Derbyshire Green + Today

So, I have to tell you how I selected the green paint that we used to paint Chase's room.
My friend Damon sent me an email telling me about this cool new iPhone App from Sherwin Williams, called Color Snap

The idea is that you can capture or "snap" any color you love and match it to one of the paint colors from Sherwin Williams. You even get coordinating colors.

I know Chase loves green, so the day before he leaves on his big trip, I ask him,"What's your favorite color?" He says, "Mom, you should know that by now!" and I said, "I know it's green, but what kind of green?"

"The color of grass. I like the color of grass."

The next morning I went outside and "snapped" me a photo of some grass. IMG_0115 

I then opened the App on my iPhone and used it to generate this …


Cool, eh?

My mother (interior designer) has often raved about Sherwin Williams paint and just as often scolded me for not getting it (especially when painting intense or dark colors over white or light colors) Anyway, the whole experience was a kick and I loved it.

Speaking of great iPhone Apps, Today I downloaded the NEW App for ThisMoment. Looking forward to playing around with it!

Today, I'm finishing up a new FREE class for Big Picture Scrapbooking.

Today, Geoff is coming home early and we are all headed out to the summer picnic for his office.

Today, I am feeling especially grateful for chiropractors, lumbar belts and ibu profen

Today, I am scrapbooking my first layout for an upcoming book (more info coming soon!)

I hope you are having a wonderful Today!


  1. Hi Stacy,
    I too love Sherwin William’s paint. Two years ago my oldest son wanted his room painted orange. We first went to WalMart, and painted the first coat, then a second coat. The walls still looked like they needed another coat. We ran out of paint, so went back to WalMart to get more. They were out of the base coat needed to make the orange with. We wondered what we were going to do. We went to Sherwin William’s in town, took the lid of the paint can that we had from WalMart, they scanned it, with a perfect match. We found it to be much thicker and smoother than the first two coats. Our son still loves his orange room, and we now Sherwin William’s is the only paint we use in our home.

  2. I am so excited that you are working on a new book! I can’t wait to see it; and, I have to say that you gave me an idea for when my oldest son goes to his dad’s the first two weeks of August. What a treat :) Happy book-writing!

  3. New book?? Did you say, NEW BOOK??? Very excited about that! And I know that whole thing with Chase yesterday — crazy huh — just think of the great stories that he will have to tell his children and grandchildren! :)

  4. New book??? New FREE class??? You are such a TEASE Stacy, telling us this with no detail! Where do I preorder? When can I sign up?

  5. Your Mom’s right Sherwin Williams is well worth the extra. Goes on great, washes really well too.

  6. Scrapycandy says:

    Free class? New book soon? Wow, I know I can’t keep up…how do you? LOL!

  7. Oh man…I could have used that Ap when I made Matt paint my wall 5 different times trying to get the right green. Remember that? Oh well…next time.

  8. TracyBzz says:

    I love green too! We don’t have Sherwin Williams anywhere near us, here in Alberta. But I always spend the extra on Benjamin Moore paint!
    NEW BOOK?!?!?! You are always teasing us.

  9. Stacy, I love your story about Chase’s room – and you’re not a bad mom, lol, just overloaded, and aren’t we all? And I just had to chime in…we moved into this new house a few years ago and told the kids they could pick any color for their rooms. My som is color blind. He chose white. Killed my husband to use light, boring beige on his room!

  10. erin white says:

    funny, i painted almost that exact color on my sons walls this week while he was away at camp! great minds think alike! only differance is that i spent an extra 3 hours cleaning a half gallon of it out of the carpet. we all screw up. give yourself the right. your little man made it home safe and sound :) thanks for sharing :)

  11. Amy Dow says:

    Another book? YIPPPEEEEEEEE!!!! I so miss Simple Scrapbooks magazine each month…it was my fav! I always purchase those mag special editions too because I love to just browse and browse again!!! I’m still plugging away @ LOM at my own pace but psyched that I can take it again next year and fill in the blanks. This winter was way too busy and next year is the first year I have both kids in school all day. I have to say I found a GAPING hole in my scrapbooking…Me. I am missing! (LIke there are NO pages of me in our all about us book) and when I went searching for photos of just me to remedy the situation I found something crazy….I have NO PHOTOS OF JUST ME!!! How can that be? All these years of picture taking and not a photo of the photographer? I am working on that. Anyway, so psyched for a new book…thanks for all you share with the scrapbook community…it’s really appreciated!

  12. Amy,
    Big Picture Scrapbooking tries really hard to provide you (and everyone) with classes that will help you get you in your scrapbooks. Lisa Day is teaching a great class right now (you can take it next time) and Cathy Zielske has a class open for registration right now. In it, you’ll create a wonderful scrapbook all about YOU, organized alphabetically. This project will help you mine all kinds of great topics that you could then explore on layouts for your LOM albums.
    Thanks for reading my blog!

  13. Oooooooh, a new book!!!! Tell us more!!!!

  14. I just read the confession post. I forgot my only child’s first birthday. Yep. My only child. Her FIRST birthday. She was born on 6/4. We had the big party on Saturday, 6/1. I had put the gifts away, written the thank you notes, gotten the commerative professional portrait done. Then her actual birthday was a work day. I woke up late and frazzled, dressed and fed her quickly and drove her to daycare, already stressed out and irritated. When I got to daycare and handed her over, the daycare lady sang “Happy Birthday” to my daughter. That’s when I realized it was her birthday. The daycare lady remembered and I didn’t. I cried all the way to work.

  15. Great service by Sherwin Williams. Loved the color and the coordinating ideas, as well.
    A new book? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Loved your last one so can’t wait to find out about this one.

  16. Nanette says:

    My hubby is a painting contractor. He uses Sherwin Williams paint for most of his jobs. Great products. Glad you ‘found’ it…finally!! LOL!!!

  17. Benjamin Moore also has an app.

  18. TracyBzz says:

    How cute are you Stacy! Here on Allison Tyler Jones’ website:

  19. that is the coolest app ever, if i had an i phone i would definately try it!

  20. Oooh Stacy that ap is too cool!!! And a new book and a new class… that is too much for one day…………

  21. Thanks for posting the info on the app. I’ve got to try it out, even though I’m not painting any time soon.
    New book! Free class! Good teasers.

  22. new book? where? When? how much? HA!!!!
    love your books Stacy. period. And that iphone app looks neat and wouldn’t that come in handy to coordinate colors for your layouts-just snap a shot of your focal pictures and away you go…too cool. thanks for sharing and thanks for the post yesterday. we have all been there-done that- but certainly nice to someone else be honest about it..ha! SMILES!

  23. rachel in Cali. says:

    I am very intruiged!! I love the idea of this app. Not even sure exaclty what an app is… I have an idea of course, but how does it work? I don’t have an iphone, but my kids are begging for them and are both in need of new phones.
    I tried using one in the store, but had a hard time typing on it. It seemed to keep thinking I wanted to push the keys next to the ones I really wanted. My kids had no problems… just me! LOL
    Was it hard to get used to this at first? I love the idea of the to-do lists and other programs the iphone offers, but I’m just not sold yet.
    Any thoughts?

  24. I think any new technology (devise or otherwise) takes some getting used to. The iPhone was the first “small” typing I’d ever done so I’ve adjusted pretty well. I miss keys, but it auto-corrects most of the time. The price has come down on the iPhone that you probably could consider it for your kids. I really LOVE mine. I love that I can check email on the road and that I can download Apps or applications (basically mini software programs for your phone) that are fun, helpful or both. I’ve downloaded a few Apps that are for Addie and she loves them too.
    Hope this helps!

  25. rachel in Cali. says:

    oOH! Thanks so much! I didn’t even think about apps for kids… now I’m even more intrigued! ♥

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