I’m back with Today …

Wow. Life has been crazy lately. I've become accustomed to a general sense of crazy, but every now and again when I travel twice within a four week period and there are family celebrations and milestones and looming projects, the crazy exceeds my current limit and things start to "fall off."

First thing to go? The blog.

but hey, at least I'm not letting the kids "fall off."

It's good to be back.
I'm returning with this very pretty bowl of strawberries. Do me a favor and photograph something you eat today. In the northern hemisphere, we're finally heading into spring and I'm so looking forward to eating beautiful food. Speaking of food …


Today … I ate breakfast (sitting at the table) before I woke up the kids. Note to self: Do this again sometime soon.

Today … I have a meeting with our BPS Featured Teachers, Elizabeth, Georgana and Lisa. I am really enjoying connecting to them once a month, as we work together on bringing the BPS community our first round of inspiring project classes.

Today … I enjoyed this conversation with Taft as he was headed to the bus stop.

Mom: Who loves you the most?

Taft: My mom. She loves me first. Who loves me second? My Grandma. Who loves me third? My Dad. Who loves me fourth? My Grandpa.

Mom: I think you are a very loved little boy.

Taft: That's for sure.

I'm hoping to find time to let this exchange become a scrapbook
page. I've committed myself to two pages a week for the final weeks of
Library of Memories and I'm just barely scraping by. 

Today … I noticed how much Chase has changed in one year. He recently traded in his glasses for contacts and taught himself how to put them in (this required some serious effort and patience.) He comes downstairs smelling really good and brushes his teeth without being asked. He refuses to admit that he has a crush. I'm naive, but I'm not stupid.

Today … I'm planting flowers in my pots on my porch, no matter what!

What are you doing, no matter what?


  1. Welcome back.
    Your berries do look fantastic.
    I also am loving the smell of my 16 year old, now if only I could get him to wash his hair more often.
    Heading into winter in South Africa, but I did it, found a comfy pair of jeans I’ve been searching for a few weeks already.

  2. Denise Morris says:

    I’m going to have a positive attitute today “no matter what.” My life has turned upside down and inside out the last few weeks and it’s insane but I will have a positive attitude “no matter what!”

  3. No matter what, I am going to be thankful for everything–even a fire that destroyed one house. I am thankful for all the support from my family, especially my parents, who took in a family of four for the last seven months. I am going to remember my blessings. My good friend here at school keeps reminding me: “God is good.”

  4. Today I am going to breathe the fresh air.
    Can you beleive I have not left my house since Sunday this week? So many crazy deadlines and general business that I can barely keep up.
    Time to stop and breath in.

  5. Jennifer Larson says:

    No matter what, I’m telling people a story EVERY DAY about how great my kids are. Makes me happy.

  6. TracyBzz says:

    No matter what, today I am going to complete another page for Lain’s LOAD challenge.

  7. Jo-Ellen C. says:

    I am going to work on laundry. No matter what. I am going to wish that I could eat your bowl of strawberries because they look delicious. I am going to try and be responsible and scrapbook when I have finished my chores. Not very easy to do.

  8. I have an art assignment that is due in just over a week. I need to stop procrasinating!!

  9. Vacuuming my husband’s truck after only having it with the kids in it for a two days! yikes. It is a mess after a trip to the movies that lead to leftover popcorn. He comes home tomorrow from a trip and I would like to give back to him decent. Especially, since a little while ago he got my car cleaned top to bottom! : )

  10. Oh yes, one of the things I do for myself is to get up before the kids especially during the week before school. I REALLY like the “breathing” room it gives me. I am usually up to do my workout but on my rest days, I still get up so I can have a HOT tea and my breakfast and maybe read the paper or something else is some quiet. I don’t like the getting up part but I am always, always glad I did and upset with myself when I don’t.

  11. One thing I set out to do today no matter what was take a photo of Abbey in one of the outfits she and her daddy picked out for Free Dress week at school. The cutest part of it all is she and her daddy took a weekend and went on a shopping spree, accessories, shoes and all to reward her for an outstanding year at school … a 4.3 GPA. Yay Abbey!!

  12. Today, no matter what, I am spending more time with my child than on the computer!! (so far, so good.)
    Today, no matter what, I am making two sets of cards to swap with my SU! upline and getting them in the mail!! (so far, not so good. *sigh*)

  13. I have a friend who is a PE teacher at a junior high and he says that you could float out of the locker room on the heavy scent of AXE body spray the boys use.

  14. Kary in Colorado says:

    Love the line, “I’m naive, but I’m not stupid.” Made me laugh! I must get guest rooms ready for incoming family for our daughter’s high school graduation this weekend. Fun time, and it came way too fast. Not only that, she starts BYU in JUNE–great for her, too soon for me. Sigh. Glad I still have two at home–enjoy yours while they are all around, Stacy!

  15. i potted all the containers for my deck today, too! i finished even though my back was killing me and my foot went to sleep, so, no matter what!

  16. Today no matter what I am getting organized for the all day crop on Saturday – the pictures, cardstock, embellishments I want & maybe even cut out some titles with my wishblade.

  17. ha! what a funny coincidence to have two crazy-busy blog posts featuring strawberries. Yours are more fun though because you got to eat them. I didn’t buy any at the market–only took pictures : ) (We metro-ed over and I didn’t feel like carrying a bunch of produce back on the train that day)

  18. “He comes downstairs smelling really good and brushes his teeth without being asked. He refuses to admit that he has a crush. I’m naive, but I’m not stupid.”
    My personal fave thing to say when they think you are clueless:
    “Hey buddy, I was born on a Saturday… but it wasn’t LAST Saturday!”

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