this moment.

I have a weekend assignment for you. I was recently introduced to a BRAND NEW website, called this moment. I intended to spend about 5 minutes on my initial visit and ended up staying for more like 45 minutes. I was completely blown away!

Clark was outside mowing the lawn and I went out, gave him the "timeout" sign and made him come sit in my office and watch the intro movie. It is that COOL.

I have to be honest and say that I haven't really invested much time or energy into the Facebook thing. I get it, but not really. I've never opened a Flickr account. I sometimes feel like I should, but then I think "Nah, just one more thing to keep track of." I do like and use Twitter — but the whole TweetDeck thing and managing it makes me feel utterly overwhelmed. But this, my faithful blog readers speaks to me — this moment combines the FUN of status updates, photo and video sharing and the global connection thing and takes them to a whole NEW level.

this moment.

is what I never knew I always wanted — this is going to be my online story-telling tool. I am so IN!

The first "moment" I recorded was my attempt at capturing my thoughts and feelings after viewing the website and contemplating the world my children are growing up in. It is a world defined by creativity and connection. I can't even imagine the world my grandchildren …

Just promise me that sometime this weekend, you'll go take a look. And please, leave me a comment and tell me what you think!


  1. Melony Wells says:

    OK, I’m impressed. You always know you’ve come across something cool when it gives you goose bumps :) I’m in Facebook, in a small way, I don’t download stuff, “poke” friends (whatever that is?) I use it for photos and I set my 365 project up in there. Easy to send my pics from iPhoto to facebook with a button (thanks to the new iLife 09) and then just add my journaling – friends can check out my day to day. I love that ‘this moment’ takes that to the next level and even works with my Facebook (goose bumping again but that’s because my daughter is standing behind me on my chair & combing my hair :) Thanks for the cool intro, I’m in :)

  2. gotta say i glanced at it – I’m easily overwhelmed with tech stuff so for now i’ll probably stick with what i’m learning [FB] – no twitter for me and while i think I have a flicker account i never use it – i’m a simple [wink!] girl and am okay with that…thanks for sharing tho – and who knows i may go back and explore a little more…

  3. scrappysue says:

    Stacy, this is very cool! I just joined Facebook, but felt it was lacking a certain something. I can see that this moment is very much more me, thank you so much for blogging about this! PS, I met the other Dubai LOM’er recently, which was really cool! Sue

  4. This looks cool. I love that I can have all of my thoughts (moments) in one place, but easily link them to twitter and facebook etc. I need to spend a little more time there, but I’m thinking I might switch over. I’ve never quite understood how twitter and facebook work together and why I need both, it gets so overwhelming sometimes! I’m hoping this might solve my dilemma! Thanks for the link!

  5. liked it too–uploaded my first moment–a hot air balloon almost landing in my backyard

  6. Love it! Just signed up.

  7. Stacy, I really like this and that you can put it all together. I am going to spend some time looking this over more once I have more time. Thanks for telling us about it.

  8. Cool site! I almost always want to add pix to my FB updates, so this is even better than FB for me, and without some of the time-sucking extras that FB has. I just signed up and linked to my FB account.

  9. I loved it and signed up. My first moment is up ( I set it for everyone to see). Mine is the Scrapbook vs. Scrapbook one. This moment happened yesterday and I know you scrapbooking Mamas can relate! :)

  10. oh Stacy this looks like THE TICKET!!! thanks so much for sharing – I just set up an account, but it’s definitely not a “check out in 15 minutes” site :-) I’m off to a crap later today, so will have to check out more of “tM” later – scrapping is much higher on the priority list than the computer these days :-)

  11. I really dont see the different from this to facebook or twitter
    facebook you say whats happening to you , you can share videos and photos with your friends too,
    I just see is one more thing for to upload im very satisfied with facebook.

  12. Barbara Konopa says:

    You can do everything you can do on Facebook. It’s just another community site.
    I love to read your blog. Keep up sharing your life with us.

  13. Wow, thanks so much for letting us know about this.

  14. Anne-Jeanette says:

    Thank you! I like what I see and will give it a try. Didn’t like to blog, facebook or twitter but maybe this will work for me.

  15. Wow, stacy! I love how we can really react with our moments on this site. I really need a phone that can email though . . . I loved seeing the “ah-ha moment” button as a filter when I was adding my first moment – seriously thought of you! Thanks for finding and sharing this site!

  16. This is SO Stacy’s Big Picture! Congrats on the find and thanks for sharing it with the rest of us! Now, with your influence and connecting with the “this moment” folks – maybe we can bring Twitter and Shutterfly online with them to save those of us that have been faithfully following in your footsteps a lot of time in converting to other systems. I have flikr but don’t use it – Shutterfly gives me more of what I want between the sharing blog and the photo ordering. Haven’t seen a reason to have both Twitter AND Facebook yet…. Liking the “this moment” idea! Looking forward to you working with them to flesh it out even more – you can do it! What was your word this year – “receive” I think. Congrats on the receiving moment! ;-)

  17. Betheroo says:

    Very interesting website, Stacy. Though I’m still trying to figure out why anyone other than me would be interested in my day to day moments (even my family!). I already capture this type of thing in my scrapbooks. Maybe if my children were still young and I had a lot of farflung family members! I’ll probably give it a try sometime though. I appreciate your alerting us to all the new ideas out there.

  18. GWinter says:

    I think it’s very cool. We’ll see how it works out – I always wonder what will catch and what won’t . . . . (posted on my FB) – we’ll see what kind of response I get!

  19. I checked out This Moment, very nice but really, don’t have the time to start something else. I agree with Betharoo…would rather spend time on scrapbooking.

  20. Seriously. Did these people read LOM. This is so about capturing your now. If I had stumbled across this myself I would have sworn that you had a part in it. It even has a green button.
    Love this. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Yep, totally cool. I see so many applications for this in my personal life, with girl friends, family, etc. as well as my job in a nonprofit as a guestbook type of thing. thanks so much for sharing.

  22. Hi there. See, one of the reasons why I love your blog is that you show the coolest stuff on here, like that book in the next post. I can always count on you for telling about some awesome book too.
    Because it always make me smile to come here, I have given you an award on my blog if you’d like to come check it out! :) Corinna

  23. This is so cool Stacy! It sounds like something you would have created!! I love that it works with my Facebook account too. Thanks for sharing!!

  24. Kathy in Minnesota says:

    I like the fact that it can pull pics from various places and you can publish back to places, like facebook. Even better, the iphone app. I’d never heard of this … thank you for sharing it. I’m in too.

  25. LOVE THIS….gives me an idea for a scrapbook of just MY moments….moments that have created my world….very different than a Book of Me. It reminds me of your Photos I Love book concept; that book is just so personal and so our all of our individual moments that create who we are.
    Thanks for sharing the site. You have the coolest blog EVER! Ü
    Mary Ellen

  26. Thanks for sharing this link! I’m added my first moment tonight. Now I’m going to try and think of ways I could use this in the classroom!

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