Tomorrow (Saturday, May 9th) …

is one of those quirky national holidays that I love. It is LOST SOCK MEMORIAL DAY. I'm going to help you celebrate with another fun offer from my friends at LittleMissMatched. I was both surprised and delighted to hear of this bizarre holiday, because on Monday of this week, I began what is an annual attempt to reign in all single socks, make as many matches as I can, throw out all the leftovers and start a fresh! I am so NOT making this up ….

I asked Lauren and Addie to dump out our SOCK BOX and play a matching game. This coming Monday, I'm in charge of the activity for Family Home Evening. I will send my kids on a sock scavenger hunt and pay them .25 for every single sock they bring me.

So, imagine my surprise and delight when I read an email about a day dedicated to missing socks and the age old question of what to do with the surplus of single spares that have lost their pairs. Now, I realize that I've talked a LOT about my favorite socks of late, but I just can't pass this up.


(This btw, is my LMM SOCK drawer  — I often let Addie pick my socks for me!)

LittleMissMatched has a dream of revolutionizing sock drawers, so that no one ever has to fret again. And NO KIDDING, they've set up a website at where you can find all kinds of crafts and activities to do with single socks (ever heard of sock tag?)


So, Wendy and I are having a delightful time in South Dakota. We are teaching a class, called PLAY that is all about letting go and having FUN. We taught it twice today and will teach it two times in the morning. There is bubblegum, FUN DIP and playful productivity that results in FOUR "almost complete" scrapbook pages. Girls who finish one of more of their pages while here this weekend will receive a little treat and a chance to win a prize. A British accent is strongly encouraged in class and we are quite frankly having a blast. Here are a few photos …


This is Jill, enjoying her first-ever experience with FUN DIP. When she admitted that she had never had FUN DIP I felt that I must make a confession that I had never had it either. But since I am a big DIP, who loves to have FUN …


Beth, a fellow teacher, willingly showed me how.


This is cute VAL, from Phoenix, who is taking Library of Memories right now. So much fun to meet an LOMer in person.


And this is Molly taking Gretchen's photo, because our final page requires a photo of yourself. Which brings me to my Teach a Friend to Scrapbook, tip of the day.

Please, please be absolutely certain to


that the ONLY story she is truly qualified to tell, is her own story.

Tell her that for some reason we women often shy away from having our photo taken, which is an unfortunate thing. We apparently feel it is selfish to put ourselves in camera's way and somehow more noble to dedicate our creativity and personal expression to everyone but ourselves. This is NOT true.

I'm always shocked to learn how many students in my classes don't have a photo of themselves. Please, please … tell your friend to scrapbook herself.

and remember, you can't tell her to do something you haven't done for you (hint. hint.)


  1. lynne M says:

    if you mis-match yur socks, how do you end up with singles? my daughter never “matches” her socks (and LOVES lmm, by the way) and it it freeing to not have to combine her socks anymore. as long as she will wear them or they don’t have holes, they match with something…they match her foot!

  2. Oh, I love Fun Dip! Looks like you guys are having fun! :D

  3. Allison Barnes says:

    I honestly can’t believe that you have never had fun dip. It is one of my all time favorite candies. I know you are thinking that I have a lot of favorite candy, but really its probably number 2 in my non chocolate category. It’s right up there with sweet tarts and pixy stix.

  4. So funny…today is my daughter’s 10th birthday, and she LOVES Little Mismatched socks…thanks to you! Yesterday I bought 8 pairs of happy socks at Target for her friends. I wrapped each sock up individually, and we’re playing the white elephant game. Each girl gets a number. Number 1 grabs two wrapped socks, opens them, Number 2 can pick one of Number 1′s socks (or both), or grab 2 more unwrapped socks…and so on. We can’t wait! They’re wrapped in a laundry basket, and I was calling it the missing sock game. I can’t wait to see what pairs they come up with, and will be taking lots of pics!

  5. so I had to let you know that while I was at downtown Disneyland yesterday I saw LITTLE MISS MATCHED is moving into downtown disney! how awesome is that! I will have a full on store 15 minutes from my house! Now you totally have a good excuse to come see me!!!!
    Can’t wait to see you next weekend!

  6. Great post :) Fun dip is awesome! My boys recently discovered it in the vending machine at the local pool, of all places…

  7. Okay Stacy, guess what I was doing when I decided to check your post? Folding laundry and looking at that “lost sock” pile!! Way too funny. I am scrapping this today for my LOAD. Thanks for the FUN prompt!

  8. I’ll have to tell my daughter about lost sock day and LittleMissMatched. She purposely wears mismatched socks and has for a while now – totally cracks me up!

  9. My daughter purposely wears her socks mismatched, I’ll have to tell her about the day and socks. :-)

  10. Carmel Keane says:

    I don’t want to be really boring but I never have single socks left over…. I have no idea why not. When I wash them I do tend to hang them up beside their partner and I match them as soon as I take them inside…. yesterday the socks all went into the dryer and I still matched them all straight away. I suspect they get lost before ever making it to the washing machine -would that be right? Regardless I love the look of LMM – they haven’t made it to NZ yet that I know of but a great idea!

  11. Cami Haveman says:

    Stacy -
    Here is a poem my daughter learned for a school oral recital. May help to explain some things.
    From the other side of town
    The Island of Lost Socks
    If you look down in your washing machine
    you’ll probably see a trap door.
    It’s actually always been there.
    You just never saw it before.
    It’s easy to find your way through.
    You just open it with three knocks.
    And behind it you’ll find a river that leads
    to the Island of Lost Socks.
    The natives of this island
    are the socks that got away
    from the awful, terrible life
    of smelling feet all day.
    Now they run around in the sunshine
    enjoying magnificent views,
    and knowing they’ll never again
    have to fill anybody’s shoes.
    They never get holes, runs or snags.
    They never get sold at half price.
    They always are warm and fresh smelling,
    ‘Cause this is sock paradise.
    So the next time you notice a few of your socks
    have vanished without a trace,
    don’t bother to look in the laundry,
    ’cause they’re in a much happier place.
    (C) 1998, Arden Davidson

  12. STACY!!!! You posted our pic!! I was so excited when I saw it that I had to email your post to everyone in my family. It was so amazing to meet you this weekend!

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