Mother of the Year!

I have set a brand new "personal worst" for mothering and it's public confession time.

But first, some background information …

IMG_8685This is my cute Chase on the morning of June 29th at 4:15 a.m. right before I drove him to the airport so he could fly to Baltimore for a 10-day Outward Bound adventure with 10 other middle-school students enrolled in expeditionary schools.  

I decided that while Chase was away I would give his bedroom a make-over and enlisted the help of primarily Clark (head painter) and Taft (assistant interior designer.) We have been busy most evenings making progress. Unfortunately, I did not take any before or in-process photos. Here are two pics I snapped back in March in an effort to document the teenage mess in my home.



Perhaps you can get the "lay of the land" from these. You need to know that Clark moved downstairs to the guest room mid June and so the timing for a refresh was perfect.

and yes, I'm getting to my most embarrassing "mother of the year" moment.

So, yesterday … knowing that Chase comes home tonight and with just one day left to wrap the project up, I tucked the kids into bed and headed to Walmart for some final purchases. As I was checking out, my phone rang, but only two times. Odd, I thought, because it was 10:30pm; Clark was out with friends and my husband was likely in bed. I loaded the car, and was anxious to start driving as I was listening to a really good podcast (more on that later) I drove home and started unloading when my phone rang again — twice. I looked down to see that Chase had called. Very Odd, I thought … how could Chase call? The students' cell phones were taken away when the arrived in Baltimore and wouldn't be given back until travel day. Hmmm? I quickly called the number back, but only got the message. I was just about to go tell Geoff when the phone rang again (in my hand) so I quickly answered it. 


"Chase — where are you, are you OK?"

"Mom? Can you come pick me up?"

"Honey, where are  you?"

"I'm in Spokane, at the airport."

… as the connection dies.


All day long I had this feeling that I should print Chase's intinerary … but I kept telling myself that I would in the morning — after all, I thought, he isn't coming home until tomorrow!


As it turns out his cell phone barely had a charge and he was turning it off and then back on in an attempt to make calls home. I frantically ran into the bedroom, woke Geoff up and sent him to the airport. Trey was sleeping over at a friends house and Clark was still gone. I couldn't even go with him. The good news is, Clark came home minutes later and together we did what we could to put some finishing touches on our makeover project.

IMG_9015We aren't done yet, but … when Chase arrived home (after lots of HUGS and tears) there was evidence that we were in fact thinking of him and that we MISSED him terribly!

We set him up with a sleeping bed and a reading corner/bed and we just need to do new blinds/drapes, find a cool round rug and finish hanging a few things. We cleared everything out, purged, sorted and labeled drawers and essentially got him ready for high school.


Cute Tafty had the "Go clean up your room!" plan that would send Chase upstairs to find his surprise. Luckily he had made the sign before he went to bed, so it was already in place. The P.S. says "I did it for you!" 


We launched the recovery plan this morning, when we woke Chase up and fed him a yummy breakfast of pancakes with sprinkles.


Chase, we LOVE YOU and we are so happy you are home. Mom is sorry that I forgot you at the airport and we promise to be extra good to you for at least three whole days!!

and there you have it. My "Mother of the Year" confession. Would love to hear if anyone has ever done something like this before, or if I do in fact, get the prize!


  1. The only reason I haven’t done something like this yet is because my kids are still too young. ;) You’re a good mama. {smooch} I love Chase’s room!

  2. I was a new young mom (20years old-so just a kid myself really) Damon was only a few days old when one of my bestest friends came into town to see him…and me I guess… ;)
    We took off to the mall and parked the car… got out and started to walk towards the entrance…. I don’t know if it was my sleep deprived mind or that I was busy talking away to her….. BUT I left him in the car… we only got about 5 cars away when my friend giggled and said “what about Damon?” so far that is my worst mother of the year story…. BUT he is only 10 and my daughter is 8 so thinking there might be a few more to add by the time they grow-up

  3. I think we all have these moments. I had one a week ago and was calling up a girlfriend crying hysterically–she was able to share HER MOTY story w/me–The important thing is that Chase knows he’s loved–you can see it on his face! You’re doing fine, don’t beat yourself up.

  4. When I came back from a whole summer as a foreign exchange student to Holland(the summer before my SR year in HS), I arrived to the enormous JFK airport to find no one. There were no cell phones back then and this was only my 2nd time flying, and suffice it to say, I was a little petrified. I have not thought about that for a long time. I did live to tell about it and still love my mom!
    Then there was the time with my own daughter (she was about a week old)that we went out for an ice cream and apparently I forgot to strap her into her car seat because when I took the car seat out of the car at the ice cream place, she toppled right out onto the of course very hard and very hot parking lot. My older daughter started to scream, as well as the baby, oh that was a pretty bad one. And I am pretty sure they both still love me. ;-)
    Soooo, I think you are still a fab mom and I am sure Chase does, too. xoxoxox

  5. The night we brought Garrett home from the hospital we decided that he was going to choose that moment to scream & stop nursing. After the speech I got about the importance of feeding him every few hours I was worried that I was starving my poor child. I called the hospital nursery and told the nurse “I think I need to bring him back, something is wrong with him.” Thank goodness they are the trained professionals. Over the phone they talked me through the multitude of reasons he could be crying and refusing to nurse. Turns out he just needed to pass his meconium. I’m sure those nurses thought “Seriously this woman wants to bring back her baby.” Of course I didn’t!! Not like that. I just thought they could fix him since he hadn’t screamed like that in the hospital :)

  6. What a great mom you are! the makeover is so fun! We all have moments…
    I want to know if you have a boxspring and mattress or 2 mattresses on the beds. I hadn’t thought about doing that with my sons, but it looks much more comfy.

  7. We met friends at the fountains to spend some time with them. They had moved away & our kids loved each other. As we left the park, I noticed that my 5-year-old son was walking & holding hands with their 5-year-old daughter & it was so sweet! I walked along taking pictures for about five minutes. Suddenly, I realized that I didn’t have the baby any more! I had stopped pushing the stroller to take pictures & just left him sitting there. Truly & fully horrifying – but everyone is fine & I haven’t repeated it again (yet).

  8. His room looks great and I can’t help but laugh at what happened.
    I’ve been following you for a while (i’m a digital scrapper and have NO clue how I found you….) but I am just now commenting for the first time. I’ve really enjoyed following you and figured it was rude of me not so say “hello”.

  9. bettyann says:

    I was late for picking my daughter up at Grade school by 15 minutes and she still says I FORGOT her..she is 26 now and pouts about it…very are not the worst…your husband forgot also!!

  10. This happens to everyone.
    And it makes us more aware I think (I hope) to listen to that still small voice…every time I ignore it something like this happens. You would think by now I would know better!

  11. Not me. never, but it’s because my mom did that to me when i was in pre-school or day camp or something. I was so young, i don’t have the facts straight and my mom won’t talk about it. All I know is i was left in the school parking lot totally alone, no teachers, no students and too far from home to walk (even if i tried at age 4-5 yrs). Up until i could drive myself (and be in control of my own world), I would get hysterical crying if plans changed and I couldn’t know for sure my mom would know how to find me.
    Now, my mom is always late, so for me to know I was left behind it had to be over 30 minutes. (not to mention all the other school people left me sitting there in the parking lot). She says the car pool driver that day left me. But that somehow doesn’t make me feel better. Was I so easily forgetable by everyone?

  12. I should add, I am more likely to forget to feed my kids and you will see them rummaging in the kitchen….but there is always cereal and sometimes even milk…LOL. Lucklily they are teenagers and fend for themselves…
    I hate shopping for food and hate cooking it even more. Not my thing.

  13. Maureen in IL says:

    Senior year, week long trip to England, no one there to meet me when I arrived home. That was 1978, I survived. I raised three boys as a single parent. Plenty of stories. The first one I think of is when my youngest kept telling me his foot hurt. He played soccer EVERY day. I blew it off for a long time. Finally I took him to the Dr. When he took off his shoe for the nurse, she said “oh my”. The Dr had the same response. Not. Good. Almost 10 years later, his foot still looks a bit deformed. Too much soccer in soft leather shoes.

  14. I just paid your blog a visit — thanks for saying hello!

  15. YES, I have MOTY award story too! I missed my son’s kindergarten program and I was AT THE SCHOOL doing end of year volunteer work. His teacher saw me after school waiting to take the boys home, greeted me, and asked if everything was OK. I was flabbergasted when she said, “It just isn’t like you to miss an event so I was worried!!!!”””” I don’t know if I have ever forgiven myself for that one. I just couldn’t believe it. And of course the major deal for me was that there were no pictures and that I can’t get it back. Fortunately Chase had that wonderful room (and wonderful MOM) to come home to! I guess we are more human than we like to know sometimes… Hugs to you all!

  16. Well, I’m currently pregnant with our first, so I don’t have any stories of my own yet. But give it time. Happens to all of us, right?
    What I DO remember is being forgotten at school by my mom
    when I was in 4th or 5th grade. She left me there so long that there was no one else in the building but the principal. The principal loaded me up in her car and drove me to my neighbor’s house ’til someone could track down my mom. And you know what? I still love my mom. She did the best she could with us. So don’t sweat it. :)

  17. OH my! Do I have a story for you!
    It was 2005, my son was 8. It was toward the end of peach picking season. We went with some single friends of mine in a big suburban. We did our picking and went to pay, but the people weren’t there to take our money so we just weighed it and left the money. We hopped into the suburban and were driving about 10 minutes when the driver said something slightly inappropriate for having a child in the car. So, I chastised him and turned to say something to Christopher in the WAY back. There was no answer, so the guy in the middle seat turned around to look at him, moved a blanket, and said, “He’s not here.” I laughed, thinking he was joking. He had to confirm a couple more times. So, we turn back for him. This was out in the country a couple miles from the highway. So, we turned off the highway and a man flags us down. He had my little boy. He did not speak english hardly at all and my son kept telling him to go to the Tiger school which could be confused with a city about an hour away, Tigard.
    My son said, “Mom, I got out to look at the peacock and the you were driving away. I thought you were joking so I chased after you and was yelling, but you didn’t stop. Then I fell down and scraped up both my hands and knees. I didn’t know what to do so I started going to the farmhouses and asking for help. I told him to take to the Tiger school near David. I was crying and crying.”
    I then cried, too. He has never let me live that one down. I had no clue he had gotten out!

  18. My parents once left my youngest brother at the local gas station. He had gotten out of the car as they were getting in.
    Haven’t had any major ones myself yet but I’m sure I will.

  19. Don’t feel too bad, Mary and Joseph even misplaced Jesus for awhile! You son is adorable and his room looks amazing! Always love your blog and link to it from mine….

  20. Funny story and one that your son won’t let you forget for quite a while! Don’t worry, he still loves you. His room is also awesome!
    My story? I have 5 children and when they ranged in age from 5 to 15 I took them all school shopping to get shoes and school supplies. We also added a quick trip to the supermarket at the end of the trip. By that time, I was worn to a frazzle. While the older kids were loading groceries into the back of the van, I took the cart back to the ‘cart corral’ and kind of gave it a shove and walked away. I got back to the van and my kids were staring at me and one of them finally said, “Are we leaving Eric (my 5 year old) with the cart?” Brainlessly, I’d left him in the cart and walked away. Needless to say, I went back and got him, kissed him and took the ribbing of my life from the rest of the kids. To this day, I still hear about trying to leave Eric at the grocery store. : )

  21. I just got back from the Spokane airport – dropped off my 14 year old daughter for her very first solo flight to visit her aunt in Utah. I will definitely be checking her itinerary several times to make sure I am there on the right day (I live in Walla Walla, so it would be a heck of a drive if I was late!)

  22. Looks like you are in good company Stacy. Busy moms do forget. A good friend of mine was the choir director at our church when her son was an infant. Typically she left him with a close relative while she led choir practice. One evening she didn’t have a sitter and so she brought him to the church and put him in the nursery. Being a creature of habit, she packed up and headed home as soon as choir was over. Half way home she remembered that her son was still in the nursery!! We tease her to this day – but he turned out fine – ironically, he’s a pediatrician now!! As for me? I have locked my kids in the car with the keys in the ignition more times than I care to admit!! :)

  23. I had one earlier this year. My daughter (age seven going on seventeen) was having one of her “drama” moments. Because I was making her pick up her toys instead of watching another princess movie, I was “the worst mom in the whole world” and she had enough. She was running away. Unfortunately, my witty sarcasm was lost on my child when I retorted “fine see ya. good luck with that.” Her door slammed shut, I heard crying and tuned it out with my iPod.
    A few hours later, my husband walks in the door from work…WITH OUR DAUGHTER!!! He had a very amused expression on his face as he told me that he had found her sitting at the bottom of our steep driveway (right next to the bloody road!!). When he asked her what she was doing out there, she told him that she was trying to run away but she didn’t know how to walk to Gramma’s house (one of which lives in Seattle and the other lives in Southern California!! We live in Kingston, WA). My husband thought it was kinda funny but I was horrified. Needless to say, now I save my sarcasm for adults…
    By the way, I have been a fan of yours for awhile and have been enjoying your blog for the past few months! Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful stories!

  24. I’m with Melissa K…my two boys are too young yet for a parenting failure of this magnitude. My time will come, though!
    Chase’s room looks fabulous. I remember how my mom and grandmother remade my bedroom when I was in 5th grade. It was wonderful and made me feel like a princess. I bet Chase forgives you completely!

  25. When my son was 8 years old he started at a new school for the dyslexic in the middle of the year. They normally got out at 12:30 pm on Fridays. The very first Friday I totally forgot him, had gone grocery shopping and my cell phone had died. They couldn’t reach me and my husband was out of town on abusiness trip. I arrive home about 2:15pm thinking I have plenty of time to unload the groceries and go pick him up. The phone rings and its my neighbor, she says “Clare did you forget something today?” I said I don’t htink so! WHY? Then she proceeds to tell me she has had picked up my son at 1pm when they couldn’t reach us. I was mortified!!! I never forgot him again on a Friday or anyday. We have all done it but I’m glad it all worked out OK in the end. I think Chase knows he is loved.

  26. Kari D. says:

    When my second and third children were in preschool (age 4) we loaded up the car with all the other kids and drove across town to do the drop off at school. We got to school and when Gus didn’t get out of the car, I assumed he was hiding in the car to play a joke. The other kids tried to tell me he wasn’t there and I didn’t believe them until I looked for him in the back of the van myself! Oh MY GOSH!! My 4 year old was home ALONE!! He had quietly gotten out of the car to go back and get a book and I missed it! When he came back out the van was gone! He crawled through the dog door to get into the house and curled up on the couch under a blanket with his Lego magazine because he was scared. I called a friend who was closer to my house than I was and then called home and talked to him on the answering machine the whole time I was driving home, praying that he could hear me. My friend arrived a few minutes before me and all was well by the time I got there. I needed a nice big glass of wine that night (and a xanax) to be sure! Now we count off 1-8 every time we get in the car! Then, just for good measure I check to see if Gus is there – even though he’s almost 9 now. I’ve never left anyone since thank god!! That ought to make you feel better – I totally won the MOTY award that time! eek! It makes my stomach flip even now thinking about it.
    By the way, the room makeover is fabulous! Perfect for a high schooler for sure! Good work! Glad he is home safe and sound. Can’t wait to hear about the Outward Bound experience.

  27. Chase’s room is great! What a wonderful gift.
    I let my then 8 yo daughter go almost 2 days with a broken wrist, she could bend it and there was no swelling. When at work the next day(I am a surgical nurse), my fellow nurse asked when I developed xray vision. Needless to say, after an xray, a cast, and ice cream I still felt bad. She’s now 23 and newly married and I’m forgiven. These make great family stories later!

  28. Sorry to change the subject, but I need some help. Have taken LOM twice now and have been dragging and dropping them into “collections” in my Adobe Photoshop program. BUT today, I decided to try to upload some to so I could get them printed (also belong to Shutterfly but can’t figure that out either). When the Costco page tells me to push the upload button or whatever, it accesses the “my pictures” folder on my PC and THEY are NOT sorted seasonally a la LOM. How do I upload my “collections” from Photoshop to the Costco page. Help!! Very frustrated and feeling dumb. Is there a way to do it or do I not really have my pictures in seasonal folders because my “collections” are different than having “folders” . Any guidance you could give would be much appreciated. Thanks. P.S. Love BPS!!

  29. I have no kids, but I’ve got a few Daughter of the Year stories. I forgot my mother at the airport once and I’ve left her at a Metro station where we were supposed to meet for lunch. The Metro wasn’t too bad, but the airport? Woohoo! I did a lot of international travel, but mom didn’t. She was coming home from a week in England that time and completely stressed out. It was pouring down rain. When she got through to me, I drove so fast to get to the airport that I must have broken land speed records.

  30. TracyBzz says:

    Oh Stacy, oh Clark that sucks. At least you were doing the room makeover so hopefully he realized he is loved and missed. And he got pancakes…all kinds of guilt induced treats.

  31. Aw, I’m sure he will be over it in no time. I don’t have kids, but I bet this happens to every mother some time in their lives. When I was in middle school, my ENTIRE family (my dad, mom, and two brothers) left me behind at church on Easter Sunday. I called them from a phone at the church and my mom answered, “Hello?” “Uh Mom why did you leave me here?” “What? You weren’t in the car?” “Thanks Mom. Please come pick me up now.”
    So yes, I think it happens to everyone. :)

  32. when my son was an 8th grader, he did a trip to Washington DC and New York. I got to go with. The day we came home we got to bed about 3 AM,. By that night I was exhausted, but all the kids had decided to meet at the skating rink. So off he went. He was to call me when he needed to be picked up. I slept thru the phone call. So he decided to walk home. It was about 2 miles. I woke up and realized he should have called. I hopped in the car to find the skate place locked up. I was in a panic trying to figure out where he might be. Thank goodness when I got home, he was there. But yes, I know how you feel. He’s now 24 and occasionally likes to remind me of the night I wouldn’t answer the phone.

  33. I’ve either forgotten or not known (twice) that it was early dismissal at school and my kids were left at the front of school (insdie gates) and then brought to the office. At the time, my kids were 8 & 6. At least they had each other and the wonderful office staff. I felt like a very bad mother!

  34. My Mom sent me back to boarding school a day early… so no buses/train helpers and I had to get the railway station staff to find the school number to ensure I could get there from the station.
    But yes I’ve done bad parenting too :(
    Hope he’s forgiven you and you have a great weekend!

  35. Thanks for sharing. I have been a fan of your work for a long time. Have a FANTASTIC day!

  36. Francisca says:

    When my youngest son was just a few weeks old I took him to the store in his baby buggy (is that how you call that, in English?).
    Anyway…, I went to the counter to pay for something and left him in his baby buggy when I left the store, through another door! It was only after a while that I realized that I had left my few weeks old baby at the store, sleeping in his baby buggy!
    There was a 7-years age difference between my 2 children, so I was not really used yet in taking a baby to the store with me :)
    Francisca, in the Netherlands

  37. Oh no, poor Chase!
    My mum got confused earlier this year and thougt we were coming back a day before we actually did. Fortunately we talked to her on the phone in time, otherwise she would have dropped the bunny (who was staying with her) off a day early and poor Aafje would have been very hungry and sad when we would have come home the next day! The good thing is; this will never happen again, you’ll ALWAYS double check from now on! Good thing kids have celphones these days!

  38. You are not alone! Christian writer/speaker, Lysa TerKeurst, wrote about the same experience.

  39. Awww poor Chase! I’m sure he’ll live though. The only time I’ve come close was this winter they let the kids out early for snow and I hadn’t been checking since I figured that if they’d gone to school they’d stay there. About noon my phone rang and it was the school telling me that the bus hadn’t dropped Ayla off because I wasn’t out there to get her from the bus stop. Poor kid was scared that mom forgot about her!

  40. Kassie Welch says:

    Don’t beat yourself up too much. It is hard to remember everyone’s schedules when you have multiple children. I’m sure he will laugh about it in years to come.

  41. Oh my, that is a mother’s nightmare come true. Seriously, I often dream of things like that–once I dreamt I forgot to bring the baby home from the hospital. Can you imagine? Anyway, you and your family handled the situation so gracefully and ther room looks wonderful. You are a GREAT MOM!

  42. The year my daughter returned Costa Rica one summer, I made her connecting flight from LAX to Seattle on the wrong day!! So here is a exausted daughter with no flight home for 24 hours!! cost us $150 to get her home that day!
    Or then there is the time we left my youngest strapped in the car seat in the car in the garage for 20 minutes–screeming!
    The good thing is that they are all in their 20′s now and so far none of them have needed counseling!

  43. what a great story…sorry it was stressful for you, your love for him is evident in everything you say!

  44. Tracy Wallace says:

    Hi Stacy,
    Sorry to change the subject, (loved the story btw), but where did you get Chase’s bedding? It’s probably a no-brainer for me to think Target as I know you love the store but would you please confirm?
    The room looks great and I’m inspired to redo my kids rooms while they’re each at camp this summer, thanks!

  45. Jennifer says:

    Oh no, I feel so sorry for you. Fortunately there is a happy ending. I am a firm believe that our children need to know we aren’t perfect, and they can learn how to handle imperfection from us. (yeah, there might be just a little bit of self-justification in there, but how else would they learn if not from us..LOL)
    I hope he enjoys his three days of being special. You guys did a great job on his room.

  46. Kerry G. says:

    My parents left me at a rest stop once. I came out and the car was gone. I thought they moved it as a joke, but then they came back in about 10 minutes with looks of horror and worry on their faces.

  47. With four children (the oldest 17 1/2 going down to 9 1/2), I have my own very, very long list of mom moments that will send all of them to therapy one day or cause them to wonder “what was UP with her?” I have forgotten them, embarrassed them, forgotten important activties I should have been to for them, I have forgotten an embarrasing number of doctor/dentist/ortho appointments, not washed laundry on days they really, really needed something washed…the list is pretty endless. My one consolation is the thought that no parent “parents” perfectly and that if we did, they would never move out. I want them to eventually move out and have families of their own, so I just think of all my “oooppps” as motivating factors in their independence and doorways to adulthood. Okay, sometimes I feel like a complete heel and feel like I need to beg for forgiveness, but at least they know I love them and I’m trying…

  48. Ok, I know how you feel in the bad mother department.
    January 2008. My oldest son is in grade 7 and his PE class goes sledding first period. (We get snow here in the winter.) Anyway, I’m at the gym as usual first thing in the morning and I always leave my cell phone in my locker, volume turned down, until I’m finished. That day I never even took it out of my bag to turn the volume back up. After I leave around 10:45 I check my phone and see six missed calls. I never get that many calls on my phone so I’m a bit suspicious. I start listening to the messages only to find out that my son has been sitting in the school office since 9 am after a sledding accident and no one has been able to reach me to come and get him! Phone calls from him, from the school office, from my husband! Needless to say a huge wave of guilt washed over me and I immediately drove to the school to get him. The poor boy had slid down the icy hill, with the help of a friend, on his face and looked like he had been beaten up badly. After I took him to the doctor to make sure he didn’t have a concussion, I apologized about 100 times and will never live it down.
    Lesson learned – always check your cell phone for messages as soon as your done at the gym!

  49. My cousin went to Australia for a year as an exchange student. My aunt organized a party on her return. Everyone was to meet at her house and she was going to take everyone to the airport. We had a giant Welcome Home banner and tons of people to celebrate her return. But because of trying to corral so many people, we arrived at the airport 20 minutes late. There was no one to greet her when she got off the plane (this was before 9/11 when you met people as soon as the got off they plane) She made it all the way to baggage claim and waited there a while before seeing anyone she knew! She had been away for a year!! That was 20 years ago and she still brings it up!

  50. Kary in Colorado says:

    Well, Stacy, there was my husband’s best friend whose parents didn’t bother to pick him up at the airport when he returned from his mission…! And no, they didn’t forget. They just figured he knew the way home (they only lived in Orem, ya know–he could take a bus) and so no one met him at the airport. Needless to say, that has stuck in my mind for lo these 36 years as the penultimate example of bad parenting!
    And no, you don’t even come close! Chase’s room looks amazing and he KNOWS you all love him like crazy! (A new class and a new book!?! Wow! Can’t wait!)

  51. Scrapycandy says:

    Wow, at least he was understanding. I have two teen boys and sometimes I wonder if that will happen to me. But now that I know how busy you are it’s totally explainable! There is a book out (sorry can’t remember name) that scientifically proves that we cannot multitask….even though we try :)

  52. Tracy,
    I did get the two striped bedspreads at Target, but I purchased them about a year ago?!
    Maybe check

  53. We were with my extended family for some kind of event (I don’t remember what) and decided to go to McDonald’s for lunch. We had five kids at the time, and many nieces and nephews (about 13-15) came with us. After we got into the restraunt and ordered, we set up camp in the playland. We got looking around and realized that we couldn’t see our two year old playing anywhere. We looked and looked. We finally realized that I thought my husband got him out of his carseat and he thought I had. He had only been in the car for about five minutes, and it was a cold day, and the car was locked, but it was sure scary. We always double check that all the kids are out of the car now whenever we go anywhere.

  54. I haven’t forgotten my kids (yet) but I have been the forgotten one. The day my father died was the school christmas concert, and I was in the band and felt I had to go so I wouldn’t get a bad grade. (I know, what WAS I thinking?) Anyway, after the concert I waited and waited for them to pick me up, but they didn’t come. I got back into the school and called home, and my grandfather came and got me.
    I’m sure my mother and grandparents felt bad about forgetting me, but now it’s just the icing on the cake for me when telling the story of that horrible day.

  55. Hey… Please email me ( your contact info and I’ll contact you and help you with this!

  56. Lou Ann says:

    Those teenage rooms look pristine compared to my 2. I just don’t go upstairs or downstairs and all is good.

  57. Nancy L says:

    I have done a similar thing but I went to the wrong airport to pick up my son. He was only 8 years old and was flying home with his cousin from visiting another cousin in Salt Lake City. I originally had made the reservations but my sister had adjusted it after for some reason and I forgot. So, on the evening to pick the boys up, I drove to the airport and waited at the gate but no little boys got off the plane. Confused, I went to the ticketing desk and they said there no little boys on the plane. Frantic now
    I started asking if there were other flights coming in from SLC. Finally we found out that the boys were on a flight but it was flying into Los Angeles Airport which was an hours drive away and would be landing in 15 minutes. The airlines very nicely said that they would take the boys to thier lounge and keep them until we arrived. The boys thought it was just a continuation of a grand adventure. To top it off, I then got a call from my daughter, that I was supposed to be at work that night and I had entirely got my schedule mixed up.

  58. Last time I checked there was only one unforgiveable sin ;). Thanks for sharing and keeping it real :). Welcome home Chase – hope you had a wonderful time!! Love your room! Blessings!

  59. Netleigh says:

    Did it when the clocks changed, son (14 at the time) returned from orchestra trip and phoned to say where were we? I said, It’s not time yet, and he laughed at me. He survived and has grown into a great 22 year old, he understands that parents are not always perfect.

  60. You’ll have to share your bad mother of the year award with me…a few weeks ago, I heard my daughter screaming upstairs as I was headed out the door. You have to know that she screams when she can’t find her purse, she screams when she hurts herself 80 times a day, she screams when I spray hair spray, etc. She is a 9-year old drama queen. I heard her screaming and told her to come on, I was leaving her. I almost walked out the door but then a voice (God, I presume) told me to check on her. I slowly make my way up the stairs and her 6-foot tall cherry armoire had fallen over on her after she stepped up on a bottom drawer to reach something. She was holding it up with her little arms trembling. Of course I screamed and pushed it off of her and we cried and I apologized and I know it was angels that helped her hold it up. You better know I will go running for all her screams, big or little, from now on. See…betcha feel better now, huh???

  61. Joan Liddle says:

    Sorry, but this one made me laugh!
    Thank goodness you were ok.

  62. Been there done that. Happened about 4 months ago. Hubby and I knew we were running on empty and change had to happen to our frantic life. We were contemplating making a big life change where hubby would quit his job to stay at home full time with the 3 kiddos. We were on the fence until one Tuesday night….
    Shawn arrived home first at about 5:45, relieved the sitter and started dinner. I came home at 6:15, greeted children #1 and #2 and asked about child #3 t which he informed me he was upstairs reading. Then we proceeded to chat about our day while DH finished dinner.
    When I rang the dinner bell at 7pm (yes we do use a real live dinner bell as I’m tired of hollering) and only 2 of the 3 kids showed up I sent #2 upstairs to get #1 (age 8)….only to hear the dreaded words “Alex isn’t in his room”. Shawn and I looked at each other with that look…you know the one where you know you’ve really screwed up. Neither of us could figure out where he might be.
    Finally we thought to call the sitter…who reminded him it was floor hockey night at the YMCA – that was over at 6:00!!!
    When I got there sure enough there was Alex sitting all alone on the bench outside the gym with 2 melted green cupcakes in each hand (it was a St Patty’s Day treat from the coach and he was bringing one home for his brother). I sat down and hugged him and when I looked in his eyes the tears were so welled up it was heartbreaking. But the worst was when I asked him why he didn’t ask to use the phone to call home and he replied “I thought you and Papa had finally found the perfect way to get rid of me…one less person to have to do things for”.
    Two days later hubby gave his notice and he has been a SAHD now for the past 4 months….and no more children have been forgotten!!!

  63. it’s been a bit since i’ve checked in but this post made me smile. Reminded me of all the stupid mom things i’d done with our first child. First, there was the time I thought i’d answer the front door and walked away from the changing table and my two week old ROLLED off the table to the floor…..thank goodness he was very bundled which helped him survive. Then there was the time i’d gone to the fabric store to look at patterns tucking him neatly in his little carrier beside me. I found the pattern i needed and quickly returned home a few miles away. Yeah, you guessed it, i’d left him under the table at the store. i rushed back to the store and was so embarrassed that when i found him still asleep under the table i sat down and pretended like i was still looking at patterns while inside i was dying and sick to my stomach. Then there was the time we thought a really great birthday gift would be to arrange a personal visit from BYU’s cougar mascot. He loved him and got so excited to see him when we went to games, so surely he’d be thrilled with this…..well it was a litte TOO CLOSE, he was terrified and lost it…..not a good idea. And then there was the time as good parents we took him on a train ride because he loved trains…..not…..he screamed the entire time on the train, a 2 hour ride, while the rest of the folks on the train glared at us like we were mistreating him……I could go on and on……yet he’s grown up to be the most amazing, humorous, delightful young man i know…..thank goodness young children are blessed with the gift of “auto-forgiveness” to parents. :)

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