Happy Mother’s Day!

Yes, I realize I'm a day late with this, but I'm of the opinion that any day can be Mother's Day. I spent the majority of yesterday coming home and was filled with anticipation to see my children and be with my family. Wendy and I had a very fun weekend in Huron, South Dakota. Tasha (the event organizer) and her team worked tirelessly and it showed. I think the almost 200 scrappers that came, left refreshed and energized. On multiple occasions I was privileged to talk with a small group of women and hear family stories or look through an album that someone was working on. I am  reminded in these very personal moments that this hobby has great meaning and importance and I feel so blessed to be able to do what I do.


I came home last night to a great little pile of mommy presents. Is there anything better than a look on a child's face when you open a "brown-paper bag" gift they have made you? I think not.

I also got to talk to my mom when I landed in Spokane. She and my dad traveled to Utah this weekend to see my brother Cougar receive his PhD (in Health Education) from the University of Utah. She described one of those "mother moments" to me — the kind I want to help her scrapbook. When the family was walking back to the car, she looked up to see Cougar, velvet robe blowing in the wind, holding his son's hand and standing next to my dad. He turned ever so slightly and my mom caught a glimpse of her father (Cougar's grandfather) in his profile and hands. This grandfather was an educator and there, in an instant my mom experienced a four-generation flash of perspective that caused her heart to skip a beat. Very cool.

I thought about this conversation driving home from the airport and came up with a quote that I think sums up the role of mothers in all times (but perhaps just a little bit more in times of uncertainty.)

"I cannot see the future, but I am shaping it." 


I realize that different things matter to different people, but with respect to the individual attitudes and talents of her children, this woman has taught my siblings and me what matters most. When I think about what I get to do and why I've been in the right places at the right times. I think of this woman. She has taught me …

  • to trust in God
  • to be interested in the past and grateful for legacies of faith and fortitude
  • to take care of myself, so that I have strength to care for others
  • to follow my curiosities
  • to listen and to respond to my children with questions and not statements

Obviously, this list could go on and on, but these are some of the biggies, that have been on my mind lately.  I LOVE you, Mom!

p.s. my mom is so good at doing little extra things that make otherwise ordinary things, extraordinary. This little ceramic elephant holds pancake syrup. I don't ever remember my mom putting the syrup bottle on the table. Instead, she would use the elephant. When I was home after my first year of college, I wrote my name on the bottom of the elephant. A while later, Cougar noticed this and has teased me ever since. He will walk around the house and pick up things to "see" if my name is on the bottom. A few years ago, I found a ceramic chicken and began using it to hold pancake syrup. When my mother came in February, I asked her to bring the elephant so I could take some pictures. I am totally good now with my syrup chicken and want Cougar to know that I've removed my name and if he acts quickly …

Speaking of things that matter …

Vicky and Jen have done a cool thing on their blog. They asked several of the women that have been interviewed recently to share their thoughts on motherhood. I really enjoyed stopping for a moment to think about being a mom. If you have time sometime this week, I encourage to have a read and then perhaps listen to some of these mothers and their podcast interviews — it's that global connection thing and it's just plain cool.

And finally, when you Teach Your Friend to Scrapbook


that what we do matters. Tell her that one of the best ways I know to honor someone you love is to document the things they've taught you. Tell her scrapbooking helps bind together generations and thus helps us better realize the influence of the past.


  1. That quote is PROFOUND. Do I give you the credit? It truly is an amazing quote and struck me to the core. Thank you.

  2. Kimberly Ann says:

    Hi Stacy – I just wanted to thank you again for the opportunity to hear you speak this weekend and take your “Play” class. I came home full of inspiration and new ideas!

  3. Sharon F. Oakland, CA says:

    a very sweet story. So wonderful for you brother and your mom.
    And for the record if not one wants it, I will take the elephant!?:)

  4. LOve your stories about your family. I lost my mom last year…hold on tightly to yours.

  5. Kary in Colorado says:

    Love the quote–I’m sure it will make it’s way to a scrapbook page in the near future! Congratulations to your brother–my oldest is in a doctoral program at the UofU but his graduation date is years away. What a wonderful moment for your mom. Very, very cool.

  6. Margot/NZ says:

    This is a lovely post. Thank you so much for validating both motherhood and scrapbooking with good words we can use when we talk to others!

  7. Your post was like a wonderful ((hug)) from a friend…thank you for your blog, it is a gift to many of us!

  8. Leora Henkin says:

    What a fun stash of mother’s day gifts! Thanks for sharing your Mother’s day thoughts. Love the quote.

  9. How does one get to this point? “Altogether too happy?” Your posts are always such a delight to read, and I admire you so much. I long to be the kind of person that knows she is in the right place at the right time and is doing what she is supposed to be doing.

  10. Hilarious!! Thank you for sharing that story. I think I need an elephant and I’ll definatley be looking at the bottom of things at my Dad’s house now. I have 1 brother and 8 step-siblings and there’s more than one of us that would totally do something like that. LOL!!

  11. Melony Wells says:

    Off topic – How’s that 365 project coming along? I’m a SAHM and I’m finding it very challenging…can’t imagine how you’re finding the time :) How do you handle the days that you miss a pic? Or have you managed to stay on top of that?

  12. That photo on the wall behind you & your mom – I saw it in a photography book! The funniest thing is that they just mention you as “the boys and their mom” and your face if blocked by one of the kid’s hands, but one look and I knew that picture! Its Stacy! (Its page 20 of Allison Tyler Jones’s book Photographing Children / I’ve been trying to brush up on my photography skills). Happy Mother’s Day :)

  13. Donna Fleischmann says:

    Ours was a cow. We grew up with a little cow milk pitcher. It was so adorable. Now you’ve got me wondering…where is that little cow. It needs to be scrapped!
    Great post! Thank you!

  14. Great post Stacy! I love your photo of you and your mom. The syrup story is great. I love your rooster and I especilly love the elephant. I have that same little elephant pitcher. Thank you for sharing. Also, your post about life being hard. It really is sometimes, but you had a beautiful revelation. I hope whatever has made you sad has been resolved. Have a wonderful weekend.

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