I’m InStyle + cool T-shirts + BPS Savings

the rumors are true. I'm in InStyle.
If you're standing bored in the grocery store line, pick up the July issue (Michelle Pfeiffer is on the cover) and turn to the new column "Got An Hour" — I got to do a phone interview with Michelle Hainer about photo organization and I'm quoted and listed an as expert. COOL. If you've taken Library of Memories, you may recognize some of the tips.

Speaking of "in style" — check out my new FAV T-shirt website, SnorgTees.com
I ordered this one for Chase.

this one for Clark.

and this one because it makes me laugh. Not sure who I'll give it to yet.

I'm off to create a layout and work on a mini-book project, but just one more thing …
Lisa Day's The Challenge of Me workshop started today and Amy is giving away a FREE pass on the BPS Blog. And … YOU CAN ENJOY SUMMER SAVINGS THROUGH JUNE 30TH (on all BPS classes) by using the code: summer2009



  1. congrats! cant wait to see the srticle!

  2. Hey Everyone! It’s on pages 174-176… all the way in the back of the magazine.

  3. LOVE the cow shirt…my son is a Star Wars fan…no, obsessive compulsive Star Wars nerd!…and he would get a kick out of that shirt.

  4. Thanks Molly – I love it when my friends help me like this!
    You ROCK.

  5. We ordered the Platypus t shirt for my oldest son’s thirteenth birthday in May. Snorgtees is awesome! Good customer service and quick shipping. Plus hilarious shirts (I personally like the black Ninja ones.)

  6. Love the shirts. kids laughed out loud about the milk one. but small child (my personal editor) noticed, “except the cow can’t be a father. especially if it gives milk it’s not a father.”

  7. Sherrie says:

    Saw your quote in In Style..really cool! I’m pretty surprised they did a feature on photo organzation…that’s even more awesome.

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