I just received an email from Francisca, in the Netherlands.
She wrote ali, becky, donna, cathy, jessica and me to say thank you.


In fact, she created this scrapbook page that acknowledges what each of us have contributed to her life and to her personal development as a scrapbooker — and I'm right with her in admiration for these other women. Being a part of this industry and even better this global connection of story-tellers is no small thing.

I can't even find words right now (imagine that)

I want Francisca to know that (and I'm pretty sure I speak for my friends here) *we* are still a bit surprised by the opportunity we have to work and share in this amazing hobby. We can't believe that there are women in the Netherlands (and all over the world) that read what we write and appreciate what we teach. We are humbled by the responsibility we feel to nurture our industry at this crucial time. We feel incredibly blessed and we are SO Thankful for YOU.

When you read this post, visit the Fickr link below Francisca's layout and leave her comment. Tell her where you are from and how you feel connected to her — and if you have time, leave your name and location here too. Let's have a mini celebration of global connection.



  1. wow! first comment!
    i’m from alberta Canada!
    and i feel connected with the whole world too, i read many blogs, and they are from people all over the world! it is such a privilege to be surrounded by these people, and this inspiration! i love it especially because i am young, 17 years old, and i can share and talk with people who understand this aspect of me, not many teenagers understand, so it is very important to me!
    Megan P

  2. Thank you for sharing – I’ve gone over to leave a comment on Francisca’s Flickr page. This is truly a global connection :)
    Thank you. Thank all of you.
    Oakville, ON Canada

  3. I wrote a thank you email to Ali yesterday. I was looking through her older blog posts and was overwhelmed at how much she has influenced me. You too, Stacy! And Cathy Z. You ALL remind us why we started doing this is the first place…to remember! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us!

  4. Sharon F. Oakland, CA USA says:

    I want to thank you all as well. I get so many ideas rolling and bouncing in my head and when I visit your blogs there is always something that sticks and is perfect in terms of font, style or layout. Thank you for sharing your inspiration with all of us.

  5. Hi, Stacy! I’m Renata, from Brazil, and I love works from this entire team. I have read all of your books and I follow all of your blogs daily. You all are the most inspirational scrapbookers for me. Thank you!

  6. what a cool hobby we have!
    Lisa, California USA

  7. Monique Nugent says:

    I love Francisca’s layout. I would choose the very same people! I am in Sydney Australia and currently a LOM student and really enjoying the whole non-chronological aspect.

  8. Hi from Southern Ontario Canada! I am currently in LOM and loving it and the changes it has brought to my process! Also follow blogs of several of these ladies above! Thanks Stacy!

  9. TracyBzz says:

    One of the first pages I did last year to fill my empty LOM albums was a page to thank Stacy for my new non-chronological system.
    I love all my world wide friends in the BPS classrooms.
    I’m Tracy from Alberta Canada.

  10. Marta Valdes says:

    I think you are all amazing woman (Stacy, Becky, Cathy, Ali, Jessica, and Donna. I am so glad you teach us something everyday in scrapbooking, decorating, spirituality, family, etc.
    To all the scrapbookers in the world you are truly amazing.
    Marta Valdes from Simi Valley, CA

  11. I feel just the same. I have never documented it in a scrapbook, but I think I should, because you have changed my life. I just wish I could tell you how… I don’t know. I guess words fail me, too!
    And considering I have lived in San Diego, Santiago, Buenos Aires, London, and now Cape Town, and I have been able to meet women sharing this craft all over the world, I have to say… I am pretty glad to be a scrapbooker!

  12. i’m jacki, from benoni, south africa.
    i have also been inspired by all of you, not only in scrapbooking but in life, and i read all the above girls’ blogs, and many others too.
    thanks for touching so many lives in such a positive way all over the world!

  13. I soooooooooooo love reading yours, and the other ladies blogs… you are ALL an inspiration to me… and having met most of you in person too has been extra special.
    I am Cathy and I live in Johannesburg, South Africa

  14. Yes, this is an amazing hobby. If everyone scrapped, there would be world peace, universal love and joy, and chocolate for everyone.
    Hi from Dayton, OH.

  15. Katherine says:

    I totally agree – each of you has given me something and my scrapbooking is something I truly love & I’m teaching others now and sharing this great hobby – Love Katherine Dorset, England

  16. JennieB says:

    DITTO to all of the above! I can’t imagine our scrapbooking lives without you all. JennieB from Green Valley, Arizona, USA.

  17. Judy Sanza says:

    As I sit and read your (all of you) blogs I often feel like I am the only one…but now I will remember that there are others out there reading and scrapping just like me!
    Thank you for all your hard work as you share your passion with us.
    Judy on Amelia Island, Fernandina Beach, FL

  18. I agree! I’ve had the opportunity to meet some amazing people because of this hobby!
    Cindy from Phoenix, AZ

  19. I think it is wonderful that scrapbooking unites women all over the world. I have “met” ladies all over (in large part due to classes at BPS). We all share a common bond in celebrating our families and documenting them. That continues to inspire me.
    Lisa in Hawaii

  20. Angie F says:

    Scrapbooking provides me a wonderful creative outlet and connections on so many levels to so many people whether I’ve met them or not…so nice!! Stacy I LOVE your blog and inspiration and I read several of the other ladies’ blogs too! LOVE the eye candy and practical advice and the peek inside your daily lives. Born & raised in the midwest but have moved lots since getting married (12 years this summer YEAH!!) currently in Columbia, MO, USA.

  21. I can understand Francisca ! You all are so wonderful women ! Thank you !
    Anissa from Belgium, Europe.

  22. Leora Henkin says:

    Wow! What an amazing Thank You from Francisca. Let me add mine as well and also celebrate the global connection. Wow!
    (My son’s best friend moved to Belguim, so we been visiting in her “neighborhood”)
    Leora–Winston-Salem, North Carolina

  23. Stéphanie B. says:

    And everyone thought that was the internet which connected people…from what I can read here and abroad, I can tell that scrapbooking IS definitely something that connect people around the whole world. Passion for sharing their life, their stories with one another, but also sharing their more intimate feelings or tips/tricks about their “hobby”. I love that scrapbooking is linking so many people from so many different places around the world. Whatever your background is, your education, your social situation you can connect with people who share your enthousiasm about scrapbooking. Learn from one another, find help and support thru this hobby.
    Thank you Scrapbooking for all that and the opportunity to meet so many great people.
    I’m from France but moved to Toronto, Canada 3 years ago, when I discovered scrapbooking and the Simple Scrapbook philosophy. I learned a lot from all those fabulous ladies.So just Thank you for nurturing this new part of my life.

  24. I’m loving that we have a hobby/passion that lets us read these wonderful blogs. That is a great tribute layout and I agree.
    Hello World!
    Sue in Illinois

  25. Asta Bjorndsdottir says:

    Heyr, heyr! This is a saying in Icelandic meening “ditto” .
    I have been following you and other scrapbookers from far away in many years now. Today I am sick at home and guess what books are in bed with me?
    “The big picture” and “Photofreedom” plus tons of Simple scrapbook magasines.
    Greetings to all my fellow scrapbookers all over the world.
    Ásta Björnsdóttir in Iceland
    ps. sorry for my English, my Icelandic is much better :)

  26. Celabrating with you over here in Germany!

  27. Gutsy Mom says:

    Amazing craft, isn’t it? When I mention my “scrapbooking teachers” to people, I think they think I’ve actually met you all. Ha! Connections aren’t always about meeting face to face. Thank you for the blogs, the books, the classes, and the ENTHUSIASM.
    I’m Margaret from Germany, though I am about to be from Kansas. (!!!)

  28. Hey lot’s of Canadians out there, eh?
    I’m from Oakville, ONtario, Canada.
    I agree, all these ladies rock, and they are my inspiration as well. Thanks, girls.

  29. Francisca says:

    Thank you, Stacy, for putting my layout on your blog! It is really great to read all the comments and to know that we are all connected with each other through this hobby and through our appreciation for you and the other great ladies.
    Thanks to all who also commented to the layout on my Flickr account. It really inspires me to create more layouts, as this layout is one of my first finished layouts.
    I really feel very strong about showing appreciation to the people around us. It will not (hopefully) only brighten their day, but it will also brighten our day as well. I am really very grateful for what they have all taught me through their books, tutorials, on line classes and examples.
    Francisca, in the Netherlands (where the sun is shining).

  30. Hawaii here. Great layout idea – I was actually thinking just the other day that I need to do a layout for each awesome class I’ve taken. Things We Do!
    Participating in an art (which is how I view Scrapbooking) is a unifying thing, no doubt about it.

  31. Mellie D says:

    Melissa in Sydney, Australia here. I feel fortunate that many of those girls have made the effort to come to Australia and share their scrapbook passion and skills. I feel fortunate to have taken their classes and learned so much about recording my famiy’s story from them. It’s weird – I feel like I kind of know them.

  32. A Canadian in France chiming in. I love how scrapbooking has helped me feel connected to family, friends and even my Canadian culture and it has helped me make new friends over her.

  33. Champions Gate Florida here! Love the connections I’ve made through scrapbooking, not only have I met new and wonderful people but me and my mom have totally bonded over our shared hobby!

  34. I live in the US – in New Jersey, on the east coast. I was shocked for an instant when I recognized – by name! – every face in Francisca’s layout. Then I laughed.
    Of course I know these women. Their words, artwork and inspiration fill my bookshelves, and my mind. My personal style is most easily described as the polar opposite of “shabby chic, foo-foo, girly fussy”. Simple, linear yet at a slant, layouts make me happy!
    Scrapbooking allows me to spend creative time without guilt; my artwork tells our stories, for now and the future.
    ~ Jean, NJ

  35. vero aguilar says:

    veroagui dice:
    I can’t believe I am not the only one out there feeling this way!!! I thought that my addiction to scrapbooking had surpassed my mental stability…and then I find all these ladies with the same synch…since I received the farewell news I realized I am not addicted to scrapbooking, but to the magazine…being a bit saddenend and felling literally without direction (srapbooking wise), I decided to follow the blogs of all these women and have found several people with my same feeling. As soon as my copy arrived at the door, I would hide as that night’s special treat…just for me. I thank you all for the sense of direction, and take this opportunity to let you know that you will truly be missed.
    Vero Aguilar-Mexico City

  36. Hi, I’m from Bellevue, Washington, USA. I have enjoyed this hobby/lifestyle for about 12 years now and the Simple way was and remains so freeing. I continue to wish for a Simple return.

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