooo cool with such great stuff. Our Target in Australia doesn’t have nearly as great stuff as I see you guys have. Make Target uniform worldwide I say!!! LOL How about you get all the cool stuff and sell it to your Aussie fans online!!! I’m serious, were desperate, he, he!!

  20. Sorry about your suitcase, but at least there was somewhere you could shop. I really like the clip purse album… too back my nearest Target is 4 hours away.

  21. Hey…today while in Target, I grabbed some of that cranberry, almond, cashew mix from Archer Farms in the little bag. DELISH!

  22. No visit to the STL is complete without a trip to the Arch and Target, of course! I hope you enjoyed your visit!

  23. Looove the little purse album, how cute! We’re going to be visiting Washington DC next year and one of my first stops will definitely be TARGET! Loved it when i lived in Tucson and I’m already saving for my intended shopping spree :)

  24. Sometimes it works out when your suitcase doesn’t show up on time! LOL

  25. Lorraine Coppin says:

    How funny! I read your blog and when i go to comment, 2 other aussies mention Target and albums and being sad that we cannot get good little albums like you do.
    Stacy, pls let Target know about your LOM class and your photo books and how many aussies *especially in western australia* want ring binder loose leaf 2 or 3 ups for their organisation albums. *giggle*. Your influence would be amazing!
    they dont do loose leaf here, only heat sealed ones.
    but on a happy note, glad you did some happiness shopping – bet you bought somethng in your happy colours!!!!

  26. Nichole says:

    Hmmmm . . . in my scrapbook shopping experience, For Keeps Sake, the independent scrapbook store who put on the event at which you spoke, is far superior to Target. Personally, I’m trying to support locally-owned businesses in this economy. In St. Louis, we are so incredibly lucky to have this amazing store run by these amazing women!

  27. Target? Okay, I understand the appeal of Target if you don’t have a local scrapbook store near your home, but in this economy – why not help out the LSS? I would think you would want to promote the locally owned stores rather than the big boxes. For Keep Sake in St. Louis is so much better than Target and they have knowledgeable staff that can help you with your purchases. Just my two cents….

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