So, it’s my birthday …

and I'm giving myself a really cool present. I'm going to UNPLUG.
You see, a few weeks ago,my friend Jodie sent me this letter …

Unplug letter

I don't think it needs any further explanation from me.

All you need to know is that I'm unplugged today and I will plan to blog about my experience on June 1st.  Jodi suggests taking my camera along. I haven't decided yet whether I'm doing this or not — I
might decide to just take pictures with my heart and record my feelings.

I will start my day with 5:30 am yoga and a short jog. I will get my kiddos off to school and then write in my journal. I get to spend several hours with a close friend of mine. If the sun is shining, we might go on a hike. I'm not worried too much about specific plans, other than the fact that I will at some point, eat a really good brownie. The important thing is that I am going to
celebrate 43 full years of living. This means (gasp) I'm starting my
44th year on this earth. I need to take personal inventory and think about what I'm running low on and what I have too much of. I will spend today reflecting on where I am now and where I will go next. 

I hope you'll consider taking Jodie's challenge too.


When you do, you can use this image on your blog.

Please note that I turned off comments for this post. This is not because I don't love you (I do) this is because I'm unplugged. In lieu of a leaving a comment (if you are so inclined) please close your eyes and wish me a happy birthday. I'm pretty sure the universe will let me feel it. And I promise to send warm, happy, incredibly relaxed feelings back your way!

Oh, I almost forgot …

If you're Teaching a Friend to Scrapbook this month,


The best way to sustain her energy and enthusiasm for this amazing hobby is to oscillate between intentional recovery and creative engagement. In other words, true creativity (and passion) cannot be turned on, unless it is occasionally turned off.

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