You have my permission to use …

Freshly captured photos to help you document memories for which you don't have a picture.


I couldn't resist snapping this photo of Taft reading this book that holds so many memories for me. Back in March, I blogged about the recollection that initiated my search to find this book. Interestingly enough, it was a blog reader that helped me find it! $45 dollars later (can you really put a price on extending the life of a really good memory?) Taft can now curl up with the same book that I loved when I was eight.

good stuff.

When you Teach A Friend to Scrapbook

tell her that her 10,000 photos can be look at, not as an obligation, but an opportunity. Tell her the easiest and most authentic approach to scrapbooking begins with a memory. Once she has a memory in mind, she can either take or find a photo that illustrates her memory.

Tell her it really is that EASY.


I promised myself yesterday (no matter what) that I would plant flowers in the pots on my porch. At 8:30 last night, I started. It think starting counts. Today the sun was up early and I'm hoping it gets a bit warmer (with less wind) I plan to continue after work.


I just created this layout in 22 minutes (taking one phone call in the middle) It is based on the conversation I had with Taft, yesterday a.m. I found the photos of Taft with me and Geoff behind the Together Forever tab in the All About Us drawer, and the photos of Taft with grandma and grandpa behind the Grandparents + Me  in the People We Love drawer.

It's nothing to rave about and it won't win any contests. But I LIKE it.

Make a page you like this weekend. Make it with photos of people YOU love.


  1. sherree kelbel says:

    What a great idea!! I just bought my 8 yr old daughter the little house books and got her watching the old shows with me. I can’t wait to snap a picture of her reading them and make a page about it.what wonderful memories I have of those books and how much I wished I was Laura Ingalls as a child.thanks for inspiring me with your wonderful ideas :)

  2. I just read your profile…very funny! No one would ever say that about me! i wish they could! :)

  3. Karen G says:

    I love your layout based on your conversation with Taft. One of the things I love about your layouts is that they feel “real”. Real in the sense that they are you, a real person who loves to tell her stories. Makes me feel like I almost know you. The layouts feel real because they are something I always feel I could copy. They aren’t overloaded with embellishments and techniques; they tell of a memory or story, add some color and words and it is perfect. Thank you for being real.

  4. I am so happy that you started planting your pots! How cute!
    I especially love your Q&A Page because it captures a special moment between the two of you!
    What a great reminder! Documenting the memories is what it is all about…. not winning contests. The only person you have to impress is yourself. Thanks for keepin’ it real. Have a super day!

  5. carol in seattle :) says:

    Dang Stacy! You made me cry today! You don’t have any idea how much I needed to hear somebody say: “It’s nothing to rave about and it won’t win any contests. But I LIKE it.”
    I’ve been kinda sad that my design team position at the lss ended this week. And wondering what my next “career” move might be. I needed the reminder that I scrapbook because it’s FUN! And because it’s truly about my FAMILY.
    Thank you!

  6. Jo-Ellen C. says:

    I am so thankful to see your LO about Taft. I want to get into the SB industry and always feel so much pressure to have amazing pages. It was refreshing to see that a designer can have regular pages that simply tell the story without being flashy. It has given me permission to scrap because I love it, not because it is trendy.

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