good stuff + a chance to WIN.

Busy, busy days and the blog is generally the first thing to fall off the to-do list.
But today … I've got lots of good stuff.

SeatbeltSTRAP Just purchased two (there's a 2 for $35 deal) of these very cool seat belt camera straps I've not yet done anything "custom" with my strap and I know there are many, many options out there. As soon as I saw these, I knew what I had been waiting for. Betcha can't guess what color I purchased??

If by chance you are NOT one of the 260,000 plus subscribers to the Photojojo newsletter, you might want to head on over and make that right. I LOVE getting their newsletter twice a week — full of fresh ideas and hip tutorials for making photography more FUN.

Moving pictures
Today's tip is the How to Make Moving Pictures (just like Harry Potter) and it is so COOL. Click here for an example.


In other news, my friend Michelle over at The Examiner, has posted an interview she did with Elizabeth Dillow. Elizabeth is one of our featured teachers at BPS and she has a new project class, called Marking Milestones. Head on over and grab up some special "Examiner" savings. 

And finally, I'd like to post a LONG-OVERDUE response to this email, that I received back in April. I've edited it a bit for length.


I just found your blog a few days ago through a link at

Katie the Scrapbook Lady. I had no idea what BPS was. I googled it and found the website.  I’m still somewhat stumped.  So what is “the Big Picture”?  I get that you are an on-line training site. I read the FAQ which seemed liked great logistical assistance, I looked at the mission.  Yet none of this tells me what is different about your classes than others.  Nothing tells me what you mean by “Big Picture.”
Normally, when I encounter a website trying to sell me something and I’m not sure what they are about, I just move on.  There are tons of other resources.  However, I loved Simple Scrapbooks magazine and really admire your work. I particularly like that so many of the magazine layouts were about scrapping for yourself and your spouse.  It seems I’ve stumbled into the back door of Big Picture Scrapbooking but I can’t help but wonder if there aren’t going to be others like me.  I’ve read Simple Scrapbooks for the last year at least, subscribe to Scrapbooks Etc, am a member of Split Coast Stampers, download from Designer Digitals, and follow several blogs.
So how is it that I’ve never heard of BPS and still don’t know what it is after visiting the site?  I spent many years as a corporate trainer and I know that you can do all the publicity in the world and some people are still clueless.  Maybe I am in this case yet I think there is a hole here somewhere and I thought you would want to know about it.
Thanks for listening! 
Lisa in NC


My response to Lisa (and anyone else like Lisa)

I want to thank you for writing me and being honest about stumbling across Big Picture Scrapbooking and not knowing what we really do, or how we are different in the marketplace of online education.
I don't think you are alone (in your confusion) and for this reason, we have been working hard to better position and explain ourselves. We recently launched a new and improved version of our website and I have just finished an introductory class that is free to all registered students. BPS was founded on the same philosophy as Simple Scrapbooks magazine and while I am saddened by the loss of this magazine, I am encouraged by the opportunity to have BPS be a resource of ideas, inspiration a
nd instruction for Simple readers.

I'm extending a personal invitation to you, to come take the Start Here with Stacy class. It is my hope that this classroom will help clarify what we do, how we do and most importantly why we do it.

Have a wonderful day!

If you made it this far … I invite you to come take my new FREE class. In fact, if you sign up and leave me a comment, I'll put your name in a drawing to win the other lime green seat belt camera strap I purchased. I'll announce the winner on Friday evening, before we head out of town to a family reunion.


  1. Any class with you is a treat Stacy. I love BPS and you. Thanks for all you do.

  2. I signed up – and I agree with Jeanne Ann – glad to have the chance to have another class with you.
    BTW, remember that mom (me) in Novi, MI, last year who showed you that photo of my two oldest kids both the same height as me? Well, my son has grown about 4-5 inches since then, and it is a weird feeling to have him taller than two of us! He’s loving it, though… :-)
    Have a great day!

  3. Count me in – I’m signed up for your new class. I was wondering what your new class might be when you mentioned you were working on a new class in your blog the other day! I always enjoys classes with you and appreciate all your time and effort in sharing your LOM philosophy with all of us! Thanks for all you do, Connie

  4. i love bps. thanks for continually trying to make it better.

  5. Thank you for addressing this. I signed up. I look forward to learning more about BPS and you!

  6. Laurie T says:

    I signed up – I’ve loved every class I’ve ever taken from BPS – especially if it’s one of yours, Stacy! BTW – I just organized all of my pics with direction from your book Photo Freedom. It feels so good and I’m able to scrap so much quicker and easier when I know right where to look for a picture. You’re so inspiring! :)

  7. Very cool camera strap. My dd wants a seatbelt buckle pants belt.

  8. Any class with you is definately a must-do Stacy. I love BPS! I want to take Elizabeth’s class too but I think it will have to wait until next payday, good thing it’s a project now class, I won’t miss anything!

  9. Thanks Stacy…I signed up. I have been working on organizing my pictures the “photo freedom” way:)
    Dancingly, Denise

  10. A new class? How did I miss that? I’m going to go check it out right now!
    BTW, I would have gone with the green one, too!

  11. I have noidea what it really is and I’ve been following you for a while :D
    I like GREEN :D

  12. Any class of yours is a must-do Stacy! I want to take Elizabeth’s new class too but am kind of on BPS overload right now with Lisa Day’s class, Nic’s class and Cathy Z’s class coming up! Soon though! Good thing it’s a project now. Oh and I love the new look of the site!

  13. I registered as soon as I saw it up on your Twitter account! :-) Awesome idea to add this to the site… it will be so helpful for many who don’t understand the Big Picture concept. It looks like a great intro class!

  14. I signed up for the class out of curiosity, since I’ve been a fan of BPS for a little while now. I’ve taken classes from many wonderful teachers but I feel that this “Start With Stacy” class is a great reminder of why this hobby means so much to me in the first place. Thanks for sharing your message with us!

  15. Michelle Contarino says:

    Signed up and ready to go!

  16. Signed up!! So excited to participate in another awesome BPS class! Thanks, Stacy!

  17. Signed up and ready to read!!
    Now that I’m finally settled from the move to Spokane last summer I can’t wait to get back to scrapbooking!!!

  18. I signed up! I have loved the numerous classes I have taken from BPS. I love the convenience of online classes. LOM has changed the way I think about memory keeping. Thanks for this freebie class–I love everything you do.

  19. ooooh…a free class AND a free camera strap…apple green, no less? you rock, Stacey! :)

  20. What a wonderful idea Stacy!

  21. TracyBzz says:

    The Start Here class looks great for those new to BPS. Looks like a nice overview of some of your theories and projects.
    I love green don’t have a fancy camera strap…hint, hint.

  22. Just signed up! I haven’t scrapbooked anything in years. I’m disappointed in myself but life has been busy and hectic and crazy. I hope to get back into the swing of things in the next year. I’d love for my kids to have an actual book to look at.
    Actually I signed up for the free class and another on summer pictures. Can’t wait!

  23. i love you, miss stacy!
    i’ve taken LOTS of classes at BPS, and loved every one… so i’m excited to go see what your new one is all about.
    you are my favorite!!

  24. Lynnette says:

    Thank you so much for offering this class! I’m signed up and so excited about it!

  25. Stephanie B says:

    great idea! I just signed up. Thanks!

  26. wow – thanks. i just went over and signed up and had a read and was impressed! You spend SO much time helping and teaching others – thank you from a BPS fan :>
    p.s apple green is fav of mine too !

  27. I just signed up for your class and I’m printing the first handout right now. This is my 1st ever BPS class. I’m looking forward to seeing more of what you are about.

  28. carol in seattle :) says:

    Thanks Stacy! I’m going through a rough time right now and looking for something to nurture my soul…looks like this class will do that. I love that you picked a green strap – it rocks!

  29. Michelle Smith says:

    Too bad the entire world cannot be lime green. I’d be in heaven every day! Thanks for the chance and I can’t wait for your class!

  30. Thanks for the opportunity to take your class. Just took the quiz…column a column b. Didn’t score so high in column b. Much room for improvement. I am going to work on that. Thanks for the motivation.

  31. Signed, sealed & delivered! ;) Thanks so much for all you and everyone at BPS do!!

  32. K, all signed. I’m always up for a BPS class!

  33. I am all signed up! Thanks for the free class. :)

  34. Marina013 says:

    Great idea Stacy – the introductory class. Love all the other changes too, esp. the general forum. It’s great to be able to stay in touch with all my BPS friends.

  35. Thank you for the free class–love your stuff. You continue to amaze me.

  36. Heather B. says:

    Just signed up – thanks!!

  37. I signed up. I’ve been meaning to make some time to explore the new site and this looks like the perfect way to do it. Thanks!

  38. Sara-Jane says:

    I have signed up for the class, thanks for the opportunity. I guess the thing that draws me to BPS more than any other scrapbooking site is quite intangible, but if I had to put it into words I would say it is the combination of classes that not only teach us to scrap in our own style but with great techniques, who ‘get’ us and what we want to learn, and you Stacy, who helps us to be organized and inspired enough to enjoy scrapbooking as a part of our lives that we wouldn’t miss for the world.

  39. Just signed up. I love the variety of classes – never ever thought I’d be part of this sub-culture of scrappers. Also love the fact that they fit the budget. Love “Photo Freedom” and can’t wait to sign up for LOM next year!

  40. I signed up — $20 for a camera strap is beyond my capabilities, but thought my mom would benefit from a more readily ajustable camera strap.

  41. Thanks for making the class free! Love the website re-do and am enjoying all of my current BPS classes.
    Keep up the great work!

  42. Melissa says:

    Thanks for the free class! I couldn’t find the notes part to put in for the drawing but the class is such a cool freebie…thanks!

  43. Yay! I signed up. Now, I just need a few moments of peace around here so I can focus. I think that’s why I love bedtime so very much!

  44. Sheila M. says:

    Love BPS, love the new look and love the new class.

  45. Thank you for the class! I can’t wait. I have your book and I love it. It has changed my life. Your great.

  46. Thanks for the opportunity to take your class! I’m very excited!

  47. I signed up for your class!

  48. HeatherC says:

    After I comment here I am heading over to BPS to check out your new freebie. I Love BPS and the BIG PICTURE — makes scrapping easier — can’t wait for your new book!

  49. I’m going to check out your free class, thank you! I am glad that Lisa in NC found BSP, it will rock her world!!

  50. I just signed up and took a peek inside the class. Love the bonus handout with your color combos. I need to do some organizing now! I’m off to read the audio message. Thanks for a chance to win!

  51. All signed up – I wouldn’t miss an opportunity to take a class with you – regardless of the topic! Now I’m off to share this link with a scrapping group that I was just trying to explain BPS to!

  52. Kathryn Wafer says:


  53. Already signed up for the new class. Thank you!!

  54. Kimberly Ann says:

    All signed up and excited to get started!

  55. How can I pass up a FREE class with you! Just signed up plus I’m also currently taking Lisa Day’s class “The Challenge of Me” over at BPS which I’m loving although, as journaling, especially about me, never comes easy, is definitely challenging :)

  56. Bethany says:

    Cool! I just signed up and can’t wait to dig in!

  57. Like the class. I have taken dozens of classes but think this will be great for everyone joining us recently.

  58. Michele in La says:

    I’m signed up too. But before I can look at the details, I have to go make a CD to bring to get some photos printed and another to share two family trees with my cousin. Important stuff!! Piddling will have to wait until tomorrow…

  59. Michele Rosner says:

    I am just sitting here thinking that I really miss Simple. My mailbox just hasn’t been the same. But, I can’t wait to take the Getting Started class.

  60. tammy Thomas says:

    for sure I’ll take a class from you, even better a free one. I love BPS and happy that you are going forward with the simple philosophy. Was sad to here about Paula Leaving too.
    I too miss Simple magazine tremendously, none of the others are quite the same, but I love following your blog and that of BPS.
    thanks for the chance to win, I just knew you’d pick the lime green one.

  61. Christine Cleary says:

    LOL as I read the start of this blog I was thinking to myself – I wonder if she got the green strap – mostly because it is my favourite colour – and yes you did…
    I have signed up for your course as I too have often looked at the site but not been too sure what was really involved.

  62. I already followed some BPS classes, but signed up for this one last night and listened to you talk while washing the dishes yesterday :)
    Hope to be able to do something with the class materials this weekend!
    Oh! Limegreen is my favorite color! Keeping my fingers crossed ;)

  63. Nancy M says:

    Hi Stacy: I’ve been a ‘member’ of BPS but never took a class… just signed up for your “Start Here” and printed off the downloads… have to go to work but looking forward to checking out the rest of the class tonight… thanks!

  64. Leslie E says:

    Just finished loading the two BPS classes I am taking right now. I love these classes and the Big Picture philosophy. Now, I am going to sign up for the start here class, because I am sure it will reinforce or re-inpire me! Thanks Stacy!

  65. Love the idea of you putting your whole philosophy in one easy to read and listen to quicky class! Thanks!

  66. Nicky from Canada says:

    Just signed up – excited to take my first class at BPS!! Thanks Stacy

  67. I’m all signed up! Today is my official “get caught up on all things BPS day”

  68. Just signed up and so ready to learn! Thanks for the free class, Stacy! And the chance to win too! :)
    Take care!

  69. stamphappy2001 says:

    Oh another class with you. It looks like a mini LOM. Love it.

  70. Hi Stacy!
    I was surprised to read that someone was unsure about what BPS is about… I have taken many, many classes (been through LOM 3 times) and I have to say, that BPS and your blog have actually changed not just my scrapbooking, but my entire life – the way I look at things is so different in such a wonderfully rich way. There are always sprinkles and whipped cream in the house – for every day! I have learned so much from the links that you post to books and other websites. (and your quotes and life observations) I feel like you are such a positive beacon, and wonderful things and people just attract to you or something.(loved glimpses class) I guess because I have been “exposed” over a few years, it is hard to think back to when I first discovered you and the site and what I thought. Hmmm. I hope the free class helps people to explore further… it really has been a treasure for me.

  71. Veronica Berkey says:

    Stacy – I’ll head over and sign up for the class after my kids have breakfast…I guess I figure I ought to feed them first, even if the housework waits. :-) I’ve said this before, but seriously – your philosophy about scrapbooking and life has changed every part of mine (my life, I mean). Some things are more important, others are less, and I love the time that I get to spend creating treasures, telling the stories. I can never thank you enough. vb

  72. Signed up for the class yesterday. Very nice new web design.

  73. Karen Neder says:

    As usual, LOVIN’ your classes at BPS! I come here when I need inspiration and motivation – thanks so much!

  74. Charlie says:

    just signed up….I love BPS, by the way!

  75. I already took other classes at BPS but a free one? With you? Count me in!!!
    Just signed up for Start Here with Stacy!
    Hope I win that lime green strap!!!

  76. JennieB says:

    I signed up for the class yesterday:] I think your new site explains ‘The Big Picture’ extremely well and navigating through the site is easy. Thanks for all you do for scrapbookers:] Love apple green, too!

  77. ScrappeeDiane says:

    Whoo a free class with you, I’ll take it. I must say that any chance I get to have a little Stacy time works for me. A few years ago in a class at CK Portland you helped me see that I needed to let go of some bad habits and it has definately made my time scrapbooking much more enjoyable and creative. Keep up the great work you do and have a GREAT day! ((hugs))

  78. Heather P says:

    I signed up for your free class – I’ve been curious about it ever since you mentioned you were working on it. Love that lime green – looks great! Thanks for doing the class! Have a great if busy week!

  79. Stephanie S., VA says:

    I just signed up for the “Start Here” class. Thanks Stacy!

  80. Kelly Rell says:

    Ooooooh a free class with you and a chance to win a lime green camera strap – I’m in!
    Thanks, Kelly R.

  81. i saw that the class was up and jumped to sign up even tho i am a dedicated BPS student. Can’t hurt to have more SJ in my head!
    BPS is what it is – taking in the Big Picture of your life and using the creative form of scrapbooking (in all it’s forms) to help make it make sense. BPS is an exercise/workout room for my mind.

  82. All signed up! Thank you for doing this! Love the camera strap, it matches all my scrappy bags!

  83. Wow Stacy, I have taken a few classes at BPS and really love the new look, you really have made it easier to move around your site. I’m signed up and looking forward to your new class! Thank you, Kim

  84. Gioconda says:

    I signed up this morning and am ready to go. I haven’t done a class in a while and am ready to get back to it. Thanks!

  85. Signed up. Thanks for the freebie!

  86. Just signed up – thanks so much! The new site looks great. I would love that camera strap too. I have been looking for something different.

  87. Done!! Can’t wait to see the class – and i also LOVVVVVVE lime GREEEEENN!!

  88. Therese says:

    I take many classes from BPS and I signed up for this class too. I just wanted to say I love BPS. I’m very impressed with the classes offered and your instructors rock!
    I don’t need the camera strap, TKS, I just wanted to brag up your wonderful site!

  89. Lisa R. says:

    Signed up for your class (and several others). I can’t wait for CZ class and Telling Stories Deeply.
    I just got a Canon Rebel T1i for my 17th wedding anniversary and I would love to have a cute green strap to go with it :) Thanks for the giveaway and for BPS!

  90. says:

    Stacy thanks for the chance to win the strap. We share a love for the same color!!! I have been a member of BPS for a long time but always love taking your classes.
    Lake Havasu City

  91. excited to try the class. Thanks!

  92. This looks like a great class! The drawing is awesome…I am really enjoying lime green right now :)

  93. Diane Anthony says:

    Love BPS. Thanks for the chance to win the camera strap. Seems my colors lately are lime green, ocean blue and orange. Must be my summer happy colors. Can’t wait to check out your new free class. Taught by you, Stacy, I know it will be great.

  94. I signed up and am excited to begin Friday when i will be scrapbooking!

  95. Sue in Grapevine says:

    I signed-up for your new free class yesterday.
    I love green too.

  96. Fran Carnes says:

    Signed up this afternoon and went through most of the materials. I always learn something new from you – THANK YOU! Loved the 4 mini photo albums with notes. Great Idea!!
    Thanks for being there for us!

  97. I need to sign up for your class… I’ve been “thinking” about scrapbooking for over a year (and have two of yoru books). For some reason I haven’t taken the plunge yet.?

  98. I’m all signed up and can’t wait to start the class!

  99. phyllis says:

    I love BPS – I’ve taken many classes from the free ones to Cathy Z’s design you life class last year. Your approach to use what you have and take joy in simple things resonates with me. And I’d love that lime green strap to go with my new digital Nikon.

  100. I LOVE BPS classes, and am so thankful for the ability to meet others and be taught while I am here at home. It’s a little window to the world when you are home with little ones!

  101. Angie Kyle says:

    I LOVE BPS! I’ve taken several classes and want to take more! I would love to win your green camera strap. It will match my green scraproom!

  102. Fabulous. I’m so glad that you’ve done this class – can’t wait to direct people to it. And go through it myself. :)

  103. I just signed up and have wanted to the last couple of days. I’m glad you reminded me! :)

  104. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing the photojojo link with the moving picture! I’ve just started my journey into taking more advanced photos, and their website has a ton of information.
    Also have to check out the “Start Here With Stacy” class – thank you!

  105. ~M~ aka meadow says:

    Oh Stacy thank you so much for the free class. I have already taken LOM but I am so stuck for any inspiration rightnow. I love my phoos and want to tellt he story but choosing papers and designing a page is beyond me. I even have a photo album to make a PAS of a trip yet I just can’t organize it and see how to proceed. Thanks for the inspiration!

  106. Tonya F says:

    Thanks for the free class!

  107. Just signed up!!!

  108. I am all signed up and ready to go! I can’t wait to get started. Thanks you

  109. While I’m a “seasoned” scrapbooker, I look forward to classes that will renew my interest in my hobby. I feel that this on-line class will do exactly that. Thanks, Stacy for all you do.

  110. When I first found BPS a while ago, I was confused also. I left and didn’t come back for quite a while. Now I’m hooked:)

  111. I just signed up for your class and I am ready to get started. I like the changes and updates you have all done to the web site. Thanks!

  112. Oh I am SO in on this! I’m signing up for your class right now and PLEASE pick me for the camera strap. It’s to die for!!!

  113. let’s do the scrapbook a page every day for a year class again, great the site

  114. I took the LOM class this year and totally adored it. I am still working on it and I;m so happy that I can share this with my friends and introduce them to the method. Plus it will be a nice way to find some motivation to keep sorting and purging.

  115. Love lime green!
    Heading over to check out the new look!!!

  116. What I love is that I learn something new every time I read your blog and have grown in my journaling skills since taking classes on BPS! Great changes and can’t wait to take more classes!

  117. I signed up. I am taking Challenge Of Me right now,so I am on your site every day, and I LOVE THE NEW DESIGN! I have scrapped more in the last week (I signed up late) than I have ALL YEAR! I have made 22 simple pages in 6 days! I love it. Thank you for inspiring me to scrap again. I love what I have created for my family. Have a nice trip.

  118. I’m signed up! Even though I’ve taken numerous classes with BPS, I’m always excited about a new one. Thanks.

  119. Hello Stacy,
    I just signed up for the Start here class, and a few others yesterday. I loved that you talked about your scrap-by-colour system in the bonus handout. It was very affirming to me that you mentioned it as I just started organizing my own stash in the last few weeks by colour and it has just blown my mind as to how my shelves are starting to look. I started by organizing my ribbon, paper, inks, markers, pencil crayons, etc, and now I am looking for some cool glass jars for my embellishments.
    Thanks so much for sharing your great scrapping ideas

  120. Cool! I’m in for the new FREE class, how very generous of you, thanks so much! Love the camera strap! hum, maybe could double as a guitar strap!

  121. Have just signed up for your class, have been having BPS withdrawls since LOM has finished! Love the new website!

  122. I signed up! I love your classes!

  123. I’ve taken (and loved) several classes with Big Picture and would encourage everyone to give it a try!

  124. I signed up, I loved the Have More Fun Class last year. Looking forward to taking more.

  125. Love the pictures of Addie Stacy…Been a while since I’ve been over here, but good to catch up with you and yours!

  126. Martine says:

    Signed up for class. Thank you for the giveaway.

  127. BPS classes are great. Love all that I’ve taken. Thanks!

  128. C Trimble says:

    I did it! I’m so excited!

  129. Stacy- Thanks for BPS. I was recently laid off and have decided to take some well deserved “me” time while I try to figure out what I want to do when I grow up (age 42). I have really been enjoying the BPS classes, and just signed up for the new class. Thanks a bunch!!

  130. Maureen in IL says:

    Must confess, I hadn’t been to BPS lately. Signed up for your class, and the 10 Summer Photos to Take Right Now class. I was so excited to see that class as I had just decided to work on a mini album about what Summer is, in our life. Looking forward to your class this weekend. And that camera strap? I’m thinking it’s the perfect thing for my BRAND NEW DSLR! (thanks Hubby) & thanks Stacy for continuing to share and inspire us.

  131. Thanks for the free class. I just signed up. You are awesome, Stacy!

  132. That info really helped. I will share that with friends.

  133. Scrappy Angel says:

    I’m heading over right now to sign up for your class. I’ve taken a few classes from BPS and I just love them. Hoping to be in LOM next year.

  134. I just signed up for the class. Can’t wait to dig in and see what it’s all about. And I would LOVE that cute camera strap. Coooool!

  135. can’t wait to check out the new free class!

  136. I just signed up! Cute camera straps :)

  137. I’ve never had a camera big enough to need a strap…coming soon though! DH has agreed for me to get one! I can’t wait!

  138. I just took the new class! Loved the assessment! I would love if you’d offer a Fall Semester of LOM!!! Next year seems so far away!

  139. Hey Lucky Lady!
    You’re my winner. Email me your address and I’ll put your prize in the mail the week of July 27th.
    Enjoy your camera strap and thanks for reading my blog!

  140. I’m all signed up. It’s past my bedtime now, so I will be checking out the class tomorrow! Hope I win the strap — the one I have digs into my neck. Ouch.

  141. Ok, just to clarify … I am on the east coast so it is nearly 11:00 here. (Despite the time stamp of 7:56 on my post.)Didn’t want you to think I went to bed THAT early!!

  142. Stacy, I am just getting a chance to check this out today and I am SO excited about the “Start Here” class at BPS!! I have a slew of friends I’m going to shoot this to as well. Thanks so much!!!

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