Wow. more global connections …

I love hearing from BPS students and blog readers and generally I keep these emails and letters to myself, because they tend to be personal, but … in the spirit of my last post I'm going to share a few additional people and "connections" that have come into my life because of scrapbooking. 

I received two very thoughtful gifts this week, from girls in my Library of Memories class.


First, decorative napkins from Sharon in New Zealand. I LOVE decorative napkins (thank YOU.)

Sharon wrote to me that LOM has helped her past the feeling of being "totally overwhelmed with trying to scrap all of my photos chronologically — I honestly was at the point of wanting to quit all together" She goes on to write that she is learning to look at her life differently. She realized that she was not telling the stories (about her and her husband) she most wanted to tell. The most exciting part for me, is that Sharon not only wants to scrap again but now knows how to tell those stories that will really matter.


Second, I received sprinkles from Jacoba. Jacoba lives in Canada, shares my birthday and was raised in the Dutch tradition of eating sprinkles on her bread! How cool is that? Jacoba, who is in LOM for the second year, also has four adoarable boys, so she has eagerly embraced the photo freedom that comes from non-chronological scrapbooking. The Julians are looking forward to eating sprinkles on toast tomorrow morning — thank YOU Jacoba.


This is Lisa. Lisa doesn't live half way around the world from me –
she lives in Spokane. But I still wouldn't "know" her if I wasn't a scrapbooker. Lisa is also taking LOM this year (although her class
assignments have taken a backseat priority to her goal of running a
marathon, which she did on May 16th.) I met Lisa at the local event I
attended on the 15th. I got an email yesterday, letting me know that she reached her goal.


know what it takes to be a busy mother and make the decision to run a
marathon. I know the elation of running 10 miles and thinking to
yourself "I can't believe I can run 10 miles" I know the overwhelming
feeling that comes with the realization that 10 miles is less than half
the distance of a marathon. I am acquainted with the sheer mental
exertion that is required to keep yourself running at 17, 18 and 19

I know what it feels like to come home from a long run and
realize that the marathon day with family and to-do list is just
beginning — that the bath, massage or nap that your body needs is not
a part of the plan.

I know the sense of fortitude that you gain
by making this kind of commitment. I know how it changes your view of
life and yourself. You believe you can pretty much do anything once
you've run a marathon.

I AM SO *totally* PROUD OF YOU!

And finally, remember the sixteen pancakes I failed to photograph on Clark's birthday?

Rose (who lives in Utah) got the picture. Lookee — she has started the same tradition in her home.  And hello? How cute is her daughter ("Clark, come and see ….")

If you stop and think of all the ways we benefit our families through the ideas, traditions and gratitude we share as scrapbookers, it is nothing short of AMAZING.

When you Teach A Friend to Scrapbook, tell her …


Tell her she is in for one amazing ride. Tell her she is joining a worldwide sisterhood of life-loving women, that are eager to connect and share and help her recognize and preserve what matters most.

Life is most definitely GOOD. Have a wonderful and productive weekend!


  1. TracyBzz says:

    I have no local scrappy friends so I love my sister online scrappers at BPS and through blogs.

  2. Francisca says:

    And the sprinkles taste(s?) best on a slice of fresh white bread! I love the pure sprinkles on white bread the most!
    It was so funny to see the ‘Hagelslag’ (that is the official name of the sprinkles in Holland) to see on your blog. It has been a while that I had them, but maybe I will buy them next week!
    Francisca, in the Netherlands

  3. ShariNZ says:

    Hi Stacy – so glad my gift arrived – lovely to read this on your blog. Thank YOU for everything!… Sharon

  4. Veronica says:

    Another Dutch girl here…so cool to see hagelslag in a context that I have not seen it. But, once you get started with them as a morning staple…you will get hooked. We often use peanut butter on the bread or toast so that they don’t all roll off!! Happy eating….oh ps….the coloured ones you don’t need the peanut butter.

  5. I am enjoying reading your blog with all the helpful and realistic tips. Thanks for caring and sharing. :-)

  6. Marie-France says:

    I can’t find your Library of Memories class on BPS! I’d love to take it.
    I am overwhelmed with all my pictures, each layout had to be “perfect” and I just don’t scrapbook enough. I thought this was supposed to be fun! ; – )
    Love your blog.

  7. hi Stacy ;-D
    I bought your Photo Freedom book online & had it sent from America to South Africa. I have read it 3 times & now have a much more relaxed approach to scrapbooking. I also felt like giving up before ;-D

  8. Cool. Thanks for sharing.

  9. My grandparents are Dutch, so I grew up eating hagelslag on buttered bread as a snack at their house. The boxes you showed are the same brand they always had, and it made me smile seeing that on your blog!! ;)

  10. I’m glad the sprinkles arrived safely. Enjoy them!

  11. Ohhh Stacy! We call those sprinkles “Jimmies” and they are so yummy on frozen custard back in Milwaukee. We used to have those boxes in our (my mom’s) house when I was little and enjoyed them on toast too! I’m going to have to make the effort to see if I can find them here…I know I can get them if I drive 2 hours to Lynden, WA, might just have to justify a roadtrip.

  12. Yeah! Great picture of you and Lisa. I’m not sure which was a bigger moment in her life, finishing the marathon or spending an afternoon with you. Thanks for a great day.

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