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So, we started playing Summer BINGO Monday morning and Taft had eaten breakfast, met the prerequisites and built a blanket fort in our living room by 8:30 am. He was asking me question after question and I was rushing around trying to get Trey out the door, to his theater camp. Needless to say, I had to sit down with Taft and explain that BINGO is not a race. You don't really want to have five BINGO squares filled in before lunch. That sort of defeats the purpose … yada yada.

It's already Thursday. I cannot believe how time flies (and I am having FUN btw) we've made a few adjustments and I'm hearing all kinds of good ideas from other BINGO players. My friend Heather actually set up a Facebook group for Summer BINGO, so if you are interested, please join.

I've received several questions too, so here are some answers. Keep in mind though that when it comes to something like this, you can make up the answers. See the Mom Handbook, page 1 — I'm joking, but YOU are in charge and can adjust, alter or completely change the "rules" at any time.

Q: Do your kids do chores?

A: Oh yeah — however, we don't really have a job chart or specifics assignments in the summer. I just make sure I give them all something to do each day to help around the house. Before they can begin playing BINGO they have to make their bed, pick up their clothes, play the piano and complete their "dad" assignment, which is some kind of math, reading or writing assigned by Geoff.

Q: What do the "J21" and "TT" mean at the top of your BINGO cards?

A: Great question (sorry) the "J21" refers to the week (ie, June 21st) and the "TT" stands for Trey and Taft. My younger boys' cards are the same, but I am making a different version of BINGO for Chase, so his card has a "CJ" at the top. These designations are to help me keep things straight. My plan is to change up a few of the squares each week. Next week when we go to my parent's house there are several "blue" squares. These are the activities that are only available at grandma's house. Hope that makes sense.

Q: Where did you get the all yellow stickers?

A: I got the stickers and the tickets at my local Staples.

Q: Just curious. When do you think Addie will get her own BINGO card.

A: I think you could do BINGO with a very young child, but I really wanted to focus on my school-aged children. Addie has Lauren to play with and Lauren has Addie and all the boys to keep track of. For me, I just figured Lauren didn't need one more BINGO card to worry about. I do have some tickets in my desk drawer, so if I'm downstairs in my studio, my boys can come to me to "sign off" on a BINGO.

There are some REALLY FUN ideas being shared over at Facebook, in the Summer BINGO group, so if you have time and want to get or share ideas, join in. NOTE: I think I got the link right, but if I didn't, just go to Facebook and search "Summer Bingo."


When I participated in a retail event this past April in Ontario, Canada, I met up with the editor, Catherine of Scrapbook &  Cards Today. I am SO impressed with this magazine and I'm just really curious if you have seen it, read it, love it …  It is obviously published in Canada, but it is distributed through local scrapbook stores and is FREE (with purchase) to consumers. It is also available online for FREE.
I have an idea of how Big Picture Scrapbooking might be able to work with this publication and so I'd love to know how many of my blog readers are aware and/or familiar with it. If you have an opinion to share with me about this magazine, I hope you will leave a comment.

Thank YOU.


  1. Hi Stacy, I live in Germany and I get an email reminder when the new issues of scrapbookd&cards becomes available. I have been reading the magazine for the past 3 years. I love the format and the projects that are featured in there. What I do NOT like is the number of ads although I understand a “free” magazine can only be free with ads. Please let us know what your plans are.
    Have fun

  2. Thanks for the Q&A about BINGO. I’ve been a much more scaled down version (more like tic tac toe)for my preschooler while we wait out the afternoons for big sis to come home. I love your expanded version for summer and I will love the FB connection, too.
    I checked out the magazine link. I love, love, love the option of viewing it full scale on-line. Brilliant! I love my magazines for travel in the car, etc. But the storage was killing me. This is fabulous and thanks for sharing it. Can’t wait to hear of a possible link with BPS.

  3. I LOVE SCT magazine- I download the free version from their website. H
    Honestly, I wish that more magazines were published in PDF format, since I end up just cutting the spines off of mine and using my document scanner to make PDFs of them as soon as they arrive. One MacBook is so much easier to tote around than a stack of magazines (and I have dozens of issues of many different titles scanned into my computer).

  4. Jo-Anne says:

    I love this magazine and although it is free, I pay to have it shipped to my house so that I don’t miss getting an issue. I live in Ontario.

  5. Nancy Barnes says:

    This magazine looks really cool and I love that it is a PDF. It reminds me of the best things I loved about SS and CK all in one place. I’ll definitely be checking it out in the future.

  6. I have never seen that magazine, but I would love to get my hands on one. It looks like it would be a good one!

  7. Hi Stacy, I download SCT each issue ever since I read about it on another blog. It’s a lovely magazine, and I also read their blog. I am SO missing Simple Scrapbooks, so I really hope you can do something with this publication!

  8. Karen C. says:

    I have never seen this magazine, but now, I have cruised through their blog some and will be downloading their summer issue soon. Thanks for the heads up. Looks wonderful.

  9. rebecca k says:

    I follow their blog and download the free issue online when it comes out.

  10. I’ve been reading SCT for at least a year – got a free issue from my LSS at some point. I really like the mix of cards and layouts, and its nice to see a bigger international group of contributors.
    I follow their blog in Google Reader – great stuff 2-3x a week, plus the quarterly issue download is convenient, although they don’t print very well so I get the paper copy at the LSS when I get the chance.

  11. I LOVE S&CT!! I have been aware of it for a little over a year now and have actually had a couple layouts published in it (fall 2008 & winter 2008 issues).
    Even though it is free, I have paid to have it shipped to me in the US just because I love the traditional format and being able to flip through it.
    It is a great mag, so any colaboration would be wonderful, I’m sure!

  12. I subscribe & read their blog – always great inspiration!

  13. Cynthia says:

    I can’t remember where I heard about this mag, but the first issue I read through was the last one – online. I’m pretty sure that one of the designers whose blogs I follow talked about/gave a link to the issue, and now I’m hooked. I follow the SCT blog, and I’m really impressed by the talented contributors to the mag. I hope they stick around for a long time.

  14. this is a great magazine. I drive out of the way to an LSS that carries it just to get my copies. I didn’t know you could subscribe but thanks to some of these posts, I am going to look into this.
    I like the variety of styles represented in the mag…it always seems really fresh to me.

  15. hi – I’m Canadain and I have never seen or heard of it. I just glanced at it now online and I’ll definitely be checking it out regularly. I love that you can download it – i just starting using my laptop in the car when we travel up north. This will be perfect! Looking forward to hearing your ideas on partnering in some way – your ideas are always great!

  16. Good stuff! I changed my bingo cards at the top, too, to have my kid’s initials and the week, as well.
    love that magazine. I know I’ve looked through it before and I’m pretty sure I have a copy sitting around in a pile somewhere. I need to get me to my stamp store and grab a copy!

  17. Jo-Ellen C. says:

    I think any project that involves Canada is awesome. It gets a little tiring of everything being US based because it usually costs us more.
    I had never heard of the mag before but after skimming it I think I now have one more sight to spend my limited time on, but with no regrets.

  18. Scrappy Angel says:

    I think this mag is great. I have several copies at home. I can’t wait to hear what you’ve got planned with the mag!

  19. Thanks for the news about the mag! Looking forward to checking it out. Choices for scrapping mags seem pretty limited right now and have become a huge source of ongoing cost effective inspiration for me. Haven’t seen it in the bookstores yet – off to check out the online note you left.

  20. Hi Stacy, Love that you are looking into a great Canadian magazine! I’ve received this magazine from my LSS for some time now- i love that is profiles lots of CANADIAN scrappers- also a really nice touch that it is handed out free! So great! also love that you can view it on line.

  21. mcscrappy says:

    Hey I love this magazine too! I love
    that it has a great mix of scrapbook
    page and card ideas. I like the technique highlights. Really it has everything you want in a magazine but I do still
    miss simple! It would be cool to see
    some Canadian content mixed with BPS.
    Thanks, Judi

  22. I read the online issue…it’s a great mag.

  23. Cyndy Bresden says:

    Hi Stacy. Big BPS and Stacy fan here from Vancouver Island. LOVE S&C Today magazine. Many of the layouts remind of you and the Simple philosophy. Enjoy the online option but the paper copy is a delight to have and to hold! Beautiful alignment for you I think.
    Happy BINGO – just printed my cards today!

  24. Stacy, I really like this magazine. Had never seen it before. Thanks for telling us about it. I will keep up with it now I know about it.

  25. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this magazine. It is always full of great inspiration. Catherine and Kerrie are FABULOUS. I am sure that they would be a great partner for Big Picture Scrapbooking

  26. Kristisb says:

    Had never heard of this mag, but just checked out their site and love it. Can’t wait to see what BPS has in store with them!

  27. Julie E says:

    Hello! Yes! I am a regular reader of this magazine way up here in Canada :) so I’d love to see what your plans might be.

  28. I LOVE SCT… love Catherine’s mission of helping small business owners by providing them with something the big chains don’t have… LOVE the contributors and DT she has going… and I’m so excited that BPS might team up with SCT for a special something in the future. Yay! :)

  29. Wow- I had never seen this magazine before, but it’s really cool!!Thanks for sharing:-)

  30. Hey Stacy,
    I love this mag. I figured I couldn’t expect much fom a freebie, but WOW, what a surprise. It is so inspirational in fact, that I recently made 26 nifty centerpieces for Grad – full of pictures, leaves and butterflies – to match the enchanted forest theme. Could hardly tell we were in the old gymnasium! SCT made me the hero of the grad committee! Good luck with the ideas. Keep ‘em coming!

  31. I think this is a great magazine. Never seem to get to my LSS before they are out, so I am glad they have an online version, though I still prefer to flip through the paper one.

  32. LOVE LOVE LOVE This mag. my LSS just closed down and all i could think of was……boo hoo no more SCT. they have awesome contributors and i really can’t belive it is FREE, that’s how good it is.
    excited to see what BPS and SCT could do together. hmmmmm???

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