on my way ..

to scrap.it.up in Huron, South Dakota. Meeting up with Wendy in Denver. Looking forward to scrapbooking with my friend.

When you Teach A Friend to Scrapbook,
that it's important to get away from her "space" and scrapbook with other people. Tell her scrapbooking is a very social thing, and that even if she prefers to scrapbook alone (like me, for reasons of productivity) that collaboration is essential to her creativity. Tell her there isn't a better way to connect and share. Women + stories + chocolate (this is an inevitable element of any good crop)  = a refreshingly, albeit caloric good time.

Tell her you'll always be there to scrapbook with her.

btw … yesterday was HARD. More info on that coming soon.
I had a wonderful day.

me and my kids @ one of my favorite restaurants for dinner.

OK, gotta go.


  1. Have a safe and fun trip!

  2. Love the picture of you and your kids! Hope “Your” “Day” was happy! I unplug when we go camping and it is usually for 2 days straight! I know hard hard that is. But it is nice to do once in awhile. It would be really a challenge to do at home…hmmmm, I might have to be up to the challenge.
    Have a great flight and enjoy your time with Wendy!

  3. I can imagine how hard it would be to unplug everything. Last year I gave up my cell phone in order to help save some cash for our family, I felt so lost without it, now I love how I have time to myself and talking to my daughter while we run errands instead of being on the phone. I think it makes the trips more bearable for her since I am paying more attention to her.
    on a side note, I thought it was funny that you and my husband share a birthday.

  4. Rebekah says:

    Congrats on an unplugged day, no matter how hard. I’m aiming to try this too. Loved reading the other blogs from your friend’s link. All the very same ideas going on in my head…we get so unplugged from real life when we are constantly virtually plugged in!!

  5. Happy belated birthday Stacy! Glad you made it through your unplugged day. I do it a couple of times a year when we visit family in Michigan. We still have TV there for the kids but I don’t watch. Instead I take a nice book and catch up on my reading and no laptop since there’s no internet there.

  6. thank you SO much for continuing to plug the “tell her” … I think I’m going to have to copy all the posts you’ve made to date and share with my friend – she does scrap, but just not regularly and I KNOW she would benefit from taking that time out for herself … I already know she enjoys it … I just want to help her make some time for it AND for herself :-)
    glad you enjoyed yesterday!! looking forward to hearing more about it) :-)

  7. Stacy, Thanks so much for the Tell Her posts. I find them inspiring for myself as well. I’m going to my monthly crop this weekend and it’s a day I look forward to each month. A day to scrap with my best friend, my Mom and all my pals! I, too, love to scrap alone because I can concentrate better, but I love the social aspect of my group of gals! P.S. It’s about the only group I’ve ever joined where I feel really comfortable with them and myself–it’s a great gift.

  8. You are a brave woman to unplug on your birthday. I don’t think I could do that. I LOVE the picture of you and all your children. Gorgeous.

  9. Loved your ‘unplugged’ post and am considering being ‘unplugged’ myself in a couple of weeks. I need a break!
    Happy Mother’s Day and I love the unmatched sock day. Great idea of a holiday.

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