It’s OUR Day!

Happy National Scrapbook Day!

I'm beginning my celebrations at 3:30 am (my time) because I can't sleep. I've had two amazing days watching Brian Smith take photos in my home. I can't even express how giddy (and grateful) I am for his talent and the way he has allowed me to visualize a project that I am working on (a huge DREAM of mine) More details coming soon!


Brian came to my house back in 2006 (I think?) to photography my studio for Wendy and Aby's book, The Organized and Inspired Scrapbooker. This time he brought his beautiful bride, Shokko …
Brian and Shokko were celebrating their 5th anniversary Friday, so we gave them cupcakes (with sprinkles of course!)

With everything going on the last two days, I totally failed to finish up my SS memories for Celebrate Simple Week. I hope you'll allow me a few more days and a few more recollections, because I'm so NOT done! Be sure to check out Angie's and Wendy's and Cathy's blogs for some prize giveaways and know that I still have few things to share (and give away) too!

I'll be celebrating National Scrapbook Day, by giving my Tafty boy a mad scientist birthay party and by (hopefully) putting my studio back together, so I'm ready for work next week. Wendy and I are headed to the event in South Dakota next weekend, so I've got plenty to do!

At Big Picture Scrapbooking, we're helping you celebrate with a 50% of coupon, good for any Projects Now class — can't beat that!


I love what's going on over at
They are hosting a month-long effort and promotion (CONTEST) called, Teach a Friend to Scrapbook. Learn more here.

I think we all know that the best way to grow and ultimately sustain our industry is to share our LOVE of scrapbooking. In other words, spread the word! Why not pick someone you know, that you KNOW would love to scrapbook (whether or not she knows it) and then help her learn the ropes in May.

I'm going to support this effort by sharing a "Tell her …" TIP every
day. So, pick your friend and then "Tell her …" these nuggets of
wisdom that have become essential to my philosophy– things that for
the most part, I've had to learn and put into practice by trial and
error. If you know me at all, then you know that these will not be 'how
to scrapbook' tips, but 'how to survive scrapbooking' tips. I want us
to survive and thrive in this glorious hobby of ours … and
please, feel free to share your own survival strategies and solutions
here and on the message board over at


Let's start with this one: Please tell your friend that creativity isn't what you make, but how you think. Tell her that true creativity is simply an ability to fully engage and experience any moment in time. Tell her that as she learns to recognize the magnitude of everyday moments, she will begin to find her creativity.

Tell her she can scrapbook. Tell her you'll help!


  1. Karen C. says:

    7 more sleeps and I will see you in SD, totally can’t wait. :O)

  2. I agree…that telling our stories and sharing all that we can learn from this craft is the best way to spread the word! I’m so sad about Simple, but excited to hear about new journeys and explorations!!!!

  3. Melony Wells says:

    I’m IN!! I have a couple friends that I know would love to scrapbook and I’m going to plant a few a seeds that I hope will grow into the desire to just try it! My sister is my only scrap companion and she’s moving 5 hours away from me. I need someone to share this with or I will be that person who takes her stuff to Archivers to show strangers (interested strangers) my latest masterpiece. May is my month to entice them on board this scrappin train :) Thanks Stacy for your Nuggets of survival :)

  4. Teach a friend to scrapbook – love it! What an awesome idea! :)

  5. simple rules :)

  6. Leora Henkin says:

    Happy (Mad Scientist) Birthday to Taft! Happy National Scrapbook Day to you!
    Have a great one,

  7. Happy Scrapbook Day to you, too!
    Happy Birthday to your ‘Mad Scientist’!

  8. Now I want a cupcake too. Simple rules! Right?

  9. Wow, you are so inspiring, Stacy!

  10. I so enjoy all your stories and sound advice. Happy Scrapbooking day and to many more stories and shared experiences

  11. all of my girlfriends scrap. so i am very blessed to have them

  12. Tracie says:

    Stacy Do you know where I can get a copy of the book The Organized and Inspired Scrapbooker. I have been looking for a long time and cannot find it anywhere. I really want a copy bad. Thank you for any input.

  13. After a sleepless night that involved finally getting up at 4am to read on a Sunday when I did not need to be up until around 8, it makes me feel better to know I am not the only one with these troubles!

  14. ‘Tell her’….how perfect, not only in scrapbooking but in life. I love it Stacey…thankyou.

  15. thank you so much Stacy – for giving me the words about how I already feel about scrappin :-) (hope you had a great day yesterday!!)

  16. I love your tip today! That is something I have been trying to tell myself for a while now.

  17. All these subtle hints….have me intriged! What are you going to announce?!
    I will make an effort to teach a friend to scrapbook and will start with your “Tell Her” snippet.
    Thanks for you inspiration!

  18. beth s. says:

    Love the picture of you with Addie! Just thinking about what a difference you’ve made in that sweet little girl’s life! She’s truly blessed.

  19. I flew home from UT last monday and ended up sitting next to your VT companion!! She was probably glad I didn’t dicover that she knew you until the end of the flight or she wouldn’t’ve gotten to take her nap! I tried to convinvce her to scrapbook, but I don’t think it worked… you’ll have to keep trying :)

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