Adornit Blog Hop + Give Away

I am so intrigued with the blog-o-sphere and all the interesting connections and ideas that are available to us these days. And today, you have a chance to go exploring, learn more about one of our great scrapbooking manufacturers, meet some new people and possibly win some great stuff — are you ready?

Today, I am one stop on a Blog HOP and all the fun starts here.


This is a sneak peak of a SUPER QUICK page I made with a brand new kit that Georgana and the team at Adornit created for the Big Picture Scrapbooking annual Take August Off promotion that starts next Thursday, August 6th.

It is bright and happy and fun and includes two sheets of these little letters that I absolutely adore …


and BUTTERFLIES — not just any butterflies, but two-dimensional super-cool butterflies that pop right up off your page.


Last summer on a sunny afternoon, Taft came running inside to say "Mom, come quick and look what I found … and bring your camera! He wanted to show me two little mushrooms that were growing in the grass right behind our mailbox. Do you know how grateful I am that I'm a camera-wielding scrapbooking mom? I know we take too many pictures and sometimes we weary our children with pleas to "look at Mom" and smile, but in the end, they know that we will STOP and smell the roses or photograph the mushrooms. Something in that encourages their sense of wonder and that is a good thing.

OK. The BEST PART of this blog hop for me?  I have 3 of these kits to give away. All you have to do is comment and tell me about one idea you gleaned from "hopping" around. Who did you meet, what did you see … go explore (starts here) and then come back and tell me what you loved and …

YOU could WIN! **WINNERS of the Adornit Kits will be posted on Monday at noon

Blog Hop next stop? Julie Hickey 


  1. Loved hopping around this morning! So far I have discovered that Apricot Jam is not only yummy but can be as Pretty as it is tasty from Michelle @ LilyBean’s Paperie!
    BPS is the best and love your energy too!

  2. I loved Wendy’s Photo Topiary and will be using that idea to make Christmas presents this year! I usually don’t participate in Blog Hops but I’m very glad I did this one – So many wonderful ideas and projects! Thanks Adornit & everyone!

  3. AHHHHH – I just hopped to Tere’s blog and saw all the fishing and camping stuff and then I went on their website – Oh my do I love the “FISH” chipboard album – I need to go an shop – Adornit where have you been all my life??

  4. I’ve discovered some very talented crafters and have become their followers so that I can continue to appreciate their work. Your layout is so perfect for your discovery theme. Just love it. Thanks for the opportunity to sign up to win a kit.

  5. I want to lift the colors straight from Jana Eubank’s “Summer Pals” page straight on to a page of my own!

  6. Staci Nay says:

    I loved that Jana Eubank documented the relationship her daughter has with her cousin. My daughter and niece also have a very close bond that I am now wanting to celebrate.

  7. I liked the watercolor painted textured paper by whimsical ink sorority

  8. Julie B says:

    Still hopping, but also need to “hop” to work… =P Love the idea of a metal fishing line! That’s definitely going on a page sometime. =)

  9. I haven’t been too far yet but Lisa Day gave me a great idea to use a black pp with flowers all over it for a summer page by using other lighter colors of pp. I’m totally lifting her idea! Didn’t know anything about this blog hop but I’m off to hop around!

  10. I’ve discovered that Adornit has a digi line too! Oh joy!

  11. Sue in Grapevine says:

    I was reminded how cute those MM little letter stickers are & that I need to get them out & use them.

  12. hmm, what have I learned form the other blogs? that I like simple and quick layouts the best! :-)

  13. sherry d says:

    The digi line definitely caught my eye since i’m dabbing into digi after taking Renee P’s WONDERFUL class last month!! I love your layout!

  14. Sadiesma says:

    Hopping was really fun this morning! I enjoyed Camilla Ekman’s blog. Looks like she is combining a “flower arranging” talent in her pages. I love lumpy pages, so this appealed to me.

  15. I have bookmarked or tagged about a dozen ideas I love, want to lift or want to try….I love Adornit, but I think the Photo Topiary is one of my favs!

  16. KristiGilbert says:

    LOVE those butterflies!!!
    I learned how to make a spinning photo topiary with Adornit papers on Wendy’s blog…very cool!!

  17. Wooo hooo! What a cute LO! :) And how adorable that he WANTED you to take a pic! I hope someday to get that instead of “mom, could you put the camera down??”

  18. Stacy Hackett says:

    I love, love, love those butterfly stickers on your page! So cute…I can envision them on many, many pages about my teenage girl, getting ready to take flight in high school. My favorite “find” in the hop is the ant ribbon on Laura Vegas’ BBQ page…I already know the page I want to make with that!

  19. Linda W says:

    I love, love butterflies right now on my pages that pop out! so many talented people, what fun this was! Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

  20. I think I’ll be trying the photo topiary for sure…and trying to use brighter colors on my projects!! Love your project!

  21. Oh my gosh! 80 blogs to hop! My husband won’t be too fond of me on the computer for so long! I learned that are many unexplored scrappers’ blogs that I haven’t discovered until this hop. Hoping to spend more time at each and everyone to see who fits my style.

  22. So far, I have really enjoyed the “new” color combos. I find that I get in a “rut” of using the same colors together all the time. Not that this is bad, but these combos that are new to me will help me be creative and try new things! :)

  23. Still hopping…I’ve found techniques that are worth trying. I love all the projects I’ve seen so far..

  24. Just started. The Fisher Price desk brought back a lot of memories of kids playing. Sweet.
    Babybokchoy is fun! Like her style.
    This is going to be a great adventure going through all the sites.

  25. 80 blogs! I love the butterfly with journaling inside on the Work of Heart blog. Butterflies are everywhere lately–I’m hooked!

  26. Kari D. says:

    I loved Wendy Smedley’s topiary! I am already planning on making some of these as gifts! Great inspiration along the hop!

  27. Danette says:

    so many ideas…paper folding, acrylic ideas, mini books in a jar and photo topiaries and I think I am only half way through. I keep telling myself to stop and get the dishes done…

  28. Hopping around always inspires me and I want to jump right in and participate too!

  29. Lee Cockrum says:

    Thanks for the chance to win! I love the little individual letters that you used, they give a little dimension without being overwhelming, and they look great not perfectly aligned!

  30. Nancy Barnes says:

    Loved Wendy’s photo topiary! that is the coolest idea!

  31. love love love the butterflies!! (:

  32. Suzanne Sergi had some WONDERFUL handmade flowers! It has been such the trend, and her take was fresh and fun!
    Her photography and use of software added to my addding her to my fav.s! :)

  33. OK, my comment didn’t post… LOL!
    Suzanne Sergi’s take on handmade flowers was SO fresh and fun! I love her take!
    And her photography and use of editing made me add her to my fav. list! :)

  34. Ginna G says:

    I LOVE blog hops!!
    So neat to look around and see other peoples creativity. Adornit is a inspiring company too! Thanks for the chance to win stuff.

  35. Cynthia B says:

    How wonderful that he tells you to bring your camera! :D Love the little sticker letters too – looks like a great kit!
    I haven’t been all the way through all the blogs yet. I saw that Wendy Smedley had a cute project for a photo topiary…and I did get stuck on a blog that was all in Spanish (guess 2 semesters in college wasn’t enough!). One of my weaknesses are 2-page LOs, and I saw several that were awesome, including a “freedom”/4th of July LO that I loved. Such a fun blog hop!

  36. Oh bloghops are so much fun! I love your mushroom page and all the butterflies. I’ve always thought of butterflies as a symbol of hope and I think we all could use a little hope right now.

  37. Thanks for the blog hop info! I have not used Adorn it products before but they look really cool! One idea I’m definitely going to do is Mercedes “Bloom” mini album!! I just returned from taking a ton of flower pictures at Butchart Gardens (Victoria, BC) and wasn’t sure what to do with them all – now I know!!!

  38. Jeannine Garner says:

    Love the layout. Flowers on a boy page,love it.

  39. Scrapycandy says:

    Stacy, I loved your layout and the kit. But I also loved Tere’s fishing layout…love it when more than one picture is utilized! Thanks for the inspiration!

  40. I love the flowers on your son’s page. I never think of adding flowers to my son’s layouts. I will definitely try to incorporate it. I’ve never tried a Blog Hop. It was interesting viewing other blogs. It was inspiring to see so many different ways to scrap. Fun!

  41. Love the inspiration the blog hop provides -Thanks!!! I have a house full of boys and crave using some floral hits. Love the page! I enjoy your blog!

  42. really enjoyed the hop! i just love looking at layouts because each one is unique and you never see the same one twice! like a fingerprint. that’s what i love about scrapbooking, there is no wrong or right way to do it, just as long as you have fun! everyone on the hop is so talented and inspiring!

  43. ~ alli ~ says:

    I learned there are so many cute blog banners and templates out there. I think I might have to jazz mine up a bit…

  44. Wow this blog hop has been fun!! Loved all the different LO’s and seeing other gals blogs :)
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  45. Kimberly S. says:

    I LOVE the BBQ recipe book the Georgana has on her blog!
    So cute!

  46. I had fun hopping through the blogosphere!I learned that the 30 or so srappy blogs that I already have bookmarked in my favorites is just the tip of the scrapping inspiration iceberg out in the blogosphere. Looks like I’ll have to add several more blogs to my reader!!

  47. Raewyn A says:

    this is my first blog hop experience! I can see I will be adding many many more blogs to my bloglines list.

  48. Marcy Grant says:

    I’m just getting started, but so far I love Julie’s list of summertime favorites and Emma’s tutorial. I’ll be back after visiting more blogs! Thanks for the chance to win – it’s gonna be a fun weekend!

  49. Have to go pick up my DD from GS camp! I missed her! But I did enjoy “meeting” Julie and remembering what it was like to have young kids in the summer. Mine are teenagers and up…sigh…! I hope to do a page contrasting summer fun then and now!

  50. I’ve never done a blog hop before and it was fun. I didn’t see them all, but my favorite was the summer page at:
    a site I’d never visited before. Thanks!

  51. Jenny McGee says:

    I am blogging and hopping and having fun doing it. I love all the great sites and inspiration. Thanks for a chance to win.

  52. Melanie aka browneyedgirl says:

    I’ve blog hopped before, but am still in awe of all the cool things you can discover on the web. Great inspiration, new layout ideas and wonderful people to get to know. All within a few keystrokes away…how cool is that.
    Especially loved the fishing layout on Tere’s blog. Great as my hubby and kids frequently go out fishing and come back with huge fish stories. LOL
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  53. I love the cards that Kim Rose made and featured on her blog. I may just have to “borrow” her designs.
    Thanks for letting me know about the hop!

  54. kim in Cambridge, UK says:

    Blog-hopped until I was cross-eyed! Loads of inspiration, but for me, the clean, simple look of your layout, plus the heartfelt journalling can’t be beaten.
    Thanks for the opportunity of entering the competition, Stacy. Have a good day!

  55. Over at Julie’s blog I was excited to see that Fisher Price school desk – I had one just like it! I’m from a small Scottish island and so it’s interesting to see that as children we played with some of the same things – even though 1000′s of miles and a different culture separated us.
    I loved reading Richard Scarry but there were no related toys to play with – me and my brother would have loved the puzzletown set that she had growing up! Fun to see all the “retro” toys she has on a blog post.

  56. sherree kelbel says:

    I hopped around every blog wow what fun that was!!!I got such great ideas and bookmarked lots of blogs to go back and visit for inspiration.the biggest thing I came away with from this hop was that I want to start my own blog now but where and how to start?thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas with us. Stacey you are a inspiration to me so in many ways :)

  57. Couldn’t take time to visit all 80 blogs, but hit quite a few. I loved: the bicycle paper on Tanya Smith’s fun bike layout, Tere’s fun fishing layout (very imaginative). The story behind Kelly Waterman’s layout really touched me. I was inspired by Mercedes’ flower-shaped minibook — I’m all the time taking pictures of my flowers and that would be a fun way to use them! I like the star papers in Lauri Green’s layout — handy if you want to break out of red, white and blue for July 4th layouts.

  58. Anne Wallraff says:

    What Fun! I think Julie Hickey was the first to inspire me with a top 10 list of “My Summer Favorites”… how easy to get started on a new page.

  59. HeatherC says:

    Hi! First off – LOVE the page — I love that you used butterflies on a “boy” page — know a lot of people who would not do that and they have no idea how cute it can be! Discovered the blog hop this morning and had a great time looking at all the cool new blogs I had not been to before. Found several new favorites and it inspired me to stop at Archivers on the way home today to pick up some cardstock that I plan to use in just a few minutes. LOVE scrapbooking!

  60. bakscrap says:

    I have marked several blogs to go back to and “lift” some idea. My fav layout so far is Jing Jing Nickel’s “How does our summer Grow? I am going to do a similar garden layout next year.

  61. Loving the butterflies.
    Love Janelle Jones- Scrap with Style- use of two tags for journaling and the title summer. I am so scraplifting that idea!
    Love- Mary Ann Jenkins- I rock paper scissors- the vintage pictures with the modern paper and the simple, but stylish childhood layout. very inspiring.
    Love- Wendy’s photo topiary. Great for a birthday, reunion or graduation party.
    Love- Ally Scraps- Maya Road dino album. Must have.
    More later, but kiddo woke up from nap.

  62. Beautiful project!! I have loved this hop so far – and I found a new fave scrapper:
    Isn’t she fab?!

  63. Kerry G. says:

    I just saw the cutest little stitch butterfly trails at:

  64. I just love your layout!!! Such a fantastic job!

  65. I really love your layout! The kit looks amazing! I participated in the blog hop, and all I can is WOW! So much fun, and fantastic ideas!!! Now off, to blog hop some more! LOL Enjoy your day!

  66. Great layout! Love the flowers and butterflies.. awesome!

  67. I am inspired by the incredible creativity and passion that are evident on these blogs! I’d love to get to know all of these wonderful people, and by providing the opportunity to visit their sites on the Blog HOP, I will be able to!

  68. MommaBean says:

    I loved Wendy’s photo topiary idea. Fun and different! I also really enjoyed the whimsical look of your LO.

  69. i’ve seen a lot of inspirational things on the blog hop from an awesome acrylic album to cute little mini books to fantastic layouts. love love love those 3d butterflies!

  70. I love that the blog-o-sphere is full of ideas and inspiration. It has really shown me how narrow-minded I’ve been as a scrapper. I love all the high-quality coordinated kits that are available at such reasonable prices, even as our CDN dollar bounces up and down!

  71. jen harrison says:

    I like layout designs so I can scraplift sketches/color combos.

  72. justdelms says:

    Am new to the blog hop, but absolutely loved Tere’s fishing lo on with all my heart. She used wire and to kind of imitate the fishing string! It was great and can’t wait to use it in one of my LOs!

  73. WOW, the bloghop is amazing! I have been to almost all of them and have seen so many different and inspiring ideas. I cannot wait to get scrappin’ at home. I love the Adorn It products and would love to incorporate them into the summer vacation we are taking in just 3 days YAY! Thanks for sharing this link Stacy, I don’t know if I would have found it.

  74. I love the fact that there are so many participating in the blog hop with so many different styles. I’ve already add a dozen blogs to my following list of gals whose style I identify with. This is so much fun, and I’m only 75% through the list.

  75. Denise H. says:

    I could blog hop all day. I love getting sketch ideas from all the blogs. I may not have exactly the same picture topic, but I can always use the sketch idea. I love the internet for scrapbook ideas

  76. So many blogs, so little time…,
    Oh my goodness! Such talent. I only hav had time to explore about 10 blogs but have loved the sketches and layouts displayed and can’t wait to find time to explore some more before I leave to visit my sister on Sunday.

  77. I love your page!! The whimsical flowers are awesome and those butterflies are fabulous!!
    WOW!! Where do I even start?? I love all of the blogs that I have visited today and there are so many different ideas out there to be discovered. I love the artistic look on so many pages….particularly Camilla’s flower pages…..STUNNING!!

  78. What a sweet layout! I just love it!
    My favorite part of this hop so far is all the great inspiration I’ve found along the way. I haven’t scrapbooked in a few months (yikes!) and seeing all these great projects and layouts has got me fighting the urge to ditch my laptop and run straight to my desk and start scrapbooking again :-)

  79. Okay, I have to be honest, I haven’t been able to completely go through the entire blog hop, but I will. I know I will. These are very talented scrapbookers. My favorite one (so far) is not actually a scrapbook page, but I love, love, love it! They are the colorful button fish pictures on Honey’s House blog. Love them to pieces! I am so going to do something similar!

  80. Wow…80 new blogs to check out and inspire me? That’s worth it right there! :)

  81. Tammy Perkins says:

    I love the idea of using “stickles” on embellishments on a scrapbook page – I looked at so many blogs – I can’t remember who did it on her layout.

  82. C Trimble says:

    I love the uses for stickles. I always get stuck wondering what to do with all my colors.

  83. I LOVE this idea! I was awash in inspiration! I have to choose one layout? I just can’t. I have been so un-inspired lately that each and every blog had my mind racing. Seriously. Thanks for doing this!

  84. Loads of inspiration. One cute technique I liked was the use of wire on Tere’s fishing layout. One of the links on the blog hop didn’t seem to work, so I got lost after a while, but what I saw I loved.

  85. Hi Stacy! I love your layout. The flowers are beautiful!
    I joined in on the Adornit Blog Hop also, and if you have time, I hope you’ll check out the mini album that I created.

  86. My favorite part of this hop so far is all the great inspiration I’ve found along the way. I haven’t had a whole lot of time to scrapbook lately but seeing all these great projects and layouts has got me wanting to touch my supplies, to smell my paper… get the idea. :)

  87. Love the photo topiary (Wendy Smedley). So much talent and inspiration in all the blogs.

  88. i “broke the rules” and random blog hopped and what fun i had – i picked letters of the alphabet to guide me through some of them …
    what i loved … that everyone is soooooo different – so many lovely styles, great use of colour – and obviously – all sharing the same love of scrapbooking !!

  89. I guess I just learned (or reaffirmed) that there is no one “right” way to scrapbook or create art. I need to be satisfied with the process and the journal of our lives.

  90. Ann K in WI says:

    I love to hop… I found a great blog about a couple that go RVing…since we’re in to camping and they’re in the next state I love to read there reviews about campgrounds and camping adventures. I went from a scrapping blog and found them. So cool

  91. Love the butterflies! Haven’t seen them before. Intrigued by Wendy’s topiary photo tree! Still looking for another chunk of time to hop some more…my hair highlighting didn’t last long enough =)

  92. LOVED Julie’s Fisher Price School Days Desk at the top of her blog! Brought back such memories!!! I had one of those. :) Also, I’m loving the idea of summer faves and doing a layout revolving around that…thanks for the inspiration ya’ll!

  93. Beautiful layout!!
    Thanks for letting me stop by!!
    Hopping along..!

  94. Leslie E says:

    Thanks for sharing this blog hop. I discovered a number of blogs that I’ve added to my favorites. Thanks for the chance to win!

  95. Had fun blog hopping. Loved the fish on Tammy Anderson’s page! So cute and great use of buttons!

  96. Oh Stacy that is so cute and I can’t wait to see how this kit is linked to BPS!!! I smell another class in my future!

  97. Love this kit, and that layout is adorable too!

  98. Connie Melancon says:

    This is the longest blog hop I have been on and have added so many inspiring blogs to my google reader that it is going to take me all day to read them! I can’t pick just one project. There are many. Thanks for a chance to win!

  99. I love the recipe book on Dolce Vita Mia’s website. So colorful and looks like something I’d like to do. I have many recipes that I’ve collected from my & my husbands grandparents that I’d like to put in a special book. Thanks for the fun idea!

  100. carriegel says:

    Wow, there was so much to see. I love looking at other people’s blogs and getting some ideas that I too can use. Thanks.

  101. Wow, that was fun! I liked Janice’s owl book and Suzanne and Mitt’s LOs and I got a great idea from Jenny’s book of flowers. At the risk of sounding like I’m sucking up, I really love your layout! Those butterflies are adorable!

  102. I learned that scrapbooking is the best and lots of other people think so to! :)

  103. Kristyn G says:

    I love the little photo topiary that Wendy S showed on her blog. Going to get that fun font now!
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  104. I loved seeing all the inspiration for summer pages & projects!

  105. I just ADORE the dinosaur mini-book on Jordan’s blog!

  106. I loved the little alphabet flashcards and also seeing pages from so many international scrappers!

  107. says:

    I have been looking for a cute layout design for my 4th of July pictures & totally love Jana Eubank’s 4th of July layout!!

  108. I LOVE this idea of blog hopping! Wow, everyone seems to have great ideas, so hard to pick one. I haven’t gotten through the entire list. I want to read a few everyday. I really like this “stay-cation” idea. Grabbing a favorite beverage, wearing my new flop-flops, plug in the tunes and traveling the World wide web of great ideas. Nice. Like how is fit’s my budget.

  109. I love what you did with this new Adornit paper line! Your work is always amazing and inspiring to me. The transparent butterflies are beautiful! What a fun embellishment, are they a part of the Adornit collection? I was unable to participate in the Blog Hop because I could not find any paper products in time. But I have enjoyed viewing all the blogs! {{Hugs}}

  110. Jennifer says:

    I loved blog-hopping, literally, all over the world! I have added many to my favorites and have spent hours looking at them getting inspired and taking notes!
    Summer Cutie by Suzanne Sergi is one that still stands out, as well as Jing-Jing’s Garden layout (love the circle!)
    Jenn in Vancouver

  111. stamphappy2001 says:

    My favorite is the summer home decor project on heartandhomedesigns. So fun and would look adorable on my entry table.

  112. Love that kit!
    The hopping was fun and I loved Jana Eubank’s Fourth of July page.
    I love the photo of your son with with mushroom too, makes you remember to take time to enjoy the little quiet moments of wonder in life!

  113. i love going from blog to blog. i learned how to make an album from patterned paper and a flip flop!

  114. I too am just amazed at all the creativity out there and am thankful that we have these tools to share our work and inspiration.

  115. Wow! Love your AdornIt page. I had to smile at ANAM’s blog site. While she missed it completely being on vacation (sounds like something I might do) she is such a prolifically talented designer. When I checked out her works for the month of May there were at least 30 on there, and all of it was great. I loved her simple style and great use of color. Always fun to be so inspired.

  116. I’m leaving for a road trip weekend in an hour so I didn’t have time to check all of them out, but I clicked on a few random names that I didn’t know, that’s always surprising! I really like Jay’s blogbanner. And on the cooking up creations are these cool journalling-embellishments (they’re not just journalblocks) that resemble a watermelon, that’s so cool and very SUMMERlike!

  117. My favorite part of this Blog Hop is being part of the goodness of each person here – both those who had blogs on the hop and all the others who looked in. I’m in love with the little quote on Stacey’s layout, “Never lose your sense of wonder.” Being with all of you has inspired me and brought me that wonder and joy! Thanks to all. Debbie Raymond, Adornit editor

  118. wow! very inspired by Bethany Kartchner…she had these monochrome layouts…YUM!!

  119. enggirl lorraine says:

    I found this idea for wonderful fabric flowers done (lollipop/circle). Stitched together concentric circles then washed to “fill them out” and wear the edges. Button centers – fabulous!

  120. I’ve only covered a bit of the list of blogs to visit, but I am inspired. I am ready to pull out the stash and play. School starts in 12 days for me (I’m a teacher) and 19 days for students, and I haven’t played very much at all. These blogs are giving me ideas. I love making mini books. I need to do something soon.

  121. My list of inspiration would take me forever to type! Thanks for the tour – I added several new blogs to my reader. My only fear is that I’ll spend too much time oogling and not enough creating!

  122. Susan Kopp says:

    After 3 hours of blog hopping ( what else is one to do when waking at 4:44 in the a.m.) I found several to add to my regular blog visit list. I loved Tammy Andersens fish, they would look cute in the bath, Emma Hicks technique of turning chipboard frames into journaling spots, Lisa Archers popsicle book, Tere using fishing line to make her own fishing embellishments but I really loved the Summer in a jar, to showcase those big bulky memories we all bring home in our luggage. Thanks for the added benefit of giving me something to do so early in the morn!

  123. Need more time!! Wow – - look at all the choices, ideas, talent! Wow – - so many, many cool and wonderful places to go. My “favorites” folder is overflowing!

  124. Jennifer says:

    I love the stars on There is just something about them that looks so fresh.

  125. I love the paper you used! Such a cute and simple layout! Love it! I’m also glad to hear that I’m not the only mother that just about wears my kids out with my camera. I love taking pictures of everything and everyone even if I never do anything with them and they just sit on a disk somewhere. I love to go back and look at them over and over!

  126. Laurie T says:

    Wow – I’m only a quarter of the way through and I’ve already added a few to my favorites. Loved the Bloom mini book on ScrappyMommy’s blog. I have that flower book in my stash and was going to do something similar, but she gave me a few different ideas to add. I need more time to finish going through the rest… what fun!

  127. don’t have much time today for hopping around the net. but loved the idea of printing out digi elements to use on my pages (I think I’m currently living in the dark ages). Also….didn’t know that adornit made anything else but the little alpha I adore. Love the pp you used.

  128. Thanks for letting us know about the blog hop! I found a new recipe for homemade honey wheat bread on Sherelle Christensen’s blog – I love new recipes and Sherelle’s amazing photography is so inspiring.

  129. This is my first time participating in a blog hop. It’s overwhelming to get more than 50 comments on one of my blogpost, I think my previous record was 12 or something. There are some big names in the hop, yours is one of them. I think I’ve run into a few favorite blogs that I now subscribe to.

  130. this has been a great blog hop – so much inspiration, now to just find the time.

  131. So many blogs – I did not realize that there were that many talented scrappers with blogs. And I have seen a lot to inspire me, acrylic albums, mini albums, gorgeous layouts. I cannot wait to get into my scraproom to work today – except that it’s also my guestroom, and my daughter had a sleepover last night in there – maybe I can bang some trashcans to wake them up LOL

  132. Wow, I’d never done a blog hop before, lots of fun inspiration from everyone. I learned how to make a box from a sheet of 12×12 paper and even how to use toilet paper of all things to make embellishments! (I don’t think that post was an actual hop one but I looked around a lot on everyone’s blogs :-D) XX’s

  133. Loved the blog hop – my favorite idea was printing out a font in outline & coloring it in to match the layout – all kinds of possibilities here! And I absolutely love the kit you used!

  134. Kelly Rell says:

    It always amazes me that with one kit you can get soooo many different styles and ideas. I tend to pull what I like from each to use a my discretion.
    Thanks for a chance to win! Kelly R.

  135. I found loads of wonderful new blogs! I didn’t know about the blog hop until you posted, and have since enjoyed traipsing about from blog to blog. I’m all the more convicted that I need to just jump in and scrap rather than waiting until I have a perfect plan for a page or the perfect picture or the perfect journaling. Forget perfection, right? Just do it! ;)

  136. Those butterflies are the COOLEST! Such a fun layout! As for what I’ve learned so far on the blog hop . . . WOW! So many fun projects, like the sandcastle album in a jar, and the iris folding Christmas tree. So much to be inspired by, and so many new things to try! I can’t wait to finish up and start some new projects! ;) Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  137. Amy Anderson says:

    Love those butterflies! And I have just the page to use them on! Thanks for the inspiration!

  138. Love it! the circle flowers the butterfly the colors. Love it!

  139. I love seeing all the great ideas when I blog hop.

  140. Looking at what others have achieved and created has made me realise that the idea for an amazing creation does not need to be magnificent – each little idea is enough to start a work of art, a gift, a memory, a blessing.

  141. I have learned that Adornit has cute stuff!!! Why does my LSS not carry their stuff?? I can’t wait to get my hands on some!

  142. So cute! Love the Adornit stuff! I liked the retro toys Julie had on her blog (I know, not scrapping related, but fun to see and remember!) I did get some cute scrapping ideas I need to scraplift, too!! :-)
    Amy in CA

  143. That adornit has super cute stuff :)

  144. OK, I have two favs that I found on the hop. #1Wendly S. ‘tree’ was adorable. So many ap[lications for it. #2 Can’t remember which blog I was on, but you made a paper image using stamps. She used toilet paper or paper towels. What a great way to use some of my stamps that haven’t seen daylight lately.

  145. Victoria S. says:

    I had not heard of Adornit before this hop – I found it through Laura Vegas and glad that i did. OOh would love to win a kit!

  146. First of all: LOVE LOVE LOVE that new paper on you LO — can’t wait to get these paws on some!!! Just my style…
    …second: this is my first blog hop and I am simply overwhelmed by the talent out there…and beside myself in realizing what I didn’t know existed out here in the world of blog. I had no idea there were so many independent shops out here with monthly kits and sketches and overall inspiration. I have a whole list of blogs I’m adding to my site so I can go back and visit often.
    Who knew???

  147. Cindy Tolbert says:

    Love. It.

  148. elsa velez says:

    Always looking for new inspiration; found several kindred scrappers in the blog hop. Thanks ever so much!

  149. Margot/NZ says:

    So much fun blog hopping and seeing all the creative genius being shared! I think the Iris folding Xmas tree from Lisa is one thing I’m definitely going to copy, and I loved Mercedes’ flower album (now at last I will have a place for all the ‘lovely flower’ photos I take!
    And I’m only half way through – I am sure that my list of ‘things to copy’ will only grow from here!

  150. Julie Trout says:

    Loved the photo topiaries on Wendy Smedley’s blog……those look like they will make fun gifts this upcoming holiday season!
    Thanks for sharing your blog hop with us!

  151. Val Turnbow says:

    First, thank you so much for sharing your talents with us and for making everyone feel great when they read your blog. I have been online for the last 4 hours and am so excited to see so many lo’s and projects .. amazing talent out there ladies !! I was able to jot down things that I liked so I can use them on my own lo’s and also found several new items like the fabric flowers to learn how to make..

  152. WoW! what fun…must make that Bloom Mini Book…
    beautiful stuff to just wind around on the internet and go here and there.
    Thank you for the contest.

  153. Theresa Elliott says:

    Wow! I love blog hopping. I also love the Wendy S photo topiary–so neat!!!!

  154. MarshaLL says:

    Take August Off! It’s the highlight of my year!!!

  155. Rhonda H says:

    I learned that mushrooms are “photograph-able”, not just a lawn scourge! Oh, and, Stacy, I worked on my LOM some this weekend while the guys were on an outing. I painted my ‘start here” sticks bright green, purple and blue and put them in a piece of crystal stemware I found at the thrift store. I tied ribbons and tulle on them and labeled the glass with a mini clip and circle tag.
    -mom2h, LOM2009

  156. Sensory overload! I’ll never get my classroom ready now! I love the mini-books and all the inspiring photography! Thanks!

  157. I don’t remember where I saw it (so many blogs!), but one artist highlighted the stars on the scrapbook paper with stickles, making them look like embellishments instead of just being printed on the paper. Very cool!

  158. Loved Wendy’s photo topiaries. What a fun blog-hop! Thanks, Stacy!

  159. This has been fun. Lots of wonderful color combos and a new technique to try.

  160. my last idea that I got from blog hopping was from Rebecca Cooper blog “simple a that”. it was a new way of having a chore chart/job jars for my kids where they can earn gems for the chores they do. I love it and it has been quite successful. My son picked 4 buckets of weeds in order to earn more gems-plus I liked the help.. Also I love the kit! I need to scrapbook our trip to the butterfly exhibit in the zoo and those little butterfly are just too cute. Thanks for the opportunity love the blog!

  161. charlotte says:

    I was on the last blog and she had a video of tim holtz distressing. I learned so much. :0) I also like the way you did your pop up butterfly with the image under it. thanks for sharing.. HOP HOP HOP

  162. There are so many talented and creative people who are also very generous in sharing their talents to those of us who aren’t! Lot of great ideas.

  163. Everybody had done fun things with the AdornIt papers and letters. My personal favorite was Tere’s Hooked on Fishing layout. I saw some ideas that I can use with the fishermen in my family. Thanks for being on the blog hop!
    Aloha, Kate

  164. The blog hop has been so much fun!! Perfect for a relaxing weekend!!! I enjoyed the summer treat box at The Pursuit of Scrappiness blog. I made the cute boxes for my sons teachers. I put a teacher notepad,pencils,and chocolate in it. FUN!!

  165. rebecca k says:

    Love those dimensional butterflies and also loved the spa kit one gal decorated.

  166. LeAnne S says:

    Lot’s of fun ideas. Loved Wendy’s project. Might have to do that for gifts.

  167. shellbell78 says:

    One of the blogs I checked out was Julie over at Finding Julie. I loved her idea of using different patterned papers to create a title. So cute!

  168. Cheryl Ann says:

    I saw how easy it is to do a hybrid layout and I’m excited to learn more.

  169. mrsmojanks says:

    I liked your idea of putting the strips of paper over the bottom of a picture and using the brads to attach them. I have been anti-brad latey for some reason , but this caught my attention.
    Amy M.

  170. The butterflies were my FAVE!

  171. Charmaine says:

    Great page today…love all the colors. I leanred that it is OK to use flowers on a boys scrapbpook page.
    I had a look at some blogs but this one caught my eye… – How to make Chaos Emeralds – my kids would enjoy this and it would take too much time or money!

  172. Thanks for the link.
    Butterflies and flowers on a boy looks great, who would have thought?
    I off to explore some blogs.

  173. Missed the drawing, but that’s ok, am having so much fun with this blog hop!

  174. Rachel,
    You’re a WINNER!
    Email me your snail mail address and I’ll forward it to Georgana at Adornit.
    Thanks for reading my blog!

  175. Susan,
    Your a WINNER! Send me your address and Georgana will send you one of the Adornit summer kits.
    and thanks for reading my blog!

  176. Amazing LO – you are a queen!

  177. Learned to think outside the box on the pages for my boys… I don’t usually use flowers or butterflies, but I was inspired.

  178. I’m gonna give the whole hybrid thing a try… Great inpsiration.

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