Friday, I’m staying home …

and kicking off this event. The Inspired Creations Extravaganza is a collaborative effort by three friends (Sheryl, Crystal and Bonnie) with a vision to spread the FUN of scrapbooking. I figured since it is Teach A Friend to Scrapbook month over at, I'd better jump at the chance to join them. Seriously, the venue is 10 minutes from my house and Sheryl extended a personal invitation, so I'm there.

If by chance you live in Spokane and need something to do this weekend, there is still room for about 10 or 15 people. The cost is $50 dollars for two full days of cropping. You can come and go as you like and you'll receive $35 dollars worth of product with your registration. There are a variety of technique demonstrations planned for both days. Most importantly, there will be potential friends and lots of space to spread out.

I'll be attending tomorrow (Friday) from 11:00 to 3:00. I'll bring BPS goodies and a handful of other giveaways.

I'll be speaking to anyone and everyone who wants to listen at 11:00. We're going to talk about color inspiration and finding your own happy colors. My hope is that I'll convince you to check your "matchy matchy" tendencies at the door, so you can be more playful and more productive (WARNING: You'll have a lot more FUN too)

If you have any questions at all, feel free to call Sheryl at 991-5393

So sorry for the short notice.


While I've got your attention, we've open registration for our 4Experts workshop with the amazing and talented Jenni Bowlin. Twelve weeks with Jenni will prove to be invaluable in your ability to find and use inspiration in the world around you. I hope you'll check out the details and listen to Jenni talk about her plans.

And then … stop by Tip Junkie, a delightful blog dedicated to excavating and sharing tips for creative ideas. Laurie is highlighting a mini-book I created for Father's Day last year. If you're new to my blog, you just might want to have a peek!

I also had the GREAT opportunity to write up a little article for Mermaids of the Lake a super-cool online community based right here in Liberty Lake, WA.

In fact, when you Teach a Friend to Scrapbook,


tell her NOT to leave her love of photo albums behind. Designing layouts inside a big, beautiful 12×12 album is an amazing opportunity to play with personal expression, but it is NOT a realistic approach for scrapbooking the vast majority of the photos you choose to scrapbook. Yes, I just said that. Once we've been enlightened with the possibilities that blank pages hold, we sometimes we take on a "never look back"  attitude that is often borderline snobbish. Please tell your friend that anytime you pair photos with memories, you are scrapbooking. And when you start with the easy and inviting format of a photo album you can get focus on the memories and still have lots of fun!

I'll be sharing more tips and ideas for Photo Album Scrapbooks, very soon. In the meantime, the next time you see some of these …

Photo albums 

buy a few. Trust me.


  1. Leora Henkin says:

    Wishing I lived in Spokane…or could beam myself there tomorrow. Have fun!!!!

  2. Yea!!! I’m so glad to hear that you will be sharing more inspiration for photo album scrapbooking! This has been a new focus of mine that I really enjoy! I feel so much more successful at making multiple smaller albums and I get to use more photos! Can’t wait!

  3. I read your article & loved it! How did you get the 6×6 pages – did you just pry apart the place where the photo sleeve and memo space met?

  4. Kathy in Minnesota says:

    I’ve been using that 4×6 scrapbook technique on helping to get a friend caught up. And I mean two rubbermaid tubs full of pictures caught up. That 4×6 mag has been a god-send. We’re about 900 pics in (over 600 in 3-up and 2-up albums, the rest organized in photo boxes) and we’re through one tub. This is truly the way to go-I talk about it all the time with people who “don’t want to scrapbook”. Because everyone likes pictures, and 4×6 scrapbooking is so darn easy! Seriously Stacy-you are my hero.

  5. Hi Stacy — I read this blog post about love of ironing, and I thought of you. I actually tried the PAS and made an album for my mom for Mothers Day and she really loved it.

  6. Angela O says:

    The Tip Junkie link did not work for me. Can you please check it?

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