cute little princess.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if all women felt this pretty when they looked in the mirror?
Kind of sad how our natural self-admiration fades away as we grow and allow outside influences to alter our perception.

I think we should decide to just be beautiful.
Little Miss Addie who now sleeps in a big-girl bed wakes up and comes downstairs between 5:30 and 6:00 a.m. Mommy is trying to adjust to the idea of sharing her once quiet and alone time. She's finding that its not that bad. Little girls given something to do (dress up in Cinderella garb) make enjoyable early-morning companions.

note: not entirely sure why I'm speaking about myself in the third person. I've wanted to post these pics all day. Some days are like that. I'm going to bed now.


  1. Simply adorable! I think we just need to dress up sometimes, too. How can you not feel beautiful with a princess crown? And good luck with the early-morning waking…hopefully that phase will pass soon!

  2. luckily i still have girls that dress up and take themselves on all sorts of imaginary excursions…hopefully that confidence carrys with them!

  3. Love this “I think we should decide to just be beautiful.” Love her smile.
    My little one is also an early riser. We had a unmarried, childless friend stay with us last weekend and she was shocked I wake up so early. She asked why I did it and I said because he can wake up as early as 6 and if I don’t I’ll miss my all too necessary quiet time. Hope you guys find a new rhythm soon :)

  4. Oh Stacy, could she be any more precious! Love the smile-they sure grow up fast… I can’t believe my little girl has a little girl of her own! Life is good, and wearing crowns is fun for all girls!

  5. Adoption schmadoption… That kid has your glorious smile! Great pics!

  6. Precious! She is just too cute for words!

  7. Wow, what fun!
    I understand about the early morning thing. I have a different situation. When I wake up, I try not to move or make a sound. It seems that as soon as I put my feet on the floor, I have “company.” I can’t find that alone morning time anymore. Asyou said though, I suppose this is OK, and I know that I will miss those little feet someday soon.

  8. Oh! I’m not the only one with little girls that haven’t learned how to sleep in? (at 5 & 7 y.o) Ah well. Unfortunately, for me to get some quiet me time in to do a couple me projects, I find myself getting up earlier and earlier. Kinda rough. Makes for a pretty early bedtime! And folks ask why they see e-mails from me at 4a….
    Thanks for sharing pix of your adorable Princess! Three is a good age – the first of the “big girl” stage. 5 y.o is another marker. Enjoy!

  9. ScrappeeDiane says:

    Oh that is so cute. I used to love dress up and this reminds me of an old photo of myself that I will have to dig out and scrap. Thanks for the inspiration.

  10. She is just too cute!!!! I miss the dress up stage. My boys loved to dress up (boy stuff) and still will every once in a while. They are now 11 and 8. Enjoy all these princess moments! And yes, we are ALL BEAUTIFUL WOMEN!!!
    Hugs, Monica

  11. She IS beautiful. I keep wondering how to inspire that level of confidence into my daughter without making her conceited. It’s a fine balance. I wish us all luck. Then again, perhaps the conceited thing is really a myth and those we think are conceited are the least confident. So nurturing that self confidence is most important.

  12. So glad my children are growing up, but the princess years are so precious. Can you imagine the teen school dance years? That’s where we are. Dressing up my daughter in her first real strapless dress for awards or a school dance. Would love to go back to the time when a good princess tiara was all you needed to feel beautiful

  13. Lindsay Bateman says:

    Wow. what a powerful post.
    I completely agree…let’s just decide to be beautiful.:)

  14. Melony Wells says:

    That smile lights up the whole world :)

  15. I love these photos and little Miss Addie is just beautiful. I can’t get over how much she’s grown. May she always feel beautiful and like a princess :o) xxx

  16. What a fabulous and beautiful little blue princess! She is just the cutest little girlie.

  17. I love little girls in their princess dresses. So cute!

  18. I am right there with you on the early morning waking. My 2 year old is finally sleeping in until 5:30. So needless to say she too joins me in my early morning “alone time”. Some mornings I throw her in the stroller and we enjoy the early morning on a walk. I am used to her being up with me. It’s just when the other 2 wake up early I tend to get grumpy.
    Little Addie is adorable.

  19. Addie is getting so big and is such a pretty princess! Enjoy your time with her as they grow up very quickly!

  20. Somebody is a little heartbreaker! What a cutie!

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