Summer BINGO 2009

I'm back.

I hope you've enjoyed the quotes thus far in June. I have to be honest and say that I'm missing my blog and my blog readers, so while I'll be sharing the additional quotes I have selected for the month of June, I'll be checking in and posting more often too.

Life continues to be crazy, but also crazy good. I'm still working on a surprise project and really starting to feel the anticipation of sharing it with you all. Be assured that all is well and that I'm entirely relieved that school is OUT …


… which brings me to the point of this post. I'm ready to share what has become an annual thing here on the blog. My summer "kid plan" for avoiding at least some of the laziness that tends to accompany ten weeks of no school and also tends to weigh heavily on moms.

This year Chase, Trey and Taft will be playing Summer Bingo. Clark has informed me that he is officially too old, in spite of the fact that there is potential for earning some extra school shopping money.


I suppose it would be potentially embarrassing for him to walk in the house with a friend and try and explain the bright yellow BINGO card (with his name on it) hanging prominently on the hook. 

So, I've attached the official BINGO rules (Download BINGOrules )for playing summer bingo. For those that don't want to click and download, here's the overview:

  1. you get a new BINGO card each Sunday
  2. you can use your FREE sticker on any square you want
  3. you earn one ticket for every bingo (5 squares in a row)
  4. tickets are redeemable for things like popsicles and extra Wii time
  5. a BLACKOUT by Saturday night is rewarded with an extra $5.00 toward school shopping 


Here's the link (Download SUMMERbingo )to my basic BINGO card, as a Word document.

I started with a table (5 rows, and 5 columns) filled with activities that I'd love to see my children do over the course of one week. So, there are 25 activities a week that they can choose from to enrich their days (hey. hey.) Their BINGO card is attached via a binder ring to a sheet of yellow stickers that they use to cover up each activity as it is completed.


I will be the gatekeeper for the sheet of dated FREE stickers and the tickets. My boys will have to come to me to acknowledge each bingo and get a ticket. I didn't make a BINGO card for Addie, but the boys have several activities on their cards that include Addie, for example: Take Addie to the park to play for 30 minutes, or draw a picture with Addie, or play Play Doh with Addie. 


I will use the basic BINGO card as my template for every week, but I will also change out a few squares each week to keep things fresh — for example, the week that we go to my parents house, I've added activities like "practice your archery skills" that are specific to our location.

If you have interest, here are the plans I shared for summer 2007 and summer 2008.

Happy Weekend.


  1. Dawn-Rene says:

    LOVE the summer Bingo! I have no kids of my own (5th grade teacher is my alter-ego) but modified just a little, it would keep ME from being to lazy this summer. Thank you, Stacy!

  2. I had it in mind to do this very thing for younger dd who often gets left behind when older brother & sister (teenagers) are off & busy.
    Thanks for take a lot of the work out of it for me!

  3. thanks Stacy, this is exactly what I’ve been searching for my kids to do…you ALWAYS have the best ideas!!

  4. Liz Brown says:

    Oh thank you thank you Stacy!! This is exactly the kind of thing I need to keep our summer on track! I’m off to download and make some for my kids!

  5. Great, fun idea! The last several summers, I have been using Family Bucks with my 3 kids. They “earn” bucks for completing daily responsibilities and chores,they also get them for reading, playing together quietly (no fighting) & sending letters to relatives.
    Then, they can redeem them for rewards, such as computer time (2 bucks for 15 min), a movie (3), a fun family activity, such as bowling or swimming (5), etc.
    This has taken a lot of the “burden” off of me for keeping track of what they do or don’t do–basically, if the chores aren’t checked off, there are no family bucks, no family bucks means no rewards. This has made our summers much more fun. I love the idea of Bingo to change things up a bit. I may do that in July for something new & fun. Thanks for sharing–its nice to hear what other moms are doing.

  6. LOVE this idea of summer bingo! Thanks so much for posting it :)

  7. Oh, you clever clever woman! So going to download this, and put it into use in a week, when school is out. Thanks!

  8. Julie H. says:

    Stacy that is brilliant!!! I am so using this. I also have a 15 yr old boy who probably won’t get this but what the heck I might just give it a go!! The almost 12 yr old daughter definitely needs a little incentive to break out of the laziness!! Way to go!

  9. okay, this is so cute and I totally remember you posting this last year. much more creative than my “table time” that the boys have each morning (early risers that they are). I like that it’s all thought out, too. I may just lift it all from ya! thanks for sharing another great idea, Stacy!

  10. Thank you for sharing this amazing idea! I think I’ll give it a try for July. Oh! and it’s nice hearing from you again to! Missed ya!

  11. This is great! I was actually going to email you thinking I must have missed your summer activity post this year. Thanks as always for sharing…

  12. Leora Henkin says:

    Thanks so much for sharing the summer fun. We will definitely be playing BINGO! It is always a struggle to balance the more relaxed summer schedule and not fall quickly into the lazy doldrums.
    Happy Summer,

  13. Stacy, that rocks. I will have to try it out on the kiddies.

  14. love it! i’ve been checking in for this very post, so many thank yous for sharing ‘the summer plan’ of ’09! happy days filled with sunshine and popsicles to you and yours.

  15. Love the idea. If only my little ones were old enough for this. I hope to remember this in a couple years.

  16. You are psychic! I almost emailed you and told you I miss your summer ideas! lol I’ve been looking through past posts to recall what you did in previous years! You thought of that too.
    Thanks for thinking of those of us who need help!

  17. Good to hear from you Stacy! I love the Bingo idea and wish I still had my brood at home to try it. They would’ve loved it. I hope some of the ‘moms’ out there will give it a try. I’m passing the link on to my two children for their kids.

  18. Heather says:

    Loving it. We are starting it today. This is so much more fun than my binder idea. I’m even making one for myself and my husband.
    I am making a few slight enhancements.
    1. Color coding the activities. Yes, I’m crazy that way.
    Green= Physical
    Yellow= Play
    Blue= Read
    Purple= Learning
    Orange= Anything goes
    2. Adding a log or checklist for the Summer Reading Books right behind their picture.
    Oh and another friend of mine went crazy over this idea too and we are going to be swapping ideas weekly. This is totally awesome!

  19. Thanks Stacy. I just printed my bingo cards for my girls and am making their cover pages now. THIS IDEA ROCKS and I never would have thought of anything like it. This is awesome.

  20. thanks for sharing, my kids are soooo excited to play summer bingo!

  21. Hi Stacy,
    This looks like so much fun for the kids. Thanks so much! I so enjoy reading your blog.
    Amy :)

  22. LOVE this!
    You have helped me every summer with your awesome ideas.
    3 questions:
    1) Where did you get the just yellow stickers and why did you date them?
    2) what do they normally get for back to school and what do they use it for (school, clothes?)
    3) Are they doing chores in addition to this?

  23. Thanks for sharing this great idea!!! I am gong to try it out at our house!!!

  24. So I’m just curious… when do you think Addie will get her own card? My son is almost the exact same age as her and I’m wondering when I can start doing this with him. Maybe next summer?

  25. Oh wait. I thought of one more question. What is the J21 and TT stand for in the upper left and upper right hand corners of the bingo cards?

  26. Thank you. I used your ticket idea last year with wonderful results. I think the BINGO cards will be a hit this year. Something for the girls to keep up with until our vacation the last week before school starts.

  27. You always have the BEST ideas! I’ve got one kiddo in summer school (he has special needs) so it’s hard to get him to do anything that seems like more “work” and his twin would love to be a slug and sit in front of the tv or the computer all day. This will so help with motivation and things they can do on their own. I think I may change up the activities for each week depending on what we’re doing. And I still like your summer fun board, we’ll probably do that one too. XX’s

  28. I love the summer bingo idea Stacy and I think I might have to think about doing it with my 7 year old. Although she will be in summer school (by choice not by force) for three days a week I’m hoping that something like this will make her help me out a little more. It’s just too bad that my 3 year old twins can’t join in!

  29. Sara Mangan says:

    Thanks for this post. I too wanted to email you and ask for your summer ideas. Thanks again Stacy. I can’t wait to make a version of this for my three girls.
    Sara M

  30. Maryann says:

    Hi Stacy…so glad to see you posting! MISSED you! Love all your ideas…Maryann

  31. Heather P says:

    Love this idea! Thank you for sharing! I’ve enjoyed the quote posts but have missed you too.
    Heather P

  32. I’d love to see a list of ideas for other bingo squares… I’ve got a few to share:
    - Do something special to be a blessing to mom or dad
    - Build something
    - Make a ‘claymation’ video with the camera
    - Take the dog around the block
    - Find 5 bugs to watch in a jar for the afternoon
    I’d love to see other ideas from other moms so we can alter the bingo card from week to week. My kids have already dived head first into this and I have two building marshmallow and toothpick creations at the kitchen table as I type… hooray!

  33. Brilliant!

  34. Crazy good idea! My kids aren’t old enough yet, but I downloaded the stuff (thank you very much) and plan to stash it for when they are bigger.

  35. Ha Ha. I have a million questions. Sorry but I love this idea and I have already made my cards and everything. I even figured out that the J21 is June 21 and I assume the TT is a child’s initials.
    But I still have one more question…you wrote “extra Wii time” as a reward. Tell me more about that. Do the kids get a regular game/tv time and these rewards are extra?

  36. I’ve had so much fun adapting this to my family…
    Here are some of my modifications:
    ice cream cone = 1
    hour of Wii = 2
    hour of TV= 2
    redbox rental = 3
    game rental = 5
    And I changed the $5 for school supplies to $3 to do something fun.
    I also added some squares:
    Do a GeoPuzzle or geography lesson
    Memorize 10 state capitols
    Treadmill for 20 minutes
    Do scout requirement
    Journal writing for 10-lines
    Typing game for 30 minutes
    Shoot baskets for 20 minutes
    Read 3 books to younger brother
    Do an extra chore (ask mom)
    And for my five year old, I modified the bingo like this:
    Run around backyard 3 times
    Kick soccer ball 10 times
    Hit baseball off tee 10 times
    Play nicely with sister 30 minutes
    Have 3 books read to you
    Do a puzzle
    Write your name :) I would love to hear other people’s ideas!
    I also added times to the reading because my kids tend to skimp without guidelines.

  37. Heather says:

    Stacy- Summer Bingo is really taking off here with my friends in Kyle, TX and we’d like to form a group.
    Would it be OK if we created a public Summer BINGO group on Facebook to swap ideas?

  38. Heather says:

    Would it be OK if I started a Summer Bingo Facebook group? We’ve make it open to the public, but several of my friends would like to share our bingo square ideas on a weekly basis.
    It has already made a huge and fun difference in how our summers are going.
    Thanks again for your creative brilliance!

  39. I love your summer plans and am so glad you have decided to share them with us again! Thank you!

  40. Thanks for sharing your great ideas!

  41. THANK YOU Stacy!!
    When I read this post, I immediately thought of using it with my two boys {11 & 5 yrs. old}. My only hesitation was “I don’t have those cool stickers, the tickets, the cover picture with name”, etc… THEN I heard FlyLady speaking into my other ear…”don’t let perfectionism rob you of this great idea!” So we started our version of Summer Bingo and my boys are LOVING IT!! I am too! I haven’t heard any familiar sayings of boredom yet this summer. YOUR idea made this possible. I’m so THANKFUL. you always offer me just the dose of cretivity I need. blessings!

  42. Thank you so much! We only have 2 weeks left of “summer vacation,” but the kids are on year-round school. This is gonna be a big hit at our house! Oh-and thanks for doing it in a Word doc. It made it so easy to tailor the activities to my kids’ ages and interests.

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