It flew the coop this week.

Time that is. Maybe it was the Monday holiday, maybe something else … whatever it was, I'm stunned that it's already Friday again.


I'm subscribed to the Organizing Tip of the Day ( and this one today, made me laugh out loud …

"Find inspiration from Martha's own
craft room, which is ingeniously
organized and perpetually neat."

Well then my guess is she isn't using very often!
And maybe I'm just a little perturbed because I have been wanting to clean up my own studio. Which by the way is also ingeniously organized, used every single day of my life and therefore perpetually MESSY.

but then, we don't want Martha to be messy. Martha wouldn't be Martha if she was messy.


One of the projects that came out of my craft room this week was two sophomores dressed and ready for their DECCA showcase. There are a lot of things I could be better at as a mother, but I do have paint and letter stamps!

Speaking of projects … I am loving the exposure BPS is getting at

Michelle Vocke, the national scrapbooking and stamping examiner will be doing a series of interviews and articles on us and I couldn't be more thrilled. We starting off with a promo code that you can use on almost any class we have posted now — click here and read the article. Thanks Michelle!

I'm currently working on some pretty big projects and looking at only TENish more days of school. I know many of you have already started summer … but I'm still in that "Oh No! Here we go again!" place. I SO WANT my kids home and am craving the looser schedule and NO HOMEWORK (except what Dad assigns) but it takes some serious planning … I gave Lauren the day off today and so Addie and I enjoyed running errands this morning. We stopped at Michaels and I stocked up on summer craft supplies. I'm mentally working on my summer plan — will post soon. 

One thing I'd like to make time for is this …

The Farm Chicks annual antique show, which is next weekend here in Spokane.

A "farm chick" is girl who sees the world through rose-colored glasses. She loves her family. She laughs a lot. She's farm girl meets fifth avenue. And with a little junk, she'll change the world.


How can you NOT want to be a farm chick? The original farm chicks, Serena and Teri are from my neck of the woods and apparently they put on one heck of a great party. So … while I'm not sure I'm up to waiting two hours in line, which is what some of my friends will be doing, I am hoping to go check it out. Serena and Teri have a NEW book too. Here's the link.

I just heard my boy Chase come in, so I'll sign off with that. 

be happy!


  1. I went to the Farm Chicks show for the first time last year, and I’m hooked. I only bought one thing (an old printer’s tray), but it was so fun to look and be inspired. Maybe I’ll see you there. :)

  2. Kathryn Wafer says:

    My scraproom looks more like yours than Martha’s. I agree that it is probably used more often for what it is intended. Besides who wants to use good time to clean when you could scrap instead!

  3. Ahh, I really wish that the scrap magazines would show all the beautiful scrap rooms as a before and after. The befores are the beauties we see already – the before we actually start a project. The after is how it looks either during or after completing the project but before we clean up :) then I would feel much better about my space,lol!! So thank you for showing us your after.
    Then I had a question for you, your daughter Addie is about my daughter’s age, 2 ish?? What crafts do you do with her. My daughter loves to color and draw, but I would like to do more with her but not sure what…

  4. S ~ Please edit Clark’s photo on 365 project. Info shouldn’t be published.

  5. Ha! I had EXACTLY the same response when I read that email about Martha this morning. Except I rolled my eyes, too : )

  6. Hi Stacy…
    I am just dropping in to let you know that I am having a Give Away on my blog. I know you liked my felted knit purses…and I am actually giving one away this weekend. Hope you stop in and give it a try!
    By the way…I look forward to “hearing” your summer plan. I need some inspiration:)
    Dancingly, denise

  7. Leora Henkin says:

    I’m with you…I can’t believe it is Friday and I can’t believe we only have 10 more days of school. EGADS!

  8. I bet the Martha chicks laugh as they write the tips of the day! And if her room is perpetually tidy, it may just be because she has someone to come & clean up after her.

  9. Karen C. says:

    Summer, can you believe it is already here. We are so thrilled to have sunshine upon us.

  10. My scraproom looks like yours too, well used. And we have them same color walls. Beautiful and bright! :D

  11. Lee Cockrum says:

    I saw that article about her craft area when it was first published. I am envious of all her space, which makes it MUCH easier to keep organized. Oh, and a staff helps with that as well!!! *lol*

  12. I’m pretty sure that Martha Stewart would ‘gasp’ at the horror of my craft room! It’s all well used/loved items but I am organized and know where to find things in the rubble!

  13. TracyBzz says:

    I agree about the Martha thing. She either doesn’t use it or if and when she does she has staff to clean it up.
    We are the real crafters. We may have organizing systems in place, but when creativity stikes it looks like a bomb went off. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  14. I remember when Martha first started her scrapbooking line. She did a demo on one of the morning shows and didn’t know the difference between cardstock and construction paper…..what a hoot!

  15. so glad to hear your studio is perpetually in use. you can tell mine is used as well. can’t wait to get some inspiration from your summer plans. need to make a few of my own!

  16. Trena Garrett says:

    Love the Farm Chicks – I too will be making time to get in on the action. It is so inspiring to be there!
    I cannot wait to hear about your summer plan for the kids. You always have unique ideas that I can adapt for my younger crowd. Please share!

  17. I have a well-used scraproom, too. It feels “off” to me if it is too clean. :)
    Love the IRELAND shirts. My kids have made many school projects with the help of my scrapbooking supplies. In fact, sometimes I wonder how kids without scrapbooking moms can complete their projects! :)

  18. So funny your comment on “Martha must not use her craft room much”. So darn true. I actually spent an entire day-off on Thursday cleaning up my room. Man…it was a cyclonic mess. My husband about had a stroke when he noticed it the next a.m.- by accident. His comment…”stay out of there now”… lol

  19. ooooh! I LOVE the Farm Chicks! I got to go to one of their sales up in Spokane (actually, it was like an hour outside I think) when we lived there and I LOVED it… hope you had fun!!!
    Are you blogging UNPLUGGED tomorrow? I hope so! I would love to read about your birthday!

  20. Molly Loder says:

    I laughed too – good for you – perpetually messy means perpetually creative, right? Anyway, I loved your layout on; I know you said you re-did it, but it was great. Sometimes even rushed journaling IS part of the story – so don’t be too hard on yourself. I’m reading and enjoying the book “Flow” at your recommendation; he’s got some “interesting” theories on the irrelevance of religion, but other than that, I think so far his stuff is “dead on” – thanks for the tip! Have a great day!

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