A GREAT Book + Jenni Bowlin at Big Picture Scrapbooking


I started reading this book over the weekend. I enjoyed chapter one so much that I read it to Clark last night. I got up this morning and found this blog (from the author, Tina Seelig) and have now added it to my MUST READ list.

Tina is the executive director of the STVP (Stanford Technology Ventures Program) located in the School of Engineering at Stanford University. From chapter one, STVP strives to create "T-shaped people" or someone that has a depth of knowledge in at least one discipline and a breadth of knowledge about innovation and entreprenuership that allows them to work effectively with professionals in other disciplines to bring their ideas to life.

Many of the ideas presented in Tina's book are "the polar opposite of the lessons we are taught in a traditional education system. In fact, the rules that apply in school are often completely different from those in the outside world. This disparity causes incredible stress when we leave school and attempt to find our way." OK … as a mother of four boys whom I would like to see grow into healthy creative human beings poised to contributed to society in meaningful ways, I NEED to internalize and be able to teach the tools and mind sets that Tina and Stanford share with their top engineering students.

AND … all of this really does have something to do with scrapbooking. When I invite instructors to be a part of our 4Experts series, I am looking for "T-shaped people" (I just didn't know it) I am looking for people that have an expertise in at least one particular area and yet also have a strong sense of what I call "the big picture" which is an ability to think broadly about instructing and influencing. I am looking for people that have experienced personal innovation and are eager to teach beyond "projects" into "process"

JBS Mercantile

Jenni Bowlin is a T-shaped person with expertise in finding and translating inspiration. She is constantly evolving and learning and growing. I have watched her develop her brand message and do very different and remarkable things in this industry. IN FACT, Jenni just launched the latest iteration of her retail business. You can check it out at JBS Mercantile. In my book, Jenni is one to watch and I am incredibly excited to be giving away a pass to her Re-purpose, Re-think, Re-invent workshop that starts this THURSDAY, July 2nd.

Jenni's opening note to her students speaks of her anticipation at the opening of a flea market — where the hope of discovering something new and rare causes your heart to race with excitement. This is how Jenni (and all of us BPS) hope students feel as they log into her classroom for the first time. In my opinion, Jenni has so much to share about finding and using inspiration in personal ways. She is a master at adding value to the past and leaving a mark of remembrance on the present. I have always loved her style and the way her work is simplistic without being predictable.


The key to happiness — at least in scrapbooking is found in your ability to open yourself up to new ideas and new possibilities, to have confidence in your personal style but at the same time decide that you are NEVER going to stop trying new things.

JENNI says: In many ways, this class has been years in the making for
me. It has taken that long to recognize what precisely
inspires me, to identify resources, and to come to a place
where my job and lifestyle centers around my passion.

To have the opportunity to share what I have learned is
so thrilling … AND we are thrilled to have Jenni teaching.

To enter the randon drawing for a FREE pass to Jenni's summer-long adventure, leave a comment with something you like to learn from Jenni. I'll post the winner tomorrow at noon, so those who do not win, will have plenty of time to sign up on their own!!


  1. Great post! I often wonder about how I am shaping my son for the “real” world. One thing I would like to learn (or maybe relearn) from Jenni is to open my eyes to all of the creative possibilities, to live a life inspired by life and translate that to my scrapbooking! Wherever I am, whatever I’m doing there is inspiration. I just need to slow down and see it.
    Thanks Stacy!

  2. Thanks for all the insight for creative living that you’re always willing gto share! Love.It. What I’d like to learn from Jenni? How to use the vintage / real memorabilia of life on my pages and projects – she does it so beautifully! ~ J

  3. I’d love to learn how to use memorabilia on my pages.

  4. I would absolutely love to learn anything and everything from Jenni! I am drawn to her style like crazy but I don’t know how to mix the “vintage/found” look into my projects. Thanks so much for the opportunity Stacy!

  5. I would really love to learn how to use everyday items, whether I see them when out and about or find them at home, as elements in my scrapbook page. I want to do this in order to include in my memory keeping pieces of things that I love and represent memories.

  6. Kellie N says:

    Nobody is better and being so creative with incorporating the vintage look into scrapbooking than Jenni! I would love the chance to see that evolve in my own scrapbooking whether it is present day or past. What a great inspriation she is. Thanks so much!

  7. bettyann says:

    I really want to experience relaxing and letting the creative energy flow..Thank you for the opportunity..

  8. I love Jenni’s work but it’s not a style I can do yet. I hope by taking the class, some of Jenni will rub off on me.

  9. I would LOVE to take Jenni’s class! She is so amazing – at all that she does! I would love to learn how to buy vintage findings – where, price & fun ways to incorporate them into your decor and scrapbooking! She is the pro! :)

  10. Briana N. says:

    Thanks for the book recommendation! Jenni’s work is so amazing- I would like to learn some tips on how she styles all of her finds in her projects. I agree with you- her style is fabulous yet simple.

  11. I’d like to learn just about anything from Jenni. I love her and all of her amazing talent.

  12. I would really love to learn ways to use all those beautiful vintage items in my projects. Jenni has such a talent for breathing new life into something old or ordinary and I think it would be great to learn from her.

  13. Oh, this looks like such an awesome class! I would love to learn how to use unrelated everyday items that don’t seem to match to add depth and remembrance to my layouts.
    Note to self – read the book and check out the blog :)

  14. I would like to learn from Jenni a way to just do it – just give myself permission to scrap it, with what I have and the time I’ve been given.

  15. Great post – thank you for making me think. I appreciate the book recommendation. It’s so hard to know if you’re doing things in a manner that’s best for each child. I guess that’s where faith comes in.
    I love the thought of re-purposing. That’s what I would like to learn from Jenni. She has fabulous style ;)

  16. To learn to look differently at everyday “found” objects. Sounds like such a great class!

  17. I would like to learn how she sparks her creativity. She always seems to take something old and make it so relevant and current AND she does this again and again. She is so talented. I wish I could glimpse into the creative spark comes to her!

  18. Tamikko Gordin says:

    Sounds like a great book.
    I would ask her how she finds all the great vintage pretties?
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  19. I’d love to learn to recognize that “something extra” in the everyday things. I’m always astounded when I get get Jenni’s kits, at how she saw so much potential in something I probably would have passed over.

  20. Colleen in Seattle says:

    I would love to learn how to repurpose random heritage items that I’m currently keeping shut away in drawers and cupboards and bring them out into the light and enjoy them!

  21. I think that Jenni possesses a unique sense of finding the creative in the everyday. I am hoping I can glean some of that perspective from her! Thanks for the chance to win.

  22. I would love to learn how to look at my pages differently. I feel stuck in a rut these days…

  23. What would I like to learn from Jenni is how to put more of “me” in my scrapbooking. The creative, crazy, lover of all things old me.

  24. Kristisb says:

    I’d love to learn how to recognize a treasure when I see one, instead of classifying it as just more stuff for my craft room.

  25. I would love to learn the “think outside the box” idea of repurposing old items that I consider “junk” and finding some new useful life for them. I’m all about green, but the creative ideas of what to do with stuff just don’t come naturally for me.

  26. Would so love to be part of this class. I’d love to learn how to look at things in a different way and break out of the routine that I find myself in. She is so talented.

  27. rebecca k says:

    I would love to learn how to find vintage items that are usable on LO’s. Sometimes I find or buy things and end up going home with more junk and not using it.

  28. Linda H. says:

    I’m struggling with motivation and inspiration at this point – got lots of supplies, a newly cleaned and organized room, a list of projects to work on, and yet I’m still not feeling the inspiration. This class might just be what I need.

  29. I’m in dire need of some re-investion and re-juvenation :) in my life. I want to renew my love and joy for scrapbooking and live life to the fullest.

  30. I would love to learn how to inspire myself. I seem to be in a bad place when it comes to scrappin right now… I have no motivation to scrap. Maybe some insight from Jenni would help me! Thank you.

  31. Wow, what a great giveaway! I’d love to win! I’d like to see what inspires her, get such jolts of creativity from her! Thanks, Stacy!
    Amy in CA

  32. HeatherC says:

    I would jsut like to learn a better way to use embellishments — I alwasy seem to get stuck when it comes to that.

  33. I would like to think outside the box, use my tools in a new, fun way…so excited about the opportunity! Thanks

  34. I’ve always loved Jenni Bowlin! And that book sounds very good! I’ll have to put it on my “to read” list!

  35. I would like to learn how to look for inspiration outside of scrapbooking publications, blogs, galleries, etc. Inspiration in the world at large, I guess. And I would like to refine my personal style as well.

  36. I would like to learn how to use all the cool vintage things I have collected and make them look like they belong together.

  37. I just want to find inspiration again. When I started this hobby I saw ideas and inspiration on every corner. I have lost of my motivation to scrap lately because I’m not inspired.

  38. i would love to learn how to use outside inspiration in my projects and how to use memorabilia on my pages, i often tuck it behind photos or paper, and i would like it more in the open, so you can see it.
    Megan P

  39. Gosh, Jenni always inspires me. I guess I’d love to learn how to use all the great vintage finds (well, maybe how to actually go out and find them!) in my home without it feeling too cluttered. I think this translates well to my scrapbooking and her inspiration photos always inspire me!
    ps sounds like a great book, Stacy!

  40. Theresa E. says:

    I’d love to learn how to navigate a flea market–what is the really good stuff vs. the junk! And then what to do with what you buy?

  41. Tammy Perkins says:

    Love Jenni Bowlin – love her style – I so want to take this class!

  42. I want to be inspired to use a flea market.. to see it through different eyes and capture what it great and what I can reuse, learn how to find that wonderful old item as a bargin and just know already how to use it!!

  43. I would love to learn how to combine vintage with modern products.. to combine different elements of differnent styles together!

  44. I’d like to be inspired to see the world around me in a different way, to learn to use things that normally I would not use in my creative process

  45. I would love to learn some of Jenni’s awesome techniques. She has such a creative way to incorporate found items onto her pages. I have tons of ephemera that I would love to re-purpose for some of my pages. aND. . .Thanks for today’s post! We can always count on you for thought provoking entries! :)

  46. Ohhh, I love Jenni’s style! I am a huge fan and would love to take this class. I would like to learn how Jenni can take a vintage card or photo and incorporate into a great project.

  47. Katy Young says:

    anything that helps me learn and grow as a person.

  48. I would love to learn how to “look for” things that can be used in Jenni’s way. Things that I would not normally notice perhaps as a scrapbooking product.
    P.S. I have given you an award on my blog (for always making me smile) if you’d like to come check it out! :) Corinna

  49. Bethany says:

    I love vintage elements and Jenni’s inspired approach but have struggled to figure out how that translates to my style–so I’d love to learn from her!

  50. Leslie May says:

    Oh my goodness- Jenni B. has been an inspiration for a long time through CK. She really gets it- I mean the people, places, things, and feelings that all go into this crazy, incredible craft of our our lives! It would be so cook to be a part of Jenni’s class! Thank YOU Stacy for giving us this hope of a class!

  51. Michele says:

    Thanks for your creative insights. As a mother of a boy – i definately feel the same way as you. I would LOVE to win a spot in Jenni’s class – i have been saving to attend, but a broken car got in the way of that!!! I would love to learn from her how to look at supplies. I have alot – but seem to be visually stunned when I see them all that I can’t seem to use them as eloquently as others do. I love vintage but I am afraid to use it. I would love some training on what she looks for.
    Thanks Stacy!

  52. Sounds like a really good book. (And as soon as I saw the graphic I thought it would make a great layout or minibook!) Love Jenni Bowlin too!

  53. Woops – forgot to say what I would love to learn from Jenni. And that would be … how to be more innovative in the use of found object and traditional products. :)

  54. I’d love to learn from Jenni how to see objects in a different light. I tend to be a “color inside the lines” person but I’d like to stretch myself and use more unexpected and interesting items to create fun projects.

  55. Marianne says:

    I’ve always been drawn to vintage things, but never really incorporated it into my scrapbooking. Like DYL, this is outside my comfort zone, but I’m hoping to learn to be creative in an inspired and “vintage” way with Jenni.

  56. I would like to learn how to incorporate vintage into my layouts. It’s what I love about her!

  57. Diane Payne says:

    I would like to learn to see things, old and new, in a way they are not intended to be used. I believe that if I can learn to do this I will have a whole new world of inspiration open up to me.

  58. I’d like to learn new ways to repurpose items in my stash and get out of my rut!

  59. There’s nothing like a new class to inspire and motivate – and Jenni’s looks like a perfect example. Love her way of using the ordinary- and even unloved – to make something extraordinary – wish I could do it too…

  60. I love vintage things but am not always sure how to use them on a page. I’d to learn how to do this.

  61. Rebecca Y says:

    I would love to learn anything and everything from Jenni, she is such an amazingly talented person.

  62. I would love to learn some great ways to include more realia on my pages. I have tons of brochures, ticket stubs, etc. that would be great in my book but I can’t ever seem to use them “correctly.”

  63. I love JB! Would love to learn the “eye” for finding keeper pieces. And then bringing it altogether.

  64. I’m a recent convert to Jenni’s kit club and love her stuff! We don’t have any kind of antique shows or vintage fairs around here, so I would love to know what she would suggest for someone from a really small town with limited access to finding treasures.

  65. Brandi Z. says:

    I would like to learn more about mixing things that don’t “match”. I often get stuck because this doesn’t match that! Love her bingo cards too.

  66. Scrapycandy says:

    I could get depressed about turning 50 and watching my oldest go off to college. So, I am thinking Jenni would have something to say about all this and inspire me to look forward to the next stage in my life.

  67. Seattlegirl says:

    This past month I went to the Farm Chick show and bought a bunch of beautiful vintage buttons, game cards, bingo cards, stamps, and farm ledger books. Now I have absolutely no clue what to do with them!

  68. I would like to learn to find beauty in the everyday objects that are all around me.

  69. I want to learn to to ‘repurpose’ photos that didn’t turn out well and make them into something that I adore in a project!

  70. Hmm. I think I’d like to learn to look at the everyday bits and see something inspiring.

  71. would love to learn how her creative process works – she is so inspiring and has such amazing products and perspective.
    love her name, too. =)

  72. Love vintage treasures and have some from Great-Grandmas sewing kit, but have never had a handle on using it in a way that seemed worthy. Would love any insight into making some of Jenni’s style my own.

  73. Roberta says:

    I would like to learn how to have confidence in my ideas and not be intimidated by all the great stuff I see others doin.

  74. I would love to learn how to incorporate the old photos I have that are not my relatives into my work.

  75. I’m ready to learn something new, so I’m up for anything :)

  76. Kelly Rell says:

    I’d love to use Jenni’s expertise using all of those pictures of generations past that I have “stolen”… I mean borrowed from my Grandmother. (The family knows they are in good hands) Thanks! Kelly R.

  77. I love how her designs put a piece of her life, in her art. It is honoring the past and celebrating the future. Love her style!
    Washington State

  78. Kathy Weeks says:

    I would like to know how to use the treasures I love finding – I just don’t know what to do with them!

  79. Sara-Jane says:

    I would love to learn fresh, new ways to incorporate the tons of documentation I collect from my ordinary life (tickets, receipts, hospital id tags etc) into my simple scrapbooking style.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  80. I’d love to learn how to seek inspiration in all areas of my life. I feel limited, and need advice!

  81. Honestly, all of her stuff is great. I’d love to learn ANYTHING from her! :)

  82. Wow. Thanks Corinna. I will check it out indeed!

  83. I would love to learn how to look at things in a different way.

  84. Since Thursday is my birthday, I’d love to take Jenni’s class and get in touch with my shabby chic, vintage-loving Self again.

  85. I love Jenni Bowlin! Her kits are my favorite scrapbooking supplies. I would like to learn how Jenni designs her pages. They are always so unusual and beautiful.

  86. Amy McGrew says:

    I would like to learn from Jenni how to fully express myself and my inner most feelings in all my scrapbooking projects.
    Amy McGrew
    Charleton, SC

  87. I would love to discern what is worthwhile and what it junk when looking for found treasures. If it is calling me is it automatically a treasure? I see myself drawn to junk… Maybe I can’t hear the call well enough?

  88. I would like to learn where to find inspiration so that I can not only make my projects even more personal, but also live life more fully.

  89. Kathleen says:

    I’d love to take Jenni’s class. I think the most important thing I’d like to learn is to be myself in my scrapping. To choose what I want to do and not worry about what others think. To just be the creative me I want to be and have fun with it!

  90. Marilyn Johnson says:

    I love “old found treasures” and hoping Jenni can help teach me what to do with them to incorperate them into my decorating and scrapbooking.

  91. Kathy Reid says:

    I would like to learn how she found her style and how she tries new techniques but stays true to her style.

  92. M Holditch says:

    From Jenni, I would like to learn more about surrounding myself with inspiration and how to use that inspiration to bridge the gaps in creativity that I experience from time to time.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  93. I would love to learn how to use the old vintage with the modern photos…also to always be on the look out for new ideas.

  94. I would like to find new sources of inspiration and creativity. Something that stretches me beyond my “normal”

  95. I’d like to learn how to identify those objects that are classic and will stand the test of time.

  96. i would love to find that balance when you’ve added just enough to a page but not too much. i’m always wondering, add more or take something off?

  97. Lauren W. says:

    I love Jenni Bowlin’s style, but have never really used it when I scrapbook. I would love to learn how to add her style to what I usually do–to expand my creativity!

  98. I’d like to learn how to do scrapbook in different ways. I tend approach scrapbooking each page the same way with the result that every page looks pretty much the same.

  99. Hmm, can’t find my post. I’d like to learn how to be different in my scrapbooking instead of always doing the same thing.

  100. donna bell says:

    I would love to “think out of the box” more!!

  101. I’d love to learn how to let go of the fear of using my unique pretties on a project. I’m always looking for the perfect set-up or project or page, and there is no perfect, but can she teach me that?

  102. I would love to learn how to implement vintage papers and postcards and elements to my pages. Love her style.

  103. I all ready signed up for Jenni’s class and hope to learn how to use all the vintage ephemera and bits and pieces I have collected in my scrapbooking and cardmaking. I could sign up for Cathy’s new class if Jenni’s was free!
    Thanks for being such an inspiration Stacy–you help me be a better me!!!

  104. I am currently focusing most of my energy in raising my 4 kids, my husband and my job. I desperately need a creative outlet and really lack inspiration right now, finding myself staring at my “stuff” when I do have a spare moment. I would love to find some of that inspiration in Jenni’s class and appreciate this opportunity.

  105. I am hoping to learn to use an eclectic selection of supplies to create layered layouts that seem to be pieces of art. I love her style!
    Thanks for the give-away!

  106. I need some “old” new ideas!!

  107. I would love to learn how to see the beauty in the old things.

  108. I would love to learn how to create something simple and beautiful

  109. JennieB says:

    I’m open to learning anything new and innovative.

  110. I’d love to be inspired by work that transcends time. The old and the new might come together seamlessly … if I’m lucky.

  111. i’d love to learn new techniques!!

  112. I would like to learn how to use things in scrapbooking that I either have on hand or just hadn’t considered.

  113. I want to learn how to incorporate Jenni’s use of vintage ephemera into my “everyday” pages & projects. I love her cool flea market finds, but just don’t know how to use them!

  114. I’d love to learn how to think outside of the box!

  115. TracyBzz says:

    To learn how to spot the difference between junk and a treasure. Since most of the stuff I’ve ever seen at garage sales, Goodwill etc is more on the junk side.

  116. I would love to learn from Jenni how to add vintage bits and papers to my books in an artistic way.

  117. i totally love how she adds odd bits of things and makes them fabulous scrapbook pages or home dec items..she is full of inspiration..i would love for that to rub off on me!

  118. I would love to do something positive and new. thank you for giving us the chance.

  119. Erin T. says:

    I’d love to learn some cute ideas for decorating my new baby’s room!

  120. susan m says:

    I would love to learn some of the thought process that goes into adding the vintage elements into my scapbooking/crafting

  121. I’ve seen Jenni’s website, and I am in awe of her talent. I would love to learn how to incorporate ephemera and other great stuff into my pages.

  122. TODAY is my birthday – not that I want to use the word antique, maybe vintage has a better sound….. I am looking to absorb some of the hope and anticipation Jenni provides with her art. Fresh inspiration -thanks for the opportunity!

  123. Hayden Robinson says:

    I would love to learn how to use flea market finds in my scrapbooking and paper art projects…

  124. Jenni’s course looks really interesting – would love to work out how to use ephemera in my layouts.

  125. Jennifer Robinson says:

    I would love to take jenni bowlin’s class in order to learn how to think outside the box when it comes to using ephemera and the like in my pages/creations.

  126. Jen Marie R. says:

    I love Jenni Bowlin’s products and style. And I LOVE going to flea markets and finding that special little whatever that tickles my stomach when I see it! So I am dying to take this class…I would like to learn how to find my own personal style when it comes to using vintage items and ephemera in my scrapbooking.

  127. Kary in Colorado says:

    Jenni has such an eye for putting things together–I’d love to have a peek into her process and learn how to look at found objects in new ways. I love flea markets but tend to be overwhelmed by them!

  128. I just love Jenni Bowlin, and would love to be in that class! I want to pick up on her knack for putting different things together – things that normally don’t really GO together, but then look fabulous!

  129. I have so many ideas floating around in my head, especially when it comes to scrapbooking. There’s always room for more though, some of them just might come together and help me to create a page. I would love to come away from a class like that with not just new ideas, but also some finished projects and more tools to takes those ideas out of my head and into my scrapbookalbum!

  130. I want to learn how to let go of thinking that things need to be used in a particular way just because someone else did it. I want to learn to let go of having the exact same supplies when trying to re-create something.

  131. I would love to learn how to use the “stuff” that draws me near in thrift stores, flea markets and antique stores so it doesn’t look like I just collect junk!

  132. I’d love to learn what a T shaped person looks like from my POV. Incredible concept…

  133. I like Jenni’s style and would like to incorporate it into my own.

  134. I’d like to find my personal style and have confidence in it. Too often I am trying to scraplift rather than be original or true to myself, even though I have been scrapbooking for about 10 years.

  135. I’ve been following Jenni since her early days as a CK girl. I’d like to learn more about finding vintage items…reputable sources, tips at flea markets. I love to “repurpose” items in our home. I made a piano keyboard into a photoboard. I’d love to learn how to translate this creativity on a smaller scale- my scrapbook pages.

  136. Jennifer says:

    I’d like to break out of my comfort zone with Jenni and learn a little of her style.

  137. I’d love to learn how to mix old with new on my scrapbook pages. These days I’m trying to reuse things so that less junk ends up in the landfills and doing my part for the planet. I’d like to extend this into scrapbooking all the while keeping things fun and pretty :D

  138. I would like to re-purpose & re-invent my style!

  139. I’m drawn to ephemera but then I’m totally stuck when trying to use it. I need help!

  140. Rhonda H says:

    how to loosen up and play on my pages more.

  141. I would like to feel comfortable layering several papers and items on my pages.

  142. I’d love to learn how to use all those things I have been hoarding for awhile now: letter trays, old keys, collage papers etc.!

  143. I would like to learn to try new techniques – instead of always doing the same old thing.
    Glad your posting more often Stacy. I love reading your blog.

  144. Marcy Grant says:

    I’d like to learn new techniques and the confidence to try them.

  145. Would love to develop an for how to repurpose old things for use in my home…honoring the past while being useful in the present

  146. Jenny M says:

    I would love to learn anything new. New is fun and exciting.

  147. I would like to learn how to match up my embellishments with vintage photos that I have of my family.

  148. connie heitner says:

    I have always loved Jenni’s style and have followed her journey from the beginning. I want to learn how she comes up with these awesome ideas and try my hand at it.

  149. Karen P says:

    I’d love to learn how to adapt Jenni’s inspiration finding/repurposing to my style

  150. I’d like to gain some confidence in creating with old and new items in a way that reflects me personally.

  151. I would love to add a little ‘jenni-style’ to my pages. I love all the fun things she has & uses, but don’t always know how to do it without it looking weird & kinda junky.

  152. Yvonne B says:

    Vintage style or reusing things from the past has always been so important to me. We need to reflect on our “throw away mentality” and reuse our resources to show respect to our creator!!! Thanks so much for offering a chance to take this class for FREE! I hope I’m LUCKY!

  153. Lorraine says:

    Adorable old stuff like Jenni finds is just not very findable around my area, so I’d love to learn how to turn ‘more recent or modern ‘finds’ to look like treasures and not just ’80′s and 90′s junk on my projects
    I would like to learn how to make sure the ‘present’ memories I am scrapping still stay the focus and not the eclectic ‘stuff I love’ around the photos!
    ooh thats 2 things! :)

  154. I just need to be inspired to get started scrapbooking again and regain my self confidence in my own personal style. I always like to incorporate new ideas or “looks” to my pages, too. I have a ton of supplies and pictures ready to go and just need a push to get me started. Thanks, Connie

  155. Good Morning! I would like to learn how to incorporate old things with new pictures—does that make sense? A current picture seems more difficult to use vintage with, to me. I would also like to learn how to adhere vintage items as it can be tricky. Thanks for a chance and have a beautiful day. Miss you when you are not blogging Stacy. You are always uplifting and inspiring.

  156. I love old things and Jenni’s style. I would be thrilled to take her class and get the extra push I need to start my vintage/family history album.

  157. I was able to meet Jenni at Inspired this year and I was struck by her vision for blending antique items with new media. I want to learn how to do this!

  158. tchrtiff says:

    I’d like to learn how and where to go about finding wonderfully old treasures like she does. I’d like to learn if I can’t find old items how I can achieve her look with new items.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win. I’ve never taken a BPS and would love to try it this way.

  159. Lee Cockrum says:

    I love the jewelry made with found items, vintage cards etc. I’d love to learn more about that.

  160. Any chance she can let us know how to deal with regret as we work on recording memories from our past??? Oi.

  161. Charlene says:

    I’d like to be able to boost my self-confidence and let go of the perfection:)!

  162. Kristine M says:

    I would like to learn how to step outside my box, and create!

  163. Gioconda says:

    Re-purpose is my new favorite word. I would love to learn how to re-purpose my supplies and things that I already have instead of always feeling like I have to go out and get the latest items. Thanks for the chance to win.

  164. I love how she repurposes things—especially for scrapbooking and home decoration–need to learn that!

  165. Lynne Kramer says:

    I would love to learn about her process of taking found items and adding them to scrapbook pages or other projects. I love her style but I have a hard time replicating it.

  166. I just love to learn more about her creative process..how she takes an object and thinks it through to a new and innovative way to use it…I love to flea market, and her creativity has inspired me to slow down and look at objects I find in a new way!

  167. I need new uses for the stuff I already have. Also, would love to know more about how she has developed an eye for finding hidden treasures among the junk at flea markets….that’s awesome!

  168. Julie Coryell says:

    I would love to learn more about using vintagey items on my layouts. I love the look, but don’t ever know what to look for.

  169. Lisa A. says:

    I truly need an inspiration/jump start and this is a unique opportunity.

  170. I am a candy maker then artistically arrange beautiful hand made candy into gifts. This is my career. I have a bachelor degree from BYU in Fashion Merchandising. I have used the skills I learned there with color, balance, harmony, proportion along with all the other principles and elements of design in my business, making my shop and products look interesting. However, my passion is scrapbooking. I am always looking for ways to benefit all areas of my life with knowledge. In this economic situation creativity and ingenuity is keeping my business afloat.

  171. Kerry G. says:

    I’d like to learn how Jenni finds the perfect balance of embellishments that makes them so delicate and pretty.

  172. When I come across bits of vintage goodies and ephemera, I know they are great, but I have trouble opening my eyes to the possibilities of using them. I love how Jenni sees things in a different light and takes something dull and ordinary and makes it fun and ART. She is so inspiring.

  173. OH Fun! I would lile to learn to rethink the bits and pieces I put on my scrapbook pages…I would love to incorporate vintage things onto my pages!

  174. I would love to be able to use original bits without feeling like they are gone forever.

  175. I would love to be able to use up some random bits and pieces of ephemera I have gathered from my family through the years to use in projects without making them look too “dated”.

  176. Susan Hessler says:

    I’d like to learn how to use more found objects in my scrapbooking – I collect them and rarely include them.

  177. Maureen says:

    I would love to get a better understanding of my personal style…….

  178. shelley s. says:

    like many others, i’d like to learn how to start using the odds and ends that i’ve been collecting over the years…

  179. I’m a huge vintage lover and decorate my home in that style, but I have struggled with incorporating it into my layouts since I really love bright color there! I would love to learn how to do that better. :)

  180. I love to use repurposed items on my pages but I feel like lately I need some new ideas/techniques to keep from doing same old same old all the time

  181. I love the vintage look and never realy knew how to use it, she has opened my eyes to how I could use the vintage accents in my layouts and throughtout my home.

  182. I can’t wait to get my hands on this book. We are YSA advisors & see so many floundering 20-somethings that need some serious direction in their lives. Also, the premise of having a broad base of knowledge with in-depth expertise in one area goes right along with the BYU mission statement & the purpose of a general education vs. a major in college. Very interesting.

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